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About: Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat release designed specifically for users. With the Discord Mobile release you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text chat channels even while AFK. It is great for chatting with squad members, seeing who is testing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed. Download Discord and experience modern release chat: - Voice chat: Join voice channels and chat with your group - True-time messaging: Share video, photos, and text in rich chat - Push info: Never miss a thing with @mentions and direct messages - Immediate Invite: Easy add dudes to your voice server by sharing the Immediate Invite feedback - Direct messages: Send one-to-one personal messages - Multiple server help: Manage all your release chat groups in one client - Organizable channels: Hold discussions on subject through struc ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Discord Inc.
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Discord - Chat for Gamers Reviews and Comments:

Very nice release, nice idea to connect with recipients with related interests, although after the newest modernization, it's being odd. Channels that I've marked as read present up with newest messages, although no newest messages are typed/sent and the channel is long dead. I have to manually mark as read each time.
~ Crabdul
*modernization* reinstalled and restart device, release is working ok for actually. if continues to run appropriately for a several days (so as to see it's not just a temp fix) will modernization to 5 star. *original*release works nice on PC, device release doesnt modernization, or connect, or really do anything but take up zone currently. if fixed will modernization review, but right actually cannot help this release
~ Dank Destruction
Alright all bugs fixed actually please stop disabling bots for no reason. In some servers bots obtain blacklisted for no reason so a fix to that would be nice. This newest modernization is the worst one yet. Why did you reduce the size of all photos? Earlier it used to display on the full screen but actually it's just showing in one small corner. And there's no option to turn it off. I'm not going to strain my eyes to see microscopic pictures. Create the photos normal again because this is a really terrible look.
~ Mewtwopsychic *Zan*
It's a nice release which allows me to interact with recipients, but there needs to be a information to be like the old system of where you only see the emotes you can use, I've had moments where my discord freezes when opening the emote tab, some zones where it lags from looking at animated emotes and one time where I had to force close the release as it won't launch after opening the emote tab and got stuck on a screen.
~ Blazing Seal
This is the only release thats a gotta have for users. I didn't even wish to test an release like this at first. Actually...Im creating channels for others and loving all the options. Very simple to use, usually 100% nonpaid, no adds, just immediately communicate with others as a group or directly in a personal message.
~ Kareem Pie
I don't obtain push info on my device whatsoever. Which is odd since I don't have discord downloaded on anything else. I have already changed my password few times it didn't fix it. I'm also not receiving DMs from anyone. Already had my servers set to mentions. Info don't present up at all.
~ Liz G
Discord is a nice social media, but this modernization is just horrible. All the emotes present up as if I have nitro while I don't own any type of nitro and because of that the emotes take lots of mins to present up. Second, the photos load super slowly and it is frustrating. Last, my discord lags extremely much and crashes at times too. This is stupidly unbearable. Please revert some changes done in this modernization, the small release actually is garbage. Can't even chat properly, forcing me to be on desktop. Fix it.
~ Snow Fawn
Brilliant release been using it since it more or less launched, one small solution i think would be nice. Add a function to allow players know when the person that they have direct messaged has seen the message. Like how messinger has their player profile picture pop up at the bottom of the chat page showing they have seen the message. Another than that its nice to use.
~ Bradley Gould
Been using since 2016 actually. It's nice and I couldn't live without it. I'm using Stable and Canary on desktop, the devs are just nice, nice humor as you can see in the patch notes. I'm in HypesSquad Meetings, and all the nice things, I just love the great profile badges you obtain, like Nitro, Early Supporter, HypesSquad, HypesSquad House and actually Nitro Server Supporter! I will accumulate all the badges I can.
~ T4zZ3r
No info received for Mobile . All my settings on my device and release are set to obtain info and sound for direct messages yet I'm not receiving them. frustrating! I read if you're also logged into your PC that you won't obtain them unless you have the AfK setting enabled, which I do but still not getting anything. I have to now launch a direct IM to seen if my contacts have claimed anything newest. fix it please!
~ danielle corso
I uninstalled it like a month a go, and when i tried to log in with my REAL correspondence adress, it claims " the correspondence doesnt ecxist " ?!??!?!?!?! like what!! This is so weird and it disapointed me i checked my correspondence, there was no mistakes on writing it or like i didnt forgot anything! And i tried again. And guess what? STILLL!!! I thought this was an nice release.... But i guess i was wrong.......😤😞😤😤😤 ( 1 Star.)
~ Xx Ashe xX
The release is nice I've had it for years and had no troubles, until a newest modernization or something about sending pictures or files that are "explicit". I was trying to send a drawing once and it claimed that the file was explicit but the drawing wasn't. That's why I'd give it a 4 star, I'd give it 5 but this modernization is really bugging me.
