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About: Keeping up with dudes is faster and easier than ever. Share upgrades and pictures, engage with dudes and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you. Informations on the Fb release contain: * Connect with dudes and family and meet newest recipients on your social media network * Set status upgrades & use Fb emoji to support relay whats going on in your globe * Share pictures, videos, and your favoured memories. * Receive info when dudes like and comment on your posts * Search local social meetings, and create plans to meet up with dudes * Test releases with any of your Fb dudes * Backup pictures by saving them in albums * Follow your favoured artists, blogs, and companies to obtain their newest news * Look up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures * Purchase and sell locally on Fb Marketplace * Watch live videos on the go The F ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Facebook
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Similar Apps Like Marvel Stickers: Hero Mix Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Marvel Stickers: Hero Mix The Avengers and friends have assembled for your messages! Send fun animated stickers across space and time with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange! There is a hero for every occasion. Earths ultimate heroes bring you the ultimate Sticker experience. Share all of the laughs with friends, family, and more! Stickers Include: Iron Man - Flying Captain America - Yes Black Widow - Bring it Doctor Strange - Cool Ancient One - Excellent ...

Developer: Marvel Games

Similar Apps Like TexMoji  Alternatives
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About: The wait is finally over! Texans have been asking for their own emojis for the past several years, so we finally pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and made it happen. Here are a few thoughts we had while we were developing the app: Why isnt there a Texas flag emoji? Were practically our own country. Queso is life. Therefore, I need a queso emoji in my life. Show your Texas pride while you text! Features: - Over 120 original Texas themed picture characters (and a few bonus on...

Developer: TexMoji

Similar Apps Like Forever Friends Stickers Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Say it with Forever Friends Stickers, the home of the hug! THE #1 STICKER APP with over 90 different Bear stickers to choose from. GREAT STICKERS: *Bear with a glass of fizz *Bear popping bubbly *Bear celebrating with friends *Bear wearing a party hat *Bear with a big flower *Bear jumping for joy *Bear wants a hug *Bashful Bear! *Bear holding a star *Bear and Duck hugging *Friends take a selfie *Bear hugging a giant love heart *Injured Bear *Rocket Bear *Bear with a hot wate...

Developer: Neon Play

Similar Apps Like Christian Emojis Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Christian Emojis represents our softer side, the sweeter side of our hearts. Christian Emojis works with all of your favorite instant messengers and chat apps! CHRISTIAN EMOJIS HOW TO Method 1 To share a christian emoji, simply tap it, then select the chat app you want to share it with! Method 2 Using your favorite chat app, go to attach an image. Choose Christian then pick an emoji to share!...

Developer: Emoji World

Similar Apps Like My Freemasonry Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The My Freemasonry Mobile App grants you full access to the My Freemasonry website and discussion forum. Join over 16,000 fellow Freemasons as they share upcoming Masonic events, educational papers, photos and more! Popular Discussion Forums Include: - Masonic Events - Becoming a Freemason - Employment Opportunities - Famous Freemasons - Masonic Jurisprudence - Masons in the Military - Prince Hall Freemasonry - Sickness and Distress - The Traveling Freemason - Voting Booth - Ord...

Developer: Blake Bowden

Similar Apps Like TagsForLikes Pro Alternatives
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About: Copy & Paste Instagram Hashtags Fast! TagsForLikes Pro VS. Free 1. No Ads!! 2. Create 15 custom tag categories!! 3. You help me get through college :) TagsForLikes helps you add hashtags to your Instagram pictures faster. You MAY get more likes/followers as a result of this. Want to tag your pics FAST? TagsForLikes curates the hottest Instagram hashtags to help you possibly get more likes and tag your pictures fast! Simply choose a category, tap 'Copy',...

Developer: TagsForLikes

Similar Apps Like 3D Geeks ����: Premium License for 3D Printing Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: For this app to work properly you also need to download and install ?id=work.twob.threed With 3D Geeks: Thingiverse Browser you can browse Thingiverse in a cool intuitive way right from the palm of your hand. You can login to your Makerbot Thingiverse account to like things and save models. 3D Geeks: Thingiverse Browser has large set of features to make your 3D Printing expierence even more fun! Browse Thingiverse Search Thingiverse for 3D printable models Add models to your...

