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About: Your better digital life runs here. Dashlane simplifies and securesyour digitalidentityall your personal stats that lives online. It's the only release that both prevents and protects you from the risks of digitally storing and sharing your stats. -Securely shop passwords, secure notes, payments, personal stats, IDs, and more in your encrypted vault. -Immediately autofill forms and payment stats using our small browser. -Replace low passwords in seconds using our Password Generator. -NEW! Monitor your Password Health in our newest Identity Dashboard. -NEW! With Dark Web Monitoring, obtain immediate safety alerts for every correspondence profile you add in Dashlane. -NEW! Use Inbox Safety Scan to scan your correspondence inbox and search all the accounts you've created, analyze their safety, and save them in Dashlane. OUR PLANS -Dashlane Unpaid: Manage up to 50 passwords ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Dashlane
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Dashlane Free Password Manager Reviews and Comments:

I really appreciate how full featured Dashlane is (super ver). I had considered going with an launch source password manager, but I decided that I preferred all the extras that come with this one, like how it can autofill personal and financial stats. I also appreciate the white paper provided on the blog's safety page. My only complaint: I want the desktop ver should autofill fields in tools outside of the browser (such as my passwords for Steam, Wi-Fi Mathematica, etc).
~ Andrew Pitman
Mostly nice. Hate the 'stealth' buttons that are invisible until you hover on them. [Edited...5/28] I could have claimed that my 'stealth' comment only applies to the PC release. Basically it was my rant rebelling versus the modern GUI trend of disappearing buttons which only appear as you drag the mouse around looking for them. Just because Microsoft place that property into the programming software doesn't mean you could use it.
~ Gavin Rumble
nice release, one of the needed apps i have in my device and mac, i would love to have a information to save accesstokens of different blogs like github etc , i am not sure we have this information already. secondly i am tiny worried whether these guys might take time out of my profile. and sell it somewhere 😮.so far so nice
~ Kishorekumar E K
I switched to this from lastpass This release is far more optimised and less intrusive more modern looking as compared to lastpass Plus it's more easier to understand and worls all the time After using this release i realised how lastpass sucks.
~ MadMax
I have used this for years on my laptop and device. I just downloaded it to my Fire 10 device. It is a life saver.
~ Tineke van de Merwe
Have to sign in to Dashlane too frequently.. often it's required to sign into a blog, we have to sign into Dashlane with "Master" password.. a large PIAss
~ James 'Firehawk' Thomas
I went through the entire process and even fingerprint enable the release. THEN...... it modernized. After the modernization it began asking for my master password again. I place it in aaannddd....NOTHING! I'm so frustrated. I wrote down my master password. I know exactly what it is...... besides that, I (in the last 3 or 4 days) have gone through each conceivable password that I have ever come close to using for anything at all! Ridiculous that there are no safety questions PW recovery options.
~ Jeremy Hale
RESPONSE TO SELLER: I'D GLADLY PAY FOR THE APP AS A SINGLE PURCHASE. I'D NEVER PESTER FRIENDS / FAMILY TO EARN A FEW CENTS it's a nice release., except it's far too expensive for the super ver. they are charging $5 a month which is not a lot on its own, but added to everything else all of these tiny charges add up. IFONLY THEY WOULD HAVE A SINGLE PRICE FOR A SINGLE LICENSE PURCHASE EVEN IF IT WAS 20 OR 30 BUCKS, I'DD HAVE DONE IT. INSTEAD I JUST KEEP EVERYTHING IN A SPREADSHEET.
great release to organize passwords, credit cards, car stats etc. with you at all times on your pgone snd secure.
~ Ken Cain
Satisfied with the nonpaid ver. I never took the consideration of writing passwords or saving them in an online service like Dashlane until a several days ago I was locked out of my Google profile. This though as claimed by everyone shops time in an encrypted form, so even if Dashlane gets hacked your time wouldn't be compromised.
~ Brian Williams
I am really not glad with the service. I bought the super box, but I am not able to save any important passwords like banking login information. And there is a sync ing trouble as well between the chrome extension and the Mobile release. Sometimes the extension doesn't load properly.
~ GR, Inc.
cannot suggest enough! well worth the dollars, the admin page is robust, and it keeps improving the experience.
~ jake Grosek
This product is nice for storing passwords! Yeah, that might be obvious; however, it gives me the added ability to share it with other person in an encrypted fashion. also, notes, encrypted, sharing, transactions, personal stats... uts really a nice product.
