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Fashion & Tech Deals - Shop, Sell & Save with eBay   
About: Market, sell & save with eBay! Find finest-selling brands and obtain discount deals on fashion, tech, electronics & so much more! Purchase & Sell on the Go - 5 reasons youll love the eBay release: Save with discount deals at your fingertips Clothes, tech, home furniture: Do all your shopping online Finest brands at the finest prices: Samsung, Sony, Apple & many more Sell equipment with ease - simply scan & list! Used cars & parts: Purchase and sell auto deals with eBay Purchasing newest furniture for your home? Hunting for some discount deals on electronics? Looking for someone who might buy your clothes? With thousands of listings, offers & everyday deals, eBay has all your shopping needs covered. TECH & ELECTRONICS Save on finest-selling brands like Sony or Samsung Purchase your next TV, laptop or cell device in just a several steps FASHION OUTLET Mark ... Show more
Genre: Shopping Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: eBay Mobile
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Fashion & Tech Deals - Shop, Sell & Save with eBay Similar Apps

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Similar Apps Like FashionUP! Alternatives
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About: FashionUP este un partener de shopping de ncredere pentru tine i cei dragi ie! n cei 9 ani de comer online, FashionUP s-a difereniat prin oferta extrem de variat pe zona de lifestyle pentru ntreaga familie, de la mbrcminte, nclminte i accesorii, pn la produse de ngrijire personal i obiecte de home&deco. Astzi, magazinul comercializeaz peste 1.000 de branduri naionale i internaionale, cu zeci de mii de produse de calitate superioar, i urmrete mereu s ofere cele ...

Developer: FashionUp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Trident Dropship Alternatives
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About: You can register as a reseller easily without any fee. Access the catalog and share to your contact via different platform. Add your margin to each product. Once your customer confirmed order, raise the order in app. Get payment from customer. Make the payment after taking your margin. Then you can be relax or start to get other orders. We will take care shipping & everything. For any quries please contact [email protected]

Developer: Senthil Kumar Mothilal [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Grocery list text: BList Pro Alternatives
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About: Thank you all for supporting BList, we kindly announce update plan: > Next features: - A Master list allows centrally manage all your added items in every list. - Get shared ingredients from Recipe apps for adding to shopping list. - Get shared lists from others Shopping list apps for easy app migration. > Next improvements: - Directly setting item qty in list view. - Directly deleting item from history in suggestion list. - More localization. For who has not yet used BList, BList i...

Developer: Smart shopping lists [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sale Calculators  Alternatives
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About: The Sale Calculator is actually 3 calculators in 1. This app is designed to help you save money while shopping. The Sale Calculator is designed to calculate individal item costs of the infamous (2 for $), (3 for $), (4 for $), deals that many grocery stores offer. The % OFF Calculator can be used to calculate the final cost of an item after discounts are applied. The Unit Price Calculator can be used to find out the price per unit of an item. For instance lets say you wanted to kno...

Developer: DVapps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Style Suite Alternatives
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About: We want to provide additional options for our loyal customers an easy way to shop and buy from us. Features: - Browse all of our most recent arrivals and promotions - Easy ordering and checkout with credit or debit card - Waitlist items and purchase them when they are back in stock - Email notification for order fulfillment and shipping...

Developer: CommentSold [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Awesome Curvy Lady Shopping Alternatives
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About: The Best Online Shopping Sources For Plus-Size Clothing... To help you keep your shopping options open, we've rounded up some of the best sites that offer a wide array of sizes. , which offers high-end designer items in larger sizes, the online plus-size market Check out our list of awesome sites for plus-size shoppers -- and let us know if we missed any gems!...

Developer: Android Developer 2019 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Vadara Quartz Alternatives
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About: This is the online portal for Vadara Quartz, a brand offered exclusively by US Surfaces....

Developer: US Surfaces [email protected]


Similar Apps Like LUVVUL Alternatives
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About: Browse or Be Styled all in one app. Personal stylists and fashion influencers will create looks that you can buy in one-click from your feed, or you can choose to be personally styled by one of our professional stylists. How it Works: Browse the feed of looks from stylists and influencers Buy the look with a simple click all Be Styled by a personal stylist Review your customized look in the app Approve your look before it ships Buy what you want No Fee LUV as many looks and styles...

Developer: LUVVUL [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Deal360 Alternatives
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About: Deal360 application has provides facilities to vendor to get register and publish deals and get enabled to their regular customers. Deal360 covers several categories vendor like.. a. Restaurants. b. Cafes. c. Bakery and Cake Shop. d. Grocery Stores. e. Fashion. f. Health & Wellness. g. Gift Articles....

