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About: Simple Voice Recorder Pro is your daily companion to record important moments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limits or banners! For students Record your classes and lectures with clear quality, even when the teacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these notes as many times as you wish to support you study for that next exam. With no time limits and the option to pick a compressed format, it's simple to record even the longest classes and lectures. For business Capture interviews and meetings from your device, device, or smart watch, then share them with your colleagues through correspondence or your favored messaging release. Take advantage of potent widgets and shortcuts to run a newest recording right from the home screen. You can even enable cloud upload to record voice notes while commuting and have them autom ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Digipom
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Easy Voice Recorder Pro Reviews and Comments:

Incredibly needed! I have used the nonpaid ver for few years in my college classes. I'm looking forward to using the auto upload information of the Pro ver and finding all the another benefits. I'm constantly amazed at all the stats I missed in my classes from the lecture alone. I actually have the finest notes in all my classes and am the Go-to Woman when someone has questions. I also use this when visiting relatives. Allow the stories launch!
~ Kathy Wightman
THIS IS MY FIRST AP PURCHASE. I've been using EVR for years actually. theyve usually been nice to me for being nonpaid. I have so many saved files from the years in my pc. it's time to claim thank you, and obtain an upgrade. but seriously? you dont eve need it. thank you EVR squad! simple to use. nice quality. Records forever. has widgets/home screen app. it's been so so needed in my life. If you're looking for a recording ap, I'd at least test this one. (:
~ Kathleen Shoemake
Unbelievable Soft. Necessary a voice recorder in a hurry for a workshop I was attending and this one was Editors Choice! The 90 min recording was awesome. Simple to use and most impressed with the help I received on updating to Pro ver.
~ Ronald Berlin
Nice voice recorder. Works great!!
~ Amit Jayant
very handy, very needed, very well developed
~ Norm Gladd
I love how it is so well integrated into my Samsung that there is a record icon right next to wifi, bluetooth, Airplane, etc and it follows the theme and look perfectly. It does exactly what it could and no more which keeps it simple to learn to operate.
~ robotaholic frolic
I absolutely LOVE this release! I'm a vocal person so I hold personal logs and recordings of group conversations that feel important. So the ability to back this equipment up to the cloud is wonderful! My one gripe is that I want I should pick a folder withing google drive to send this to. The files run mucking up my drive because they are just being sent directly to the drive with no automatic organization. I would really love it if this information was added!
~ Donovan Poe
simple to use and the back-up to google drive is wonderful
~ Daniel C
Simple to use and records well for talks and lectures.
~ Kay Hasdorff
it is a very nice recording release. oh wow i love it
~ Fajar GM
Unbelievable release with Wear OS help - I can run recording from my watch and decide if the release uses the watch' microphone or the device's. I love that they have a completely functioning nonpaid ver, which I used for a while until I decided I wanted the save to MP3 option. You can pick if you are recording voice or another sounds, as well as adjust the bit rate. One of my finest release purchases of 2018.
~ xen doola
Works well, and picks up voices nice in a short distance and well when the person is some distance away from your device. I have used this while discussing troubles with my primary doctor or him explaining play effects. lots of uses for this release, such as recording another drivers after an machine accident or conversion with someone you may need proof of what was now discussed at a later date, also while talking with a car salesman and discussing the deal on a newest machine buy.
~ Thomas Fey
Soft works but the largest trouble I've come across is gigantic portions or tiny key portions of what I'm recording doesn't save. I recorded 2 hours of audio at a meeting and I came away with a total of 7 mins of audio. In other topic, I was recording a easy song, roughly 15 seconds worth, and its chopped and missing portions of the song.
~ Mikal Lee
RUBBISH. I have just tried recording a long meeting and it failed. I suspect that it was because I had configured it to save to Google Drive. Perhaps it couldn't cope with an 80 min meeting uploading to Google Drive. Perhaps because I didn't have a nice enough time connection at the time. I presumed that it would record locally first and then upload to Google Drive later.
