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About: Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English. Fully fun and nonpaid. Newest! Swahili and Romanian. Practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills while testing a release! You'll improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons. Run with primary verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learn newest words everyday. Google Test's Editor's Choice and "Finest of the Finest" of 2013 and 2014! "Far and away the finest language-learning release." The Wall Way Journal "Duolingo may keep the secret to the future of education." TIME Magazine "Among apps for learning a language, you can't beat Duolingo." PC Magazine. "The most productive means of procrastination ever discovered. The ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Duolingo
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About: Calculator is an essential tool for your smartphone, simple and easy to use with an elegant design - the perfect calculator for Android. Features: -Scientific calculator - A clear and easy to read display format. - An intuitive and attractive design that facilitates daily calculations. - The backspace key can be used to correct a simple error. - You can change the theme easily. If you find an error or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us: [email protected] Th...

Developer: AkroMax [email protected]

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About: **Winner of the 'App of the Year' FirstCar Awards 2019** Its easier than ever to revise on the move with the UKs No.1 Theory Test app. Download the ONLY Theory Test app you need for your revision which includes ALL the latest DVSA materials and exclusive learner content for the 2019 Theory Test. Driving Test Success have helped over 12 million learners and are proud that 9/10 pass their test using nothing but this app! So whether you're preparing for your Car, Motorcycle or Trainee ADI ...

Developer: Focus Multimedia Ltd - Driving Test Success [email protected]

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About: Improve your English by learning idioms and phrases. The app has more than 500 unique idioms and phrases to learn from. Prepare for any exam or learn for fun. Explore new challenging idioms and phrases every day. Learn them and express yourself better. All the idioms and phrases are chosen carefully and from top sources. You can Bookmark your favorite idiom or phrase to quickly access them later. Prepare for exams like GRE, IELTS, SAT, SSC CGL, TOEFL, CAT and more. Key Features: -> ...

Developer: Vocabulary Builder - Word of the Day - Helium Apps [email protected]

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About: Jvdroid is the most easy to use and powerful educational Java IDE for Android. Features: - Offline Java compiler: no Internet is required to run Java programs. - Standalone OpenJDK 11: enjoy the latest standards support and use any jar libraries you like. - Maven projects and libraries support. - Examples available out-of-the-box for quicker learning. - Full-featured Terminal Emulator. - Java interpreter mode (REPL) based on JShell is also available. - Outstanding compiler performance ...

Developer: IIEC [email protected]

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About: Kids English Word Reading learn how to read English words easily. It is very useful application for kids. It has more than 8000 English words to learn. It helps your kids to pronounce English word correctly. 1. Start learning from Easy to Expert level. 2. There are 4 different levels. 3. You can record your own sound and application will automatically verifies that you spoke it right or wrong. 4. Guide your kids for how to speak correctly. 5. By clicking on word it will speak it. Send ...

Developer: ACKAD Developer. [email protected]

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About: Learn French Phrasebook is an easy to use mobile French Phrasebook that will give visitors to France and those who are interested in learning French a good start in the language. Learn French is recorded using native speaker and we have tried our best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand. Recommended app for tourists and business people visiting France. Features 400+ common words and phrases included for FREE. Upgrade and unlock all 900+ phrases i...

Developer: Codegent [email protected]

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About: Stay connected to Bloomingdale High School where ever you go using our mobile app. See our embedded Twitter, news and video feeds, including student-produced by the BSHS Bull's Eye staff and WBUL....

Developer: Heather Hanks [email protected]


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About: USI Mobile is designed to give students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Southern Indiana quick and easy access to information on their Android or iOS device(s). Features include: Menu headers are Collapsible/Expandable News - Stay informed with the latest news from USI. News feed items include a link to read full story Events See whats happening on campus, filter by category, add to device personal calendar Social Media links to USIs social media outlets ...

Developer: University of Southern Indiana [email protected]

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About: Learn German Phrasebook is an easy to use mobile German Phrasebook that will give visitors to Germany and those who are interested in learning German a good start in the language. Learn German is recorded using native speaker and we have tried our best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand. Recommended app for tourists and business people visiting German or German speaking countries. FEATURES 300+ common words and phrases included for FREE. Upgrade...

Developer: Codegent [email protected]

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About: Reader - a literacy app from GogyUp...

Developer: GogyUp [email protected]

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About: This is your mobile access point for content, schedules, speaker information and much more for Missio Alliance's third North American gathering, Awakenings: The Mission of the Spirit as the Life of the Church....

