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About: Keeping up with dudes is faster and easier than ever with the Fb Lite release! Use Fb Lite as a dudes release to connect and hold up with your social network. The Fb Lite release is tiny, allowing you to save zone on your device and use Fb in 2G conditions. Many of the classic informations of Fb are available on the release, such as sharing to a Timeline, liking pictures, searching for recipients, and editing your profile and groups. Specific informations contain: * Search dudes and family * Post status upgrades & use Fb emoji to support relay whats going on in your globe Share pictures and your favoured memes * Receive notified when dudes like and comment on your posts * Search local social meetings, RSVP, and create plans to meet up with dudes Interact with your dudes by adding your own comments or reactions to their Fb posts * Save pictures by adding them to picture albums ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Facebook
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Similar Apps Like Letzdoit Alternatives
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About: Letzdoit is the first app designed to help people get out and do more of what they love, right in the moment. Simpler, faster, and more direct than text messaging and group chats. Whats cool: Meet people who share your interests. See what people are doing right now, near you. Always something new to discover; events appear and disappear within the hour. Follow a friend and be notified when they are about to do something near you. Always get the right number of players for you...

Developer: LetzDoIt [email protected]

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About: Dream Market...

Developer: dream market [email protected]

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About: The official app for 2019 100Kin10 Partner Summit! App Features: *Full Schedule* Browse the entire schedule for 2019 100Kin10 Partner Summit. You can filter by color-coded types, venues or search for what you need. Get the full details of every event without having to crack open an event guide. *My Schedule* If you have already created a schedule online, you can login to view it on your phone and make on-the-go changes. If you are new, create an account and instantly save your favorit...

Developer: 100Kin10 [email protected]

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About: Who ? When ? How many minutes ? Are you curious about the online reports at What|App ? Even if you block it , you can still get online notification Discover all What|App online activities during the day.Get the report Get instant online notification Instant notifications , detailed statistics and analytics , last seen times , online durations , 2 number , blocked number ( if last - seen turned off)...

Developer: Red Phoenix [email protected]

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About: English assistant is a useful app for tasks you want to do without touching your phone! Say commands and control your phone remotely. Asisstant in English will understand your words and depending on your commands it will open messages, calendar or add a reminder! Application works in every country and supports every language (English too)....

Developer: Assistant! [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rezo del Viacrucis Catolico - Oracion y Meditacion Alternatives
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About: Te ofrecemos el Va crucis o Viacrucis, con textos e imgenes que te ayudan a meditar y contemplar el gran excelso amor y sacrificio de Jess por amor a nosotros. El Viacrucis es una aplicacin completa de la Pasin de Cristo en 15 estaciones que incluye la resurrecin de Cristo Jess. La prctica de este ejercicio piadoso tienen una parte central expresada, por un pasaje del Santo Evangelio o tomado de la devota tradicin cristiana, que propone la meditacin y contemplacin de uno ...

Developer: Farlixapps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Messengers for social messages  Alternatives
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About: Messengers for social messages - the unique application is designed for Messenger & Social App, especially for Whatsapp. If you want to use two accounts of the same message & social network app or game in your Android phone, here is your best choice! Messengers for social messages help you easily to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online realtime! No worry about data storage problem of different accounts, we will keep your data separated. Permissions: Messengers for social m...

Developer: N Store [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Super Likes Tags Alternatives
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About: Super Likes Tags Attract more potential likes and followers with abundant thoughtful Tags. Tags help you overcome some adversities in the daily life. Get up with some motivational Tags and obtain some fresh feelings everyday....

Developer: Abe Prosacco [email protected]

Similar Apps Like TravelRun Alternatives
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About: TravelRun gives those who are on the move, an easier way to meet new people in their area. No more swiping to find dates. Just see who is in your area and request to chat. We offer a safe and comfortable way to meet new friends in new places. We want to make it easier to find new friends, whether you are traveling to San Francisco or Stockholm, you will always find a fellow traveler with TravelRun. See people around you who are willing to explore. Choose who you chat with. Get face ...

Developer: TravelRun Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Casablanca Dreams Alternatives
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About: Good day, We want to introduce you Casablanca Dreams International Dating. We are an international dating site providing users, aka Dreamers, the platform to search for everything from long term connections to hookups. Our website: The website currently has a countdown to our launch date, February 27, 2019, for the Android platform. Approximately 10 days later our website and iOS app will launch. You can view our social media profiles below: _dreams_dating/ ?redirect_to=%2Fblog%2Fcas...

Developer: Casablanca Dream [email protected]

Similar Apps Like My Tweets Alternatives
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About: This is a twitter based app in which all tweets related to social life is being laid down for the enhancement of social outlook....