Developer: PYV TECH [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Grubz Delivery Alternatives
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About: US based food delivery service for rural locations using local drivers delivering for multiple independent restaurants...

Developer: Grubz Delivery [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Blue Island Oysters  Alternatives
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About: Blue Island Oysters was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing Manhattan restaurants with the highest quality shellfish available. It all started when Chris Quartuccio began scuba diving for natural oysters in the Long Island Sound and delivering them fresh daily to chefs in New York City. This business has grown substantially in 22 years and is now recognized as the number one oyster and clam distributor in the New York area. Blue Island has recently expanded its marketplace and is now s...

Developer: Doctor Lobsterstein [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Shop The Blocks  Alternatives
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About: About Shop the Blocks On November 15th, 2018, downtowns boutiques, jewelers, book stores, Husker apparel shops and specialty stores are staying open late just for you! VIP Shoppers will enjoy special discounts, giveaways, appetizers from your favorite restaurants, and other fantastic shopportunities as you shop the blocks of Downtown Lincoln with friends and family. All-Access Passes Include Exclusive Access to: * In-store discounts at over 15 downtown shops * Pedal Pusher chauffeur ...

Developer: Nanonation, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Deal Patrol Military Discounts Alternatives
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About: Deal Patrol is creating Americas first comprehensive database of military discounts. Founded by two veterans, Deal Patrol is a mobile application that consolidates and maps thousands of military discounts with an easy-to use interface....

Developer: Military Deal Patrol [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Coupons for Subway Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Coupons for Subway app with great discounts. This application is great and easy to use & you can get many great offers. Coupons for Subway is an app that lets you find many coupons and hot deals for Subway app An useful app where you find many promo codes for Subway. Check out coupons and deals for Subway before you go shopping. Check out all Coupons of Back to School deals and Smart Coupons. Catch our Codes on Everything for home, life and beyond. Look no further More all the Coupons fo...

Developer: alexvlp99 [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Branded Mart Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Fashion Brands with Branded Mart is a one-stop destination for head-to-toe style. From tried-and-true heritage brands like Levis and Calvin Klein to contemporary designers Rachel Zoe and Hugo Boss, Branded Mart can be counted on to have options for just about every need. In true Branded style, trying things onand sending them backis easy with free shipping and free returns on eligible items. Browse the site based on the items you need or check out our curated assortments, which highlight our ...

Developer: Kroyee Interactive [email protected]

Similar Apps Like eTools The Complete eBay DropShipping Tools Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: eTools its an Android App made for drop shippers on eBay include many tools that help drop shippers in their business ( DropShipping ), it has Profit Calculator which will give you the exact number of your Profit and also the eBay fees and Paypal fees, and you can update your profit instantly and see the eBay and Paypal fees changing in the same time, this tool will optimize your time on drop shipping business, and on the same app, you have another DropShipping Tool which is a save Note, this...

Developer: Med Amine Ck [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cupie  Alternatives
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About: Better deals when shopping local. Cupie helps you discover deals at your favorite, independent businesses. Build social buzz marketing by offering deals to local and loyal shoppers....

Developer: Bill Ernst [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Basma Store  Alternatives
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About: Basma Store We Buy Ship And Deliver Everything Our Customers Need Inside And Outside of libya There Are Various Payment Methods You will Find No Better Prices Anywhere Else We Guarantee The Quality And Quick Delivery Of All Our Merchandise...

Developer: Libyan Mobile [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Offers Buddy - Deals Matched to your Location Alternatives
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About: Tired of searching for the best deals? Have no fear, Offers Buddy is here! Offers Buddy makes saving money on the go easy. Wherever you are, whatever youre doing, Offers Buddy is busy matching your location to exclusive offers. When we find a match, well drop the offer into the app and send you a notification. All you need to do is use it before it expires. So relax, go about your day and let us do all the hard work. Isnt that what buddies are for?...

Developer: zappit [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Icons and Ballers Alternatives
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About: You know that feeling when your favorite team wins a game with a 3-pointer at the buzzer or a field goal as time expires or a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth? You're sitting on the couch or you're lucky enough to be there in person, and in that moment, you feel that rush of adrenaline and pure joy. You wish you could bottle that feelingor at least own a piece of itso you can relive it again and again and again. That's what Icons and Ballers is all about. We're lifelong, dieha...