Developer: Pathos Ethos [email protected]

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About: WasteExpo has helped usher in more significant innovations in the solid waste and recycling industry than any other event. And the future looks even more promising 14,000 of your peers, 609 exhibitors and 60+ educational sessions are waiting for youall in the same place. WasteExpo. It doesn't get any bigger or smarter than this....

Developer: Sherpa Solutions [email protected]

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About: DCCCD AEL Student Success is designed for students in the AEL program to grow in their education, and collaborate with their navigators via tools designed to enhance their educational experience....

Developer: AdvanceNet Labs [email protected]

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About: The female anatomy reproductive system contains internal and external sex organs the detail function of female reproduvtion with female models and much more for learning the femel internal organs and reproductive system in 3d. Complete detail of female organs and reproduction the app will cover all the information of each organs and female body. female models are explain in 3d which can help you to understand the sex organs and other internal organs of female reproductive system. Female mode...

Developer: King Square Apps [email protected]


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About: 15 fun and educational games to help your child learn 3rd Grade lessons! Teach them multiplication, division, grammar, geometry, sentences, reading, rounding, place values, and more. Whether they are just starting Third Grade, or need to review and master the subjects, this is a perfect learning tool for kids aged 7-10. Math, language, science, STEM, reading, and critical thinking skills are all tested and practiced in these games. All lessons and activities are designed using real third grad...

Developer: RosiMosi LLC [email protected]

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About: The Northmont City Schools app allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, and notifications from the district, including all of our schools. - You can select which schools to receive news, events, and notifications from. - School Events can be added to your phone calendar. - View building information, including addresses, phone numbers, and office hours. - Search our staff directory for Teacher contact information....

Developer: SchoolPointe, Inc [email protected]

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About: Caterpillars Count! is a project that relies on citizen scientists (you!) to help understand some of the most important organisms in our ecosystemscaterpillars and other insectsby conducting surveys of the plants and trees around them. WHY SURVEY CATERPILLARS? * Caterpillars are an important food source for birds and other wildlife. * Some caterpillars have economic and environmental impacts on our forests and crops. * Caterpillars may provide insight into how climate change is affect...

Developer: Caterpillars Count! [email protected]

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About: The official app for Santa Fe Chiefs allows users direct access to the most recent news, announcements and event calendars. Customize the app to display information relevant to a specific campus and to receive important notifications from the district. Users may also access the directory of district faculty and staff, view dining menus, find the location of district events, contact campuses and departments, follow athletic scores and updates, and much more....

Developer: Apptegy [email protected]

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About: Battle of Dragonball Z Budokai Tag Team Direction Trick to the latest Dragonball Z Budokai Tag Team. This app provides information about the walktrough Dragonball Z Budokai Tag Team Advice, will help you to find extra opportunities in the game and improve your game experience. Very simple, usefull and colorfull so you can use with enjoy. It will help you go from beginner to pro player, mastering your Dragonball Z Budokai Tag Team Advice....

Developer: Eduardo Philip [email protected]

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About: This app includes the SLC agenda, workshop descriptions and locations, and finalist information that is updated in real time. competitors will be able to see the time they are to return and were to return. The app also includes other information for all those in attendance at the SLC....

Developer: Wynne High School M.A.D. [email protected]



Duolingo: Learn Languages Free Reviews and Comments:

Working fine until it came to make a profile, whenever i sent the correspondence to my mum it wouldn't go through, so I'm very sad actually, even though her correspondence and password was correct! Please claim me how to fix this! :( I'm disappointed, I think this should be a lot better! So please fix and I will come back in a month or several weeks so thanks for reading! Hope you fix this trouble of mine!
~ Rachael Ogilvie
There are no lessons or explanations as to why or how the language works. Instead you gotta rely on another players to test and learn and only if another have asked the question before and others are gracious enough to support. The release just drills you and assumes you will understand the nuances of the language. After a several lessons it gets too complicated to figure out without support and since i use this while commuting (without signal) there is 0 support i can obtain. it truly was a waste of time and dollars.
~ Ryan Lopes
I like it. It's not great for how I wish to learn but it's the finest I've tried. Still learning. Recommending it to dudes. I'd like : 1. when I obtain answers wrong to be able to click to see the verb conjugation table. 2. maybe a off shoot course for language for travellers. less broad vocab. more directions, buying things, example conversations.
~ Paul Gunn
I used it briefly a several years back for French and actually just restarted using it again. Actually it is soooooo annoying how repetitive it is. Why do I have to learn 100 time what a lad, a woman, an orange, pizza and croissant are in French?! It's a loop over and over. So many lvls but same equipment. I just got to lvl 4 which claims I will actually obtain more hard questions but guess what?! It is still the lad, lad, woman, girl, pizza, croissant and orange..oh forgot cat and horse. Soooo annoying.
~ P M
I love this release, don't obtain me wrong, but recently you guys added this modernization with tests when reaching a checkpoint. The tests seem to be broken for me, as theh do not work. I'm not quite sure why? It almost appears as though it's going to load, but nothing happens. I've tried closing out of the release, shutting my device off, etc. If you should fix this, that would be lovely! It's just hard to continue learning a language when the release won't let it.
~ Jane Henkel
It works. One of the finest examples of gamification! This release does not only teach languages but also newest approaches to learning. These guys deserve all the cookies. There is plenty to fix however. For some reason some questions are picked more often and there are another ones that are fully useless. Also i would like to see the system build up to previous words and sentences and not just never present them again. Also difficultly could be able to increase or adjust. Desktop release is far better
~ A Google user
i just modernized the release and changed my rating from 5 stars to 2. DON'T UPDATE!!! IT'S GARBAGE!!! my original review: I'm learning Russian with this release and i am enjoying it. i set my everyday target and it takes about 10 minutes per day. the exercises are well-planned and build on eachother. i also like the flexibility of the exercises. what i mean is, 1 day i should be studying adjectives but the following day if i don't feel like doing that i have another genres to pick from.
~ Crack Pipe
The release is fun enough, but watch out for any languages that have accent marks. The release won't claim you the accent terms and will change the accents as it wills, so you may end up getting a lot wrong due to the unknown terms. The release also runs on trial and error a lot, so if you aren't a solid trial by error learner, this may frustrate you. Otherwise, not a terrible release!
~ Catherine Whitsel
I've been an avid player of Duo for almost a year and a half. Duo regularly implements changes to the release without bothering to consult with their players. I've been willing to tolerate this up to this target and even willing to pay for an banner-nonpaid experience—up to actually. Duo's management (which, according to its CEO's own words, doesn't trust in listening to its players) just removed *ALL* social functionality on 19 May without conducting a single focus group. That was the last straw; I'm done. Buh-bye.
~ David Rothschild
Modernization 13/5/19: They STILL haven't fixed the bug. Not only that, but both them and Google test are giving me the run around, trying to obtain a refund. They won't fix bug in Hindi Course on Mobile. I originally couldn't obtain past the first lesson in letters 3. I obtain to the first "match the pairs" release and can't pair the symboI for dū with it's match. I even tried again just actually and it's happening with tū as well. Also, there could be more voice options.
~ Kurtis Batchler
For the most part, nice. Does what's advertised, and the newest addition of a speech exercise (along with the existing reading, writing and listening) fills a cute large gap (though the information is still cute rough). Not great, though. One thing that should be improved is the ability to go back and practice a given skill after you complete it; as it stands, the practice run shows trivial examples only... it would be great if it now took into profile your lvl of progress in the skill.
~ Arne (Jingles)
I've lived in Miami for five years and have barely learned more than a several Spanish words for foods. I'm that terrible at language. Kudos to this release though. Their approach is very different from that of a class room, and for me (who struggled in a class setting) its proving to be very simple to follow. You can set your own pace, and practice zones you feel need work while skipping ahead on zones you feel like you've got down. Theres a competitive aspect also that is fun, yet can be ignored of desired.
~ Amanda Culp
This is an amizing release, it helped me learn both, Japanese and German, the ladder of which I was lacking a bit in and generaly got an 02, there is just one small thing that made my progress slower, I'm not a native English speaker, I'm a danish speaker and you can't obtain courses in that language, which made it just as much a play of my English as of German or Japanese. But this release is really nice, and I hope for your sake that you don't miss you Korean lessons, cuz you know what happens then...
