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About: Newest Emoji Keyboard with fun emojis, emoticons & smiley faces -Unpaid to kind cool emoji & emoticons on Message, SMS, Text Actually, Correspondence, Note, etc -simple to send emoji message with different funny emoji & text emoticons -Innovative emoji prediction with emoji dictionary Sticker & GIF Keyboard -Send stickers/clip art and GIFs on any social Tools -Lots of funny animated GIFs to pick, such as picture GIFs, cat GIFs & Emotion GIFs Custom Keyboard & Picture Keyboard -100+ keyboard themes to decorate your keyboard style and newest themes are delivered weekly -100+ keyboard fonts to create your text & letter fonts cool -Personalize keyboard color, font, key press sound -Set keyboard backgroud with pictures from gallery or camera -Resize keypad with one-handed mode and split keyboard layout for device and device -Create a song keyboard with many different so ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 28MB Developer: Kika Keyboard Tech
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Emoji keyboard - Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers Reviews and Comments:

tears of joy and heartbreak when i use the purple rain theme in yer release but just five twinkles of tears of rating for you guys n more to come. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh! it supports. what?... don't.
~ Mega Agem
Love the release but why is the beginning of each sentence not auto capitalizing? Can that be fixed? I went through all the settings and I can't search nothing to fix it. Also can speech to text option be added? Thanks!
~ cheri devine
i like this release because it makes your device or ipad and laptop cute. you have to upload it its fun i love it so much. you should create your own with pictures a pictures. i love love it so much it is the finest my device is cute actually i love it so so si much.i hope you love it because it is fun and awsome.
~ Alisha Do
I really dont understand why its asking to pay for cool fonts on some VIP thing when I've been using all of them for 2 years.
~ Daylin Cannon
GET RID OF THE ADS AND POPUPS SO ANNOYING CONTROLLING MY PHONE. It closes my keyboard when I'm typing, gives me an banner on the bottom of my screen sometimes, and out of nowhere redirects me to my browser to a malicious blog.
~ Matt's Car Vlogs
it works really well I've done this unicorn if you hold on switching to muji pro it will be really because you'll see all the different ones and you obtain the pick which ones you wish it's so nice we have to install them and they're all recent think I don't know my cousin's recommended this to me and I did test to this is really nice some are for women but are for lad
why didnt the emjois modernization the same as the another andriods??? i dont care about button sounds WHERE ARE THE NEW EMOJIS?????
~ Vicky Victor
its neat. but please do something about Emoji Keyboard's functionality when its going to work with SMS . it automatically runs a newest thread and closes off the another launch text messages. its a tiny large trouble.
~ Ma- gee
Tools cute sweet, love how it can be edited backgrounds from personal picture gallery. also love the many different layouts. the auto correct should use some support on predicting future words from past words used in sentances along with how long it keeps those words
~ Patrick Fisher
They have all sorts of stickers backrounds, fonts, sound result, and even a diy keyboard option! Very needed and useful, you can use it in all devices and i have never had a trouble with it! amazimg release!
~ Alex Lane
tried to obtain the godzilla theme keyboard. i guess it doesnt work for my device because it just gives me a galaxy theme
~ CrashMan27
um...its not terrible. I like it but to me it doesn't deserve 5 stars.the emojis could be a tiny bit like for whatsapp. if that happens it'll be more better.i dont wanna harm ur feelings but I had rated 5 stars.then I went 3 n I thought abt it then I place 1.i dont wanna lie coz that will prevent u from making ur release even better than it is.although its simple to operate.i encourage everyone to download this release.my only want is for u guys to fix these emojis hate them theyre terrible.thanks for reading it..