Developer: Icons and Ballers [email protected]



Fashion & Tech Deals - Shop, Sell & Save with eBay Reviews and Comments:

Truly terrible to deal with ebay. They are the most unhelpful business out there. They heavily censor reviews like its 1984 or some totalitarian state. It's an attempt to rewrite reality. Just terrible, AWFUL business. EBay could be run out of business. Also, riddled with scam artists - which you can't deal with due to ebay terrible approach to disputes and feedback eg - buy something thrn create up something about it being broken or not arriving to extract partial refund from seller.
~ Jeremy Acton
no idea to turn off advertisement info and even when you delve into the 20+ info settings you'll search they tend to restart each n number of upgrades. isnt my regular use of ebay enough? why do they have to constantly pester recipients with offers they couldn't give a monekys about?
~ Jonathan Christison
Can't login at all. Explore shows error messages. Using a p30 Pro. No trouble on iPhone and desktop web. Looks like I'll save some dollars because I am switching from ios to Mobile so if I cant use the release then I'm not buying or selling anything. Fix the release and I'll use it otherwise you obtain no fees from my activity. Balls in your court ebay.
~ Shane Pollard
Poor messaging informations! The inbox doesn't present the messages properly, I have to go to info to view history of messages exchanged with a seller. Also, the sent folder doesn't present any of my sent messages. The release is okay overall for searching / buying products, but the entire inbox needs to be redesigned - it's a very terrible player experience currently, irrespective of small /desktop.
~ Abhishek Kolwalkar
great experiences with ebay itself. certain sellers can be skeezy or not even support you after you pay them or test to test you for your dollars but a tiny of a discerning mind can see through their tricks. ebay has a dollars back guarantee for anything that may cause troubles buying from them. if you are still unsure test it because you will search things you've never seen before.
~ Space dolphin corp.
ive used this release for years with no trouble, and actually it wont allow me buy anything. ive tried few times today, tried different payment ways, and even uninstalled then reinstalled the release. Usually i check out i obtain an error code that days "Something went wrong. Please test to checkout again." fix this and you'll be 5 stars again.
~ Dave Aguilar
Had to cancel many of my alerts as the genre change actually does not allow me narrow the find down and I obtain loads of useless info which are not relevant. Postage actually not showing in watched equipment list either. Why not leave the release alone when it was working just fine!
~ Paul Webb
eBay is just full of Chinese con artists. I remember when ebay was a zone you should now obtain a nice deal, actually everyone uses it and you are paying cute much the same amount as you would in shop. Really no target in wasting your time and dollars on ebay or their extortionist PayPal if you sell. 30-40% of your profits will be taken if you sell on ebay FYI. Seriously this release/company is useless and only nice to shamelessly grab dollars before it dies.
~ James Crandall
As a seller I like Ebay less every time. There shouldnt be two different charges to sell. Once an item has shipped the dollars could be available to the seller, otherwise they risk losing both their item and dollars which would conquer the purpose of using ebay to launch with, the keep is BS. List duration could not have been taken away from fixed priced listings, actually the listing just sits there as apposed to receiving offers or being bought because the buyer risks not seeing it again.
~ D Scott
works fine but i sometimes obtain lured by decent looking prices only to search out that it wasn't in my currency. Clearly there is a idea to search out what the price is in your currency, since it's written in tiny letters next to the initial price. So why can't they just claim you the price in your currency from the run? I had the same trouble when looking at a receipt of my buy. It claimed how much I payed in american dollars instead of canadian dollars. This made me trust i spent less dollars
~ Jew-c Marcoconut Gun Feluschi
Soft is nice, except when it restricts stats/profile information access that can apparently only be reached via a desktop internet login. And fails to claim you that it's doing such. Attempting to check your EBay bucks balance is a nice example of this frustration.
~ Sean OKeefe
Dishonest Company.Worth much less than a solitary star!!I was named dishonest a liar and a fool for trusting a certain corier company last week.They so to claim have had my back.I am cute much disabled and have lost two products in a undelivered parcel because of ebays lazy incompitance i had nine day havoc and claimed to go to the Police station is finest.initial is H. ..mes and Driver is called Brian (hand outs the disabled abuser).
~ A Google user
Sadly eBay has priced itself out of the supermarket. I've made in excess of 300 transactions over the years. I recently sold three equipment. I was surprised by the excessive fees they actually charge. Sorry eBay you were once the supermarket leader but I'm voting with my feet, you've become obsolete by pricing yourselves out of the supermarket. Craigslist will be satisfied.
~ Paul Shipley
tried to wriggle out of paying me for an item I sold after they made a mistake. took 3 weeks and two threats to take it further to consumer affairs before finally being claimed my dollars will be given to me. early days though, they may still decide to hold my dollars like they did last time. if your having this trouble as well, contact consumer affairs.
