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About: Turn your inspiration into dollars with EyeEm Join a community of over 20 million originators around the world. Gain exposure, share your inspiration, and sell your picturesall in one zone. Up your photography release, and connect with the globes leading brands, photo buyers and media outlets. Use EyeEm Selects, a globe-leading technology, to search your finest shots and maximize your visibility. There are so many ideas to obtain discovered with EyeEm. With everyday and weekly highlights from newest and upcoming photographers, as well as exhibitions, awards and direct exposure to photo buyers all over the globe. Receive discovered and victory prizes with EyeEm Missions. Allow your talent shine, and submit your pictures for use by media agencies and brands such as Apple Sound, Converse, Spotify and Canon. Up your photography release, and download EyeEm today! *YOUR INSP ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 45MB Developer: EyeEm Mobile
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Similar Apps Like Photo Gallery  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: "Photo Gallery" is an accomplished, feature-easy app for organizing your photos. Gallery is password protect your photos and establish them and display sideshow photo with gallery photo. Photo galley call as a phone gallery, gallery downloading, gallery update, gallery with hide option, garley. " Galleria de fotos" is the Super fast gallery with cool 3D gallery styles and best innovative display. QuickPic gallery collection for fast user interface. color gallery app for photos, hot vide...

Developer: Gallery Llc [email protected]

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About: Do you want to add watermark on photo and video to show how many days from date of special day? For example "Baby birthday 100 days" or "Wedding day 2 years" Add important and meaningful information ( such as Baby birthday 100 days or Wedding day 300 days) when recording or capturing. Add current time and location when recording or capturing, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is maybe the only App that can record video with the time accurate...

Developer: Yubin Chen [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Arto: f.infrared photo Alternatives
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About: Arto: f.infrared is a photo effect app that recreates your photo into surreal visual art using digital infrared photography. Infrared photography is a photoing technique that visualizes the world rendered by the invisible infrared light. Arto: f.infrared (f stands for fake) transforms regular photos into stunning infrared photo arts within steps of simple touches. INNOVATIVE AND EXQUISITE INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY EFFECT Arto: f.infrared transforms regular photos into exquisite infrared photos ...

Developer: Moiggi Interactive [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Design Blur (Radial Blur)  Alternatives
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About: This is the app to make a simple to radiation blur. Very simple and convenient photo editing. Touch the part you want to focus. Basic operation This is the only. --- Features --- - This will get the background blur effect like professional photographer. - Very simple to use with friendly user interface. - Shallow focus photo in the background of the image. - Motion Blur image background effect. - Movement photo effect. - Use brush to where you want. - Share freely on social ...

Developer: addquick [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Prog Alternatives
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About: Prog allows you to capture your progress easily by recording a series of images with functionality to export them to a video and share with your friends. This is an ideal app for someone looking to record a change in something over a lengthy period of time. Such as your body changes whilst going to the gym, documenting your pregnancy etc. Every time you take a picture, you will see the previously taken image, allowing you to align the progression video easily....

Developer: Nicholas Cullen [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Tattoo โ€”  virtual ink maker Alternatives
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About: Design tattoo on the photo! Choose from hundreds of sketches of tattoos in various styles or use any images to create your own tattoos. Convenient editing tools: easily change the color or remove unnecessary elements of the tattoo. Add your text to any tattoo. Regularly updated catalog of tattoos! - Simple editor - realistic tattoo imposition - Try on different tattoos - high-quality tattoo sketches for every taste - Large selection of fonts for tattoo - Create your own tattoo design. - R...

Developer: Cosmoshark LLC. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like All Wishes Images 2019 Alternatives
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About: This app brings you the best collection of Hindu festival images of all occasions for WhatsApp for 2019. Wish festivals with these greetings image. These new Indian festival images are wallpapers & quotes pics which can be shared on WhatsApp and social sites like Facebook. FEATURES Wishes For All Festivals Best collection of wishes images & greetings images with quotes for all festivals & occasions. Daily wishes Images Wish your friends & family with these daily wishes ...

Developer: Kripesh Adwani [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Picture Blender & Photo Merge / Mixer Apps  Alternatives
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About: Create amazing mixed pictures by overlay two or more pictures on each other. Make your normal daily photos more interesting with ease, just select a picture from your gallery or capture from camera and mix this picture with our existing stunning picture collection and blend them together to get an amazing result. CreatePicture Blenderwith advanced tools like double exposure ,multi exposure, blending, mixing, effects, overlays and many more. With the Photo Mixer you can create an amazing...

Developer: Pavaha Lab [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Magnifier Text Zoom 30x  Alternatives
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About: Digital Magnifier app 30x zoom magnifier photo video camera app with handy zoom scroller simple and easy to use ! ZoomText Magnifier is an advanced screen magnification program that enlarges and enhances everything on the phones screen, making your device easier to see and use. Handy zoom scroller Focus refresh button 30x zoom Led light HD photo video mode Built In library Photo video slider Sharing via other apps...

