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About: Create fun lip-sync videos and memes with your favoured quotes and entertain your dudes! Dubsmash has the globes huge selection of quotes from your favoured videos, TV shows and from around the internet. Search a quote, make a lip-sync Dub or meme, then share it with dudes!
Genre: Video Players & Editors Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Dubsmash Inc
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About: Caractristiques Application Shahid PLus TV * Regarder la plupart des chanes arabes gratuitement et sans couper. * Chanes classes pour chaque pays et faciles rechercher et obtenir. * Meilleure application pour regarder toutes les chanes arabes du satellite * L'application Shahid PLus TV contient plusieurs sections regarder * Chanes arabes et sportives et provenant de sources diffrentes et bien sr de qualit diffrente * Des sections organises facilitant l'accs au contenu d...

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About: PREMIUM STORE CHILE es un Servicio de suscripcin para ver Televisin y Pelculas en tu Telfono, Tablet o TV Box. Descarga la App gratuita como parte de tu suscripcin...

Developer: AYM INFORMATICA [email protected]

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About: This is our 2nd year anniversary app. Have fun everyone! Like all of our apps, we try to limit the size of our apps to just around 1 MB, keeping it small and simple. Quick Start Instructions: Step 1 : Place camera on a tripod or any still surface and point camera on subject. The subject's background should have a solid colored background. Step 2 : Run the app then tap anywhere on the screen to select the color you want to be transparent, in most cases the background is the one you wou...

Developer: BadonguTech [email protected]

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About: . BRBR . : - - - ...

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About: best nuresy rhymes1 vedios - offline No Wifi needed: You do not need the Internet to watch the clips. once you download the content, no wifi is needed. It is the perfect app for road trips, flights, doctor waiting rooms and more . TAGS / nursery rhymes nursery rhymes songs nursery rhymes for babies nursery rhymes uk nursery rhymes in french nursery rhymes traduction nursery rhymes and video nursery rhymes are dark nursery rhymes and actions nursery rhymes about mother goose...

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About: ...

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About: Dazzling Fireworks in glorious 1080 HD on your Android TV, Large Tablet complete with fireworks SFX and App music. Settings allow you to adjust the volume levels to your comfort level and set a sleep timer App music courtesy of www.incompetech.com...

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About: Copy link of Video or Photo then open the "Video Downloader for Instagram, IGTV & repost" app, Click "Check Clipboard" button for download! You can repost videos or photos on instagram, IGTV app. Features: * Downloaded videos or photos saves to Gallery automatically * Supports IGTV * Download videos or repost from Instagram * Download photos or repost on Instagram * Copy tags from Instagram * Share your favorite videos and pictures with others * Repost on Instagram * Multi Photos v...

Developer: demor [email protected]

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About: TV Remote for Philips allows you to control your Philips Smart TV just like real remote. All the remote buttons are supported. It includes latest features like view photos, play videos and music from your phone on big TV Screen. Sleep Timer, inbuilt Media Player, Control TV via voice commands, shake phone to play/pause. Tired of trying so many remote apps without any results? Not tried this TV Remote Control app, then what's the point? Now what? Download this free app right now, because this...

Developer: Spikes Labs [email protected]



Dubsmash Reviews and Comments:

it do not allow me do not one thing i test to record do noy work like come on. after and modernization it is so much better thank you!😍
~ kikilove cute
umm its a nice release but i dont like how if u forget your password u cant obtain in and u have to place ur correspondence in and that unn protected to me cause u never know if someone mods u they will search all yo stats and thats a terrible thing
~ Jasmine Cureington
you guys are not responding at all that's worse..i wish to delete my profile i forgot my correspondence and player password..only remember the player name ..can you support...i mailed you many times but no response
~ Mrdev Dev3
when i test to create a video i cant hear the sound !!!
~ Jayanna Tager
terrible. I CANT TYPE WHAT I WANT. when i comment and claim "great job" it turns into "nniicee jjoob" and when i delete it, it duplicates it so i claim "nniicce jjoob nniicce jjoob nniicce jjoob" it is so annoying! im on LG tribute dynasty and i hate this release so much because of that trouble!!
~ eggy azalea
RESPECTED DEVELOPER, im rating this Soft 10/5 because this made my childhood Nice...but actually a days alots of informations are missing which are cashed by another apps...So change the interface create it simple and COMEBACK WITH A ROAR...( i rated one star because only to bring this review to your Notice) THIS IS THE TIME
~ Brucelee shaik
i think dubsmash is an nice release ive used it since i was 7-8 actually im 12 but the only prob i had was i place on the flsh and then the light was just stuck on it so i had to turn off my device and delete the release please fix this. ♡
~ bri bri
this release is not like the previous one ,, the old one was soo nice ,, in this the dubs are skiping speedy than ur lipsync ,,, y need 2 download and waste😅🙄🙄😑🤔
~ Sandhiya Narayanrao
There is no inappropriate things dealing with videos and comments, Dubsmash have a very nice camera quality (Mobile or Iphone).
~ A Google user
the is better than"TIK TOK" i already had the release just never used it after tik tok banned me i started back using it the release is nice no troubles at all. #Dubsmash
~ Frennzzy
All of my videos are gone... but the sounds that i had place on favoured are there. please test to fix this.
~ Madhura Godbole
the experience is nice...its just when i do a dance and it records my dance is not on the beat with the song...and i recorded multiple times and it still does that...
~ Imari Parks
like it has evey remix each dance and each song its a nice release but only for 9years old and up bc somes babes are like r and they have curse words and dub smash dosnt care and some parents allow thier babes curse so yea but it sais teenage but yea i gave it 5 stars DUBSMASH is the finest dancing appp ever.
~ Belly's I Woke Up Like This
i am having a trouble with my audio on the video. the audio usually plays longer than the video and i test to fix it but its the release. the release usually claims that they have a trouble
~ Princess Kay
Im newest and wanna test but when I test to make my Username it wont work...i have created a bunch and it wont allow me use my username...why???
~ CGzOnline
i rerank this release to 1 star because it still continues to slow and speed my dubs. I have to hold redoing my dubs only for them to behave the same idea which is a waste of time and energy
~ KpopIsMyDrug
don't create me sign in because it's not the idea I do my thing it's my thing do it how you do it if it was your idea out and I would claim was okay but daddy claim this I'm not great I'm smart and you know more better than I now thought you I love you didn't have the sign into dubsmash it's like one of my favoured things but not what am I doing that. It would be and you're going to have to do the all of yourself and I'm not and that's why you can do all your equipment and I don't care why you wish
~ Pettway Bonnie
Ive had Dubsmash for a while. But recently, like, today (6-6-19), my VIDEOS have DISAPPEARED!!!!!! One day (6/5/19) theyre there, the next (early early morning 6/6/19), theyre gone. Thats very upsetting. I had MEMORIES on this release and actually THEYRE ALL GONE! Actually..im not furious cuz im hoping this is temporary, but if not i dont think i can work with this release anymore. This is ridiculous, as long as i had this release, this has never happened. If this is part of the "newest modernization", yall could change it
~ PineappleZara
its okay, i would rate it more but like the trouble is when you guys made the comment modernization Usually i test commenting on someones video the words jamble up and its nothing compared to what im really trying to kind and no its not my keyboard.
~ it's Ellie!
At first I didnt like the newest modernized Verizon because it was too hard to understand and I still dont understand it but it actually more organized then the old ver of dubsmash I love the public post information and overall just love it
~ A Google user
This release! is very helpiful for recipients or babes that love to dance i am a teacher so my students usually come and claim me how they love to dance and they got this release named dubsmash so for all yall teachers out their check out this release
~ Kyky Simpson