Developer: 2B Works


Similar Apps Like Star Wars Stickers: 40th Anniversary Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Star Wars Stickers: 40th Anniversary Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope with these stickers! Express yourself with classic phrases from the original Star Wars film. Use the force and respond to your conversations with high quality Star Wars stickers. There is a response for every situation! Stickers Include: 1. Princess Leia Rebel 2. Trench scene Almost there 3. Luke Skywalker Im here to rescue you. 4. Chewbacca 5. Han Solo Great kid! 6. Darth Vader...

Developer: Disney

Similar Apps Like Disney Stickers: Princess  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Disney Stickers: Princess Add big dreams to your messages with this Princess sticker pack that includes iconic characters like Tiana, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Mulan. Dream Big Princess! Share these silly, cute, and magical stickers in your messages with your friends and family. Express yourself in new ways with dynamic and animated Disney Stickers you can put in your chat. Discover all our sticker packs in the Google Play Store including Disney's Mickey & Friends, Pixar's Toy Story, and...

Developer: Disney

Similar Apps Like Warmly Greetings Pro ���� Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: An image speaks a thousand words! Sharing greeting cards, images & wishes is a special way to convey our loved ones that we really care about them. Discover the joy of sharing personalized greeting cards! Life is made up of small moments. Warmly Greetings endeavours to bring those small moments together with your dear ones. NB:THIS GREETING CARDS APP REQUIRES A DECENT INTERNET CONNECTION IN YOUR MOBILE EVERYDAY EVENTS CARDS Sending free ecards and wish images to your loved on...

Developer: Appisma⭐-Images|Wishes|Quotes

Similar Apps Like SvenMoji for Gboard  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Rubber chickens! Chattering skulls! Classic movie monsters! Here is the creepiest, kookiest, wittiest sticker pack for horror fans of all ages! 22 images and 7 GIFs Svengoolie has been the premiere TV horror show host since the late 1970s. Generations of viewers have become fans of the monstrous mirth and movies that this video vampire dispenses every week over the airwaves. Each Saturday, Svengoolie presents classic horror and science-fiction films at 10PM | 9C on the MeTV television ... Developer: MeTV

Similar Apps Like Corgimoji Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Corgis, corgis, and more CORGIS! Fuel your corgi obsession with this new Corgimoji sticker pack from Corgi Things (www.corgithings.com). This pack includes OVER 50 corgi stickers featuring our own original artwork, and new corgis are added with each update. Share the love with all of your friends. Corgi on, corgi strong! HOW TO USE Simply open the app, tap on a sticker, select a chat application, and then send & share with friends! ******* Show us some love, wed love to hea... Developer: Corgi Things

Similar Apps Like Eboticon Emoji Stickers!  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Winner in the category of Best Use of Social Media for the 2014 Atlanta Mobile Marketing Awards. FINALLY! The animated emoticon app you've been waiting for! Download now to get immediate access to over 100 dynamic emojis! Trailer ?v=_cEezVtnDD0 Features - Over 100 Fully Animated Ebojis - View every Eboji with or without caption - Use the "Recents" menu for fast access to your favorite Ebojis - Quickly send Ebojis to friends via text message or email directly from the app ...

Developer: Tracey Pickett

Similar Apps Like 80s Love Style Keyboard Stickers for Gboard  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Gboard Stickers: 80s Love Style Add classic fun to your messages with this 80s Love Style sticker pack. Cute and fun stickers to share with your friends and family. Express yourself in new ways with 80s Love Style Stickers you can put anywhere in your chat. Discover all our sticker packs in the Google Play Store and add magic to your text messages! Stickers Include: 80s Love Style...