~ Thor Hornshoej - Schierbeck
Ive been using duolingo to support me learn Dutch while I live in the Netherlands for a year. For an release thats generally nonpaid, the quality is exceptional. One thing that could be considered while learning a newest language on duolingo (and in my topic Dutch), is that when you now USE what you've learned on the release in true life with a native speaker, they'll recommend you use another words with the same overall meaning. Its nice but its not necessarily the same as someone who is native. Too formal.
~ Charlotte Morrison
Doulingo makes it very clear and simple to follow. NO STRESS or unclear pathways. Bottom Line: I would suggest this learning software as it is nonpaid and definitely needed. And for anyone who is asking " What's the catch?" they don't send variety of spam correspondences, or force you to pay for things that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. They do however, often pop banners for their "Duolingo Plus" meaning bonus benefits. It claims 5 min a day, but in reality of you wish to learn a language in under 5 yrs you could spend 20
~ Jennifer Billings
May 12, 2019 edit from 5 stars to one star: Since the May 8, 2019 modernization there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO CONTACT ANYONE NOW. NOT EVEN A MOD. What is the target of being able to dude recipients when there is no idea of interacting with them AT ALL? The only idea to contact admin is here on the Test Market via correspondence. In my release, clubs are already gone which was the only idea I ever found to interact with someone. There is a ton of contest out there. I think it's time to go elsewhere.
~ photogirl52
They've finished the language tricks for the majority of the known languages, I'm just somewhat disappointed in the loss of clubs for small players. Still providing a top notch learning experience for nonpaid, so I honestly can't complain. Thanks so much Duo squad!
~ Christopher Eberhart
Fun and simple nice as a supplemental learning software, especially with the player comments. However, Iearning Japanese should use more development. I prefer to use the browser because there I can now write/kind my answers out rather than being forced to pick from a word bank. Also, when answering an English to Japanese question, we could have the option to hear the respond. Please develop these. Until then, I will use the browser.
~ Emily Dennis
Very decent educational release, should perhaps explain the lessons in more thorough detail, or give more lessons rather than exercises, but asides from that it's doing the job and making it exciting at the same time! Also, there should be tests, where you can track your progress, and have a dictionary and a "rule walkthrough" for primary grammar, that would be very beneficial. Adverts aren't too much of a hastle, just as long as the release remains nonpaid I'm glad to endure them. Nice release, would suggest.
~ Ben Asher
In terms of a learning experience, thisbis absolutely awesome. I want there a were a several bonus key informations, particularly with languages with a non-Latin alphabet (I'm learning Russian), in particular a reference walkthrough to the primary phonics of the letters. also, I want there was a idea to view and review the vocabulary learned up to a certain target. That claimed, whilst they're "great to have" improvements, so far very impressed!
~ Marcus Zielinski
It was a nice release until it started freezing in the middle of lessons and lvl tests. I lost few lingots because the release stopped during a play. I would kind a sentence and it would obtain stuck with the "Grading" button greyed out. Uninstalling or closing the release didn't resolve the trouble. In addition, I'm tired about translating the woman, the lad, the lad and girl. It would be great to have some variation! I wouldn't consider "He knows the bear" variation, either.
~ A Johnson
Duolingo makes learning a foreign language really simple and mildly fun. The info are useful and the lessons include lots of small steps. You'll think "wow, this question is too simple" cute much all the time, but before you know it, you'll realize todays "really simple" questions would have been impossible two weeks ago. The banners are bareable and cute simple to ignore in the nonpaid ver, which has cute much everything i wish.
~ Jonathan Collins
The release is very nice for learning many languages. It feels like a release (in a nice idea), and does not bombard you with ads. There is one advertisement at the end of each lesson you complete. You run with five lives, or hearts as they call it, and if you obtain a quesiton wrong, you lose one. You can either spend some in-release currency named Gems, to earn hearts if you don't like waiting for them, or you can watch an advertisement to earn them, or you can just practise low skills to earn them. Nice release! :)
~ Alexander Wood
Duolingo has motivated me to learn a second language like nothing i have used before. Before Duo, I used Rosetta Stone and even Pimsleur audio discs, but was not pleased with their product (or price). i cannot trust how nice this soft is, it is very engaging. I am so glad that i finally gave Duolingo a test, I have been hooked since. Duolingo is Truly a Positive Distraction. Thank you so much for offering a nonpaid ver, you are making the globe a better zone to live.
~ W Harv
It's a nice Soft but its layout became so childish. There is not chat room anymore that allows us to talk to foreign recipients. It shouldn't restart the lessons cycle over and over again, it feels like I'm never studying enough to complete every chapter at all, I usually have to do it once more again and again like I never did that before even if I do it 100%. It's an annoying idea to hold students attached to it, imprisoned. The Soft is working but, honestly,... It became so boring. What a pity!
~ Davi Kavera