~ Jeff Buckley
The installation went smoothly. We will see about the effectivity as I installed it a several days ago. Stay tuned here. ........ A several days have passed. one of the reasons I tried Dashline was the ad and subsequent suggestion by Richontech.cc. That ad claimed there was a 6 month nonpaid incentive for newest customers who sign up. So I signed up only to search that Dashline no longer offers that. I feel I got the bate and switch rope-a-dope treatment. I thought you all could know. Meanwhile I'm going to talk to my dude Rich about his advertising screw up. I still havn't made up my mind about Dashline yet but I did delete a star. Stay tuned.
~ Henry Armstrong
Dashlane's interface is sleek, potent snd information rich. it is so much more than a password vault. It is a manager for all of your personal, sensitive and tedious-to-look-up stats. An emergency contact who may request and obtain access to all the player's stats, unless the request is denied within a custom time period, is.a convenient idea of getting your final affairs in order. The fact that the super ver also offers a VPN and secure browser makes this a "gotta have".
~ Lian Aldrich
I have been with this company since they started and they have improved so much thats it is remarkable. The Soft (Mobile) is truely wonderful, simple to use. Thank you for all the nice years for your dedication and hard work to create this release, and soft remarkable. I am hopeful for many more nice years to come.
~ David
I don't even know what this release really does. It pops up while I'm trying to fill my correspondence and password information on any web or release, and asks me whether dashlane could fill it up for me. So when I press on it, it takes me into dashlane release where it asks me my master password. After I fill in my password it sends me back to the screen where I was trying to fill in my information, and does nothing. Both correspondence and password slote stays empty. I'm not really sure if I'm doing anything wrong. Please support!
~ Usman Tariq
While the apps are handsome and run smoothly, seeing the passwords on few devices requires a subscription while the another apps offer syncing for nonpaid. Here comes the dilemma similar to the scenario. Allow's assume that there's an emergency that needs retrieving a password yet there's no subscription. Is it morally sound to ask a payment for solving the case?
~ Annastiina Salonen
nice experience. plan on using it more in the future. makes signing into blogs a breeze. ive never had an trouble.
~ Nicholas Hilby
Dash lane works flawlessly on windows 10 in my experience. However, on my Galaxy s9+ I have some troubles with it. It has problem with showing up on some apps and sometimes gives me the wrong accounts credentials. I understand this should be troublesome when apps have different names from their associated blogs, but maybe it should be worked around by allowing you to pick any of your passwords or being able to set certain passwords as associated with specific apps rather than just blogs.
~ Zane Mammon
super ver bugged. I hold having to change it back to log into the release via a pin because i have troubles remembering ALL the passwords i have to remember, and it still keeps switching to along for a PW. Very frustrating to claim the least. Please look into this and did this see trouble and i will be more than glad to re rate your release.
~ Fargo Metro
No more clicking forgot password on blogs. its worth the dollars for super to sync across all your devices. it's just a nice service and the time and hassle it saves you is well worth the dollars and all the extras are a great informations and premium to have that come in handy and create it better than the another password managers out there.
~ G C
Garbage release. Didn't sync my passwords with cloud so after reinstalling OS I lost all of them. They test to extort you to obtain the super or they won't allow you sync. Not to mention the super is idea more expensive than LastPass. haven't heard from the customer help either. Thought I'd give it s test but it's a fully unreliable peice of garbage.
~ Arin Davidian
Not only did I lose my passwords once but twice the first time I can take some blame because I forgot my master password and I obtain it makes it more secure but the fact that dashlane can't even restart or send you your password is really dumb. The second time Dashlane gotta of just had a brain fart because I place in my master password and I know it's correct because I wrote it down in multiple territories and it didn't work. When it now worked it was nice but too terrible it don't wish to.
~ BW Draggon
finest secret stats release ever. has premium folder for bank cards and passwords. there is one for notes so you can place anything. plus it can automatically log onto blogs or you can copy the stats and paste it. don't worry the clipboard auto erases after a couple of mins for safety. highly suggested. btw I have had this release for few years actually.
~ Jonas Beauregard
not usually working as it could. tiny bit buggy. if have different accounts (gmail for example) sometimes makes confusion and ask to modernization the password for another accounts. would be great to have a saved history of the password just in topic a password gets modernized by mistake. Some newest information would be appreciated because it's type of expensive. I've appreciated the included VPN information. I'm a super member but I think the price per year could be cheaper, considering another apps..
