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About: Pick up the essential words of these languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (both Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese Chinese), Spanish (both Castilian Spanish & Latin-American Spanish), English (both American English & British English), French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (both European Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese), Hebrew, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Tagalog (Filipino language), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Hindi & Esperanto and Hawaiian! Drops takes boring out of language learning: needed vocabulary is beamed into your memory via superb minimalist illustrations and speedy paced micro-releases. The fun part? It only takes 5 mins a day. In fact thats all the time you obtain! Insane? Yes. Works? Absolutely! Cornerstones of Drops: Drops is 100% visual: We use pictures to directl ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Language Drops
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Drops: Learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese language Reviews and Comments:

i tried it for swedish and it was really disappointing as there was no indication if something was an en word or an ett word and that is too important to ignore. i don't know if things improve later in the course. i do like the interface and the tons of ideas it teaches but the grammar trouble is too much to ignore.
~ Nicole Levine
Nice release even for beginners but you can only use the app for 5 mins session then you have a rest period of 10 mn. to be able to use it again for nonpaid. Otherwise, you pay a subscription fee for infinite usage.
~ Djamal Mohamed
Great gamification, I like it! So far, the only trouble with this install is slowdowns and temporary freezes, as well as the login being blown up on each newest modernization as well as on crashes, which are also happening often. It may be because it's a resources hog. I'm not seeing these troubles on my iPad
~ Eros MC
Very nice so far, but the European Portuguese native language copy is not great and somewhat brazilian. Please improve it. Also, I'd like to see the Greek language added to the portfolio. Hold it up!
~ Ricardo Reis
Love this release! I'm learning Spanish and really enjoying it! I'm using the nonpaid ver which offers a 5 min session, but then you can't use it again for 10 hrs ... I'm on it 2x a day, and look forward to it each time!
~ Ian Lamson
Nice release. Would have liked to also have a listening exercise in the set, though, where you don't read the text first. This idea I'm only learning written, not being tested on spoken language (Cantonese). ... and then suddenly I obtain sound-only questions too - very great!
~ Jos Elkink
Absolutely love this release! I use it in conjunction with duolingo and a pc tool I have and the tons is supporting immensely! Honestly, Drops alone can teach you so much and 5 minutes a day is simple to commit to, I mean we spend an average of 15 minutes a day on the toilet anyways! Receive this release and run learning a newest language, the benefits are nice!
~ Poncho Master
At first, I enjoyed this release. It had taught me some Norwegian words I've never thought of. But actually by the months I've had it, this release has become increasingly terrible. They used to allow me see my words that I learnes because sometimes I forget. It was very useful to do this each actually and then. Actually you have to buy their "SUBSCRIPTION" to do anything like that. And for those who are willing to pay for a nice release wish it a tiny cheaper. Business isn't hard. One minor thing it is missing is the fun.
~ Little Kawaii Cherry
my sort time with the release was nice,the use of the photo realy helped with remembering the word and only a day ago I began learn the text of Japanese and I almost usually obtain it right. this is a nice release although I would claim to give an option for more 5 mins session.
~ Cam Zilla
I like the 5 mins concept, but the nonpaid ver does not let you to review practice, so you end up forgetting whatever you've learned. Not only that, they prevent the nonpaid players from viewing the list of words previously learned! Besides, the release teaches words only. Consider another apps, like HelloChinese, Duolingo, Memrise, ChineseSkill/Lingodeer, Buusu, etc.
~ Haani Ja'waan
The release its self is really nice & useful in learning phrases. Unfortunately it is allow down by its persistent info. I have turned them off but players don't like to be spammed. Just a thought for the originators of the release!
~ Sean
Soft is nice so far, but it claims "failed to load sound files" all the time. I still obtain sound, like the beeps and drop noises. I just don't hear the words being pronounced. I have the newest modernization, I'm not sure how to fix it.
~ Deren Nickerson
Pretty interface, nice for quickly learning newest words. I think super would be 5 stars, but functionality is fairly hindered in the nonpaid ver so had to rate it 4. If there are any sales that bring the lifetime pro down to closer to $100 I will be buying - but I can't quite justify paying the actual full price $160. Bummed I missed lifetime when it was super cheap a year or two back. Nice release overall, though.
~ Drew Harrison
Stunning interface, really clear pronunciation (for French words), and quite fun to use. My suggestion would be to let recipients to skip words they already know from learning outside of the release, so i can focus on learning newest words.