~ Gareth Hodge
I was looking for a recorder release which works with my Wear OS watch. And this one fits the bill perfectly. I've been playing a lot today and it works nice. It syncs speedy and the sound is very clear. I also like the cloud connection, I can save my spoken notes (of my watch) in Google Drive. Devs are really friendly and speedy too. One recommendation would be to modernization the Wear OS icon and release a tiny more to fit the style of the small release, the Wear OS release looks a tiny outdated.
~ Jelte Klerk
This release is dependable, consistent, and simple to use.
~ Judee Howard
This simple-to-use release creates high-quality recordings.
~ Deborah Blankenberg
awesome quality and very simple to use. nice choice of formats.
~ Brian Twiddy
Great that it has pause as well as resume recording for previously saved work!
~ David Gaia Kano
~ John Carrington
awesome recorder with all the functionality required to create on the fly recordings
~ Derek Williams
My go to audio recorder for notes & meetings. Love that it syncs with Google Drive.
~ Richard Groves
works great, also when screen is off. weak battery usage.
~ Hermann Schlösser
Nice release for quickly recording and editing musical concepts. Pro ver is worth the dollars. Suggested!
~ Sputter Eggbert
Nice Quality sound...Have to turn volume up high to record well.
~ Jeanette Greener
One of the finest sound recorders I have used. its like the name.. simple to use
~ Andie Aranjo
Use it for all my choir practices. Allows me to organize all my recordings and then share with group through Google drive. Love it.
~ Robert Furtado
Nice product, very easy and simple to use. Recordings sound nice and the auto upload to google drive is a unbelievable information.
~ Joshua Burns
another recorders stopped working half idea through so far this is reliable and simple to use.
~ Jacinta Jones
Editing mode gets stuck in a loop of switching between portrait and landscape, leaving me unable to even test to do anything with it.
~ Joanna Woodworth
nice app 👍 but usually room for improvement including the ability to record telephone conversations without use of bonus equipment.
~ David Michaels
nice release gotta have. Love it when an release is intuitive and just works. I have not had it ruin once, the recording is nice, so so many options available and all of them incredibly simple to understand and change. congratulations and thank you!
~ Megan Reeves
not even covering primary informations, such as joining two audio files. there are many silences in the voice note that are not skipped, even after changing the dB lvl. noise removal also not working. Lower than expectations.
~ Rakesh G
simple to use. many uses. create shopping lists, make a song, a poem, concepts,. shair your day. this is for me a liberation, creation software. i live it.
~ Rosemary Sladden
The release provides you with awesome sound recording. It serves its purpose perfectly and even if any device would have sound recording release installed from the run, this release is still required. Why? The quantity of the sound, the resumable function, the post-edit function, etc.
~ Kanoksyn Khemjinda
The last modernization seemed to improve the loudness of the recording playback. Also previously noise reduction was switching on automatically after 2 seconds but actually that's not happening anymore. so an improvement! Tablet does obtain monthly upgrades and the last several upgrades have usually altered sound settings in some idea so it was probably the device soft all along. Thanks for explaining.
~ Ivan Dansigman
At first, on my stock mobile device, which btw is too "clean" or "stock" to have a crucial app, that defines a tablet preinstalled, the experience was terrible but over time (because of upgrades)it has gotten better.... but still, there are a bit of like "breaking" when recording in the middle of the choir and equipment when ppl are literally shouting at it..... hope that gets fixed....
~ aaron sam
These guys have taken a nice release and continually improved upon it. For all that you obtain, the pro ver is the finest bang for the buck and is still inexpensive compared to others. Ease of use, storage options and sound quality are all nice!
~ David Lopez
Nice release... BUT there could be an option to set time/file-size limits on recordings. That idea if you're recording a long session the files will upload each so often. If you lost your device (or suddenly dropped it in the sea for example) you would still have most of the recordings. 5 stars if you add this information. =)
~ Adam Kelly
Unbelievable voice recording release. I initially had a trouble with the screen turning on in my pocket while at work. Which affected battery life tremendously. Thankfully there's an option to have the screen turn off when the proximity sensor detects its in my pocket. With that, this becomes great. Not sure what else can be improved upon as it does everything I need it to do.
~ Ben Arneault