~ c4rloLuis
The finest release ever syncs across all my notebook, device & device. (with paid ver) Well worth the dollars. You can use passwords that you would never remember or no hacker would ever guess. You can also use fingerprint to unblock as well Unfortunely. the price has gone up $20 more than the last 2 years and so I gotta search other password keeper. I can't afford $60 a year.
~ Tammy Jergens
It kept bugging me to modernization and would fully take over my pc to ask to modernization itself, even when the release was not running. I DID NOT like that at all! I wish to hold my personal stats protected but If I am streaming or testing a release on my pc, then I cannot have a tool that manages my passwords pop up and take over. Just ask me to modernization when I launch the release, just like many another apps. Also, I hate how the release did not claim me I was getting a nonpaid trial when I downloaded the release on my device first, so I thought it was a really nice nonpaid password release but actually I know you have to pay to use %90 percent of the informations.
~ Bruddermane
Works most of the time..Been using for over a year...Laptop cute much 4 stars...small devices 2 stars...log on from small devices very terrible...stopped using completly on Samsung Tab A.
~ Jeff Segers
Not Useful at all. For auto filling can't fill in the player name and password. I meeting can't login to my profile after pay for the service. using Google Chrome mire simpler and the finest. i still hopefully the trouble will resolve.
~ Arriffuddin Bahanudin
I've used Dashlane for about a year but I uninstalled it a couple of days ago because its just not nice enough. Unless you pay for the upgrade, your passwords are stored locally on your device, so if disaster strikes you're stuffed. Also, I allow the release modernization itself and lost all your passwords and it did it to me twice, so I've reverted to using a tiny notebook and pen! Basically, when i required it to work, it allow me down and as that is its reason for existing, it had to go! Disappointed.
~ Colin Geer
Dashlane is an release trapped in the 20th century. Customers NOT using windows or ios DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO SETTINGS NEEDED TO MAKE THE APP USEFULL ! If you are among the millions who use mobile or other 21st cent. OS you have limited or no access to functions like changing your master password ! Because of this shortcoming I CAN NOT recomend this release!
~ Ron Iams
All of a sudden all passwords and saved stats is gone and I'm being asked to make a newest profile. Unistalled! Don't waste your time on this garbage.
~ Joshua
would be better if it didnt cost so much, £40 for a year, they do offer a nonpaid ver, but syncing between devices isnt available on nonpaid ver
~ Haiden Rogers
Been using Dashlane for over a year. So needed to sync and access passwords across devices. Allows me to use complicated and special passwords because am not scared anymore to forget them.
~ Benedikt von Butler
I hate you guys! I've lost all my passwords. You claimed you'd stop syncing my passwords across my signed-in devices – you deleted my passwords after redownloading this sh**ty release. You claimed chrome password saver was no nice! You bunch of losers virtually tricked me! I'd sue you if I got the chance. Lmfao, you destroyed my life! You recommended generating passwords that were too hard to guess. Thanks for everything. It's great knowing you. This isn't how business is done, jerks!
~ Segun O.
Nice password manager for all my confidential datas. by the idea it doesn't helps autofill for major blogs like Apple, Google, Microsoft. because they splitted login screens to two( First page for confirming correspondence and other page for password) This release only recognise one field for that blogs, either correspondence or password. Improve this algorithm devs🤗. I am still playing this release for my flexibility, after i found it'll catch up with me I'll buy a Pro♥️(sure I'll).
~ Saravanakumar G
Developers, please support. My dashlane release keeps asking for pin and i unblock it, but then it asks for pin again and again after a second. I can't use the release. This started after Jun 19 modernization. My device is xiaomi 5 plus. Actually i don't know what to do, if i can't access the release I'll have to restart variety of passwords. I'm really upset
~ Оксана Матуляк
Overall, I'm having a nice experience with Dashlane. Nice release to not only shop all your login stats, but replace it with extremely hard to guess, auto-generated and special passwords. I personally love the information that Claims you when you've repeated passwords. For both Mobile and Windows I search this release extremely needed and very practical. so far my only recommendation is to do something about the add button; It blocks the copy button of the last password in the list and it's annoying.
~ Leonel Cantú
I do love this release. Safety monitering and being able to modernization most pws with one click are nice informations. I think my largest critique is the persistance of the browser release trying to shop passwords. It'll ask me maybe 3-4 times in a row if i wish to shop the password even though I've either hit yes the first time or already have the password. Edit: Help reached out to me and i trust they've fixed the trouble in their most newest version. i havent encountered the trouble so far.
~ Evan Young