Developer: Anasun [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Family Image collage maker Alternatives
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About: Family photo collage maker app creates best family tree by keeping your family memories and images in photo frames.This ancestry maker provides unlimited family frames to make your moments unforgettable. We provide Wide range of collage photo frames & family photo frames for your family memories.There is categories of various multiple photo frame like family collage photo frame, Family tree, photo frame. Family Photo Frames is latest and creative family tree maker and photo editor for your pho...

Developer: Picfix Art Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Calendar Gallery - photos & videos inside calendar Alternatives
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About: With Calendar Gallery you could view or manipulate your images, videos and gifs on your device in a convenient way. Calendar Gallery designed the way you could choose how you would like your gallery to show your images based on the number of images appear on the screen plus a detailed calendar view which helps you to know when an image or video is taken. Some of the features are: Different View Types Fast, light and easy to use gallery app with three types of column numbers (3, 5 and...

Developer: Majid Pooreftekhari [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Selfie Camera Professional - NEW Filters Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Camera designed specifically for Selfie --Unique feature - The function of this beauty application is to feel it immediately. Whitening effect, remove blemishes, better than cosmetics - Eyelines , eyelashes, Blush functions, more effect Live effects and 100 filters during filming Ease and ease of editing. Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, quality, cut, rotate, mosaic, Lomo effect, out focus Filter mirror during shooting A real filter during imaging does not need to correct ...

Developer: Kings Apps developers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Photo Frames  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: A best photo frame editor application with photo frames for pictures and camera filters. New Photo Frames is easy to use, many pretty Frames for Pictures to choose from. It's user friendly for those who aren't that great at technology. If I can use anyone can. So many custom Picture Frames to choose from and they are amazing. I use this collage frame app when I'm making a lovely photo. I've used Best Photo Frames for many of my friends pics who just don't do things like that and they are thrille...

Developer: Pavaha Lab [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Holi Photo Frames 2019 Alternatives
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About: Holi Photo Frame 2019 is a best Collection of photo frames with best pic editor tool to keep your memorable pictures in frames. Holi Festival app provided tons of frames for all your moments unforgettable. Enhance your photos in the best possible way by using this Holi Photo Frame 2019 that will help you become a professional very easily and very quickly. Let select the Holi photo frame 2019 you like best. Then, add your photos from gallery. You can move, zoom, flip, mirror, rotate the ph...

Developer: Photo Collage Photo Editor [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Selfie with BTS : Funny Selfie Camera Alternatives
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About: This is Free Selfie with BTS :Funny Selfie Camera Apps On Google Play Store.Do you want to take Selfie with BTS? Stylish and lovely collection of best Korean Celebrity bts makes this application tremendous and make them more appealing. Take a Selfie with the very Famous and Stylish Popular Celebrity BTS.Selfie with BTS :Funny Selfie Camera and Selfie Photo Frames is one of the best selfie photo editor app for android phone. After Create your Selfie with BTS Image use this app then you can sha...

Developer: Jannat Muna's Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Blow Birthday Wishes Alternatives
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About: In this world of social networking and such a busy and hectic scheduled life, we don't have much time to attend friends and families Birthday celebration. So just to make them feel good and being a part of there Birthday celebration, without being physically present or to be present sometime lately, Blow Birthday Wishesis one of the most useful and a much needed app for these occasions. The app Happy Birthday Wishes gives you a unique opportunity to make your loved ones or friends day speci...

Developer: Birthday Wishes [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MV Master - Video Status Maker Alternatives
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About: Wanna make a photo into MV? 3 easy steps using way: choose template-upload image-export, then become great looking video clips. The user can also choose a very update and trending BGM, both with or without lyrics. Besides, users can import and save its MV on their own phone gallery, share it to social media or MV Master its platform, by clicking on explore button right on the top left side in the main page, to ease users watch surroundings masterpiece as well. MV Master is the best app for u...

Developer: MV Master [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dual Book Photo Frame  Alternatives
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About: HD Book Photo Frame With this Book Dual Photo Frames you can decorate your photo with lovely book photo frames and make photo album or photobook. You and your loved in one photo with beautiful Book photo frames. Quickly create beautiful Book photo frames with Lovely Book Photo Frames. Photobook dual frames help you to edit and collage your photo over different books photo templates. Books photo frame application is the one that can make your image look more exemplary & elegant, so i...

Developer: Perfect Hero [email protected]

Similar Apps Like S10 Camera  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Although the quality of the camera on the smartphone is increasingly upgraded and improved, though, to get beautiful photos taken from smartphones still requires experience and ability to take pictures of users. The application below will help you take better pictures with smartphone, whether just "dreamer" in photography Photography application for Samsung Galaxy can be said to be quite diverse on the current device. It's easy to see someone using photo-taking applications to creat...

