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About: Equalizer Pro is an all-in-one bass booster - volume booster, that offers brilliant sound quality. It can improve the sound of your song with easy interface. Equalizer lets you adjust sound result lvls so that you obtain the finest out of your Sound or Audio coming out of your device. Apply Equalizer Presets based on Sound Category, or quickly make your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. Extra Audio Results supported contain: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets. Informations for Equalizer: Media volume control 10 Equalizer presets Bass Boost result Lock media volume 5 Band-lvl Equalizer Controller Stereo led VU meter Power Mode options to enable/disable results Equalizer sound booster Five bands Sound Equalizer Sound visualization Spectrum Bass booster for headphones Bass Booster lets you adjust sound result lvls so that y ... Show more
Genre: Libraries & Demo Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Music Tool Lab
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Equalizer Pro - Volume Booster & Bass Booster Reviews and Comments:

worked with bluetooth earbudz too. Be great if equalizer wasn't so sensitive to adjustment. Another than that ywo thumbs up.
~ Conni Hines
I purchased the user after using the nonpaid ver, well worth the dollars. When I saw this I claimed allow's test it. Equally pleased. Nice product. Nice sound, nice release, period.
~ Ąngęlüş Ðømíńì
This is by far the finest audio enhancing release Ive come across for fine tuning all of my original recordings.Ive tried about 10 different apps with related focus and I'd claim that this one is at thw top of my list for audio / Bass boost purposes . I ended up not adding bass and instead o added TREBLE in order to give the most related sound to my original recordings . I'm very pleased and so much that the ads don't ever even register as a trouble in my mind . U rock Thanks , sincerely -KC
~ A Google user
Advertisement bomb- do not use! any time i launch my device i obtain an banner, or launch other release, other banner. some times in rapid fire so my device is un useable.
~ Shawn Button
Half and half. I'd rate it more if it weren't for the full screen banners it injects onto your device regardless if you have the release launch, or if multitasking. This release removes its release browser icon making it tricky to uninstall from the getgo without having to do it via the release shop. Another than that, when tuned properly, it provides nice equalization.
~ Sound Bytes
all it's missing is the ability to adjust where the sounds coming from on the left earphone or right or felt left speaker right speaker type of deal that's what I'm really looking for. however since I did fix my trouble so I'm giving it a thumbs up
~ Kyle Coates
I'd like to know if I could cicck alright thank you pokay with Justin ut type ck upo ringheck by correspondence tonight and.jxcpp00p knowing you if that's a video with I'M yo haveuthaveuturur IV got to
~ Robert Simmons
Surprised very surprised!! I didn't know much about how to tune it but its got an auto set up so simple to use.
~ Matt Taylor
it works nice but once you download this release random apps will run popping up on your device I don't know if I could delete the release but I do need an equalizer for my song but another than that it works
~ Daniel Placencia
first it made my device quieter wasnt able to make a countour, prescence ,reverb control chorus,as the virtualizer wasnt nice at all very disapointed ...please feel nonpaid to give more modulations to release its a run ..
~ A Google user
. it smothered the volume as opposed to making it louder, . when you turn up the bass the song gets mumbled., and design is nice the knobs reactive and straightforward the layout it's nice, overall I would have to claim is nice but the mechanics need improving.
~ A Google user
bass booster pro works across all apps on all my Mobile devices, Amazon, Motorola and Samsung. On opening the release, you will be shown with a default EQ setting that seems to be quite acceptable, however you cannot change the equalizer results with the slider.. Simply turn custom slider at the upper right of the release off and back on and you will gain control of your EQ for the remainder of your session. if you search that this way stops working , restart your device and toggle the switch,
~ Arthur Niederfringer
sounds like you have after supermarket speakers in your car if you adjust it right....just like with a system tho..if you custom it.you have to adjust with different songs...GREAT APP!
~ April Miheli
this in my 2011 bass boosted camaro makes my cusins bass boosted challenger look like a $#it staned pair of underpants on the side of way 😏😏😅
~ Julius Trujillo
It worked for me and made my newest Bluetooth wireless headphones sound better. would suggest release could have custom settings save..maybe 3 custom settings. Id pay for it
~ dre key
it's OK it's not loud enough and not that mush bass. but for what it does its ok.
~ frank johnson
very nice equalizer, song is louder and more crisp. very glad!! I would suggest downloading this equalizer, it's a nice one!!
~ Tom Zaczkiewicz
This is nothing more than disguised malware. Adverts pop up regardless if you are using the release or not. There are another related apps out their that do the same thing without the intrusive banners.
~ A Google user
The banners are insanely intrusive. They pop up often and full screen, no matter which release you're using on your device. It's uninstall worthy. Without those, it would be nice.