I have been using Duolingo to learn French for about 3 months actually. Simple to use, lessons are simple to follow, and there is a practice option (would suggest you use after each lesson, & when you run a session). I've tried learning French few times before, but feel like I've come much further with this - it fits into my schedule, and can do as tiny or as much as I wish, so never feels like a chore. Large plus for me is the leaderboard - it appeals to my competitiveness feels like a release!
~ Trudi McLaren
I deleted duolingo after a week of Italian. I woke up this morning to search my mother, my 3 brothers, my sister and my meal all gone. please. it was one week. I'm sorry I missed Italian. I just wish my family back. oh no. I hear him. guys hold up with your lessons or-
~ Katie Blue
so far, and I am still a beginner, it seems to be the easiest way I've tried for learning a language. The only criticisms so far are that the audio is often hard to hear properly (but I haven't tried headphones yet) and the progression through the different lvls can be confusing.
~ Eric Palmer
Well this release at first was nice! that was until Duo started stalking me everywhere i go and then named me that if i couldnt finish my spanish lesson he would have a tiny fun with his gun. the next day my family had dissapeared, and scince then i deleted this release, but i am still in constant fear that duo will break into my house and slay everyone i know and love. so obtain this release only if you wish to obtain Post Traumatic stress disorder. another than that, well.. &#:HE&#LP!!!"#$$AH &#;H AAHS×3J&@-*
~ Liam Gavin
Overall, a very nice release to learn the basics of a newest language: it's fun and it's nice at keeping you motivated! The main plus, in my opinion, is that it's nonpaid. However, if you are at an advanced lvl, you'll search it too simple and I've personally encountered a several translation errors. Moreover, it only works for languages that use the same alphabet as your native language, as it doesn't explain how to pronounce the letters or signs. Nevertheless, I highly suggest it!
~ sparklingstar2017
The release was okay at first, but I missed a lesson. The duolingo bird named, but i sent him to voicemail, so he texted me a video of him burning my dudes and family to death and claimed "Spanish or vanish." He also claimed that I can't delete the release or he'll search me and slay me! 1 STAR
~ اللعنة عليك الزنجي الكلبة
"FOOL! I shall drown you in the maelstrom of my nightmares! My tentacles will twist and contort your throat as I throttle you with visions of hemaphroditic succubi and violent Oedipal rape fantasies!!! I will take your cities. I will subjugate your babes. I will rape and devour your armies. But you, only you will remain alive. So you may bear testament to my will and ultimate REVENGEANCE!!!" What the Duolingo owl claimed after I stood up to it. 0/10, would not suggest
~ Billes n
Using Duoling is simple and nice fun, although when translating into English (my own language), it often claims that the English is incorrect, when it is just a different idea of claiming the same thing. This can be irritating. There is no stats on grammar or why sentences are claimed in a particular idea.
~ Nik Forever
Bring back clubs! the newest league system is REALLY terrible! my club was so nice and active. I noticed a trend where recipients run to use this release relatively less the deeper they go in a language. At earlier lvls you even gain more xp in general, through tests and such. So on the leader boards, all the top recipients have very weak overall xp. I use this release consistently daily but I won't spend 2 hours daily on it just to 'climb' so it is such a pointless information, and there is no socializing aspect
~ Maggie Wu
very nice... I'm having a lot of fun with spanish but some of the sections are really really repetitive or silly.. ie they ask the translation for taxi, Mexico, China and banana a million times. and why is it usually asking about a brown purse or belt , and the dresses are usually either red or grey. but overall... very glad to be using it.. and want I had started with this a bit sooner. as of June 1, tho.. the release frequently freezes.
~ Christine Geldart
They violate their own terms and will not allow you cancel on the seventh day! The tool only allow's you download one or two lessons at a time for use offline, so that lasted 10 mins on my airline flight! ALSO if you are a speedy learner, DON'T buy this release. You can not learn at your own pace, unless you're extremely SLOW!
~ Gene Seus
At first i used this release to learn hindi. Yes, I'm Indian who doesn't knows hindi. I'm from Tamil Nadu which is south of India. This release is nice and I started speaking hindi in 2 weeks. I'm learning Hindi, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Greek. But I also wish to learn Arabic. I request you to add Arabic courses too.
~ Ryan 052
Other backwards step in an upgrade, Clubs are actually gone and instead we test in a global leaderboard with bonus and relegation. Who cares? The largest challenge is versus self. DL your updates are consistently regressive, I recommend you fire your product manager and in future do the opposite of whatever your development recipients propose. At least you will have a 50% chance of making a better upgrade.
~ Gessa Armstrong
At first, I found the release very useful in studying the language of my choice, but everything changed when the duolingo owl facetimed me, looked me right in the eyes and claimed " You have missed your Spanish lesson! Catch up or you won't be seeing your family ever again!" Ever since that I made sure to barricade my door each night and I live in constant fear of losing everything I know and love.
~ Michael Oak
Nice release! Although, I think some thing happened to my family... Okay, jokes aside, this is a cute nice release! But there's a several things i don't like. First of all, it's nice for languages that use your same alphabet as your native language, but for languages like Japanese (which i learn) it just doesn't work. It doesn't explain how to pronounce the letters, it doesn't explain things like a "tiny つ" or りょ. And i want it would hold track of the things i have learned in the release so far. That's all.
~ Thomas Bubendorfer