~ Toasty Coco
I love discord, but I have been having an trouble on small where it claims there are newest messages in a chat, but there aren't. If I send something in the room it will modernization, but this is really frustrating as I use discord each day.
~ Yuiko Saki
Newest modernization to load each emote across all the servers you've joined including all animated ones bleeds time and makes it hard to navigate through. I understand the push for Nitro but this isn't how to do it, please create a setting to toggle the previews on/off. Cheers.
~ sentinental
Love the release, but I've been having a lot of troubles with it lately on my device. It won't recognize that I'm talking when in calls, even though I know my microphone is nice and it worked just fine before. I'm also not getting info even though I have them enabled. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the release 2 times actually, so we'll see how this goes...
~ Lukas Bondevik
This release crashes about 70% of the time when I test to use emotes and it's been degrading in quality overall since they started adding a bunch of random unnecessary equipment. If it ever goes back to being the nice messaging release with servers that didnt go offline at least once a day I might give it a better rating, but the idea that this release is going it's looking like it's going to stay at 1 star.
~ Francisco Martinez
Used to love this release but recently with the modernization the systems a bit glitchy sometimes when i check a ping ut dosent go away and a server which i dont wanna kind on usually comes up, if i check a server with a channel with a newest text that channel stays with the newest text thing instead of going away please fix this id be very grateful, another than these minor factors most defenitley my favored release so diverse and so many things you can do and meet!
~ GalaxyRayan 46
This release is nice, fuctional, and fun to use. My only trouble is that I am having a hard time speaking and hearing when in a call. What I mean is, my voice doesnt register and anything I claim cannot be heard. Sometimes, its the opposite. I cannot hear them whatsoever. I tried to restart the release but it still doesn't work. I hope you can fix this or maybe its just my WiFi. Idek.
~ Dashlian
Nice but one tiny bug that is annoying.. I am talking about the bug in which when you close a DM and switch to other release. It glitches out and the DM that was previously closed reappear. However, when I test to launch such DM, it glitches out and just displays the online member list. To temporary solve this, I have to log out and log back on. I am hoping this can be solved, thanks squad!
~ Google User
this would be a four stars... but often I voice call my dudes on discord.. they cant hear me. for some reason my mic went work. no matter what device and what accounts please resolve this trouble
~ Salma Khan
I absolutely love discord, small or notebook, it is THE finest messaging release or social release on the supermarket. I want there was gif help for small but I'm sure the devs are working on it. Speaking of the devs, they now care! Their patch notes are usually hilarious to read but they take care of the troubles in their tool where ever there is one. You won't be disappointed!
~ Dorothy Masters
Only thing that bugs me is that pics from Amino won't load properly when I share them. Also, if I go to other tab/window with a chat still on in the background, I won't be notified unless I've switched to some another chat.
~ TheK8iKat
I use this release on a everyday basis to talk to dudes, and I use each variation of the release. I use the web browser ver, the Linux Desktop release, and the Mobile release. When I discovered that you should install the mobile release on a Chromebook, I was amazed. They hae full compatibility and a recent layout for Chrome OS devices. Love you, DIscord Squad.
~ Matthew M.
Nice release, except for one weird change. Release 693 had great settings which allowed you to do fun and nice things like decide if you wish your device to vibrate or wake up when you received a info. Actually, ver 897, has a feedback to system settings, which claims that's where the "advanced settings" are at. They're not. I wouldn't mind the feedback if it now did its job. What is it that I wish? To slay vibration on info only for discord. Edit: nvm found it
~ naname chan
I have nice internet connection, but lately it's been acting up for the past several moments or so and I wish to know why it keeps sating "Connecting" when I have enough zone and awesome internet connection. Besides that, it's a nice release, but I do still have connection troubles. I also deleted it and re-downloaded this all and it's still claiming connecting
~ Scarlet Plays Gamez
Discord is cute nice. Although if I should remove recipients from my dm's that would be nice too! I love that u can talk to recipients while your not on the release! It's nice for gaming! I don't think there's a downside 2 this at all so I'd probably give it 6 stars if I should. The group chats are nice but servers are better because u can have thousands of recipients in it. No banners, 100% nonpaid, simple as heck 2 use.
I like the release in general but theres been a trouble that keeps happening and it's rather annoying- it keeps claiming that there is a connection trouble and no matter how nice my wifi is it doesnt change, even if I use my time it claims the same thing. I checked the server statuses and it even claims everything up and running well?? Right actually it doesn't allow me do anything on it, I reinstalled it as well but actually it just claims I'm an unnamed profile "Empty_Username" but it still shows my dudes list.
