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About: Receive the most out of your runs, walks, rides, and another workouts with our top-rated fitness tracking and personal training release. Track your workouts using GPS, analyze your details, reach your fitness targets, and be part of our global community of millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Download the release actually and obtain motivated to obtain active! Heres what you obtain for nonpaid: TRACK, LOG, AND ANALYZE YOUR WORKOUTS Track your running, walking, cycling, and 60+ another sports using GPS See your time, distance, pace/speed, calories, etc. in the workout summary Receive audio feedback on distance and pace/speed for each mile/km Log your indoor workouts manually and hold a full training log Receive notified when you hit a newest personal finest and celebrate your progress SYNC WITH OTHER APPS AND WEARABLES Connect with your Garmin Connect, Polar ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Endomondo.com
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Endomondo - Running & Walking Reviews and Comments:

purchased a deluxe membership a couple years ago, and it never activated despite paying $6 per month--the base release works well enough and there is no need for the upgrade.
~ Dave Atkinson
It was nice to run actually each time i test to use it , the release crashes and won't allow me do anything else in my device as it constantly tries to reopen itself. I've removed and reinstalled the release and had no improvement
~ Kerri Loughney
Just started using this release. I switched from other release that was idea to buggy, and am so far pleasantly surprised that Endomondo is not buggy. Appears to be right on target with the GPS tracking and has been nice for tracking progress.
~ Melinda McLeod
Incredible app, want if nonpaid ver was without ads. Wonder if this should happen. i need more time to understand release and write a review which supports you to improve . thanks
~ Sanjjay Ganjoo
** I found other trouble- on the webpage & release, I have added & re-added and my mileage comes out exact. Somehow my totals are dropping .01 here and there from details. I am diligent at keeping my details so it is irritating that things do not add up.** Actually dropping to a 2 star. My details are not even close. Today I did a hike that claimed I had 5580 of ascent and 5710 of decent when in reality I gain 1295 feet of elevation from the trail head to the top of the mountain. How in the globe can I have accurate details with this type of nonsense. Also the audio coach talks so speedy it sounds like she has had 5 energy drinks. PLEASE FIX THIS.. MY ORIGINAL RATING WAS 3 STARS WITH THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS BACK IN DECEMBER 2018- I have the Additional membership and I have loved this release since 2013 and would have given it 5 stars. I am not sure what has happened, but actually when I go to scroll through my details on my device it freezes and then locks up my device. There are times that it goes into a flicking mode too. My details on my device do not match my details on the blog. This release is what I use to track all my activities. What happened Endomondo?? Glad the flicking and freeing is actually fixed...
~ Francie S
Cannot see my activity history... there is a popup in the idea, asking to log my first activity... although I can half see my history in the background. Please fix, and will give 5 stars.
~ Kymberley Riordan
ok for just measuring how much I ran... but after so many years we should perhaps do more? the newest modernization is really terrible - the voice of a girl who seems to be crying or dying, very slow annoying sentences, very artiticial voice - are you serious???
~ Agnieszka Zacharias
I have used this release for almost eight years and have never had a trouble with it. I run in spots where there is no cell signal and it still tracks my run. The gps works awesome regardless of what device I have had. I will never use other release besides this for tracking. I tested the calories burned by using a fitbit and this release is extremely accurate to what your actual calories burned are. I have only ever used this release. Never had super. No reason to use anything else.
~ Richard Pitchfork
Ladies and Gents you have bug that kills release permanently. steps: 1. Install 2. Make profile 3. Use for a while? (not sure if required) 4. Change password via blog 5. Launch the release on device 6. wait aprox 1s 7. NPE?
~ Wojciech Worek
the release doesnt continue to track distance and territory when you turn device screen off and moreover, jumps a straight line of distance fron where your device was last on and the release was launch to where you are when you reopen the release. what's the target of having a tracking release if you cant place your device away and run?