Developer: APPBUBBLy


Similar Apps Like MeTV's '80s Slang for Gboard  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: MeTV's '80s Slang for Gboard Having a, like, totally tubular day? Show how you feel with these bodacious stickers! Its the ultimate source of Eighties slang words for iMessage. Flash back to the 1980s and chat like a true Valley Girl or Boy with MeTVs 1980s Slang stickers. From Cool Beans to Gag Me with a Spoon, theres one for every mood. Gnarly! Give your message some retro flair with authentic slang from the era. The pack includes 20 slang stickers. Purchase to unlock once, use f...

Developer: MeTV

Similar Apps Like Fella for Facebook Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Fella is the best web wrapper with lots of customization options, even when you have limited data or a slow connection. Features: Many colors No Ads Fast and Lite App Clean User Interface Less data usage and storage Download and watch your favorite videos Available in 35+ languages Play Games when you feel bored Many Colors! - Easily theme as you like Less Data Usage! - Data Saver mode to s...

Developer: Fella Inc.

Similar Apps Like RIPNDIP STICKERS  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: RIPNDIP has the best mf stickers out rn Over 40 high quality animated stickers you can share with your friends!...

Developer: RIPNDIP

Similar Apps Like Plume Premium for Twitter Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Plume Premium (formerly known as Touiteur) is a key that will remove the sponsored contents in the free version of our twitter client. You will experience Plume ad-free and will support further development! Important Note: You need to KEEP Plume for Twitter installed, this application just remove the ads, and will not pollute your phone! Enjoy!...

Developer: UberMedia Inc.

Similar Apps Like WatchChat for WhatsApp Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: IMPORTANT UPDATE 06/19/2018: PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR SERVICE STATUS WatchChat is the first app that allows you to open Whatsapp chats directly on your Wear OS watch! - open chats (without having to wait for notifications) - reply to chats (without having to wait for notifications) Disclaimer: Using the app on your Wear device requires having the app set up on your connected Android phone. You will have to give the app permission in order for it to connect properly. As this is a 3rd-par...

Developer: Alexander Nowak

Similar Apps Like Beautiful Mermaid Keyboard Stickers for Gboard Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Gboard Stickers: Beautiful Mermaid Stickers Add mermaid fun to your messages with this Beautiful Mermaid Stickers pack. Express yourself in new ways with Beautiful Mermaid Stickers you can put anywhere in your chat. Discover all our sticker packs in the Google Play Store and add magic to your text messages! Stickers Include: Beautiful Mermaids...

Developer: APPBUBBLy



Facebook Reviews and Comments:

I've been whisked away to a refreshed feed right in the middle of writing a post far too many times to give this release more than one star, but it gets two because I hold using it. NAW, IT GETS ONE!!! It STILL interrupts my typing, and actually there's a button on group feeds that determines post order, but the choices ALL SUCK.😡
~ Juliana Korsborn
the worst part about Fb is the safety systems.. it's just the worse I hated the the safety lvl the most.. it's nice to search old dudes and create newest but there's something named policies too. even after I have removed my profile from the page it shows another information and the another person should just easily able to obtain my password and launch it.. just fed up with that.
~ Sumedha Tiwari
Since I modernized , I have to hold logging in & out. To be able access my saved equipment & view recipients's about stats. I also have to log out to clear my info & . I can only see my likes that I place on comments if I come out of the post and then click back in. I hope these troubles will be fixed quick.
~ lorraine donohoe
Info are a circus and take 9 years to load literally ANYTHING. I have to double, sometimes triple, click every one just to clear 'em. Also shows me old info as if newest. Other thing; when somebody tags you in a comment to a post, why doesn't the info take you STRAIGHT to their comment? instead of making you test hide n seek? -_- come on actually, y'all can for sure create it better.
~ Jose Borrero
I have had my profile stolen and use for another purposes but FB and thier squad of excellant recipients. Got it back and stopped them from using it. This release brings me to my dudes and family when we are thousands of miles away. It also lets me advocate Medical Marijuanna as it gave my life back from cancer. Thank you squad of nice recipients for all your professional assistance
~ Pinky Blau
Terrible. Not overly keen on Fb being installed as part of the os. it's a software at finest that I use to hold up to date with meetings at my childs school as they dont post on the blog. I dont use Twitter, so this is my only option for live upgrades. The sheer amount of rubbish on Fb makes it a essential evil at finest.
~ Darren Brookes-Wright
For the past 2 days Fb's Most Newest will not load on my mobile release. This is not the first trouble I have been having since an modernization a couple of weeks ago. Unless I am able to log in on an actual pc there is no need for me to even have this release. It is getting ridiculous and very aggravating when I need to post to our business profile.
~ Chrissy Chandler
Bugs galore. Each time I test to use the release, it claims I'm offline when I clearly am not. Pictures will not load and each post I test to view claims that it can't load. I want I should uninstall and reinstall but due to this device, it is impossible without rooting. Ridiculous. I'm disabling the release until this gets sorted.
~ Jessy
of course it's cute nice. some of my family I hadn't seen for years and actually we talk all the time. the only thing I don't like is I obtain upset about trumps illegal equipment sometimes. if you bring up equipment some recipients don't wish to hear, recipients obtain furious. when I was just venting and really didn't mean to offend. it's finest to stay away from controversial comments or at least wait til you calm down. I'm just claiming for my own happiness bec i don't like to war.
~ Patricia Riddell
Generally i like this release but one or more of the upgrades in May 2019 has made it almost impossible to use. 4/5 times i launch it i can't scroll, can't obtain to info, can't do anything. I'm getting ready to remove it from my device which means I will essentially remove Fb from my life because i don't use it anyplace else.
~ A Wurpts
Cant see more than a couple posts and they're never in any order that makes sense!! Why is a "most newest" button that isn't hidden away in your settings and temporary so hard?? You dont know what I wish more than I do! Info are buggy as well, I've even gotten some 3 days late or not at all! Are messages from my husband seriously being filtered as "not important"? Why are you making that choice versus my will???
~ Ash Ellis
I was enjoying the Soft again until the most newest modernization. The modernization have made info not work properly, by just staying around as if it's not read. The another trouble I'm having, is info from members responding to my stories I've added in groups I'm in. When picked, it takes me to Messenger. Why is that happening?
~ A Google user
Stop trying to send memories to my storyline. I wish to create an actual post and I dont wish to have to test to cram what i wanna claim in a picture. Place it back to the idea it was thank u. I do not wish to ever use my storyline and I dont wish to be forced to do so. Please have a idea to turn off storyline or at least create it so I can share a memory as a post like it used to be. If I have a comment about a memory I have to test to hold it short so I can fit & smush it into a picture and im tired of it. please fix
~ Veronica Hedge
I got an modernization recently that has made this release almost unusable. I can't share public posts. It takes FOREVER for comments on another posts to load. Doing something as easy as upgrading a profile picture is really clunky. Profiles won't load fully. I don't know what happened on the back end recently, but it needs to be fixed!
~ Morgan Ave