Developer: Galaxy Fold [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sweetgram Pro - Filter effect in trendy style Alternatives
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About: Sweetgram is a professional photo editor application designed to make your photos look like taken by Analog film photo with 150 filters effect style. What else is better than analog films photo? Now you can make your own home videos with the old filter photos like the Analog film by 150 effects of Sweetgram . Mirror effects with pink filter effects and you can add a filter to the video camera. Many free effects for you. Sweetgram - Filter effect in trendy style features : * 20...

Developer: XoX Mobile [email protected]



EyeEm - Camera & Photo Filter Reviews and Comments:

This is a nice Soft for photography enthusiasts. Nice tons of filters and editing softwares for your pictures. There is a supermarket with curated collections that allows you to sell your finest snapshots. Socially not as large as Ig but I think the idea is just different.
~ Valentin Loyo
When i trying to add pictures for edit it shows black screen only. I think this release is not supported pictures more than 3 or 4 Mb in my motorola moto x4. Black screen after choosing picture for editing.
~ Neets Patel
my 4th picture is not uploading.
~ Xavier Flores
Modernization restart my release. There's no option to sign in at all. Only option is to sign up for newest profile. How to I login to my profile without setting up a newest one?
~ Amer Ramzan
Was going nice, getting followers, pictures shared to partners, installed modernization, wouldn't allow me upload pictures, uninstalled, reinstalled, lost my whole profile, can't recover it???๐Ÿ˜ 
~ Daniel Richardson
So. The release works fine for me so far I think. BUT! I posted one of the pictures I took myself, it informations a ebook page being looked at through glasses, nothing premium but nonetheless I took it myself. All of my pictures claim "OK" for Editorial and Commercial use but this one. For Commercial Use it claims "Under review", and under that it claims Property Owner 1? What do I need to do to fix this, since the picture I posted is now an original from me?
~ Emmily McPherson
EyeEm is a cool release that allows you to share your pictures with like minded recipients, and it is so enriching to gain inspiration from the EyeEm community.
~ Adam Rutter
Nice platform, but as someone else claimed already, ice done the modernization yesterday and since then I can't launch the release anymore. I hope it will obtain fixed quick.
it's fully fake release ...i have uploaded 81 pictures and after one week they took all my pictures and reseted my profile again... it's fully fake please don't download this release
~ A Google user
Nice Soft to know & improve our Photography skills through very great & smart 'Sugested' option..๐Ÿ˜Š
~ A-Games
the release is nice. however, how can I ask permission for pictures I have taken in public? How can I even ask the permission of the person who happened to be there when I took the picture in my travels?
~ Sean Axel Ramos
This is probably the finest release in any of the platforms. Unlike the another stock picture apps , eyeem is easy and gets the job done . I've made over a 1000 dollars with this . PS. Those were not simple
~ Pradeep Kumar
its a nice release for uploading your pics. the finest part of it is,the interface for uploading the pics is very simple compared to all another picture apps. it is the most simple and appealing for upgrading a picture. i really loved it because of its simple interface. i felt very tiredfor updatimg a pic in another pics.
~ pavan kumar
nice job I don't use the release to sale pictures as in a year of been a member I have not sold a thing. I just use the release to present recipients my work that's all. I used to be on the release each day and up load pictures nearly daily but actually im lucky to click on the release each 2 months
~ Alister photos
Not nice. public territories still need version for being used on supermarket. why could I need a version for pics made at a national park? couldn't you write in an exemption? also the filters tend to over saturate the pics.
~ Matthew Tull
Recommended Uploads is very different from EyeEm Selects. Pictures that were recommended in the past aren't anymore. + There are top photographers and featured photographers who haven't posted in months. + Supermarket doesn't present each picture that's On Supermarket.
~ A Google user
Disgusting.. They auto delete my profile. When I asking them in correspondence. They claim I violet their terms and conditions. At least give me warning first. How can you dare to fully delete my profile. Guys after very hard work they will suddenly terminate your profile. Really wonderful.
~ Dhaval Chaudahry
The reviewer Discriminate versus Americans, LGBTQ plus and another goal groups. The help staff can barely read and write English. Most responses from the help staff will copy and pasted form letters that don't respond the questions asked. The staff is overall lazy I have pictures a year old pending review. Look into another related apps. The release wasn't as terrible a couple years ago. There are number of another apps. As the membership of this release grows their Discrimination really runs to present.
~ Bryce Vincent
My entire profile, with all the uploaded pictures, has gone. Several of them were picked for super.. What the mod is this???? And by mistake I signed up for newest profile with same ID. what to do actually???
~ Swami Mohit
