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ElfYourself® By Office Depot   
About: All dances actually available for download and buy! The annual holidays tradition allows you to elf yourself and become the star of a personalized video featuring your pictures on holidays dancing elves. Simply upload up to five pictures of you, your dudes, family and more from your camera roll or Fb. Choose a dance theme, and the release will generate a custom ElfYourself video that you can share via correspondence or post on Fb.
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 84MB Developer: Magic Mirror LLC
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ElfYourself® By Office Depot Reviews and Comments:

i paid for the bonus dances to entertain the babes and, while in the release they are crystal clear, as quick as you download them or upload to youtube from the release, the resolution becomes so terrible you cant even recognize the faces anymore.... I wish my $5.99 back.
~ Christopher Willoughby
Nice and funny release to hold the family and dudes entertained! I usually add characters faces on there to create it more interesting :)
~ The Real Babylon
I love it but I need to pay it so I can have another dance and songs so please create it nonpaid and can you add more elfs if I test to add 1 or 2 more it doesn't work
~ A Google user
Soft is cute fun to use and the videos are hilarious! only downside is the quality of the video when you upload them to Fb.
~ A Google user
nice one. but limited videos only can edit. i request the developer to deliever another dances as well not onlt christmas. in india we are following Hindu culture. so you can develop another tradition as well
~ Sambakns Venkat
This is Very Funny And I Glad I test it out! I place this in my family (They All Laugh even my baby sister)
~ Marie Aristide
It worked to share on facebook but you could let the player to add their own song or be able to save the video to device to be able to add my own song.
~ Alexander Scott
Just want you should download more than two songs. Makes it just boring with the two. It is still funny though.
~ Riley Poprawski
was nice when nonpaid. actually you obtain two dances that never change like they advertise. then full screen banners from another services during the processing and setup. honestly the worst dollars grab release that I have EVER seen.
~ Jonathan Koscik
It's nice, but I feel there could be more than 1 nonpaid song. I deleted it because of that. At least have 3 we can use. Another than that, it's okay.
~ Buck The Toast Dog
I love the nonpaid everyday dances. I even like the others, trouble is I brought another dances and they went present or download! anyone else have this trouble?
~ Autumn Gerena
Aggravating. So, I created it, but the release wanted to connect to FB. So, I turned on apps & blogs in FB. Actually, instead of automatically connecting through the FB release, it wants me to connect through the FB blog. There has to be a better idea!
~ Doeserena
rip off. only 2 nonpaid videos and they wish you to pay for all the others. it used to be nonpaid, dont know why they got greedy 👎👎👎
~ Courtney Osborne
Looks adorable, but very disappointed that the mouths don't transport like they did in the past (even on the two I bought).
~ Seth Francey
This is so dumb! Its so dumb and stupid it doesnt deserve one star!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited about it then come to search out you have to pay for the videos!!!!!!!!! Like, lad!!! If you wish dollars so terrible then create the release a buy instead of getting our hopes up stupid Office Depot and google for putting it on here!!!!!!! What in the heck!!!! None of the dances are nonpaid so unless you wish to spend dollars, or waste your time, DONT GET THIS RETARTED APP!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou😊
~ BreakYourHeart Baboosh!
It won't allow me long in it claimed that it needs to dowload something but it takes a long time overall, I rate it 3 stars because I've test this release before and it's fun .Please speed the downloading process
~ Jia qi
I love this release!!!!! Hilarious!!!! And, it allows you to download videos and share on social media, too! Excellent! Thank you!!!
~ Lora Porter
this release worked nice for the first hour then the saved or shared video you creates loses video quality terrible. Not worth the hefty price at all. Fully disappointed. not worth 1 star
~ William Overton
this release is supper funny and my dude Carmen Lima shoule me this release i laughted for 3 hours stright it is the finest elf release ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
I'll place 3🌟🌟🌟coz it's downloading😂 (hoping it works on my device🙄)just saw it on canal 45 news and it is hilarious😜 so i'll give it a test for my kiddos to have fun with. Thanx alot🤗. Well I tried it actually and i'll add and bonus 🌟coz it's funny, although it's the only song video for nonpaid the rest you have to buy😣😕
~ Sweet Jennifer
I think it took a really long time to download which I didn't like but the nonpaid sample was worth the wait and my son loved it. It really made our night during our weekly supervised vistits.
~ A Google user
I think it is hilarious! But you have 2 pay for more dances. U only obtain 2 nonpaid dances. But it never gets old! Especially with more elf faces! It's gr8!😎🙄
~ A Google user
Used this years ago when Elf Yourself first started...it was nonpaid. Actually it's just greedy. Don't pay for this. They destroyed all the fun of the early days when it was a nice concept.
