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About: Receive off the couch and obtain running with the OFFICIAL Couch to 5K training release! This oft-imitated tool has helped thousands of newest runners transport from the couch to the finish line. Spend just 20 to 30 mins, three times a week, for nine weeks, and youll be ready to finish your first 5K (3.1-mile) race! WINNER of the 2012 Appy Award for finest Healthcare & Fitness Soft! Informations Training plan designed by Active.com trainers Select from 4 different motivating virtual coachesJohnny Dead, Constance, Billie or Sergeant Block Hear human audio cues to walkthrough you through every workout Listen to your favoured playlists with in-release song user Calculate your distance & pace and map your routes with FREE GPS help Log your workouts and share your progress on Fb Receive help from the huge running community on Active.com Trainer Repeat workouts and track your f ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: ACTIVE Network, LLC
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About: Alarm Clock make your phone the intimate life assistant with calendar reminder, timer, stopwatch, scene clock etc. Main Features Health Alarm : Health reminders according to expert advice, helping you to create scientific timetable for meals, work, and rest Scene Clock: Use reminders to manage every second of your life. Calendar: Manage your schedules, special days such as birthdays/anniversaries and to-dos. Countdown Timer : Perfect for every timing situation (sports, game...

Developer: Fan Tech

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About: To be successful with the Keto Lifestyle, you need to change your life. To change your life, you need the support of a community! Purchase this app and you will find a place where folks who are serious and committed to the Keto lifestyle can commune and grow without the negative vibes from people who dont understand. Users will find Getting Started guides, info on best practices, Keto-approved recipes and will have the ability to share their successes in a safe environment. Join a t...

Developer: Mobile Appfitters, LLC

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About: With the Henderson County Family YMCA App you to get most out of the services of your facility when you train both indoor and outdoor. Completely redesigned look and feel with three areas: FACILITY: Discover all the services that your facility provides and choose what interests you most. MY MOVEMENT: What youve chosen to do: here you will find your program, classes, and challenges youve joined and all the other activities youve chosen to do at your facility RESULTS: Check your results an...

Developer: Mywellness srl

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About: Ultimate Fighter is the best combat sport fitness app to get you working on attack and defence. The Virtual Trainer will call out a random combination of moves (punches, kicks, blocks and footwork) for you to follow on the heavy bag or when shadow boxing. Can you go 5 x 5 minute rounds like a UFC fighter or 12 x 3 rounds like the boxing greats? With so many options to change to suit your workout needs, Ultimate Fighter is the workout app every UFC / MMA / Boxing / Karate fan should have in ...

Developer: AnyKey Solutions

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About: Provide basic information about yourself, such as your age and activity level, and we will calculate how many calories you should eat each week to reach your goal. You can either specify a date you want to lose the weight by or you can say how many calories you want to eat, and we will calculate how long it will take you to reach your goal. This free weight loss calculator will create a week by week schedule for you, detailing how many calories you should eat and how much you can expect to...

Developer: Ole Larsen

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About: Zero calories is a very light and simple fasting tracker. It allows users to modify fasting time and length of the fast....

Developer: strange_tech_guy

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About: Gini breaks down your complex health-nutrition-gene relationships, functions as a guide for your micro or macronutrient needs, and helps you identify the best food sources optimal for your specific genetic profile. All our features are currently free to use. Explore your genetic self today! Depending upon the type of food, it can have a beneficial, neutral or a detrimental effect on your body based on your unique genetic makeup. Every person is genetically and biochemically different from ev...

Developer: Gini Health Inc


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About: Alkaline diet (also known as the alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet, acid ash diet, and acid alkaline diet) describes a group of loosely related diets based on the misconception that different types of food can have an effect on the pH balance of the body. It originated from the acid ash hypothesis, which primarily related to osteoporosis research. Most proponents of the diet maintain the incorrect belief that certain foods can affect the acidity (pH) of the body and that the change in pH can...