~ Mitchelle Ocheng'o
So nice... my one trouble is trying to pick which nice keyboard theme I wish to use. They are all so pretty and I'm using the nonpaid trial so I obtain as many as I wish... but I have to claim I think I have a favoured "originator"
~ Pennie Michelle
iโ€™m using it actually the mistakes i was taking has stopped. Actually if ร can only learn to spell at 50 years old, LOL
~ Shyii1 2Felli
Uninstalling. Nothing in this nonpaid ver is nonpaid. if "Receive" you gotta download an release, otherwise there are banners/commercials, etc. Everything I wanted I'd need to install, hoping it would not require that I install something else.
~ Ms Davis
I did NOT subscribe to anything in the release, yet i got Correspondence claiming i did so i CANCELED subscription ASAP & you're STILL seeking payment from my bank profile!!!
~ Lori Fishel
I would give it 5 stars but I can't obtain any of my stickers I downloaded on !?? The Halloween ones and the ones I downloaded years ago are still on !!?? And wont come off!! And I don't wish them on especially Halloween in spring time Sigh grrr !! ๐Ÿ˜ก
This Soft is unbelievable i can create my own but you have to download more apps to apply but except that its nice im using a keyboard right actually to do this
~ Wooseong Kim
I've been using this release for years actually because it's super simple to use and can be personalized to the last detail I wish compared to another keyboard apps I've tried. I simply love it. Edit 3/22/2019 Trouble regarding the next word recommendations toolbar (started 3/7/19) is actually fixed. Love your keyboard. I'm staying with you forever. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ
~ Mazie Regalado
banners are ridiculous. ive been using this keyboard for almost 2 years but i obtain like 50 banners a day on my keyboard and info bar. i decided i would buy an banner nonpaid ver but it costs $28 a year. its a subscription for a keyboard. it could be like $5 for permanant access.
~ Dylan BluD
At first I loved the release, even with the lagging for swipe to text; which is annoying. Actually all of a sudden the lightning bolt for the GIFs is no longer displayed on my toolbar, and as of today I have "You * The * What" being my only word recommendations; the same as everyone else. Even the spell check seems to be malfunctioning. Something needs to be done ASAP!
~ Muhammad was A pedophile
I really love this release and have been using this for many years. I'm extremely glad that they have finally fixed the keyboard following the previous modernization on 8th March. The modernized ver (28th March) is so much better, and I'm really satisfied with it actually. Thank you for this nice player experience. 5 stars!
~ Liew Yin San
The release NEVER popped up ONCE for me, the whole time I was testing it, on my device in my house!? Yet, I STILL required to be out, trying it out again, on my device, prior to buying it again! I think it's time for me to obtain a NEW device! (!??) ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒทComing back actually, it's April 2019, to TRY the Soft again. I have NO concept what I was talking about ABOVE ๐Ÿค”(!?), but I WILL check it ALL out & come BACK with a NEW opinion & rating! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ‘โ™ฅ๏ธ
~ Cecilia Lee-McGee
very great and made my small's look pretty and i love it very much it has many more theames in this only one release if you wish you can save your favoured theme and place as your keybord theme . so please test to download this release it is very great . In this you can itself create a newest theme what you wish . it is very great so please download this actually. this release was needed to me
~ Rajuram M
I can't give a zero cause I loved it but I want it wouldn't have slowed and messed with my device. I tried it as the trial it wasn't work in out sp I deleted the release. I've been trying to search how to contact the developers to obtain a refund and I can't seem to search anything, if you guys can correspondence me back id appreciate it. and for those of you who is device doesn't slow down or mess with another apps enjoy your nice diy keyboards those were my absolute fav.
~ lil mama
I love this keyboard so far but it seem to have a bug I trust! When i switch to emoji menu, it takes nice amount of delay before i can now tap on an emoji! sometimes it takes upto 4 seconds! .....If you'd be type enough to fix that I'd happily rate it 5 stars!(^๏ฝž^) ......another then that tho , One of the finest keyboards out there!
~ Kiran Mashkoor
I love this keyboard release and I've been using it for around 5 years actually but since I got my newest device I noticed that the Autocorrect needs some serious fixing. A lot of the time I spell what I wish to write correct and in the idea I wan tk write but yet it keeps to correcting my words wrongly that it makes my sentence create no sense. Please fix this.