~ Zack M
Nice release, but one of the downsides is the fact you need to press run it test or whatever. You can easily forget it and then your entire run/ride is wasted. It could sense when you transport and then run on its own.
~ Karl
My fav for the flexibility of many types of activities. Challenges can be set for targeting. Routes can be preplanned. Just want the personal trainer was as flexible. Not just for a Runner.
~ ElectricLyn2
I used this off and on for a year or more actually and finally bought a subscription early this year. But even though it is paid for the super profile (informations) are not showing in the release. Additionally the connections to another apps are no longer working. No customer could need to waste his/her time trying to debug something they paid for. Done....Subscription Cancelled.
~ Dennis Pike
can't register with correspondence, it claims (incorrectly) that it is invalid correspondence address. it is correct address, and there are no typos. devs could learn how to parse correspondence addresses maybe. (PS. I am a soft developer).
~ Witold Baryluk
It gives me exact stats on where I am, how speedy I am cycling, hiw far did i go. less points because I can't search one chellange - I obtain all the time error message that there's an network trouble and I have to test again later.. .
~ Iwona Steier
Downloaded this release so I should measure my full speed, however almost everything is locked behind a paywall. I'm disappointed in the lack of primary stats that could be available outside the paywall.
~ Aladdin Seaifan
it work well and use it oftenly. However, sometime I found some bug. Why my time will send modernization to server too late (3 days). I dont know how it is. I solve it by logout/login, re-install it again and again
~ kantip Kirati
very disappointed with the newest ver of this release. The older ver was easy and worked fine. This one doesn't! It shows history for non existent walks and the one I have just done doesn't present at all.
~ Iain Bell
Doesn't work well with Suunto I use Suunto release to record my exercise, and already connected to this release. It recorded all of my exercise from my Suunto release to history, BUT NOT RECORDED TO CHALLENGES. So I have to bring n use my device to follow the challenges 😤😣 Please fix it, n in sya Allah I will give you 5 stars.. 🙏
~ Farhan Biru
Nice release. I moved from mapmyrun last month because it was losing tracking coordinates. Using Endomondo has been smooth so far. I just had a trouble with adding my own routes via the release. I resorted to doing it via the blog.
~ Peter Peele
This release is extremely off in calculating miles walked. Regular, same route, different calculation. Sometimes it's different by more than a mile. The average calculation is off by more than a half a mile.
~ Rebecca Harper
There's no chance to refresh feed anymore so my workouts present up even several days later. Not a large trouble of course but I search it really annoying. Apart from that everything works nice for me, although I use only primary ver of the release.
~ Little Hunger
CONSUMER WARNING! This release started it's own nonpaid trial, I didn't approve anything. Nice thing I checked my subscriptions, because it would have charged me $50 after a month. That's insane!
~ Dylan R
Calls to API are ridiculously slow. It takes about 20 seconds to load my historic time (via 300 mbits wifi network), and to be honest, I don't have many trainings in the list. The release itself looks outdated and it needs a refresh.
~ Michal Bialas
Love Endomondo on the device - can't fault it! I have used for few years on Windows then Mobile, both work seamlessly and my wife has on IOS and that appears as nice. Not so nice on my Gear watch though! erratic measurement and another troubles, but thats a separate review...
~ Reuben Cook
Absolutely LOVE this release. Use it primarily for walking. it is so needed and supports so much. Use it out of state in newest zones and thank goodness for the tracking and map or id be lost for days. Nice job guys. Highly suggest...!!! =)
~ Ricky Campbell
Nice release for reaching your targets (super). Gives a manageable training plan based on previous exercises. Enough options and feedback during exercise. Only downside for me is that I can't use the heartrate monitor on my Fitbit, have to add that time manually after my runs. Another than that nice release.
~ Michel Baron
other nice release sucks. this release has gone from one of the finest running appa to a gpod fitness timer, to a monetization platform for UA. Actually player interactions are missed, gps is spotty and the functionality is reduced to a barebones that don't even work anymore. if you're going to monetize something at least hold the functionality the release had before you grabbed it.
