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Drink Water Reminder – Water Diet Tracker & Alarm   
About: Drink Water Reminder supports you obtain an appropriate intake of water each day. Its a water tracker release that supports you develop nice habits of water drinking. Proper hydration is essential. Use Drink Water Reminder to be wise about hydration. This water reminder release is loved for thousands of players. With the support of drink water reminder, an simple and needed release to track your water intake. Based on your body condition or your personal target , Drink water reminder will remind you to drink water to reach your everyday targets. By seeing actual water fill visually and in percents you will immediately know how well you are hydrated. This water tracker release reminds you to drink water each day to hold you hydrated. Key Information of Drink Water Reminder Set your preferred remind mode and snooze options; Unpaid walkthrough to drink water. Remind you to drin ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Health Group: Fitness, Eyes Protect, Drink Water.
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Drink Water Reminder – Water Diet Tracker & Alarm Reviews and Comments:

Poor release! Please don't install it. It his it's icon to lag my time on uninstalling it I literally had to come to the release shop in order to uninstall this device highjacking device release . it also started making my device do stupid random carp such as changed my home screen and the settings to home screen WTH!!!!???!!!! VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS
~ A Google user
Don't Download! Harmless at first. Then later, an release named BeiTa Plugin took over my device with back-to-back banners. I woke up with my device too hot to touch, screen lit with this commercial release making a clicking noise! I have a Galaxy Note 9 device I purchased 2 months ago brand newest! Don't Download!
~ Mashavu007
too many banners. I couldn't do anything on my device when I had this downloaded. because of how many banners kept popping up. only downloaded for 2 hours and had over 20 banners pop up. idea to annoying.
~ Kaileigh Riker
Don't do it. It puts banners on your lock screen and it's co anoying as quick as you delited in they will be gone. And it's also not that supporting cause sometimes it will loose all the previous stats, it doesn't send you a info if you did or didn't obtain to your target. So simply DON'T INSTALL/ DOWNLOAD THIS APP
~ Anastasija Lukanovska
This release has helped me in nice ideas. I actually drink the amount of water each day. By doing this I notice a gigantic difference in my health, energy, my appetite, and ive slash out sodas and high sugar drinks. I noticed my skin is clearing up too. Im grateful for the reminders to drink water. This release is nice.
~ Dana Hamilton
Hated it! Absolutely poor, allowed banners on lock screen and home screen without release being opened, even with each possible info and permission disabled it's still popped banners up all over the zone over the top of another apps. The drink tracker was fine, I'm sad the banners made me hate it so much. I don't mind banners in the release, but it showed an banner each time I locked, unlocked, or opened anything on my device. Hated it!
~ Lauren Adamz
Don't waste your time with this one. It's so easy it's stupid. Cute much just an add/clickbait generator. Can't switch from metric to imperial measurements. I am 6' tall. It allows for 5'11" and 6'1" input but not 5'0", 6'0", 7'0". They don't use the 0 digit! They gotta think they are Romans. For such a easy short release it has a lot of troubles and a shload of adds!
~ Elvis Is Alive!
Downloaded the release and it is infested with pop up banners even when I'm not on the release. If I go to send someone a text message I'll obtain a pop up banner. If I go to my lock screen my lock screen has been replaced by a lock screen from this release which I did not ask for! I just wish to hold track of my water intake. Nothing more and nothing less. Pop up banners and changed lock screens was not part of the plan so this release is uninstalled!!!!!!!!
~ johnnyr860
just a friendly reminder to drink more water .
~ RomanticVanGo
The first several days of using this I L-O-V-E-D it. Simple to use, set my own ozs, times to remind me. Naturally with any nonpaid release there's banners, I obtain it. It didn't bother me. Then around the 4th or 5th day, I suddenly had my launch screen have banners ALL OVER IT instead of my screen saver and normal info, i.e., correspondence, messages, etc. I'm not comfortable with an release to fully access my device to place banner bots. If this was changed, I'd be a return player. Took me from a 4 to a 2.
~ Tanya Ann Armitage
Very great and motivates you to drink water
~ Nicole Brown
alot of pop-ups hate this release
~ Shanisse Gomez
Uninstall. I liked it until the modernization. It was working fine and then suddenly 2 days ago there was a strange weather/time forecast screen on my device. I was very alarmed. I finally got it off my screen and went to unblock my device and a cascade of full screen banners took over my device. I thought I was being hit by a virus. Then I noted the header on one pop up was "BeiTa" with this logo. I gave it time to obtain better. It hasn't. They hikacked my device with pop-ups and nothing in settings can fix it.
~ Cadn Socal
Been a unbelievable release knowing how much water to drink and how nice my body feels
~ Rachel Hughes
nice release for health
~ Amol Vidhate
Very great release, it keeps on reminding me to drink water.
~ sarah mwale
never got on release
~ Rachel Fenske
Love this release
~ Ines Rosario
it's a reminder of how much water to drink 😁
~ sheri allen
wrost release no alarm
~ R K
This is nice ....
~ Susan Chua
i like this release
~ Keke Jones
water is life. i love the up as it keeps reminding me to drink more water.
~ Grace Mosha
too many banners popping out even when you are not on the release. unacceptable!
~ Sterling Kinyaka
just don't present up an ad each time I launch or close the release, it's so annoying
~ Ibrahim Saleem
WARNING! Unwanted banners everywhere in my device. This release is a scam! Don't download it!
~ Eva Varga
This use to be a nice release actually I am getting random banners in the middle of calls or while doing another tasks on my device. Uninstalling
~ A Google user
WAY TOO MANY ADDS. Plus it doesnt even remind you when to drink water. its horrible. DONT USE THIS APP
~ Sara Mashburn
I really enjoy(ed) using this release. I love the tiny pals that we can lvl up. after a week of using this release though I have completed the 2 pals that are nonpaid. I don't understand why only 2 are nonpaid/available without spending $. I am disappointed and thinkkng about deleting the release actually. :/
~ S Kenzig
This was a nice release, however the amount of banners is crazy. I even obtain banners for things i have already bought. sorry.. im finding a newest release. pity, as i would have paid for an banner nonpaid ver of this one.
~ Matthew Petersen
I mean it's a fine release... I'm deleting though. I hate opening up an release only to search an add. And why does it measure ounces 3.5 oz, 7 oz, 11 oz? seems odd to me. but maybe it's because I'm in the US? 🤔 idk whatever I'll search other.
~ Crystal Gwinnup
keeps you motivated. simple to use release.
~ Michelle Pajak
I don't know hpw to work it😂😂
~ Charlie Hurley
To many pop up banners. I will be typing a text message and it will pop up an banner and it kicks me out on my message, that is unacceptable! No reason for having pop up banners, making me watch them in the release is one thing, not when I'm just using my device!!!
~ A Google user
Reminds but the reminder run and stop times do not save to what you changed it to
~ Alyssa Henderson
this is a nice release but it doesnt alarms when you need to drink. i also experienced that i cant change the time of wake up and time of sleep
~ Inspirit Patricia
Doesn't seem to save reminder settings. No matter what time I set, it remains at 8:00.
~ Angela Lantain
Nice release, does what I expect. Only trouble I have so far is that when I change my reminder cutoff time, it does not save.
~ Andrew Andreski
works nice. want there was a idea to disable banners for a several bucks or somthing. ran out of pals to feèd so I hope they add more on a regular basis quick.
~ justin wyatt
I love this release. I'm more motivated to drink water and feed my pal! they should improve the alarm for the reminders though. create it more noticable than in my info bar.
~ Nataleen Heldt