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Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep   
About: Champion of Google's Material Design Award for Most Charming Engagement Nominated for Google Tests Finest Soft Award Incubated at Duke University Behavioral Economics Lab Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker! Were a science-based release that will motivate you to improve your fitness & achieve your weight loss targets, reboot your sleep cycle, and search mindfulness to reduce your anxiety. Youll learn to build an transformative morning routine and even pick up life-changing habits like meditation and yoga along the idea. Our ultimate target is to instill habits that improve your health. Using any random habit tracker to pick up a habit like yoga, meditation, or to serve as a reminder to workout never works. This is why well act as your life coach, building your motivation so you can focus on developing habits that reduce mental health troubles like anxi ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 32MB Developer: TheFabulous
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Developer: FitMetrix by MINDBODY [email protected]

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Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep Reviews and Comments:

I love this release. Unlike others that are glorified checklists, this one takes your hand and walkthroughs you through the process of self betterment by starting with tiny things every day, and forcing you to unblock more hard challenges just like a video release! For an unmotivated person like myself, this supports create the entire experience more fun and seamless, and ensures that I develop better habits rather than just going through the motions.
~ Roth Farrar
I'm enjoying this release so far after just 3 days. I like that it gives gentle reminders to complete tiny, obtainable targets every day. I also love the encouraging words and letters it provides.
~ Lakisha Murray
Have been using for a week and quite like it. one of the finest things in this release that makes it stand out for me is the content! as a marketer I know how some conpanies can leave content aside and they do a very nice job at it. you obtain watch a video or just listen to it or also read the transcript. it shows you how to do each step. would def recomment! kudos to the content squad :)
~ Raphael Freitas
love this release. With Me having LUPUS this Soft has encouraged & Helped me to drink more water, Be more grateful for life & The recipients in my life, Set targets & Accomplishments & Support me love myself more. Theirs just so many nice things about this release. also supports me meditate especially before bedtime & When I wake up. TY FABULOUS FOR HELPING ME SEE MY FABULOUSNESS & TO STAY THAT WAY😘😊🤩❤💜❤
~ Watching TESHA
love this, actually i have a personal trainer and motivators usually being there for me when i need. i can finally obtain my habit going. 50$ a year to change myself to be better is a tiny commitment. Create me Fabulous! 💯🔥
After using the app for a while, it provides many targets and motivations for players to change their lives. I still use the nonpaid ver and it's still nice enough. Anyways, I think using the paid ver would create a gigantic difference for those who aim large as well.
~ Nynx Gu
Step-by-step encouragement and celebrations at each achievement, even only after three days. I love thos release! We all need positive encouragement in our lives!
~ Mountain Hippie
Nice Soft, very needed and full of surprises. finest self care, self improvement release I have used. I can make and customize my routines and be reminded of them. cool background sounds. I can't wait to test all the activities.
~ Leandra Forde
I think this release is nice. It has really helped me in ideas the only negative I have is the price $50 dollars and that was with 50% off? Sheshhhkabob! Poor key I got it on accident I'm glad i did just why so expensive lad! I'm broke!
~ Kassi xs
I love that I am able to create a morning, afternoon and evening routine. It's so great that you can set how much time it could take you to do every thing, which keeps you moving. I use to place off doing equipment because I felt like it took to long to complete and I didn't have time for it. With this release I have been able to see that I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I gave it 4 stars because I trust there could be a guide so you know how to use the full release
~ Elizabeth Barrett
it runs off with simple targets you may already be doing, which gets you in the habit of tracking newest habits. it also takes into consideration premium diets and fasting for religious or health reasons and offers alternative targets for that. No complaints so far.
~ Amanda Filipowich
I first got this release in 2016 on an old correspondence of mine. I then got it again after a while and it was brilliant. but since then I have slowly watch this release worsen. it used to be nice and simple to understand. actually I do not really recognise this release for what it used to be. it's really too terrible. I used to love it
~ Jazmyn Allan
nice release, shame about the price. £50 is too much to pay up front its a beautiful release but not worth that much. the nonpaid week is nice, i cancelled straight away so they wouldnt charge me nice points are the everyday reminders, timed guided meditation, exercise and another informations. it is visually really cute and pleasant
~ sammi snape
I love the weak key idea it trains you to adopt healthy habits. It encourages you to take the time to slow down and be aware of your actions. Even though that is a gigantic positive, that's also the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars. It doesn't really lend itself to do things quickly on the release. I usually wait until my day is winding down to click on it so I can give it and me the appropriate time.