This modernized ver is total rubbish and disadvantageous for me. Fb, you just messed my business up. I wanted to reorder my page tabs, a info claimed me to modernization the release before I can reorder. After upgrading, the same info kept coming to modernization again. what is wrong with your system, facbook? I also wanted to add a product to my market by there is no 'Add product' botton in the market segment again. What have I done to you?
Its overall a nice release, but i don't know if it is just my profile, but marketplace is glitched so if I'm not looking at a listing in a buy and sell group im in and even though its a public post, it prompts me with "this product no longer exists" I'm quite unhappy about it and i request you fix it asap Modernization: After the most newest modernization, this still wasn't fixed
~ I'm Actual Trash
It used to be cute smooth and everything worked as it could. Lately it has been riddled with troubles like when you look at one of your info and it remains blue as if it were not checked yet. Plus all the banners actually......I mean come on really??? Actually my outlook correspondence has banners from Fb. So annoying!
~ Jesse Abbott
Explore function is terrible actually. Not sure why it changed. When I find for something that previously would yield hundreds of public and group posts, pictures, and marketplace effects, only one page and 2 unrelated recipients sharing a several letters with find term pop up. Frustrating. Searches within group are yielding no effects, even when there are many posts that are an exact match.
~ RJ Scala
After logging on for a short time it will stop allowing you to react,share or save. So you have to log off and back on and hope you can search what you were looking at before. And as quick as you step off reading a post it jumps back to the top.....so much for interaction at that target. I've had so many interaction troubles with this release and it's constantly needing upgrades.
~ John Spaulding
if i didn't have so many followers on Fb, i wouldn't be here. Bullying is a gigantic trouble, Facebook makes it simple for them. Receive a hater, facebook will let them to report you over and over again and you'll be the one suspended. Ig is WAY better. Any another social media platform is better. Plus facebook is politically biased.
~ Crystal Bearrington
The release refreshes often I hit the back button and reach the very top of my feed and then the old posts are nowhere to be found. Same trouble persists if I'm reading an article from a third party blog but within the Fb release. The moment I test to go back to my Fb feed after a long read, the release refreshes! This is so irritating that I may end up deleting the release in a several days.
~ Shreyas Patil
I love Fb. it keeps you in touch with family that's far away and Colleagues that's far away. it gets the word out if you doing anything with your community or family. I don't trust you could be discussing I just agreement on here on any violence. it's a social page and everybody could hold it Pleasant. anything else you need to pick up the device and take care of it that idea not in the public. thank you Fb🌷💪🙏👍
~ kenneth kennedy
What's newest: stats not provided by developer. Other modernization - other round of woes, though I guess that's not newest at all... This last modernization actually refuses to set up in UK English but kindly offers me the ability to continue in US english for actually. Nice! Actually none of my UK dudes posts present up at all and none of their comments on my posts will load. Terrible, terrible, terrible... ☹️
~ Stephen Richards
hello Fb and everyone who is reading this. it hurts me to claim this but fb does not care about the security of others. I was verbally attacked on my fb I reported it and fb kicked me off. actually, I am waiting for fb to comfirm the picture of me to present that I am the owner of my profile its been a day actually. how long do I even have to wait? fb, you are screwing me out of dollars right actually. its ridiculous how you have no form of contact so i can not message, correspondence, or call
~ Harley Carlberg
I love the release. I am unsure what happens for those who claim it's a horrible release, nothing like that happens to me. I dont have a desktop and I run FB through it. Even multiple pics or videos upload very easily and quickly. I can see as tiny or as much as I pick in settings. It's not buggy nor does it just ruin on whim, seldom have I seen it slow to post comments, run my own post, or comment or post on anyone on my dudes list...the only MILD irritation is the " recipients you may know" list.
~ Nikki Lessig
Ever since the modernization, I have not been able to seen the most newest posts. I've tried refreshing, signing out and logging in and it just keeps showing me posts from 2hrs ago or 5hrs ago. I have family that is CONSTANTLY posting things so I know it isn't a "no one has posted anything" trouble. This release was nice last week. Actually it is the worst.
~ Karmas Legion
Your upgrades are annoying and they just create Fb more annoying. Info never present as read after you read them (release and desktop versions). Timelines refresh too much. We don't obtain to see enough on our timelines. I wish to see more than only 3 recipients's posts. I think Fb needs to obtain its act together. Also, consider sending out surveys to see what recipients now wish Fb to offer.
~ Danielle Powell
Ok wow I'm looking at all the Comments of Fb, although Fb I'm going to have to adopt with the recipients here, you guy's suck at upgrading, I mean if it were up to me I'd chance the whole name of Fb and call it Home but only create it better than what you guy's have made it in the past, I mean you guy's are making this release look like a joke right actually and it's not even funny, listen to the recipients on the comments, don't be like each device company who doesn't listen to their customers.