Developer: rnamobile

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About: Everyone is worried; how to loose weight; how to get rid of that belly fat, and tighten the body. Worry no more we come with a workout plan that will change your life and make you more confident and self-loving through Workout Challenge: 30 Day Weight Loss Fitness. In this workout app free all the exercises are home workouts. You dont need to hit the gym. If you have a small window to exercise; no problem, do the 30 day full body workout challenge. We know you are a busy person and have a cramp...

Developer: Simple Smart Daily Apps

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About: The most popular and effective office workout training app on Google Play 2018. Aiming at office crowd or long-term volt case worker, MoveUp is a customized 21-day relaxation program for you, which takes 5 minutes every day to help you become more relaxed. It serves as a workout trainer and home workout. You can exercise without equipment. No equipment need. Aiming for relieving your dry and tired eyes resulted by staring at computer screens for hours at a time in office, Move+ offers a ser...

Developer: Move+ Fitness Group

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About: Looking for the weight gain app? Want to gain weight fast? Our diet plan app within 30 days, allows you to keep the detailed diet with instructions, so naturally for women and men to gain weight fast.Weight gain fast app contains tips for diet plan with recipes and treatments In addition, protein, sugar and fat are needed.weight and balanced can reach 10 pounds in a month the app is distributed in a plan of breakfast, lunch,Dinner and snack weight gain If you are considering yourself underw...

Developer: Fitness Lab

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About: Golocalisation des structures de la sant publiques et prives - Hopitaux - PolyCliniques - Salle de Soin - Pharmacies et Pharmacies de Gardes...

Developer: Msprh

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About: Sprinterval is a six-week High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program using sprint intervals. The program gets a little bit harder every day as you gradually increase your work-to-rest ratio. HIIT with sprints lets you burn fat without losing muscle. You'll get through your workout in about 15 minutes, but feel the effects all day long. Finished Couch-to-5K and looking for what's next? Trying to speed up your 5k or 10k times? Just looking for the best way to get in shape and lose wait...

Developer: Fat Arrow Development

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About: Yummy Low-Carb Keto Desserts Recipes To Curb Sweet Cravings Desserts rule hearts. But irony rules life. Keto diet that delicious and non-restrictive diet is quite uptight when it comes to desserts because sugar and flour are a big no-no for ketosis. That hurts (it really does!) if you have many sweet teeth, not just one. But, hey! I have got a dozen ketolicious desserts that are easy to make and will curb your sugar cravings. No-Bake Low Carb Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Treats Keto Va...

Developer: G Apps Inc


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About: Records daily exercise Record daily step count,Calculate the daily consumption of calories, moving distance,time Smart alarm clock You can set the smart alarm clock. By bracelet vibrate to remind you to get up, no longer disturb people around Calling reminder You can set the calling reminder. When a call or SMS comes, the bracelet will vibrate automatically Record running track Real-time monitoring the moving track, distance, pace, calories. Social sharing You can share exercise data t...

Developer: Wemeworkroom

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About: It's a personal Fitness trainer for home & gym workouts, designed to help you lose weight, get fit, have toned legs, sharp press, and shapely butt as well as perform your routine correct and effective with joy! Build muscle, lose weight and get toned with Fitness! - Can be used anywhere: at home, the gym, other types of workouts - Routines created by top professional trainers - Clear instructions with videos and GIFs for all exercises - Full workout and body metrics tracking This app will ...

Developer: PHA Inc

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About: The CloudCoins app is an experiment with Kubernetes and Blockchain. The mobile app is integrated with Hyperledger Fabric running in IBM Cloud Kubernetes service. It is designed as a working example of some of IBM's Cloud technology. This app offers a steps tracker that will hopefully make everyone aware of their health and fitness. You will be rewarded with the steps you take with CloudCoins. This is where the blockhain network is utilized. With Kubecoins, you can exchange them for some cool ...

Developer: Anthony Amanse

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About: Running is a great sport that we should not ignore. It not only helps you keep your body fit, healthy and strong but also stays positive and energetic all day. If you love jogging and running, looking for a good fitness tracker, free running app, running tracker, then Run Mate is defenitely what you're looking for with a lot of intersting features and beautiful friendly interface. FREE RUNNING APP - RUNNING TRACKER Run Mate is a free running app - best app for runner, which helps your...