~ Craig
The release is nice! -1 that you can't view learned words -1 for annoying info -1 for not having ability to train. Also it would be much better with a bit of explanations (e.g. on articles in german)
~ Иван Вашека
I would claim it blew my expectations away it was fully nice wow I can see myself learning each language I am so excited if you have any desire to learn language out of the another ones I've tried this beat them all thank you for the yeah I feel blessed for finding this release I've usually wanted to learn to speak Spanish my dad speak Spanish and he claimed me to learn it in school I did some but I should never speak fluently but I can see myself speaking fluently. developer thank you for your kindness
~ Linda Lynema
By far,one of the finest language apps I've found. I usually obtain bored after awhile and give up,even with all the repetition I just dont quite obtain the words down. This one is different,I search myself catching on speedy and I dont even notice the time.
~ Jamie Smith
its a nice release its easy but sometimes thats nice so ur mind isnt all over the zone. the only thing i would recommend is that they have different kinds of dojos. like one can be for writing out words. other for speaking and then one for words that u are having problem with.
~ Meagan Churchill
This release is nice! It has handy pictures and you can learn how to claim the words, however you can only do this for 5 mins a day, so you don't obtain lots of learing in. Overall I would rate this release a 4.5/5 stars because it doesn't give you more nonpaid access.
~ Awesome AFH
Nice concept, has a some errors but actually has an simple idea to report them within the release. Some of the audio needs improving as there is background hiss and someone with laryngitis reading the words. I have paid for the pro ver but won't bother renewing if there is no improvement to the interface and content.
~ Terrella Wildlife Shelter
I was excited, but the fact you only give 5 mins a day to study is asinine. I understand charging for super, or premium informations but 5 mins a day isn't worth it. Smart idea to learn, but horrible, and quite frankly stupid execution. Almost the lvl of click bait.
~ Chantel Chandler
I have been using drops for about 8 months, learning Japanese. It has been a nice software to support me learn a second language. I use it once a day when I have time. It is primarily used to obtain you used to buzz words to support with travelling. I want it focused a bit more on actual sentence structure and grammar.
~ Brandon Dowds
I'm a fluent English and Mandarin speaker trying to learn Hebrew. I use Drop for picking up newest vocabularies only. Not built for learning grammar or sentences. Whoever came up with the concept of Drops gotta be a cute nice behavioral scientist. This release makes vocabulary learning addicting. It cultivates to how memorization works and in no time you'll search yourself knowing so many words just by brainlessly testing with Drop for five mins daily. It's super weak effort and certainly effective.
~ Di Lu
Great release where Japanese is concerned. i haven't come across any grammar yet, but I use it almost each day. Very well designed, very fun, very encouraging. The writing practice feels clunky without a stylus though. All things considered, I feel it easily earns a 5 stars for me.
~ Jacob Winland
Nice... i really suggest this app who wants to learn newest language... I'm learning Hangul language... at first I downloaded many apps to see which are finest. After checking all another apps this is finest. It's ok 5 mins practice each 10 hours... it's really nice. I love it.. I was never progressed in learning language this much before.. it was really nice... within 5 day I'm fluent in Vowels and Consonants... I love it.. Thank you for such a nice app...
~ chaithra poojari
I really like this release. Its so nice and I was now learning Korean. I got on one day and everything on there was super.once agian I love Drops!! I just cant learn more. however I am very glad to see that some of them are back to being unlockable. I would rate drops 5 when I COULD ACTUALLY LEARN EVERYTHING THEY HAD but actually it sucks SORTA
~ Ciara
The interface is pleasant and simple to work with although the white text on coloured backgrounds often makes it harder to read. I was about to give up on my old Mandarin release and sign up for the annual membership but I realised this only teaches individual words. Not very needed in the true globe as some characters often take on fully different meanings when used in context. I'll continue to use the nonpaid 5 mins per day to pick up some newest words but will still rely on my another release for actual language learning.
~ Michael Soutar
It's cute glitchy and i don't think it's my devices fault since the nonpaid versions of Duo Lingo and Rosetta Stone work fine. I'm using it with the nonpaid versions of Duo Lingo and Rosetta Stone because they only allow you use the release for 5 mins. I'm not interested in paying for super I'll just use my 5 mins once a day and then switch to the another nonpaid language learning apps. 2 stars. The release is nice but it is slow, glitchy, and the voice stopped speaking the words during my first session.
~ Seth Bulkley
Lots of wrong translations and mistranslations in Vietnamese. At least 4 within the very first 20 words is idea too much (20%). I'm a native speaker, but I have a large lack of advanced vocabulary in science and business, as I didn't grow up in Vietnam. That's why I'm trying out Drops. I can easily spots errors here and you really could do something about it. Otherwise, I'm excited by the potential of this release.