~ Rigo Costa
I used to love this keyboard, i used it on my another device too. But since last modernization, some random pop-up started to present up and Claims me tp clean my device junk or boost wifi or whatever. I thought this is a keyboard release, not some device booster release. And the thing is, I can't even disabled it, keeps popping even when I'm watching youtube, It's very annoying, makes my device freeze for awhile. The only thing I can do is disable the info. Please fix this, I dont need the booster thing.
~ Alicia Andriana
i love the keyboard themes, but i can never obtain the emojis to work.. Raised the rating due to the response and its probably player error, i'm sure lol. Correspondence sent, however.
~ Marie Cadle
used to love this keyboard. but since the newest modernization, putting "Emoji keyboard" into the zone bar, is annoying. might uninstall ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
~ Mark Allen Chichioco
so far i like it, u must deal with a lot of banners to pick and apply a keyboard theme, but hey its a nonpaid release so a several banners to change your keyboard is a deal to me!
~ Candace Coffey
It's nice and it has so many different themes. The only thing is, you jave to download another apps for a particular theme but still nice. Hold it up!!
~ Nehansa Vethakan
This release is nice!!!!I can make my own keyboard!!!I really like how I make the keyboard!!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
~ The Mogat World
often you use an emoji in a text you have to enter who you're sending it to even if you alread texting the peson and there's no zone bar. Looks like I'm going to uninstall this one.
~ Brian Fletcher
this release became stupid. i was using it a lot for my key board but actually all the premium fonts on the key board VIP. i like the fonts a lot, but why do you have to create them vip? you guys became so lame after they were vip. this release is the worst one i've downloaded. ๐Ÿ˜  do not download!
~ Tony Stark
This used to be my favored keyboard but actually there are so many banners my device is COMPLETELY UNUSABLE! Literally cannot do ANYTHING without 2 or 3 banners popping up. What a disgrace! Edit: They pop up everywhere. I unblock my device, banner. I click on an release, banner. Check to use claimed release, banner. Go to my browser, banner. Check to kind something, two banners. My device sits there unlocked and untouched, banners each 5-10 mins. Seriously they are almost CONSTANT I am one more day of this bs away from finding a newest keyboard.
~ Gabrielle Belec
I've used this for years and love how it lets me customize my device. I also really appreciate that the devs listened to reviews and removed that clunky predictive text bar! Thanks guys! I'm glad to have my favoured keyboard back! You obtain 5 stars from me again! ( ยด โ–ฝ ` )d UPDATE 5/15/19: Why does my zone bar claim "Emoji Keyboard" actually? It fully ruins the asthetic. Back to 2 stars we go I guess... I wouldn't suggest this to my dudes while it has text on the zone bar either. ( ; u ; )
~ Usagi Hime
I've been using this release for years. The quality of the slide had deteriorated a lot lately, the Adverts are getting annoying, and overall it is not performing line it used to. I'm finding myself having to to tap each letter more often than sliding through the keyboard in order to obtain my messages accurately. I switched my rating from 2 to 1 Star because it's just horrible. it hasn't improved one bit. I'm switching to Google keyboard... bye!
~ Otniel Zamora
I hate this because you have to give them permission to credit cards and Private time such as your passwords you shouldn't need this equipment just for a keyboard decoration like seriously...this is my solution if you like please do be respectful even if you dont...I am just claiming be warned because you may obtain hacked and recipients you dont even know should claim really terrible equipment about you online, so please DO NOT install this release!!!!
~ Galaxy Gaming lol
Turning terrible, you took the emoji find bar away! Bring it back! The autocorrect, is actually correcting words that I'm using right, to words that are not. Fix it! I've used this release for years actually and would hate to have to delete it. The gif find is a lot better information actually. Please do not remove it. Create the release simple and speedy to use, I do not wish to scroll through 100 emojis to search the one I wish to use. Thanks!
~ Kristina Eblin