~ Gisel Fuentes
Great Soft! Very simple to run, before you know it you're on a Fabulous path to broader horizons!!! ***Note:*** I'm a trainwreck,a Procrastinating, Anxious/Panic stricken,OCD,Add/Adhd,Bipolar, Anorexic. Ex-addict,Insomniac,,so trust me when I claim: Just TRY it, it's priceless!!! Thanks to the squad who place this Soft altogether, you've helped me enjoy worry,pain frustration nonpaid betterment for myself and others, 👏,Kudos!!
~ Wifey Garrison
I was charged despite cancelling my trial within the trial window. Developer will claim you to contact Google. Google will claim you to contact the developer. Google will claim you they are unable to do anything and unable to reach the developer. I submitted the screenshots showing this was a fraudulent charge.
~ Samantha Roberts
i love this release! its helped me obtain so productive in the morning and helped me establish a routine. i feel so much more relaxed and accomplished being able to tick off my morning routine boxes :) would reccommend to anyone who has a hard time getting up or sometimes misses breakfast because since ive used this release i havent missed breakfast (which i used to do daily)
~ A Google user
the positivity in this release is infectious. i sometimes drop off and don't complete habits for a several days, but i usually search myself wanting to go back to it because i know that having some idea of confirming that I've finished these tiny tasks makes me feel nice. this release makes me feel nice :)
~ Georgia Bowles - Pullham
So far my experience is with the 7 day nonpaid trial (which is about to end) nice Soft so far. Enjoyable. well laid out with LOTS of options, videos and challenges. Fun. EXPENSIVE, not sure if I'll buy at this time but possibly in the future especially if the price drops or the discount is still available. If I had obtain 3months nonpaid 4 my wife & I, I'd gladly be an ambassador 4 it, positive blasts all over social media & spread 2 all dudes & Fam (WinkWink, just a thought/ recommendation)
~ Michael Wright
I love this release it supports remind me to do the tiny habits when I can't remember. I feel better having a routine and taking 2 hours a day to do morning and night for myself. I think 2 hours of self love a day is super important, and this release supports me love myself daily by taking care of me and my environment.
~ Harmony Kuban
It has only been 1 week since I downloaded this, but i can already see that I'm making better choices for myself, and am motivated to be a better person. I'm still on the nonpaid trial, but would love to be a super member. However i'm a student, and can do nothing to justify an expense like this to my parents for what they'd call a "waste of dollars". I won't have to uninstall, if you should come out with a monthly payment plan, so i should renew my subscription at a much lower rate. Please reconsider
this is my second go, overall i like thier way, but some of the base line assumptions really pissed me of the 1st time around. this motivational release is not well suited for caregivers or parents and we deserve a fabulous life to. i like the reminders, i like the tiny steps, but some of the letters create enormous assumptions that set me off track. I'd love it if the on boarding did a tiny bit more to investigate who the player is. I've got tiny babes, i often gotta take care of this needs 1st
~ Jessica Allender
Just started not too long ago but have realized I have started healthy habits and a routine without even using the release but still doing what fabulous has claimed me and I feel fabulous. It really a nice release if you search your mind going crazy with all the things in life to do, if you become distracted and to slash unnecessary things that are in your life. I love it so far. I'm excited to see what's to come.
~ Jasmine K
Hope you guys can give a info that you're going to deduct the payment. I installed it just to play it out, I didn't wish to pay for the release since I don't need it, you guys billed me in advance before I should even uninstall it. You don't even have nice customer service. Usually an automated correspondence. I was asking nicely to reverse the payment from the day you billed me. no proper response.
~ Mabel Ann Ruedas
Very motivational. I feel I've really found a truly effective idea to support me achieve my targets. This release is nice so far. I have problem following through on.., well everything! This release reminds me as well as educates and gives motivational insights. I search that it supports me stop procrastinating as much. I search it enjoyable to work on my targets, because it doesn't feel like "work". Thank you for creating this release! I love it!
~ Pamela Pugh
such an nice release. no banners, no bs, just healthy habits and subtle reminders. I almost didn't download it because I thought, "wow am I really one of those recipients that needs to use a self-support release. I mean I can do these things on my own." and while I can do these things on my own, and have been working at healthier habits successfully for a couple years actually, this release really does support. If anything it just supports remind you of what you need to do and gives you the next steps for improvement.suggest
~ Victoria Estes
I love this release. It allows you to set targets in the morning, afternoon, and evening and gives useful routines for exercising, breathing, and even meditation. I only unsubscribed to the release because it would cost $50 for the year, and I felt like some of the targets that the release wanted me to accomplish weren't what I was setting out to do. I love the meditation and the stretches so I'm hoping I can still use those even though I cancelled the subscription.
