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About: With over 9,000 public security agencies using Everbridge and Everbridge Nixle to hold residents informed, the Everbridge release offers the most trusted stats available at a neighborhood lvl all delivered directly to your small device. Messages range from emergencies and crime advisories to important announcements, reminders and community upgrades. You can also connect with your employer or university to obtain vital stats during critical activities or while managing incidents. Your organization may also let you to view your schedule or make your own alert to send an SOS when you need assistance. With full control over policies settings, you decide what stats is shared and when, including your territory, photos and videos. This stats will not shared outside of Everbridge or the organization with which you have purposefully connected. Please note: battery consumption will incr ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: Everbridge, Inc.
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About: Check out a new way to view and share Encompass Health and industry news and information. Why youll like using the Encompass Health Hive app: Stay up-to-date on the latest Encompass Health and industry news in a matter of minutes Receive push notifications for breaking news and announcements Easy access to content at your fingertips Provide feedback and share your opinion Simple to use...

Developer: Sitrion [email protected]

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About: CIA - Caller ID will help you identify unknown numbers on incoming calls. CIA also helps you block unwanted calls and warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users worldwide. With CIA you can immediately see who an anonymous caller is, whether it is a business or a personal number. Our database identifies contact data for more than 1.5 billion numbers worldwide. Block phone numbers and add them to your own personal blacklist. Features Real-time Caller I...

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About: Kite Stickers Presenting the most unique Kites Sticker for Makar Sankranti festival on WatsApp Kite Stickers For Whatsapp - WAStickers , Happy Makar Sankranti 2018 Stickers. WhatsApp sharing stickers is now available! Send your favorite Kite Stickers to your friends for Makar Sankranti Festival. What are you waiting for? WhatsApp Kite Stickers App contains all sorts of stickers ordered in different categories. Debbing Makar Sankranti Stickers for Kite Stickers WhatsApp Stickers and What...

Developer: Helon Martine [email protected]

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About: DroidNavtex decodes NAVTEX messages from your receiver through your phones/tablets microphone or through a connected interface. Special audio filters even decode very weak signals through the microphone and make DroidNavtex a very affordable alternative to high priced decoders. NAVTEX broadcasts worldwide on 518 kHz and 490 kHz using a data mode called SITOR-B (amateur radio (Ham Radio) operators might recognize it as AMTOR). Sharp filters and a sophisticated forward error correction algorithm...

Developer: Wolphi LLC [email protected]

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About: The official app for the Church of Bethlehem is now available. Check out and enjoy the app for community contacts, church events, live notifications, sermons, and more....

Developer: B2Lapps [email protected]

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About: PixelPhone Dialer & Contacts provides the best dialer and contacts experience in your mobile phone, powered with: Dual SIM-Card,Smart contacts search, QWERTY & T9,Merge duplicate call history by date, contacts and call, Backup all data, Quick dial/text/sms, Block spam calls and Caller ID available. This new version launches the brand-new user interface and Assistant module. We aim to bring you the most perfect user experience! Brand-new Assistant module. Manage themes, colors, tools...

Developer: Dorado Apps [email protected]


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About: Sick of your boring stock keypad dialer ? You want to add a touch of retro and originality to your smartphone ? Old School Rotary Dialer is for you ! Enjoy 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s old phone classic styles with Rotary Dialer. It enables to you a retro old school dialer with all the features of moderns dialers. A perferct mix between 20th century and 21th century. Turn the rotary and dial your contacts and friends. If it takes too long to use rotary dialer, a quick dial mode is avail...

Developer: Monetize Lab [email protected]

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Developer: HiteshiStudio [email protected]

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About: NIV Bible with Audio streaming when the device is connected to the internet. Enjoy the app!...

Developer: verybestmobile [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Memes  Stickers de los Simpsons - WAStickerApps Alternatives
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About: Todos siempre tuvimos imgenes o GIF de los Simpsons, pero no fue muy cmodo. Ahora con este paquete de pegatinas nunca fue ms conveniente. Muchos ms memes en futuras actualizaciones, comenta lo que quieres ver en la prxima Para que los stickers funcionen correctamente: Actualizar WA a la ltima versin Toca el botn de agregar ( + ) una vez dentro de la app, o "Agregar a WA" dentro de cada pack despus de verlo en detalle. Ir a cualquier conversacin, tocar el cono de emojis ...

