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About: Drum Pad Machine is the finest beats song mixer. Make your own song with the dj release in several clicks. Use your imagination to search a newest globe of hip-hop tracks by beatbox maker. What can you do with dj mixer: Create song on device; Compose tracks; Record sounds by beats maker; Share song with the globe. How does drumpad machine work? First, you will see colourful field with different buttons. Every newest sector is a newest sound for creating song. Buttons of the same color test related sounds. Check our song release and make your own hits! You can use many sound boxes for making song beats. Select individual theme for beats song. All samples and sounds are developed for you by professional musicians. Beatboxing is simple and interesting even for freshmen. Accessible styles of song & beats: Trap Dubstep EDM House Drum & Bass Hip-Hop Electro ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 34MB Developer: Easybrain
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Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats Reviews and Comments:

the timing has improved devs! KEEP IT UP!!!! I have finally been able to create song again. Receive that timing near great or completly great and I'll rate again with a 5-star rating!
~ Ghostroid Destroyer
I like this release. It lags and some won't test correctly. Ill tap and nothing. But another that I use it amlost daily.
~ King Edward
This release is like a run pad and it's really fun to test around with, especially with the dubstep ones. Got this release today and its nice
~ Sledge Table
Very worrying download. First thing it does is ask you to enter a seven day nonpaid trial, and then pay £4 per WEEK. Its not clear if you subscribe or not Then also full of ads. Uninstalled as speedy as possible.
~ Mark Smith
This is a really addicting release but is it really essential to force you to watch an banner to obtain almost each box? If you're gonna do that, at least create it so there isnt ALSO a 30 second banner after you EXIT THE PACK. This goes for almost each box too.
~ Blake Seiter
BEST PAD APP EVER!!! I haven't found any troubles and it is soooo simple to use! Watch a video and you obtain a newest sound board!!! the only trouble is occasional lag but I trust it is my fault since it happens to my another releases and apps too. Do use this release!!!😍 ~Claims the Fouteen-Year-Old Babe
~ Elizabeth Yentz
i love this release so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Bobbi Gentry
i hate this release actually because of the banners each second. One time I waited for an banner then straight after it there was other. This release was enjoyable but the banners are a disaster and a disgrace. It's getting worse each time I go on the release actually. The release is below my standards of a rubbish release. This release is horrendous.
~ mary mullan x
This is a super fun and educational release! the guides are GREAT!! it's just idea too expensive. I can't justify $5 a week on it.
~ Wergweg Ewrgrewg
Seemed like an interesting release until you realize you now downloaded an banner simulator with brief drum pad breaks. It's understandable that banners are required but this frequently is a joke. Basically trying to powerful arm recipients into paying for super so they aren't watching banners each several seconds.
~ Chris.2SS
this is a really nice release. it has a guide, everything works smoothly, and it is just generally fun to test! I highly suggest this release.
~ We_ Xi
I LOVE IT I've been testing this for like over 3 months and I have a really nice taste on song so this is great,, even with guides!
~ oliver Menezes
The nonpaid ver is FULL with banners. You have to watch 4-30 mp long video banners time to time, between the menus, between the lessons, etc... Uninstalling after 10 mins...
~ Attila Tóth
the finest release ever . i have never used a better release than this one . It is the finest one . it shall be costing ₹10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Just joking . Don't take it seriously .
The release is so fun making beats and learning so simple. There are some adds that pop up, but who ever reads this 4 out of 5 nice release!
~ Yolanda Wheelright-Soriano
alright theres a target where using an release is a waste of time...unfortunately i reached that within 3 min of use of the nonpaid license THE AMOUNT OF ADDS!!!!!! my goodness pls guys you must fix your release that is pathetic i know you like to encourage recipients to buy but if they are not having a fun experience initially i can't see many recipients keeping it installed........ sorry giys you probably worked hard on this but those adds EVEN DURING THE TUTORIAL.........WHAT THE.............
~ Gotmonkeysontheknees
This release is nice . we can test offline by watching an banner which according to me is nice. Selection of song boxes are nice, as it support us to learn the primary by learning their guides which are nice for left and right coordination of hand, as well as for brain. I recommend this release for everyone. By making my own relaxing song, it feels great. We don't need to buy a pro ver for it. But sometimes it feels annoying that an banner pop up each time.solution- download and test it offline.
~ Lakshit Pandit
fix the lag. while i test and record a song it ends up bugging out and causes all of the sounds to stop for a moment then continue again. this usually happens when you have like 10 beats testing at once
~ W187
I love this release soo much. Still I have something to claim. Some soundpack will deleted automaticly in 2-3 days. When Im online, Its run lagging. So I test the beats when im offline.Thats all from me.Im using this release over 8 months. Hopefully easybrain will fix it.Finally, thank you sooooo much easybrain for making this release and plz version the newest release (groovepad). Tq
it is the finest release to use, finest with headphones, I tried it and really liked it played the entire night it was nice and as I read a compliment it is claiming it had banners..... and I thought 😂😂😂 WTH I played and no banners came brilliant release definitely it's worth it.... hold rocking
~ Joel Rocks
nice samples, if only i should dub over my recordings like a DAW. for a device release awesome. if you wish that last star let up to 5-10 recordings loop as you record and you might see a billbord 100 beat made off of your release!