~ Ky Anh L.
it is very fun and simple to learn. step by step memory releases are nice. byt i fo not like the fact it only gives you 5 mins to do for nonpaid. Then you have to pay. it could atleast give you 30 mins. to obtain it to where you wish to continue the paying process. That is why i hive it a 3 as far as the words i like they learning process. it also could have voice recognition to see if you are pronounciating the words correctly. hold up the nice work and i hope to see newest upgrades.
~ JD Mojica
This release makes no effort to string random vocabulary words together. It's frustrating to have a growing vocabulary with almost no verbs or prepositions. When the tiny number of verbs are mixed into the exercises it is idea too obvious how to respond the question correctly (because they aren't usually compared to another verbs). I know the release is trying to avoid a full nuanced teaching of grammar; but this avoidance has been taken too far. There need to be some prepared modules on verbs--even if they are not conjugated. And a module on prepositions would be an simple victory as well.
~ Nathaniel Calhoun
it type sucks that you only obtain five mins a day for nonpaid (edit, you now obtain 5 mins each ten hours so you should do it twice a day) and have to subscribe to obtain more time but overall it's nice. it uses pictures and repetition to support commit the words to memory, which are nice techniques. definitely nice to learn some vocabulary in other language.
~ Kelly Martin
I love how this release has pretty GUI, many languages to learn, and even addicting! But unfortunately, there's two things: you have to obtain the membership to unblock everything, and there's only 5 mins to learn. I'm too young to pay for a membership, and I wish to learn Spanish for academic purposes. Can you please unblock more lvls and at least extend the time to ten mins when the lesson runs? Also I mostly test offline because of terrible WiFi. Can you please extend the time? Pls and thx.
~ Skyla Saint Fleur
If you are serious about learning, just suck it up and buy the super. No language (except perhaps English) can be learned in "5 minutes a day." I absolutely love this release. I've worked with Rosetta Stone for a year and did some study while in high school and college for Russian and this release has brought me back to learning it again. I don't care for how they decided the phonetics and I want that you should change the voice but apart from that, it's an nice idea to learn.
~ Noah Dillinger
I love this release because it teaches you a very diverse set of terms and uses so many ways of memorization. I have the membership, so I have access to all of the informations, but the release is quite restrictive without the membership. I am a bit disappointed that there aren't any lessons for sentences or grammar; I'm learning Mandarin, and sentence order is relatively important in that language. I can actually recognize many written words, but can't communicate in full sentences, which is problematic.
~ Jerdahn Ü Campbell
A fun and enjoyable release which is simple to follow. The graphics are nice too. I search it very addictive, just wish to learn more. Currently learning Icelandic! I would definitely suggest this release to anyone. Bought the yearly subscription at the discounted rate which works out to roughly €35 a year, very reasonable. Would love if it was possible to obtain Irish language lessons on the release quick as well. Usually wanted to learn Irish.
~ G D
The release is fun to use. The fact it is using pictograms for words is a smart trick, but also a bit artificial (imagine the pictures for coffee, tea, milk, cola, beverage, mineral water - yes they are ask there). What really bugs me is the pricing model. Yes, it is nonpaid - 5 mins per 10 hours. Or you go paid: €10 per month. Clickbait.
~ Maarten Pennings
Never bothered to rate an release before, but felt the need to take the time to allow others know how wonderful this release is. I've tried many different apps, blogs, ebooks, audio ebooks and lessons to test and learn a second language while I lead an extremely busy life. In only 1 week this release has taught progessed my skills further than anything else I've tried and made me enjoy the lessons too. It is wonderful, particularly if you are a visual learner.
~ Kiralee Doyle
I'm doing Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, and it's clear that many translations and romanizations are off. Also, the vocabulary is not tailored to every language: the same words are used for each language, which means that words that may have multiple translations only obtain one in the release. The only reason I still use this is because the incentive of only getting 5 mins each 10 hours is enough to motivate me to practice each day, and at least I'm learning a tiny.
~ Lauren Chinn
UPDATE: love this release, but actually it became frozen!!! Previous rating (was 5 *****). I decided to reinstall, and actually I see that my progress shows up (but, I lost my "streak" of 72 days). That's okay, I know that I've practiced! My main want? I want there were more lvls within ”Tourist" and the higher lvls... It takes a long time to reach 1,000 words :) Thanks!
~ St Bridgeman