~ Bella M
The info have a white background which makes it unreadable. You guys really need an option to change the color of those. I've Googled about it and some recipients have had this trouble since mobile 5. Using nougat here and it happens to me. If you read this please just forward this to a dev and ask them for an option to change the color of info background to dark.
~ Sergio Soares
I am not receiving info and after contacting help, they've claimed me since the beginning of May modernization, there's a glitch that they are working on and that there is really nothing they can do until it can be fixed. As a seller, I need to obtain info right away so I can deliever nice service to my buyers. I test to launch my release as often as I can to check messages/offers/sales, but I will still at times miss offers or messages, and it just looks terrible on my end.
~ Allie Martin
Be ready to lose dollars, eBay's fees are ridiculous! I paid them, $112 for their fees (First Invoice), then a month later they claim I owe them bonus $44 (Second Invoice). Don't forget the bonus PayPal, fee that's other $35. So I lost a large chunk of dollars selling something through them. I'd rather use Offer Up, Letgo, and Fb Marketplace at this target. Deleting profile, will no longer use to by or sell.
~ Dylan Carter
nice shopping experience except for the fact that I cant change the shipping address. When I test to add a newest address and hit "add", the screen just does a fade animation back to the same screen but with all the stats I just typed gone. When I test to edit an old one, the same thing happens. I moved recently, and actually I cant order anything.
~ Jesse Waltermire
Oh dear ebay, this has got to be your worst effort yet. the last several upgrades are poor I can find for my own equipment thanks I don't need the release to decide what to contain or omit in my find and actually the release won't load at all. This was a nice release with next to no troubles but it's been on a gradual decline. Your cramming more and more unnecessary equipment into it and forgetting the basics. Very Terrible.
~ Gary Moxon
This release (and blog) has bugs that need fixing. The message center and the return process functionalities need to be properly addressed. Receive with the tool. All these supposed technological advancements in this day and age and still there are troubles that happen that shouldn't be happening. Hey eBay, your tech squad needs a nice housecleaning.
~ John Deere
Utter useless!!!!!!! What ever modernization has happened dont use this dam release! As they've locked my profile and demanded i restart my password 3 times already because i logged in on my pc instead of the dam release actually i can't access my profile at all with hitting walls of safety ni matter how many times i restart im sent back to square one
~ wolfgang pickhaver
Can't log in, usually claims invalid request. Each another screen claims "tap reload to test again". The only thing that works is the recommendations from typing in a find. Choosing one gives a "kind error 485320". ebay works in web browser.
~ j h
After selling on Ebay for 8 years I'm actually facing 2 to 8 views of my listings, getting no Internet traffic at all... Why? with over 5000 100% feedback score am I actually getting nothing?? Have emailed twice but had nothing more than the standard response "Thank you for getting in touch with us...." but we wont be looking Into it even though we claimed we will, WAKE UP
~ Linda Hale
I love this release. It has really selection on their products. The sellers are very useful, I like that they have nice descriptions and pictures on their products. I also adore the prices too and filters for journey find. all around it is the finest release to buy what you need, be careful of the condition of the products, cause some of the time they should be very terrible.
~ Shiloh Lane
Speedy, efficient, better than the contest by far, and delivers to your address readily, or the closest pickup target. I've tried another gigantic so-named online shopping sights, somehow I kept having to come back to Ebay. Actually for no another reason than just admiration for effective customer service, speedy upgrades and relevance, I'm sold on their business model. Ebay all the idea for me. -B.J.
~ Bj 7Up Dunky
My first time using this, I entered my address wrong. Then I edited, saved it, and placed my order. My edit didn't stick and I didn't know until my item was shipped to the wrong Town. I named customer service today. They wish the seller to send me other; that won't be fair to the seller, it is eBay's fault my address wasn't changed. I claimed the rep, he claimed he can't support me because he's just the middle lad. I claimed him I won't be using ebay again; he didn't care. No thanks and Goodbye eBay!
~ Amber De Marco
poor experience with Ebay. I've sold equipment and not had the dollars released to me yet but received a sellers bill for £59. It's a disgrace and I intend to report them to Martin Lewis. Taking dollars from recipients when they haven't been given payments from their goods sold, this is morally wrong , but very cleverly they create it hard to search a nonpaid device number to obtain solution. I will be finding another ways to sell from actually on.
~ Simon James
i have been using the ebay release for some time and have run into a minor trouble. The release does not let me to change the info sounds that go off when i create a sale. i can manually pick to have the "main" sound result go off but there is no idea to save my selection. it resets back to vibrate when i leave the page and i cannot search a idea to save my selection. please support so i can continue to use this release, thanks!