~ Victor campbell
this is nice because you can create a lot of song in one release and in each single one it has a and b two sanction in one . you could obtain this release
~ Demmy Pena
I love all the different sounds. The banners to obtain in the idea but you just have to obtain all of your kits downloaded and then you can use them without a lot of banners. But I've already made beats easily using the nice setup that they have.
~ Willie Gentry
Most aggressive and terrible banners I've ever seen in an release. Constantly forces you to watch fullscreen banners over 30 seconds. After trying to use the release for 10 mins it made me watch over 4 mins of banners. Greedy and poor. As a fellow release developer, you could be ashamed of destroying your product like this.
~ gabriel c
I usually wanted to experience this and i thought it was nice but its not what i wanted to test it was drum pad instead so can you pls create a release that is also like this but not a drum pad (sorry cant remember the title)
~ Bunga Natasya Latisya
I think it's a really cool release I like it DC busy relax but the one thing about it you have to like it into it a lot of practice but another than that it's really cool release I recommend anybody that likes song obtain this release drum pad machine.
~ Dondada 1000
Disappointing. I expected all of the buttons to be percussion sounds, but it was mostly filled with irritating dubstep tracks that have nothing to do with drumming. This is the great release if you have no musical talent whatsoever.
~ Unfathomable Reasons
I love this release I would fully suggest this release. You can create songs, mess around and the finest thing is it will give you a guide on how to test a tiny song! ❤️
~ Katie Downes
this release used to be so much fun with a lot of nice boards. actually all the sounds are lame and don't leave much room to make original beats. bring back the old one and the old sounds.
~ Jonny Blincoe
This release is nice for creating some sick beats! Only trouble is the banners. They aren't poor, but they are a tiny interruptive at times. Overall though, a very nice release to test with!
~ Collin Carter
this is really a nice release i mean u can test with the drums and beat with it its just nice and i also suggest this to all of you who really love this release its just nice and you can test it for yourself even if there are many banners dont delete the release test to ignore it but i still reccomend this for you all out there who love drums
~ Shante Curry
this is the most nice release i have ever found in this playstore and no i am a true person not a pc my names mia and i have had such an nice expirience using this release only one concern. the banners are a bit much. another than that thank you for blessing me with this holy greatness of an release love yall.
~ Cozzy Youtube
It is realy cool and calming sometimes and if you have nothing to do you can all ideas create song and listen to it to create you feel better or present your dudes you should also create song in time with your dudes (singing) or even place it on YouTube. Would recomend to lots of recipients very nice release.☺☺☺
~ Luke Wren
This release is nice, I can create sick dubstep beats at anytime! But I just wish to allow you know that I think this is kinda lagging a bit. The song doesn't reply very well when I repeat the beats. If you can support with the lags, that would be nice! Nice luck with the work! KatVlogs~ ♥
~ KatVlogs
It was a nice concept to have this opportunity to create my own Dubstep 😅 But the reason I gave this release 5 stars, is because the release made me a bit...😊a bit confused...why? Because the territories to search the beat I wanted was mixed up with other beat...😆but still like this release!!!!!!!!
~ MoruiLee Lebeko
this is very terrible release. i had to uninstall it within 2 mins. it is full of banners, each actually and then banners popup, and it kept on asking me to buy subscription. and the ui of release is very confusing. i am shocked to see that Google send me correspondence for such an release. it was very hard to use. Edit: 3 banners are very terrible. 1 popup, as they disturb in using release. 2 unexpected banners, as they launch some another screen. 3 repeated banners, there is no end to banners. rest banners are ok.
Yooooo!!! I'm not sure what recipients expect from a beat making release, but DPM is fire fam!!! 🔥🔥🔥 The have have cute dope kits in general and sonically every sound is mixed down cute legit! Can there be improvements and another options that would optimize the producer experience, yes, but I'm definitely not complaining since you obtain so much through this one release! This release supports me hold my chops up! Overall, I can't speak for everyone else but I can create DPM slap...and slap hard!
~ Mr. Wallets
it's a cute cool release! I'm having alot of fun testing with the beats and slowly learning every step! I'm making my own beats with random ones! it's just that it's about the banners which I know that you guys need the banners so it's ok to me! I just hope that the guides obtain a bit better than having to do the beat over and over again even though you are doing right. but it's a cool release!
~ xXAlex_ WolfXx
Very nice beat maker. I love how you can obtain sound boxes for nonpaid by watching speedy videos. Also the sound boxes sound nice. I have had this for a full year. I love the modernized ver. It allows me to change the name of my beat. The only thing I do not like is the fact that the sound boxes take up so much storage. But the upgraded ver allows you to delete sound boxes so actually I can just create my beat off of the sound box and then delete it without it taking up any storage. DPM is the finest.
~ Amber Serra
There are many beats to pick from and so many to learn. I've had a lot of fun with the guide as it supports you improve a lot when making beats. definitely a nice release, but if I had one trouble with it, it would be the excessive banners. I don't like that I can't obtain rid of the banners permanently but, have to pay weekly to have no banners which is BS. another than that, it's a nice release to create beats in.
~ MasterStepz9 •