Developer: SHASHI JAISWAL [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Oasis Dating - 100% Free Chat Alternatives
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About: Are you looking for new friends, casual dates or a serious relationship? Youre not alone. Over 150,000 members join the Oasis Network every month! Its free to join, contact and chat with like-minded singles near you on one of the worlds most popular FREE online dating sites. Our industry leading app boasts all of the great features of Oasis.com, including our advanced matching algorithm and searches, allowing you to find your next date anywhere, anytime. With Oasis you get a bit more i...

Developer: 3H Group Pty Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Captions for Insta Alternatives
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About: Want more engagement on your photos? Captions for instagram helps you to add more values to your post and also helps you to gain more user engagement, more likes. To use our app captions you need to install our insta captions app and select a category from the list and choose best caption which suits with your photos copy it and set it to insta post. You will find captions for the following categories. * Beach caption * Caption for Friends * Captions for Lyrics * Quotes * Brave Cap...

Developer: Dipesh J. Solanki [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Positive Inspiration Quotes 2  Alternatives
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About: Use Inspiration quotes create your happy days. Positive quotes help people to have positive thinking and success to make everything. Live with hope and move to target with good feeling in everyday. You can share good quotes by social such as line, facebook , whatsapp and google plus. Select the social you want to share and reselect by slide the image to left or right. Make your friends, family, beloved people had inspiration in life. Let's share the motivate inspirational quotes about love...

Developer: Cute Apps Dev [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Instant Likes Alternatives
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About: Social Media is the best way to promote someone. Anyone can become popular by sharing images and videos and it's icing on the cake it our images are liked by huge audience. Simple Steps to use the App:- * Install App * Search an User * select images * Get Likes and Become Popular...

Developer: ShareMy Photo Graphic Design [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Likes and followers for Instagram Alternatives
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About: Boost your Instagram account - get real followers and likes for free: Complete tasks to earn coins Daily and level up bonuses Refunds for canceled follows every day No bots Get likes and followers instantly This is not an official Instagram app and we are not related to the official Instagram app. The name and trademark of Instagram are the property of their respective owners! Logging into our application and entering your personal data occurs through the official Instagram ...

Developer: Marakas [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MediaTop+ Alternatives
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About: MediaTop+ For Social Media. Show the best of yourself....

Developer: MediaTop [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BOCC Willoughby  Alternatives
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About: This is a brand new app at its early stages for the Body Of Christ Community Church Of Willoughby Ohio. And will be updated as needed...

Developer: Jonnyjonny [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cheaplike - NoPass Likes and Follower Alternatives
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About: Cheaplike - NoPass Likes and Follower...

Developer: Xlabs [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Highlight Cover Creators for Instagram Story Alternatives
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About: Now a day your profile is show your personality and attitude. An Insta Profile without beautiful highlight cover is hard to get followers.so lets make your insta profile attractive. Using this application you can create highlight cover easily and attractive. In this application you can used following feature - Change Background : Lots of different back grounds , Marble,Gradient and Watercolour, Solid Colour - Diffrent Icons - Different Fonts and Fonts Styles. How to add Hig...

Developer: Nik Studio [email protected]



Facebook Lite Reviews and Comments:

I was never into Fb but recently, I have gotten very involved with some of my childhood dudes, it's been a long time since I've seen them and I'm so glad to have found them again on Fb. The lite ver has come in so handy on my cell device, it is alot less zone for a limited cell 📱, so I just love it! 💜
~ Lisa Rainer
this release is beginning to suck!!! from monday to friday(today), i have downloaded not less than 50 fb lite. it keeps changing to nonpaid mode even when i have an active time plan. please check the trouble and test upgrading it.
My only complaint is the terrible habit the release has lately of refreshing itself forcefully while I am writing a post (thoroughly deleting it) or after I go back after following a feedback. The rest I like. I'll never install the bloated full ver (which would also mean installing the bloated "Messenger" release to obtain the full functionality) as long as FB Lite is useable.
~ Edwin Astacio
Crashes, freezes, seizes. Lite allows normal social media functionality without being the bulkiest release in you collection which is nice but I am constantly taking recovery measures like clearing my cashe, force stop, power cycling and uninstall/reinstall (why im here, again).
~ Elle T.
release os even slower and heavier than regular facebook and it is complete broken junk. the settings are junk, it is so hard to search and change something. this release is a joke because fb doesnt care about it at all. fix the bugs and non working informations and create the release run half decently. alsp place the logo in the middle it's frustrating to look at.
~ Javier Hernandez
It doesnt work without the another fb release. Even though it is up to date, it keeps asking for upgrades because the built in release needs upgrading.
~ Waqaar Baig
It's a nice lightweight alternative compared to the original Fb release. Customer experience has improved a lot since the initial version, kudos for that. Though... it will be better if swiping to change tabs gets implemented and pls fix the small fonts.
~ Kamil Ttd
The videos don't work. most I can watch is one video then to others won't test at all or only test a couple seconds. The release is also supposed to be lightweight and faster but it's now significantly slower than the regular release.
~ Joseph Rogers
its a nice release I've ever seen in my lifetime this release support me to contact eith my dudes and family.............................................................................,.............................,.........................,........ ....................................................,..................,................,...................................,......................................................................................................................
~ ArunTV c FM in GM S
Soft mostly fine over last several days have noticed some post on group pages and on marketplace, the text doesnt display. some posts that have pictures, only the pictures are loading, the actual text of the post is blank. On another posts I can see the player and comment but again not the actual text of the post. It has a white zone that highlights when I click it and opens the post completely, again can see all comments etc but not the text of the actual post.
~ Shane O'Brien
Something's wrong with the release. You can't launch it up with nonpaid small time anymore. I use the lite ver to chat which doesn't really need paid time so I usually use the nonpaid mode in order to save, so this trouble is now quite significant.
~ Qazlin Kin
I am very glad with this Fb release that doesn't take up as much of my devices storage as the normal Fb release. It also uses a lot less time. one slightly annoying thing is that you can't respond polls in the release. would be nice if that was possible
~ Michelle Maessen
why are you asking so many questions? a person clicks on the menu scrolls down all the idea to the bottom and selects log out. then why the person has to face the question that whether he or she wants to log out or not? again after logging out the same person has to respond again whether he or she wants to close the release or not. why are you harassing the players? do you ask them if they wish to launch your release or log in? no, right?
~ Siddhartha Sankar Chakraborty
the newest modernization doesn't work well . . the keyboard doesn't collapse when I'm done commenting on a post , and pressing info / message / home button takes me directly to the top of the actual news feed instead of taking me to their respective panel , please fix this so that I rate you more
~ Dayashankar Parlikar
I hate it when my info present what another recipients share on their Fb. that don't similar to me at all, but keeps on showing the info. I tried to do everything to setting it. but still don't change anything.
~ Helen Sei Cin
No storyline.. It suppose to emulate the browser ver (but the browser has storyline).. Also recently it run creating a trouble after several refreshs on the feed it claims:"something went wrong".. The only idea to fix it is to close release, delete all time including profile information, then relogin.. But it can happen again and again and again.. Also there is something keeps downloading after installing "information for lite".. Don't appreciate bonus unknown downloads
~ Mohammed Omer
this modernization still has a trouble. when recipients write a post "For Sale", I can't see any of their writing. only the pictures they post! everything else seems to be OK. it worked fine before I modernized last Saturday!!
~ Daniel Bennett
i hate this release. slower than molasses. i can only kind out one word at a time. keeps jumping back to zone bar. zero stars. come on zuck, obtain it together. thanks zuck, actually i cant even obtain the damn release to launch. Even after upgrading the release. Screw you.
~ Charlie Hampton
After newest modernization, initservice keeps running in the background in addition to the standard app service, meaning 2 services are actually running simultaneously. This was never happening before! This is supposed to be the lite ver so please hold it as easy as possible.
~ Nik Kap
I like it but I would love it if you would, #1. Let me to change my info tone. #2. Let me to transport the release to my sd card. #3. Add the Gif bar to the comments on my dudes list. but besides those things it ok. 😊
~ DaMaleRogue 7
Very simple to use, especially for myself as I am not used to technology, as I am an older person, I had normal Fb, i prefer this release, definitely suggest.