~ Mary Wilhelm
I tried the trial and frankly thought it was unhelpful. I kept trying to cancel but I am very newest to Mobile and didnt know I required to go thru test shop... and then I forgot until I was charged. I instantly requested a refund, but was claimed that no refunds will be given. My fault, admittedly... but I guess I've been spoiled by nice customer service because I have done this with another services and the dollars was returned. If someone is unhappy, why test and rope them in? Create the release better!
~ Jonas Johnson
I signed up for the trial of this release under the impression i would only be charged a monthly fee, not the full years worth at once. Actually I'm charged more than i was able to pay at the time and have gone negative in my bank because of these charges. I tried correspondence, nothing. I'm demanding a refund because I'm actually out over $100 because of this release. I think the release is nice but do not appreciate the problem I've had from a misunderstanding. Please reply and handle this ASAP.
~ Amber Moser
It was okay. I'm usually cute busy so I liked that it started with tiny habits, gradually adding things on, and didn't consume too much time.If you're unhappy with the slow build, you can manually activate newest routines, but it isn't suggested. I was interested in paying for a monthly membership (NOT annual) but I searched everywhere and couldn't search out how to convert from annual. When I emailed them they sent me back a useless FAQ form but no humans returned, so I went ahead and cancelled
~ Cyle Z
Many recipients are not reading the payment options carefully, leading to the many terrible reviews. I've been using the base informations of the release for nonpaid. You do NOT have to sign up for the trial. The "nonpaid trial" is about unlocking the full informations, aka Spheres, and then making your yearly $50 payment after your trial. Or you can pay $10 per month. Just ignore the paywall to test out the nonpaid informations. So far it's nice for anyone in a slump who needs some direction and an simple-to-follow plan.
~ Shannon Prouty
Extremely unhappy. Soft provides you with a 7 day trial, not NEARLY enough time to determine if it will be needed for you. It runs out tiny, fully understandable, but by the time the trial is up the only targets you have reached are drink water in the morning and eat breakfast. Not enough to create the decision to commit to a YEAR'S subscription. However, after my 7th day they instantly charged me for a year first thing in the morning. Can't reach a true person but they refuse all refunds.
~ Billie Woolever
I am about a week in, and I really enjoy using this release. It resembles therapy, taking tiny steps to reinforce creative cognition and behavior. The player interface is quite clunky and cluttered, old info and letters clog the blog. This is reason I only rated 4 stars. As I am nearing the end of my nonpaid trial I gotta admit I am in the fence as to whether it will be worth $50 for a year subscription. If the UI was modernized and better organized/more player friendly, I would rate 5 stars.
~ William Jones
Actually, I dont normally rate things, but Fabulous is literally that! You run off tiny, with remembering to drink, and work your idea up to a full morning routine... There is so much content just in the nonpaid ver - exercise, meditation, deep work, power naps! And then there are the challenges - declutter, healthy eating, self esteem... If you need useful reminders to do things because you are overwhelmed or unsure where to run, this is the release for you! I need to buy the full ver!
~ Zoe Rolfe
Pro: -It's primary time and stress management (there are nonpaid resources online) -Aids in accountability for building healthy habits -Relevant meditations for different lengths/ purposes Con: -Interface gets confusing and cluttered the more you use it. Habit info interrupt meditations or "deep work" tasks -Expensive plans. Could be idea more intuitive and player friendly for what they are charging -As effective as learning to set alarms and reminders on your device to build everyday habits.
~ Skye Saxon
~ S M
DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. I checked it out and was claimed I would be charged a MONTHLY fee. When I went to check my profile to modernization the stats I was charged 50Usd. Total SCAM. For an release purporting to support persons with nice living this practice is fully unethical. SHAME
~ Lin Lin
Btw, it was clear to me that I can cancel the 1 year subscription before the nonpaid trial week and so I did. Dont understand the negative reviews about that. It has a nice collection of excercises, meditations etc. You just respond 5 questions and you obtain challenges assigned to you. I would have liked something even more personalized. I didnt like the interface. It is a bit messy and hard to follow your tasks. So, I didnt wish to do a full-year subscription. There should be more options.
~ Nefeli Kakava
An release that can support enhance each aspect of your life. meditation, diet, exercise, and so much more. It runs slow, so you can run doing healthy things and not obtain overwhelmed or discouraged, but it's so much fun and so rewarding completing my habits and everyday tasks! Definitely worth it to do super, it's only $9.99 a month and you unblock much more informations, and you can even join challenges with another recipients! Love this release. Also, I never had any trouble with my nonpaid trial.
~ Janet Sanders
I wonder if you realize that you would obtain a lot more subscribers if you offered a plan at $5/mo (for the first, half-price year). I can afford that, but I can't afford $50 right actually. It's unfortunate, because I feel like this release should now work, and support a lot of recipients. Please consider having a monthly payment plan, unless this release isn't intended for the less financially fortunate.
~ Amanda Kasey