Developer: HeaFit - Healthy and Fitness

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About: Download the XTREMECity App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studios location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device! Download this App today!...

Developer: Branded MINDBODY Apps

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About: This application VRK Diet Plan New will be fully informed about Sri Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet Plan in Telugu. Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna has been known as the Magician of Natural Medicine for a long time. Millions of people suffer from BP, Diabetes, Obesity, Overweight, etc. In complex phases, with out any medicine and physician, Sri Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna has found a successful diet plan. By this plan, anyone can become healthy. This app is made available to all the Telugu people i...




Couch to 5K® Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. I downloaded this release years ago before i had a tablet to track my distance. I finished the training then and never felt so proud to claim i ran for 30 minutes straight. Ive since place on weight again and was elated to see this release on mobile. Actually its improved so much more and still enjoyable! I highly suggest this release.
~ Vanessa Harris
I've never been a runner. I'm nearing 40 years old, am nearly 40 pounds overweight, and I was in desperate need of a change. I just finished the first week of C25K and I LOVE it. I have a long idea to go, but this release has already made a difference in my state of mind, and will hopefully create a difference in my body as well.
~ A Google user
I do not like running and honestly, I may never like running, so getting to a 5k isn't remotely of interest to me. I DO wish to feel healthier though. I'm only a week in (3 determined shuffle-jogs I'm mightly proud of) and super impressed by how well-timed and paced this release is for a couchy like me. Add some Spotify soundtracks, some YouTube tricks on how to keep my body, because the wrong position makes it harder... and I'm genuinely enjoying it. Previously, I'd burn out or harm myself early in and lose motivation. I'm shocked I've been able to create it through the 1/2 hour, sweating and breathing hard, without being exhausted; it's just challenging and rewarding enough that I wish to do it again in a day or two, and I haven't overdone so I'm able to. Really impressed with this easy release. Thank you!
~ Imogen Speer
im on week 3 and loving it. yes, it runs slow, but I trust this supports a person avoid being overwhelmed and giving up. its easing me back in to running.
~ Cris L
Poor. Kept destroying and erasing time. Thought I might be an exception to this bug but yet other sucker for a dodgy deal. Do not download
~ Penelope Hone
I've just finished day 3 and it's the second day in a row that it hasn't recorded my workout. I obtain the commands right up until the last brisk walk and then it cuts out, the release inexplicably closes and I lose all my time. My husband is running with me and he has an apple watch so he can share how far we've run and I can log it manually but I'm losing the tracking of my own progress and the tracking of my pace which is why I paid for the release in the first zone. A very unhappy customer 😡
~ A Google user
the finest release to train for a 5k. Builds you up with intervals which is nice especially if your newest to running. I suggest this release to all my dudes and family. Not one complaint.
~ Sheri Roberts
Purchased the release last week. Have finished one full workout and three more where the release has closed during the workout and so not recorded the run. Frustrating!? The trouble persists. On the date of birth trouble pick the year top left and it will launch up a drop down list that you can scroll through to obtain your year of birth. Shame its hidden functionality.
~ Richard Jarvis
Wouldn't bother wasting your dollars! First release I've ever now paid for after using a nonpaid ver of a couch to 5k release but thought I'd test this. First day I used it, it closed half idea through, all time lost. 2nd day was fine. 3rd day release closed halfway through again, restarted it and it closed again. I'm over it. Would rather have a simpler UI/UX on an release that now records your workout rather than a woman jumping about the screen and then the release shutting down with some dodgy lockscreen
~ A Google user
Started on the couch...actually on week 6. I did do a couple of weeks twice due to pushing myself too much at first and getting shin splints. But actually I can run 20min straight and I don't think I've ever done that in my life. This release is nice!
~ Dorothy Simons