~ Tristin Barnes
Last modernization just took the tiny usability I had and crushed it. Before, I had to click on a info, go back, click it again, and then I should kinda interact with the relevant post. Tapping Like didn't work, had to hit it just right and keep down to bring up list of emotes. Actually... it's a wreck. Got crazy text boxes loading all over the screen, nothing is coming in on the feed. Also, please obtain the political banner garbage off my feed...I just like cats, cars and beer. That's all.
~ Jason Johnston
This release is really badly managed. I know it is considered a nice release. However, the info are really getting on my nerves. Have reported this trouble few times but no one has taken it up yet. Even after you read a info it shows are unread and pops up after sometime. Actually someone like me with OCD will wish to remove the info. Maybe thats what these guys wish so that you hold engaged in the release. Fb has single handedly destroyed the young recipients and social culture.
~ Soujanya Samal
Poor. I made an profile solely to use marketplace, only to search out Fb doesn't allow you until your profile is a certain age (sometime longer than a week). About a week later, I got an correspondence claiming my profile was suspicious and i required to verify it. There was nothing on the profile. after i did the long verification process, still no access to marketplace. A several days later, i tried to log on, and it claimed me my profile had been disabled, no explanation as to why. Terrible customer help
~ Cameron Michael
Hi I'm having problem accessing to my news feed for the last 30 hours actually. My news feed won't load and keeps "Can't connect" although I have a powerful internet connection. I have tried problem shooting my device also. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the release few times. I also had submitted the report about the trouble but still nothing happens.
~ Im Romano
the release has its nice days and terrible days, but the most newest upgrades (starting around October 2018, its actually May 2019) have atrocious video playback. at first it was just that it hijacked the sound until you shut down the release. then it improved some, but the "test" emblem aat right in the middle of the video. actually it just takes me back to the home screen/timeline view every time I test to watch. AND my keyboard keeps disappearing mid-kind, but only on Fb.
~ Jessie McKeon
There are lots of troubles in this release. Especially having problem posting something. Can not post directly from post to storyline option. There are more troubles in this release. Poll, list, etc. are not available in the post option. After upgrading, the troubles are still going on and it is increasing day by day. Fix the troubles early.
~ Arnab Sarkar
01/2019: This release's functionality has gone downhill in the past several months. So many troubles like repeating old info or the info dots just not going away. I hold thinking it is just tiny troubles they will fix in the next upgrade but it seems as though it is getting worse! 05/2019: Four months later and the above is still real. But with different tiny troubles.
~ Micella Sartirana
Fb is a very terrible social media release, don’t use it. It's safety is very clunky, and it usually tries to fix it the wrong idea. It's real that they need to protect their customers time, but it doesn't mean they need to be an all knowing large brother either. They shouldn't lock their customers up for days just because they logged in from an unusual territory, from a shared device, or because they tried to use VPN to login. What they need to fix is their API, that's how the time is leaked.
~ Wakaba Hiiro
release keeps freezing and doesn't load when I click onto a page. I am constantly getting a info to modernization my profile. I don't wish to!! When I click on a page, profile of group it doesn't usually load. Posts appear five days after dudes post them; therefore, I'm using fb less and less....which is probably a positive. Only see a handful of dudes upgrades. Think fb has almost had its day.
~ Kelly Lawrence
Fb, what can I claim? They'll ban you for the dumbest things just because someone reported your post. Even if you didn't break their TOS and just claimed something that someone considered "hate speech", and if you dispute it, they still uphold their decision, which is just ridiculous. It, and messenger require so many permissions from your device. They know everything about you and everything on your device. Can't even uninstall, only disable it. Social media will be the downfall of nonpaid speech.
~ Greg Brown
listen, I'm not the kind to write reviews, but this modernization informations a tiny change that's bugging the HELL out of me. your newest logo for mobile? it sucks. obtain rid of it. change it back to the old one. i don't think it's even aligned properly? just... please... the old one looked okay. it cemented your brand identity. moving the f by a several millimetres left is a decision that's just frankly bizzare.
~ Jana Irish
The release is HORRIBLE! With every modernization it gets worse and worse. I have an Mobile and for the past several months the release keeps deteriorating. It freezes, it won't allow me comment on some posts, half the time when I test to logout I can't logout. I reviewed back on April 29, 2019 and it hasn't gotten any better it's still horrible. I have never reviewed an release allow alone the FB release but it's so terrible, I had to. What's being done to fix this mess for the Mobile or do Mobile players not matter?
~ Tanya Cooks