I had the Finest experience at T App. I had only 30 mins to obtain to work and Pedro Chavez helped me and got me all taken care of with exceptional service. Thank you.
~ Betty Carol Bowman
I bought my last two devices which were nonpaid of this corporations deception, yet unbeknownst to me at buy, Fb pays my cell carrier a royalty for its placement in my device as an unremovable system release. Mr. Zuckerberg: Despite your billionaire status and ability to bypass policies, corruption and international laws, I left Fb 3 years ago, because I don't want to do business with liars. Thank for those first 10 years where we were promissed a paid banner nonpaid fb option. 👹
~ Steve Washburn
This release is so useful most especially if you don't have a load....here in philippines and also to another country ..you can also use a video call to your chat to see what they look like...😊😊😊
~ Jessica Padilla
Fb Lite is broken. I can't log in, it's stuck in the loading screen, and after awhile it claims Something Is Wrong.. What is wrong with these!? Clearing it's storage, no support. Reinstalling, Nothing, just the same. Stuck in the loading screen.. please fix this quick.
~ CarlBonnieFanX9
For some reason doesn't present when somebody has replied to me, I have to click on the message thread and then it appears. Other trouble -- doesn't present my replies until the another person replies back. Also, feedback in the texts are not clickable. So, if you wish to register for something, you can't.
~ T J
I use it for more than two years actually. The release works fine and almost without any bug as far as i noticed. But i am wondering what news it really shows. They are mostly older post, several hours, several days even. I can often see old posts like announcements for sport meetings that are over two day ago and related. When i launch facebook through chrome on my device or on my notebook there are totaly different recent news in the news feed. So actually i am honestly thinking about abandoning this release and installing the original.
~ Marko Stevic
Each time i create an photo post in a group im a part of, the caption doesnt post with the photo. i then have to go on the pc and edit the caption and write something as it doesnt allow me do it on my device. please fix this. Google Pixel 1. edit: changed my review to one star as i cant even see captions in buy/sell groups actually. rubbish release.
~ Edward Steinthal
a lot faster and uses less memory and CPU than the main Fb release, so it slows my Note 4 down much less. But it has some severe troubles with typing...like it keeps inserting the capital letter I into words whenever I kind. also sometimes asks me if I wish to discard a post when I have just claimed it to post it. and then there are sometimes when it just claims "something went wrong" for no apparent reason.
~ Dan Yavuzkurt
this release is not opening in my device . i have already installed and uninstall then again have installed it .... like 10 times.... are you guys increasing the number of downloads ... whhhaaattt...! billions of recipients have trusted on you so plz fix it .
~ vidya yadav
it is worst release ever i seen because it can't test auto video even i tried auto video test option from Fb setting but ..... ! and most worst thing is when u launch a video and scroll down another video did not have sound in this release please fix this trouble as quick as possible for you .
~ Technical Hund
info come 2 to 3 times of the same thing, even if i go to the release thru my info, it will still appear in my info bar just as i launch the release and also it will be in the info as unread info, plz fix this trouble.
~ Arup Kumar
Google and Fb are stealing our identies and continuously capturing photos using front cameras of small devices. They ask for blood group and stealing DNA samples. For future genetic fight. I have learned every and each Codes of Fb. They all are idiots.
~ Muhammad Waqar
This release supports me save time, but I am frustrated about streaming videos. It won't test when I am connected to a WiFi. I tried uninstalling it many times, I let all permissions it will only test the audio of the video. Please fix this!
~ Amer Kansi
I cannot launch my Fb profile nor exchange messages with my dudes & family. What can I do to solve this puzzle . Thank you for your assistance. Francois Katunda A nice deal of troubles to access my profile have been solved thanks to F/B's support. However, I need enough time to review and summarize my Biographical Time for my family's members and dudes. Finest regards.
Fb is a very terrible social media release, don’t use it. It's safety is very clunky, and it usually tries to fix it the wrong idea. It's real that they need to protect their customers time, but it doesn't mean they need to be an all knowing large brother either. They shouldn't lock their customers up for days just because they logged in from an unusual territory, from a shared device, or because they tried to use VPN to login. What they need to fix is their API, that's how the time is leaked.
~ Wakaba Hiiro
I really love the fact that everything is in one release, fb and messenger, while using idea less zone. It's clutter-nonpaid. Even if the animations are rigid and has limited informations, this release is just nice for anyone who just needs the basics like me.
~ John David Maza
The only nice thing about Fb Lite, is that it takes up less zone than the storage hogging Fb release. In claiming that though, I feel like it takes longer to load up, or load things in general, compared to the regular release - so much for being designed for slower networks. When you click on a video to watch, the following videos below it don't work correctly - either video plays but no sound, or nothing plays at all. Typing messages, hit back by accident, boom, gone, have to re-kind.
~ David Tran
Still rubbish. Did a review about six months ago. It's a joke. Claims me to search dudes to see posts 😂 despite me using Fb for 5 years already. Then pesters me for my device number that I will never give again. I kept setting it to personal, and Fb kept changing it to public.
~ Keith Weston
I am now starting to hate it, I created a newest profile and not more than 24 hours, Fb already sent me request for profile verification because they claim something was suspicious about my identity! Can someone claim me what's wrong with uploading my own pictures and nature photography shots! This is utterly frustrating, it's not even a day yet they already locked my profile and I can no longer launch it till they verify my picture that I'm not a poser.
~ Rirri Rovemlaeir