Developer: MahJustin [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Translate Voice to Text  Alternatives
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About: Translate Voice to Text with Extraordinary feature of Text to Speech TTS and Speech to Text STT to make Translation in all international languages with high level speech recognizer function. All in one translator app free. Translate Voice to Text translator App free is supporting more than 70+ languages to prove it as an best Translator with Voice to Text or Speech to Text and Text to Speech TTS Text to Audio Application. It will make your typing not just more easy but also save your time fo...

Developer: Apps by Adi [email protected]

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About: The stickers came to Whatsapp and with them now you can also send beautiful religious messages. The Religious Stickers for Whatasapp in no ADS and has an up-to-date collection of more 120 imagens that will make your conversations unforgettable. This new feature of Whatasapp only works with the last update of the app, so if you have any difficulty see if you have already updated to the latest version of WhatsApp. Anything is just talking leaving a message and giving your evaluation of th...

Developer: secalhar.com [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Teddy Bear Sticker for WAStickers Alternatives
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About: Teddy Bear Emojis allows you to add stickers to WhatsApp to send to your friends and family Download the new Teddy Bear Emoji for Whatsapp. When words are not enough, these Teddy Bear Emojis will let you say it with a smile. Teddy Bear Emojis are ultimate Emoji pack to shout out with your friends . WAStickerApps...

Developer: Hidden Skull [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Neapolitan Stickers is The Way  Alternatives
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About: Why "Neapolitan Stickers is The Way"? Because the Neapolitan is the right solution in every funny or romantic conversation. Is there a more romantic sentence of "Te voglio bene assaje"? Like Lucio Dalla sang in the song "Caruso", one of the more known love songs in the world. Can a word traslate "Cazzimma?" Can an expression replace a neapolitan "AZZ"? Naples isn't only a city...it's a lifestyle! Download "Neapolitan Stickers is the way": you'll have more sticker packs to chat with your frien...

Developer: Dasir Tech srl [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rat Sticker for WhatsApp Alternatives
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About: Rat Stickers for WAStickerApps and have funny conversations with your friends and Girlfriends :) Use Rat stickers in your chat. Have Fun WAStickerApps...

Developer: Hidden Skull [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dial Direct Alternatives
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About: Dial Direct is a visual dialing application that is useful for any user, but especially for the elderly or young children who can not read yet. Its simple and fast: Select your favorite contacts on your phone (together with their photos) and whenever you need to dial them just touch the photo of the contact you want. Make cell phone calls, voice and video calls using WhatsApp with one touch. Dial Direct is the tiniest app and the simplest speed dial....

Developer: A.B.M. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Kannada Stickers - WAStickerApps Alternatives
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About: 600+ Kannada WhatsApp Stickers New Stickers added: Sankranthi Kannada Wish Stickers Shankar Nag Kannada Stickers Sri Murali Kannada Stickers Dhruva Sarja Kannada Stickers Kannada Stickers: Nata Sarvabhouma Dr. Rajkumar Sahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan Rebal Star Ambarish Karate King Shankar Nag Hattrick Hero Shiva Rajkumar Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar Real Star Upendra KGF Abhinaya Chakravarthi Kichha Sudeep Challenging Star Darshan Rocking Sta...

Developer: XD Creatonz [email protected]

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About: Instantly connect with your loved ones no matter where you are. Pinngle is a secure, fast, and free messaging and calling app that also allows sharing photos, videos, and locations. Follow public channels to get updates from your favorite bloggers, travelers, influencers, and social activists. Use Everywhere Use Pinngle anywhere you go. It works perfectly even in countries where other apps get shut down or blocked. Feel Protected Pinngle does not store any of your data on any servers. ...

Developer: Pinngle [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Ipsos Mobile Alternatives
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About: PLEASE NOTE: You need to have been specifically invited to a mobile app survey for which you will be provided a different user ID/Password than your regular online login to participate. It is not possible to access your online account through this app. The Ipsos Mobile app is the mobile research app from Ipsos, an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals. Ipsos researchers assess market potential and interpret market trends. They develop and bui...