~ lena b
this is the finest equalizer for a lgk30+ that i have tried. and trust me i tried them all .. no thc (total harmonic distortion) clean clear and ajustable ... base, mid, and highs. nice release. thank you
~ Halter Timothy
Finest thing to have on any device if you are a song listener. though it doesnt seem to work on wired or built in speakers. bluetooth seems to be thr one its targeted for.
~ Dr Foxy
One of the better FREE song bass equalizers I've used. I have tried 8 different freeDM apps. I have bought 3. I am about to buy this release. designer by day; EDM turntable tech @ night my profession depends on bass equalizer
It is really cool. It was a tiny bit confusing, hence the 4 and not 5 stars. Also, USE HEADPHONES and RIP HEADPHONE USERS. Depending on the volume it can obtain really loud. But really nice.
~ A Google user
Loved it really but , I dont know if it was from the release but after I downloaded it some auto boost kep popping up in the screen evertime I left an ap, if I search out it keeps popping up after I delete it I will change my review.
~ Mr_ Vosakisen
Works... PS : during rating of this APP, a question was asked "did this APP made a positive impact on your life" did not realize an audio equalizer for Mobile can be used as an "anti- suicide" prevention measure. Nice release though.
~ Boby Berry
This equalizer is ******* nice! I remember the days when the Google Test Sound release had an equalizer, and it was NEVER this nice. I may honestly have to buy the pro ver of this release
~ Brandon Cook
i love it!!nice for my note 9..was looking for a release that can lower the bass because it makes it sound to massive and I cant really enjoy it as much..coming from a knock off Samsung AKG headphones for my note 9...I was able to lower the bass and adjust it to create it crisp clear while still obtaining some bass to create it sound more proffesional and expensive lol actually its sounds like beats 😄..high suggest this release 5 stars!!! the finest one out each release I tried lol
~ A Google user
Your unability to hear any change, another than maybe the Bass, my volume never changed/ increased, nor did the another apps informations function in a idea that makes the sound any better, therefore the release hasn't provided the stated material written. Please fix this trouble, thx's.
~ Daddy Grow1
When I first downloaded this I really thought that there was a difference. Only quick to search out it was only because it decreased your devices actual volume down 2, and when you turn it on it puts the devices regular volume back up to full. simply place, this is horrible. don't download.👎👎👎👎👎👎
~ Uncle Burky
Its works perfectly. And I like that its a popup and not an actual release that pops up (if you catch my drift)
~ Brayden Lowery
this is my 1st time using this release. so far so nice. I'm after the bass sound. i listening to ALOT of video scores.
~ Glenn Morris
Ive tried alot of these volume/bass boost EQ apps and this one seems to work the finest so far. It works on botb my headphones and car system and the adds are not out of control or ruin the release.
~ David Hudson
I downloaded this to hopefully save the poor quality of my ear buds and lo and behold, this release is awesome. Thanks for a quality release!
~ Bruce Willis
there wasn't much of a difference in the audio, but when I checked out the graffics on the eq display I thought that was trick and I'm gonna run it on my 72 inch flat screen...
~ John Morse
I didn't expect that there would be a difference, there wasnt one when I tried all the another apps. That's awsome!! YOU ROCK! My bluetooth speakers even sound better Fully worth trying.
~ richi rich
lovin it!! hear the difference more on my old school stereo then my Bluetooth speaker. had to claim no more unfortunately there is a pop up that happens as I'm trying to do something or in the middle of it driving me crazy so I'm bringing it down from 5 to 3 I'm super bummed.
~ chelsea eveningstar
modernized review from 5 to actually =1. there is a very annoying AUTO BOOST release-like ad that pops up randomly running through some BS analysis and finishing with "zone saved = 22%". DELETING THE APP NOW Works perfectly as described. Tried others with top ratings and this one is the finest and does -not- deliever the squeal at the beginning of each song.
~ Scott Williams
I recently purchased some mid range headphones and the sound is poor. I was about to send them back then I found your release. To my surprise, this equalizer basically unlocked the headphones potential and I am not sending them back actually. Thanks for this nice product I was pleasantly surprised!
~ David Schultz
cute cool release. It works well, except I tapped the icon and it claimed the app wasnt installed. seems to be a minor bug because I accessed an launch screen, but itd be nice to fix edit:prettysure it came loaded with a cleaner that keeps cleaning my device each several mins. on top of that my device doesn't seem to like it too much.
~ Nick Bowers
Nice equalizer! Just have one trouble. When I use it and exit out of the tiny window of the release on the home page, the release disappears with it too. I have to go to my settings to uninstall and reinstall the release, and the reason I won't download other equalizer is because this is a very accurate release. 🖐Five Stars If You Fix The Trouble👌
~ Kid Rozzo