Purchased and Download years ago never used it. Finally decided to obtain off my butt and do it. BEST JOGGING APP EVER! So simple to follow and you set your own pace.
~ Amanda Booth
Poor! Pls give my dollars back! Kept stopping during runs, didnt log finished workouts (after I had restarted release), distance inaccurate because of restarts. Cant skip past infantile intro. Complete waste of dollars and time. Rip off in both time and dollars. Please refund!
~ Stephanie stn760
Keeps destroying midway. doesn't record any progress either. have to restart or reinstall the release each 10 days to create it work. no customer help, no respond on correspondences.
~ Hiren Madhukar
Even as an experienced runner, I sometimes obtain lazy. Couch to 5K gets me back on track by making the dreaded restart process fun. It even turned my husband into a runner, which is solid proof that miracles can happen. Love this release!
~ A Google user
Has been really useful. Was not keen on running but the alternate walking and running sequence was great to create it doable and enjoyable. The fact you can listen to song e.g. Spotify at the same time is nice.
~ Victoria Green
Literally a couch to 5k app. I never used to run before, but I'm keeping up because the difficulty lvl increases incrementally in accordance with fitness lvl! I feel stronger and healthier!
~ J W
Nice running release for beginners! Sergeant Block is a nice motivator and I appreciate him yelling at me to jog. Soft won't let for my Apple Sound to Test/Skip within the release so I have to toggle between them to run my song user, another than that it's nice.
~ Erika H
I truly love this release. It's made what I thought would be an impossible task for an overweight woman that couldn't run for more than a minute to run, a reachable target. Take a chance and transform your life.
~ martha joseph
I love how this release eases you into becoming a runner! At first I was barely able to lift my feet off the the floor and before I knew it I was pounding the pavement - and enjoying it!!
~ Tanya Bidefeld
Its great go have the terms of how to build up to running a 5k, BUT most recipients who just run running develop shin splints or knee pain. they could have a week of strengthing muscle by the shin, hips, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. then have 4 days total a week half running and half strength training for awhile.
~ Madisen Mus
It used to work nice, but actually the release just stops during runs. This is really annoying because you hold walking until you realise you've been walking for a cute long time. Because of this it also does not track my runs.
~ Lotte Van Parijs
does not correctly calculate my distance. I run the same route each time, its approx 3 miles, the release Claims me its .80 and it shows me running through yards and across ways when i definitely did not.
~ A Google user
it's been a nice software to obtain me back into a regular routine of running at a pace that won't slay me or create me burn out. the trouble I have is that it's not tracking my runs anymore. it thinks I'm walking the entire time. which is weird because when I finish my last run it claimed I did a total of 2 miles and then when I look at the log it only shows walking 1.55. so I think there is something wrong with my tracker.
~ Daniel Gutierrez
I love this release!! it might cost you a small bit but it is so worth it . you obtain so much motivation from others and your personal trainer supports so much!! I burn about 300 cals in every session xx
~ Holly Ingram
I paid for this release because I thought it had the way for the couch to 5k training tool and gets one from an unfit state to something better. It runs you off with a 30 minute walk/ run interval workout with no training or finding out anything about you aside from your actual weight. Then it doesn't track your run distance and route accurately and dropped off a nice 20 mins of my run stats. Really disheartening and can now undermine motivation. Kind of an antihealth release in that idea. Random characters test to motivate you but are really unnecessary if it doesn't perform its primary function. Truly regret getting this release. Giving it 2 stars for the interval training and the look but not the functionality.
~ Mario Noble
lovely. thos release really does a nice job at motivating you. it really does a nice job tracking and keepong you straight and hold you coming back. i even enjoy the trainers who claim you to walk/run, warmup, cooldown, ect. my favoured is the zombie guy.
~ Trevor Demelo
I like this release- only recommendation I have is an option for more upgrades from the trainers like 'quarter idea through' or 'x amount of time left.' Otherwise thanks for a tool that does the job : )
~ Alix Tidy