Developer: Ipsos Mobile [email protected]



Everbridge Reviews and Comments:

It asks for you to login yet there is no option to signup
~ A Google user
gives you a feeling of comfort to know what's happening around you.
~ Gwen Bondzuk
doesn't do anything. no stats but collecting your time.
~ eScential
I hope this works well I'm interested in trying it and hope I should obtain some support with this stats thank you
~ Bessie W Barron
Honestly impossible to connect release to online profile. Sad.
~ Michael Hyde
I've usually depended on this release for up to date weather conditions in my zone I live in a rural zone
~ chrystal carey
I like being able to obtain messages through this release. It's very simple to use too. The only trouble I have is the frequency of the same message being sent by the sender, not the apps fault.
~ A Google user
You can use the release instantly without having to have an profile or sign up. You just have to let territory and you can use it
~ Patricia O'Kelley
does not search my zone.. amusingly enough the release is on our county's sherriff's department blog. useless release
~ Sabrina Sartain
Crappy UX. Cute painful to use, like each another release of this sort.
~ Kou Dou
waste of time...release is not responsive doesnt do anything except present a map. Needs improvement. cant subscribe for alerts so not worth the battery drain..
~ Desiree de Palma
works nice....you need to sign up and register on blog before being able to sign into an profile for those of you 1 star raters
~ Matt VanRay
I just hope it works for me! I am uneasy with "newest and improved." Why "fix" something that didn't need "fixing?" When dealing with peoples' lives. . . . .
~ A Google user
Wouldn't allow me sign up
~ A Google user
I really love being kept up to date on local stats like missing recipients and traffic accidents especially since I'm a delivery driver. However I want there was a pick all option when deleting messages or marking them read.
~ Shannon Spainhower
Signed up last year with "Warn Central Texas" but not once have I received an alert when though device and correspondence are "configured" correctly according to them. I downloaded this release as instructed on the Everbridge blog hoping maybe it's a glitch and with this release I'll then run receiving them... there's no log in screen (like there is on the blog) and no instructions on how to add whatever "3 letter" organization they're asking you to input. What is this release even for - it's blank!
~ A. C.
simple to use.
~ Stewart McCarroll
release does not work when you use Mobile personal dns
~ Eddie Wieder
couldn't obtain this to work with "Warn Central Texas" alerts.
~ Ozzie Colón
claims my login is wrong and if i use without logging in it shows nothing in Canada.
~ kim Walsh
No stats for my zone of 85937 would like it if i should use it ?
~ Jerry Barrow
it claims my password is wrong and I know it is right! i just checked it with my everbridge info from my public security board
~ Gi Grape
No idea to delete bulk messages
~ greg mathis
cant obtain instructions on how to enroll
~ Lor Hue
The release needs some work, but I have been back and forth with their awesome, and very responsive customer service squad. They clearly care about the release and player experience, and are making efforts to improve based on our feedback.
~ Josh Sauberman
Works ok, but should be so much better. Slow to load messages. Limited filter / find. Not able to scroll quickly to older messages (ie there is no scroll bar), so gotta scroll past every message. No simple idea to delete messages in bulk (my profile has many old messages which I want to delete).
~ Oliver Dalton
My company recommended this release, but the release can't search my company.
~ Ed Cummings
yup. load it, place in the zip and obtain just that. ZIP.
~ sharon brody
No enrollment, no matter what keywords I use nothing comes up.
~ Angel Brockett
Doesn't even recognize my emergency alert system, or my county.
~ Bob DAlessandro
poor. no option to search my locality although my county claimed all info are through Everbridge.
~ MikeandGayle Pagano
Explore option cannot search local police department that uses this release.
~ James Radloff
Can't enroll on my cell device! Frustrating. Registation freezes Will test pc.
~ Barbara Teixeira
Does not work - cannot search my zone and there is to idea to sign in with an existing profile! Uninstalling.
I was lead here by my community policies jury, who your damn release. can't even FIND!! even with the zip code!!!
~ El P.
This release is horrible. I searched for the city i live in, who i know uses Everbridge, and nothing shows up. Tried by zip code and agency name. Also, there is no Nixle integration so thats pointless as well.
~ Matt Romaine
Signed up for alerts from WINS, it suggested I obtain this release. Downloaded release, no idea to access my profile. I'd give this a zero if possible.
~ Rick Rick
looks usefull, lots of control over kinds of info, territories, quiet times, etc. Interface is awkward, not entiry intuitive, though, and a bit tedious to set up because. you. have. to. do. every. tiny. thing. one. at. a. time. Soft is nice concept when you live in a zone like VT, but want it were easier to set up.
~ Annie Stratton
Same as others. I can't log-in using my credentials, and I can no longer search my agency on the list. No, I am not going to spend my time exchanging correspondences with your help squad. Fix the release, or contain instructions on how to reconnect to your alerts.
~ Giri Santillan
It was nice till i upgraded to v9. Actually I've lost my subscription to my county's alert system. Very disappointed. :( I'm upgrading my review. It started working one day, so actually I am very glad with it. Thanks for whatever you did, Everbridge!
~ Kay Rose