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About: The terms contained in this app are designed to deliever extensive, simple-to-read stats regarding the dialyzability of drugs. Numerous literature sources have been used in preparing the terms. For many drugs, including newly-approved medications, investigational agents and medications available in another countries, there have been no dialysis pharmacokinetic studies. In some topics, the available time may conflict. Conditions of dialysis used in published studies may not reflect actual dialysis practice and technology. Variations in the duration of dialysis, blood and dialysate flow rates, dialysis membranes, and whether peritoneal dialysis is continuous or intermittent, will all affect drug removal. These terms distinguish between conventional hemodialysis and high permeability (high-flux) hemodialysis where such time are available. No stats is provided on drug dialyzability with con ... Show more
Genre: Medical Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 2MB Developer: Renal Pharmacy Consultants LLC [email protected]
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Dialysis of Drugs Reviews and Comments:

Not Unpaid.... useless
~ imran mustafa
Too much $
~ angel gamble
Doesnt work on Note 2.
~ dorothy brown
7.99 / year is NOT FREE !
~ Tina S Helms
Not nonpaid, false advertising! Don't waste your time. I uninstalled.
~ Turtles Tutorials
Great when nonpaid release actually it will not allow me launch without subscription. Google test states it is nonpaid.
~ Eileen Gubics
Before the last modernization the release was nonpaid. Have no complaints work nice and really support me on my job. Actually you need to pay to obtain access. BS
~ Oscar Santiago
Claims it's nonpaid but once installed claims you have to pay 7.99/yr subscription. Very shady company.
~ Andrue Devine
I only need this release from time to time. I liked the convenience of the stats in my pocket but it's not a $7.99 value to me. Offer a nonpaid ver - I'd be willing to place up with banners - and I'll give it 5 stars.
~ MP Hedges
Very slow even for the keyboard to come up, then takes other eternity for the drug to come up. Thought maybe it was my device or internet connection, but tried it on different device and wifi connection and it made no difference! Wasted $10.00!
~ Tammy Scott
~ Regina Gregorio
Beneficial specially at work
~ Mai Albano
Why buy?
~ Mic Atef
Not working
~ A Google user
Was nonpaid why paid?
~ ahmed ghanem
Was a nice release but upgraded to GS4 and will not work. Please fix!
~ Ryan Brannen
Won't work on note3. I had this release on my iPhone worked nice.
~ Lemont Richardson
Not working on my galaxy s4, this would be very useful if it worked...I use the ebook regularly for patients.
~ Irene Hernandez-Reynoso
Does not give enough stats to be needed. Might be ok for someone who is just intersted in trivia but If your wanting clinically needed time this release falls short.
~ Matt Lambert
The ebook is nice. The release is garbage. It doesn't work at all my Droid Razr. Check downloading it sometimes I still can't obtain it to work. Stupid fix it because this should be an invaluable software for inpatient care.
~ A Google user
The release works fine on my Motorola RAZR. It's speedy to find for drugs and gives concise stats. Differentiates between HD and PD. Great to have this stats. Looked up my handful of RX's in just a several mins.
~ Noah Kromer
vv nice.
~ Sher Bahadur Chauhan
Love this release when I'm working with my dialysis patients. It's speedy, handy and extremely needed!
~ Crissy Sugano
Not nonpaid, don't waste your time
~ Jiten Patel
This was a nice release until they false advertised about it being "nonpaid" and when you download it you have to pay $7.99 for a "subscription". They should advertise for drug companies to cover the cost of the subscription. It needs to be nonpaid again or change it in the test shop to present it costs.
~ Brandi Wilson
I haven't required to use this release in a several weeks and when I opened it I actually have to buy a subscription to use it? Yet on Google test it's listed as nonpaid. When I had access to it, it was a unbelievable release.
~ A Google user
Just why was it essential to add a subscription charge?!? I'm sure the Rx companies would love to advertise on your release! I'm a dialysis nurse and this was a very valuable software in my job, but I'll just go back to looking it up in my pocket manual or charts that I obtain nonpaid! Just a Greedy transport... Shame on you!
~ Michael Beamer
nice reference
~ Hider ridr
Paid for my subscription...never should log in. They tried to support then when it didnt work they are actually ignoring me. Waste of time and dollars.
~ Jenn H
The nonpaid pdf online will do the same job.
~ Ashraf El-Meanawy
Needs to be more interactive, more frequent upgrades for a medical release that is not nonpaid.
~ Twila H.
Soft crashes when starting. On ZTE Axon 7, Mobile 7.0
~ Peter Aguilar
Not a lot of stats, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!!!!!!!! NOT WORTH IT. It charges you 15.00 plus tax. will not allow me cancel monthly subscription please support!!!!
~ Thomas Bolin