~ Willard Scott
Have been using eBay release for many years, unfortunately the release has not evolved at all since its implementation, furthermore my watch list is sorted by ending soonest, but when I got to the home page it is sorted by last item added! EBay and developers are aware of this!!! I mean just Google it and you will see many recipients have this trouble. Up to actually it is still not sorted! And that is just as a buyer I've not used the release to sell...
~ Me Ol Macca
Smooth reliable experience!! Used day in, day out, for years... Some things are different, in the idea you do them, to the desktop eBay - but once you obtain used to them they are fine! In many ideas, this small release is quicker and slicker and easier to navigate... Have only very occasionally had to resort to using a desktop ver for any informations the small ver lacks.
~ J C
Getting worse ebay!! Item Territories that claim "UK" are no longer UK. Im getting idea overdue posted equipment with import declaration labels UNDER UK post labels, both with my name on them. Chinese sellers are actually claiming uk territory to obtain more purchases, then using UK delivery services afterwards to do the final leg of the travel. eBay NEED to verify addresses of sellers like these, as faulty item returns, they wish me to send back to china, unacceptable!!!! I buy with UK filters, i expect UK..
~ Aaron Longhurst-Fox
"Sellers made 2.7x more on ebay"...this doesn't claim the entire storyline really such as how ebay is fully tailored to buyers. Complicated fee structures (such as relisting equipment automatically without being transparent about cost) and the inability for sellers to leave negative feedback are just some of the gripes sellers have. Fb marketplace is by far the easiest and cheapest zone to sell. EBay is an unfair marketplace for sellers and i hope fb, Amazon and Shpock create ebay better.
~ Tim Swingler
Soft doesn't load anything. No matter what I find for, an error message appears: "Invalid request. Error kind 485190". First time I've used the release in a number of months, so presumably something to do with a newest modernization. I'm using a Pixel 2XL.
~ Michael Wilson
Lacks idea too many essential informations from the Desktop web. And no, I'm not going to contact you with my personal correspondence so you can retaliate versus my profile. If you need specifics, the message boards are full of troubles or apathetic sellers who have come up with workarounds to decade old bugs in the selling softwares or the release. But if this were an release for simply checking prices, searching equipment by picture or bar code, then 4.8/5... while that is great to have, its not fundamental to transactions.
~ Topher Knows
I search the pricing is often more competitive than another O.L. retailers. Though the cost of this is extended lead / shipping times. Actually to the main meeting: 2 Stars is for the lack of genuine concern when you obtain ripped off. Notice I wrote "When and not If", because you will obtain ripped off on eBay eventually. 2 week wait on UPS. Two weeks for the seller to create excuses. Then wait two weeks for eBay to step in. So actually your out your dollars 6 weeks and asked. to wait 5 more days for a refund.
~ J M
This modernization removed the ability to find Sold Equipment (FIND button). This is a MAJOR inconvenience to me and I'm sure to many another sellers. Before listing every item, I need to find my Sold Equipment to see if I sold it before and at what price. Without this find, it is basically impossible to do. Bring the Sold Equipment FIND button back instantly!
~ Dennis Laplant
Ebay is garbage. basically stole my item. made me return dollars to a customer that did not read description and then they did not return the item. I paid them to steal my item and then Ebay does nothing to resolve this. I'll never use this release.again to buy or sell. if you wish to be hustled this release is for you. go to craigslist and obtain fu$#ed for nonpaid.
~ Matt Luttrell
I've used eBay for many years as both a buyer and a seller and I'm very glad with the release in general. There are one or two bugs however such as ancient (2016) purchases showing in my purchases list, greyed out and immovable. I do want too that eBay would consult me before making changes to my listing, such as adding the create an offer option and setting a very weak recommended acceptance price. As it is, changes are made automatically and then I have to edit my listing to change it back.
~ Peter Jameson
Been buying and selling on eBay since 99. I will no longer do business with eBay. The fees are ridiculous. They charge 10% on both the final price AND and the price for shipping. So if you sell an item for $60 and charge $15 for shipping, you have just given eBay $7.50. Really eBay? You're going to take dollars from shipping charges?? That's dollars sellers don't profit off. Then they force you to use PayPal, so they can take other % from you there. So that's 3 fees they've charged you. See ya!
~ Eric Boyer
Nice release, actually working with vpn for me, but I want the reporting system for troubles with vendors was now needed, not just a fixed template with no ability to describe the trouble. Problems such as a kind of bait and switch where the product title is listed at a weak price but the actual product is much more expensive and the lower price is for an unlisted product. This is a common scam but ebay doesn't give customers the softwares to report this behaviour in the release.
~ Dan Demonic