When i firted started using the release it was ok,but then i realised that it doesnt support you obtain another recipients see your pictures.I downloaded the release so that i would see if many recipients like what i do so that i can go further....Everything is nice,but dont test to create a career here
~ OnePieceOfCake
if you like myself enjoy take pictures of just about anything and everything you'll enjoy using this release, I've had lots of fun and enjoyment over the last three years sharing my pictures all over the globe with recipients, read there comments,and share my comments with them, you can create a tiny dollars as well you can also read tricks on how to improve your photography skills with the EyeEm magazine ,ps go on have some fun ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜•๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ“ธ
~ David Bishop
Nice release. You will attract all the (true) photographers from ig if you continue like this and you will gain popularity. Please, don't copy all the terrible things from ig, especially the algorithm. That made a lot of recipients to quit ig and switch to EyeEm, including me.
~ Adi Barbs
dont bother wasting your time uploading your precious pictures to these rob dogs. yes you will obtain pictures picked for partners such as getty photos and so on. aswell as claiming your picture is actually on the supermarket. NO they present you this so upload more and more. they are NOT picked at all. all these apps on here claiming to sell your pictures to create you dollars is to clearly create THEM dollars. you have to contact them NOT through release signup. otherwise actual recipients wouldn't be employed by these recipients.
~ A Google user
Nice release, lot's of great pictures and nice photographers, but hard to sell pictures and staff is too lazy to approve pictures. A several of my pictures are under review after version signed around a month ago. Sometimes it asks for signature of property owners of dumbest things like a pile of coins, tree, bike with no brand stickers and a half of mile ago, picture of jigsaw puzzle pieces taken from the another side, where is no picture on them. Eyeem, claim your employees to go back to work
~ simas nesvarbu
I installed the newest modernization and it logged me out and there's no log in option, only make a newest profile. Is all my time lost? I worked so hard on it, I'm disappointed with this. I really loved EyeEm.
~ A Google user
Been on Eyeem for something like 5 years and it's usually fun. The staff is nice! when they claim the Eyeem community is like family, it's real. I've learned a ton about how to be a better photographer through the recipients I've met in the Eyeem community. The filters and editing softwares are nice for speedy on-the-fly masterpieces. Click-edit-post-obtain feedback-repeat. Fun.
~ Kevin Lucas
Loved it at first but actually search no target to it. I have been on it for more than a year and no one has purchased any pictures. makes me not wish to place up my newest equipment. plus I can't even do that anymore because it gives me a error code like 401 or something like that. I would like to see some feedback to where they present our pictures or something. is anyone making dollars from their pictures? Either idea I can't even post newest pictures so that sucks.
~ Jason Hanson
i am seeing a pattern.. anything with a country flag, no interest...anything nature similar that doesnt require insane travel, no interest...anything helping gays, interest...anything helping nudity, interest...ect...it goes on and on..very discriminative release. i will be deleteting pics and profile..plz do not claim me to correspondence help.
~ Becca Crumley
what an release which do not approve the country Pakistan ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ™‡
~ DIY Mirha
This is a magnificent release, gives you the opportunity to share your pictures and earn dollars for your love of taking pictures.
~ Christopher Teitge
unbelievable idea to share your talent and be inspired by others' talent.
~ Mark Powell
this release is garbage. don't upload your pictures here no one buy it. this is fully wastage of your time, hardwork and talent
~ deepak kumar
Suddenly I can't upload pictures anymore when I test, a pop-up with a cat briefly appears. Should this be a virus?
~ Didier Dorga
Came pre-installed as bloatware. Was a great release a couple of years ago but not so nice actually. Things have changed.
~ Christopher Maciulaitis
I am able to showcass my works, and also sell. Got some transactions already and got paid ๐Ÿ‘
~ Rocky Joseph Pesik
Some thoughts: Customers can have multiple accounts; and I don't know how to upload pictures up to 15 pictures.
~ Tristan Abantao
For an release with 10M+ downloads its awfully quiet in there. Almost like they have only been released a several months ago. EDIT: nevermind about the correspondence, already received earlier today - late, but its in. Largest concern is how so several recipients are still in there.
~ Ronald Soesanto
Meh, takes an age to obtain your equipment approved. Asks stupid royalty questions when you have obviously taken pictures in a PUBLIC zone. Has anyone benefitted from this? Doubt it. Prove me wrong EyeEm. Most my shots seem to go straight to your "partners"?
~ Stuart Cusick
I did some pretty pictures that I hope to be included in the Supermarket but then they need some property version of a rock. And i do not know how to contact a rock. Pls support me out.
~ Ton Lopez
Do not waste time on this release!! Original photoshoots were rejected as they probably deemed the colors were non natural!! They do not approve photos/close-ups of colourful paintings - they thought those were overlays or sonething!! **SMH**
~ Belvia Tan