~ A Google user
Love all the different types of song you can create dances to. The ones made with pictures of my 98 year old Grandmother are hilarious, and she loves them!
~ Saunie H.
I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME I JUST LOVE IT BECAUSE it has alot of information and it very nice for a Christmas recipients who love Christmas and love there family as much a I do. This release is like for family's it very great and the dance moves are very very beautiful plus funny and I JUST LOVE HOW THEY DANCE HMMM ahh bye guys I hope you enjoy this release. 😄 ☺☺☺☺☺☺
~ A Google user
Too Complicates actually. Used 2 years ago and Loved it. Tried to use it today 12/15/18 and very complicated for a 60 year old pc, fairly illiterate person. please create easier. Cancelled download!
~ Nancy Wuschke
I saw a video like this last Christmas and actually i made my own with my 3 daughters and me, they absolutely loved it, thanks to all involved in making this release possible.
~ Discípulo Murillo
WORST GAME EVER!!! I test on a Samsung device and when I download a song I can here the song but the video is stuck on the run on it.Only when you fix that glitch I will rate it 5 stars!!!
~ A Google user
I bought several years ago and used the "office" theme. Today i install it again and couldn't restore the buy, it claimed restore but now not, i still need to buy. Disappointed!!
~ Dewi Ariesta
Love it, just wish to know, if i buy the dances this year will they still be available next year? Also it's claims buy all for $5.99 but if you press to buy it wants to charge you $8.49? Why?
~ Linda Griffiths
this release was nice first time me and my family had a nice laugh at the hip hop market but actually its over christmas and it is preety boring actually. But it was a nice release at the run. Thank you office depot hope you create something nice next year! yours sincerely Dawid
~ Dawid link - private
this release was absolutely nice, hilarious, and it makes me and my entire family laugh, but i have a recommendation, can you create it so we can share the videos on whatsap? it would be a gigantic support! thanks!
~ Rileigh Parnham
This release is so much fun! I enjoyed taking pictures of dudes and family then transforming them into elves for a funny Christmas experience if you love a bit of fun and elves like me, this release is for you and CHRISTMAS IS SO NEAR SO YEAH!
~ Emjay O'rourke
Nice only on release. When you share or download the quality is so terrible you can't create out the faces which is the entire target of it. Shame as it is quite fun. Just don't create in release buy as you won't see clear once downloaded.
~ camelia butler
The videos I excitedly downloaded after buying the release were pixelated. The videos I got from a dude using an iPhone were sharp. There is no "Settings" option included in the release. What can be done about it?
~ A Google user
This was a Christmas gift on its own-so funny. There's only 2 nonpaid ones but they were wonderful. I laughed so hard. Simple to use and just brilliant. I'm checking right actually what another apps these ppl create. 5 stars all the idea.
~ Chere Garcia
I used this release a couple of years ago and decided to buy it this year. The concept is brilliant and the family loves it. However the quality of the downloaded video is shockingly terrible. It is so badly pixelated that it's almost unusable. The downloaded video is of much poorer quality than the in release demo (viewed in full screen) so it's highly misleading. I wouldn't suggest the buy if you're seriously considering using it to send messages to dudes or family.
~ Dean Kara
So, my husband is alwsys the terrible guy who gets in all the joking I figure out on my device. I made this using his face in different photos. I sent it to him when he was in city...I knew he didn't see it as he would have laughed VERY hard. So I showed him that evening. We were both laughing hard for at least 10 mins!! This is so funny, extremely beautiful, a bit of harmless fun for the holidays. I enjoyed the laughter, and he didnt mind at all! Thanks for the laughter!! It was well required!!! 🤣
~ Lisa Theaker
I downloaded it and everything was fine until it had to initialize the app. It then got stuck on 20% and after waiting for AN HOUR (Btw it was STILL on 20%!) I decided to uninstall it. I'm very disappointed. I guess this is just one of those stupid apps. I usually have the patience for these things but waiting for AN HOUR and nothing happens... You need to fix this release. It's cute messed up😐
~ nc mancos
Hilariously funny release, very simple to use. Absolutely LOVE this release!!! My babes laughed so hard watching Grandma doing Hip Hop dancing lol! Speedy Hint: create sure you have all your pics BEFORE starting. If you leave the release you will need to run all over again. Also, remember to add your message first, there is no idea to edit video AFTER you leave the release. (If there is I haven't found it yet)
~ Valencia Tannis