~ mint rush
Today a message was sent It was about how you have to send a message to 15 recipients to not obtain deleted.What if we dont have 15 dudes?Can we send it to a group chat? Would they be counted as 15? this was the Message "Hi, this is a message from the discord originator and he Claims you a tiny bit about what will happen on discord on July 23rd. Please do not send this back to the person you received it. Dear discord members, discord is supposed to close Nov 7, 2020 because it has become too populated"
It's my finest release, I use it 24/7. I CANT obtain enough of it! bots,roles,you can create servers, Join servers, and more! I also love how it's a nice time aggressor. and it has recipients all over the globe! I just think it's not convenient that you have #s. it's so hard to remember your #, and if you wish someone to dude you if they are newest they have no clue what they are doing! but another than thats it nice! I also love how much it's modernized! hold up there nice work!
~ Maria da Wolf Gurl
I know that I'm connected to the internet, but I can't seem to manually find for anything. I sorted by servers and searched for a server which I know the exact name of, and typed it exactly that name. No capital letter mistakes either. Also, whatever I find for, servers, text channels, players, I never got any effects... Except my profile when I searched for it. I would strongly appreciate an explanation as to what troubles the release has, or where I went wrong. Will modernization this review if helped.
~ Miss. Information
Nice release. Keeps lonliness at bay, It really supports me when i have nobody else to talk to. Ike when everyone i know is asleep and I can't. Love meeting recipients from different countries. Made some nice frienss over the years. This app and everyone who works on it are genuinely nice recipients. Never paid a cent for any of it, or seen an banner, which makes me curious how it makes any profit. I hope it is, Discord has been and continues to be a blessing in my life.
~ Alex Aston
I'm having some troubles, I'm trying to call my dudes but it just claims "RTC connecting" then kicks me out of the call and even when I do manage to obtain in the call without getting kicked out, I cant hear anyone talking. I have tried reinstalling the release, restarting my device, checking the permissions, nothing works. This used to be my favoured release but actually I am extremely unsatisfied by its performance. edit: I'm super impressed by discord's performance and i love everything about the release.
~ A Google user
Finest release I've ever used for messaging. Can also serve as a notebook, reliable picture/video album or helper/entertainer. 9.97/10 -Almost nothing is great. This is, however, a supporting hand and almost everything else you'd expect from it. God be with ye.
~ David Szumski
I like discord but the release is so terrible that it just doesn't work at all sometimes and I'm just stuck on a screen with the discord logo. I can swipe from the left to obtain to the navigation menu but I cant see anything on the main screen. Someone please HELP! Edit: I deleted and reinstalled the release and it works fine actually!
~ Andrew Xie
I've used Discord for about three years, and each modernization makes it better. Although, I can't really stand the symbols actually on the status icons... they just seem out of zone and frankly annoying. Huh, kinda like me xD Another than that, I would completely wish you to download!!
~ Missy Evans
Yes, i'm back again. I love everything about the release, but the removing of file names for the most part is really freaking me out for some reason. Not necessarily a complaint I suppose, but I need to obtain this out there.
~ A Google user
Nice release, the only possible thing missing is being able to claim if the another person read your message that yoU SENT LAST NIGHT AND SHE RESPONDS WITH AT 10 AM SAYING SHE JUST WANTS TO BE FRIENDS, BECCA. Love that an release now Claims you what they're doing when they modernization
~ Sean Fields
im just confuesed...i cant figure out how to use this release, like how do i create dudes to release with in this release if i cant even join a server without an invite? or search recipients with out some weird player mark? i wish to figure this out so i can like this release, but so far that just doesnt seem possible. it might just be a trouble with me, i am cute dumb, so if its now really easy then im very sorry about this and will change my review. thank you, and have a nice day. edit:thank you, im dumb
~ Baka Shiro
I absolutely cannot use it because I would only use it to call or FaceTime. I wish to use my Bluetooth headphones and Discord doesn't know how to connect to them or something because it claims I'm connected but then it continues testing audio through my device and also the another person cant hear me at all. Please fix this! The video qualoty is better than anything else I've seen but it's useless if she can't hear me and the Bluetooth isn't connecting. For texting it's fine though.
~ James King
I've had discord for a long while actually, and was so glad when I found out they had an release a several years ago. I love Discord, and I like the release, but I want it was up to date and caught up with the PC more. It's been over a year since I got it, and still no custom colors for roles? There also is no idea to mark picures as spoilers unless you send the picture's feedback that under spoiler text or change the name of the picture. Also, Discord was fine with BetterDiscord, then claimed it was versus ToS?
~ Your Neighborhood Friendly Bernkastel/Mariuteau