often i do a dub its off beat like while im doing it its going along with the song but the video turns out to be offbeat and me dancing is going ahead of the song
~ gamergod 08
Love it because i love to dance but not around everyone but it makes it seem like im dancing in front of everyone so luv it.
~ Dalayna Jackson
wow !this is a nice release but adding frnds is a trouble... but nice .. but we wish to develop it by adding likes and seeing more recipients around the globe after that I will 5 stars ...
~ jagadeep pblm
Its was a unbelievable release i really loved it but then i uninstalled it and after like an year i downloaded it again and it is not letting me log in and even i am unable to click the button please fix this trouble as quick as possible.
~ Thats My Style
dis gettin on my nerves often i dance wen i look at my vid it usually comin late like i dance look at vid and its of timing yall need to do other modernization like thats y i deleted it at first dis my second time downloading it since last year FIX DIS!!!!!!!PERIODT NO CAP!!!!
~ Nyrah Weathers
it doesnt have nice quality for androids like for some androids it comes out late when u do it on beat/time i know this because it happened on my dudes device and they hold claiming they gonna fix it but they not fixing it cause i call her all the time and we talk about it and it has to obtain fixed oh and she has a ZTE i dont know of it just her device or another androids also so if u have an mobile think wisely about downloading the release it might work for u or it might not
~ A Google user
i don't know why the camera quality is so weak though i have 24 megapixel camera still than the quality of the video is very terrible. Please improve and create like before where it once used to be my favoured release.
~ Tenzin Wangchuk
Fix the typing when I test to kind it types of bunch of letters instead of what I'm trying to kind. Otherwise I love the release(fix and I will give give stars).
~ JaNeice Dupree
Wow! This release is one of the finest apps i ever used! Congratulations on the originator,You're one of the finest originators i know.
~ GaChA IcY
please read v important i m not able to login in to my dubsmash profile even though my password , username and and correspondence id is correct each time I test there appear a caution mark on my correspondence and a message is shown that no internet connection or not network connection even though my wifi or small time is turned on I am not able login to my dubsmash profile this happens please fix it quick please do something speedy and quick please fix the trouble as quick as possible please respond.
~ Ananthanarayanan M R
They leaked my password and correspondence. thanks. that's nice. idea to go. nice job at keeping my stats protected. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP. IT GIVES OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. DO NOT USE THIS APP
~ lee findlay
it's a really fun release for everyone and I really enjoy it and it's super fun❤. just one question when I dont have internet would I still be able to create videos and save them privately? And again everything works properly no troubles.
~ Aaliyah Patel
Horrible. All my videos got deleted when I clearly remember saving every and each one of them. Even when I went to my profile, I couldn't see any of my dubs. All it claimed was "you haven't created any dubs yet." So disappointing!
~ Neha Chakkal
love it . my old profile got hacked at 2k . so i started a newest one and i got 1k almost there again .
~ iamjust jayana
I think it's cute nice that none of the developers or originators of this release allow ANYONE know that there was a safety breach and that accounts, passwords, usernames, and true names were leaked off this release. I just got a info from my credit monitor that claimed there was a breach in December so... thanks.
~ Amanda Popenfoose
When i test to do a dance the screen freezes and it allow's me tap everything else but the song doesn't run. I'll change it to 5 stars when the trouble is fixed. Edit: The release actually works
~ zay4k47 TV
the release is nice, which is why I rated it 5 stars, but I dont know why my personal videos are showing up on my profile for everyone to see. i went on my dad's device and made a entire dubsmash profile to search this out. what's worst is that i cant even click on the personal dubsmashes to at least delete the videos. can u guys take a look. my dubsmash is @duh.itz.giselle and in the ones where I am wearing pink sitting in the car are all personal. plus, the ones where I'm outside in the camo leggings.
~ yafavqueeennn giselle
hi, I often search that when I test to access my videos and click on one it goes to other video of mine instead... there's also a lag when I'm recording videos which makes it suuuper hard to lipsync, please fix! otherwise I like this release, it's a lot of fun when it works
~ Emma Landau
I like the release, I use it quite a lot, it obtain the another star, I'd like results to be added so we can add cool results to our videos and I wish to be able to duet with another recipients, like so there's 2 recipients in one video, if you know what I mean. Mostly though I'd like results. Thanks!
~ Chris Armstrong