~ R Nelson
This is more of a question than a review. basically I enjoy Endomondo. Recently however tennis has disappeared from possible activities to track but I have no idea to directly inquire to Endomondo itself as to what is going on and how to fix it. Aside from this, I would give this release five stars.
~ Tom Kelsey
I'm frustrated by the informations of the nonpaid ver of the release. i used to be able to set all sorts of targets and actually nothing. i did endomondo pro before they got rid of it for their subscription service and is frustrating that that was just wasted dollars. I'll be looking for a different release to use that is more loyal to their customers.
~ Amy Beagley
it used to be so much better before under armor took over. All they seem to wish to do is push you to pay for super. Polar has informations that I like. Such as heart rate graph I can see in true time what territory my cardio is at ect. But endomondo feedback with more apps so I'm torn to hold looking for the finest fitness release.
~ Heather Miller
I have only used Endomondo to track my runs. for me it is simple to use, access my run information and find through my history. I am not sure if it is possible to measure an intended route before running it. If not, that would be a very needed addition, for me, at least.
~ Nigel Clements
The release has got progressively worse over the last several months ! its akways had niggles but its actually appalling ! in the last several weeks nany workouts failed when weight training after an hour it just stops doesnt save any time etc, this week walked my dog and it only tracked time, no time, distance or route ! and they expect you to pay for the pro ver !!! ive used the release for over 8 years and its been left behind ! terrible performance ! i am deleting it after all these years !
~ Kevin Harding
I wish to use this release to measure the distance and calories that i am burning. But the measurements are too inaccurate. By walking some how i achieved 27 km/h and by riding my cycle achieved 100 km/h. That's just bs. And the calorie measurements are destroyed also by that because it takes in consideration the speed.
~ Jēkabs Jānis Kalniņš
Overall the release is works as advertised and integration with Garmin Connect is nice. My annoyance is it's not completely compatible with the Pixel 3 XL. The release uses the full screen and due to the Pixel's notch and top menu, some of Endomondo's navigation buttons are obstructed. This is an simple fix and needs to be addressed in the next version.
~ Milo Harris
I have been having a couple troubles. More than once, at the end of a workout, I go to stop Endomondo, and it freezes up and will not end. I have to hold running for it to stop, and when it does stop, it doesn't count the bonus distance I ran, but it adds the bonus time. In addition, my full speed is fully ridiculous. For the past three workouts, it claims I ran 57.5 mph, 91 mph, and 247.9 mph. For the most part it is nice, but these bugs are destroying it for me.
~ Josh Piechowski
Nice release, newest upgrades made it much better also GPS accuracy has improved. One thing needs a fix - when you set audio coach to lower the volume while it speaks, the volume is set to much louder than it was before (after it finishes talking). You have to turn is down manually every time, which is annoying when you have your device hidden in an armband etc.
~ Michal Piechowiak
All I wanted was something to display my actual heart rate (using the CooSpo brand Bluetooth chest strap). I tried the following apps first: UA Record, RunTastic, and Strava. Endomondo is the only one that displays my actual heart rate right up front when I wish it to. Also help responded in less than 24 hours to an correspondence and their response was now useful.
~ Ian Palmer
Most of release won't work without internet or super. Looses gps very often, not sure if if it was really lack of signal or it's within the release. Appears not to save correctly workouts. How to set the countdown is unclear. Much worsened than previous versions (4 years ago). Used once the cleared off.
~ Blue Eyes
I've been using this release for about 6 years actually and all is fine, but an age old trouble which has never been addressed is the LOST GPS SIGNAL on long duration usage. endomondo has given a list of problem shooting tricks for this trouble (that means they know there is a trouble with this release) but none of these seem to work. may be its for us to upgrade to a better alternative??
~ Dr Sujit Betageri