By far the finest Couch to 5k place there! A nice selection of trainers, run tracking and achievements to earn! I have tried a several difderent training apps bur this is the forst that doesnt badger you for a subscription because there isnt one. Love it!
~ Darren Lester
everything is nice but the gps tracking. my first run only logged as 200 meters while the right distance is 800-900 meters. It also didnt track my movement while running/walking. ;( Added: You guys have to fix the gps trouble.
~ henry parasian
I want I read the another 1star reviews. This has got to be the most frustrating release. You turn it on, run running the then realise you have been running for a longer than expected. When you launch it, the release has stopped, closed down and has not kept any time! I've asked for a refund 3 times before I had to explicity ask them to acknowledge my request. They claimed they have no logs of the release failing on a Huawei device and that the dev squad would write code to capture more logs.. Still no refund!!!
~ Tracy Fitzgerald
Nice release! On week six so far. Does an nice job of slowly increasing your pace and distance. Btw, I started at 280lbs and have been able to hold up with the release consistently.
~ Darby Vance
Works amazingly well. Day 1 of week 1 i was struggling with the 1 minute jogging parts. 5 weeks later and i can really feel my progress. i can actually do 20 mins straight. its brutal but thanks to the gradial build up through the tool, im able to do it. Suggest to anyone wanting to become more active 👍
~ Omero Campos
Worked well at first, but then started quitting the workout mid-run without any prompts Edit: After a bit of experimentation, it turns out that if you hold the release launch, and place the lock on, while running, it seems to work fine.
~ Thomas Day
I started with Couch25K back in 2012. Since I am not a year round runner, (also took some time off to have a baby...) I would use it each spring to obtain back on track. I used to tool every session into a HIIT timer and that was a pain in the butt. I love this because it saves me prep time, and it works with my song on Spotify. It was fully worth the weak price, and I can see myself using it every season to train. I run trails, if there should be a trail based coach added, that'd be cool
~ Sibby Montagner
I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ on Verizon. During my first run, I had incoming text, correspondences on both gmail and Microsoft Outlook, and Remind release. There was zero interference with this release, even when I replied to the text with voice. This has a built in feedback for Google song, but I elected to use Pandora for my run and also had no troubles. 4 star rating because it didn't register my GPS until my cool down walk - claimed me I only went 0.18 mi / 30 min. Maybe my fault, maybe not. Will modernization.
~ Beth Wells
this is the first C25K release that i have installed and stuck to. Simple to use, no ads. I have never been able to run before,. couldnt ryn for one minute in the beginning, stuck with it and can actually run for 30 minutes continous. Not at the 5k mark yet, but that will come in time! nice release!
~ Leila Pilkington
Straight to use. I can test muaic through my earbuds and when its time to run/walk the song will momentarily obtain quiet so you can hear the instruction and then it returns to normal volume. Very intuitive and player friendly. But if you are truly "couch" this will be a challenging tool. Dont be scared to repeat workouts if yoy cant complete them.
~ Katie Rehner
Nice release but not really worth paying for. I was excited to pick my trainer until I realized that they're really all the same, just different voices claiming "walk" and "run". Was expecting some personality and more motivating dialogue I guess. Overall, I'm using it and it works fine but there isn't really anything to it that you can't search in a nonpaid ver.
~ Amanda Lee
brilliant up until it stopped working properly. When my device is locked, which it is while I'm running the release stops working properly. it worked before and then a several months ago stopped. unless I hold the release and my device launch, which I physically can't, it fails to progress onto the next section of the run. Then when I do unblock it I'm bombarded with "actually run" "actually brisk walk" "actually run" and once or twice it has just destroyed at this target.
~ Olivia Evans
very fun, makes me look forward to working out! Edit: I made it to the 9 weeks. I can run for 30 minutes nonstop. I'm proud of myself, but frustrated that this release cannot accurately track my distance. it claims I'm cutting across the block, makes weird shapes that I definitely didnt run. So I cant claim if I'm now doing 5k's or not... which is this release's primary function... but none the less, I will not undermine the heavy progress I've made. Nice release.
~ Andrea Monasmith