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About: Finest zone to share and search recipes made and shared by home cooks like you. Cookpad provides a special social and protected environment for recipients to find for and save recipes, publish recipes and pictures, or share privately with dudes and family in our newest chat. Cooking is no longer lonely with Cookpad *Looking for a recipe?* Cookpad has variety to pick from, including main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes. Recipes for daily cooking and recipes for premium occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Explore by ingredients you have at home or dish you wish to create and run cooking at home! When you create the recipe, you can share the picture of your dish with the recipe originator and so suggest it to another Cookpad players. *Cooking diary*. If you give Cookpad access to your device pics, you'll see your ... Show more
Genre: Food & Drink Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: Cookpad Limited
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About: Welcome to the website for Dusmesh Indian Restaurant Come to Dusmesh Indian Restaurant, where you can find more delicious food ever.Enjoy our exclusive buffet with more than 25 items. Located in Ludlow Ave of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dusmesh Indian Restaurant strives for Indian Cuisine excellence. From our over-the-top customer service, to our delicious food, your satisfaction is not only expected, it is guaranteed! We will make sure that you not only leave with your stomach full, but also with a sm...


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Developer: OrderSnapp Inc.

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Developer: Clickfirst Media

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About: Cooking with Paula Deen magazine gives readers more of what they love from the queen of southern cooking, Paula Deen- and now you can enjoy every single page on the phone and tablet! Each issue offers flavorful recipes for sharing with family and friends, along with access to Paula's life and her family traditions. Truly a food lifestyle magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen showcases down-home recipes and cooking tips, entertaining inspiration, travel suggestions, home decorating ideas, and much mo...

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Developer: IT-SBS.de

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Developer: Floris Books

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About: Are you trying the Ketogenic diet? Have you found it difficult to have enough variety in your meals to keep you motivated? Are you looking for new ideas? Every diet gets to a point where it isnt much fun anymore, and usually it is because we become bored with the food we are eating and want a change, or something that is bad for us. But if you have an Instant Pot you can make a range of fabulous meals with the help of Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook, which provides you with dozens of...

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About: Features. 1. Recipes - There is an up-to-date recipe uploaded daily. 2. Video Recipes - A video recipe is also provided for easy viewing and follow-up. 3. How-how Video Recipes - A video of how to cook Korean cooking ingredients is also provided. 4. Korean TV Show Recipes - The recipes introduced by famous chefs at the Korean TV show will be uploaded immediately....

Developer: EZHLD Corporation


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About: Clean Eating takes you beyond the food you eat, exploring the multitude of health and nutritional benefits that can be yours when you subscribe to a clean lifestyle. In every way, clean eating is all about consuming whole food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. Taking a creative yet doable approach to cooking, youll find it easy to enhance the natural flavors of any meal without compromising the integrity of your food. When it comes right down to it, Clean Eating is not a...

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Developer: Riafy Technologies



Cookpad - home cooking recipe manager Reviews and Comments:

usually search the right recipe I'm looking for
~ Arlen Forbes
you can share your yummy recipies to the globe and chat known recipie originators
~ Bella parris
very fun! sharing my recipes and got another recipes as well. this release bring back my cooking hobby
~ Lubna Fatiha
almost each recipe I need is somewhere in Cookpad. love it!
~ Pat Jenkins
The only reason I don't rate a 5 star is that switching between different languages is not easily possible. I like to see recipes from different countries.
~ Mahand Ahmadi
I like to see variations of recipies with newest and different spices to test out. Do not claim "you don't like it" until you have tried it.
~ A Google user
The finest release to know more about cooking nice meals. So far so nice
~ Dorcas Chelimo
This release change me from zero become a superhero in my kitchen.
~ Kane Diggle
this release truly supports me to search meal recipes. i can also share what i hv cooked to other so it is really useful! love this release af, furthermore this release is nonpaid😅
~ Floren Budiman
Great release! For cooking planner, can u add more columns so that it can be weekly cooking planner? So many nice recipes to be cooked.
~ Friska Liu
potent way from mainstream cooker, the walkthroughs is so nice to directing us to create cheap ingredient for a better effects.
~ Bugar Wicaksono
So fun, makes we wish to cook and bake even more!! And actually I can just go on the release and be inspired for breakfast, lunch or dinner
~ Jo-hanne Linde
A nice sociak media platform to hold personal album of own cooking recipe and share with others and see what another recipients. are cooking.
~ CinergyTech
very useful I truly love it I add my own recipes too much fun to share experiences with
~ Shrouq North
Finest zone to share and search newest recipes, absolutely love it ❤️
~ Rachna Joshi
nice experience on this web, kudos! Creative criticism?... Maybe like a ... umm.. a larger push with advertising? A teeny small more interesting home page? I suggest your web offen.😊
~ Devon da Critic
You can't use this release without logging in to some profile. Fully useless because of this.
~ NoSpam NoJunkMail
very interrsting and educative app. am greatful to come across such release.
~ shamsiyya farouk
Love very much... Thanks to cookpad i can cook newest varieties of meal when i live abroad
~ ajeng riani
Great release nice.recipes. Very simple to use. I especially like the Nigerian recipes. Awsome ! Sosongo
~ LaDell Udoh
As a young lad from texas I usually wanted to search more bbq concepts this is both convenient and simple .
~ Turtle supremes
This is my favoured recipe release. It is recipes from home cooks that have made something premium and shares them with the globe.
~ Omar Jones
Here you will search many constructive concepts posted by others to support you cook in Newest ideas like a chef.
~ Alaa Yassin
Some of the finest recipes submitted by some of the most constructive cooks across the country....LOVE IT!!!
~ James Wiggins
very needed and useful for me as a beginner in culinary travel. thanks
~ Amanda Goenawan
this release supports me how to learn many recipes and supports me to search the ways how to create something. unbelievable!✨
~ Dayu Puspa
I love this release! I can usually search just what I need and more!!!
~ crystal spence
Satisfied getting nice recipes from this platform. Since I encountered this release My cooking has fully changed! I never buys meal from hotels for myself, my girlfriend nor dudes, my kitchen is my favored zone to be from the release to joking with the ingredients and untensils wenever am mad to come out with delicios meals! Thanks for the platform!
~ Jasper Mwenda
hard to switch language. hard to search where's my cookmark, need to scroll down the find to search it, the old ver is simple to search my cookmark, just look at the top bar, bring it back please. but overall its finest to someone who looking for recepie
~ nur afifah
It's avery usefull release.. I'm using it acouple years ago.. And it's very simple to use.. I give it 5 stars with love
~ Yasmin Ahmed
Deleted previous negative review, insufficient zone to edit. Modernization..contacted developer regarding total inaccessiblity to the release and my content. My troubles appear to be resolved. Not sure if fixed or just a topic of cyber-gremlins. Regardless, release actually appears to be back to normal. Thank you for the assistance!!
~ Jim Hohl
With cookpad I am able to experiment with cooking concepts with set limits. I also obtain to share my concepts
~ Clarence Williams
cookpad is very interesting and needed release. we learn a lot about cooking from this release and it's very simple to use and it's weekly challenge are really fun.
~ Kirti Verma
suddenly log out after auto modernization and have to register again and after sign in, no choice of indonesian recipe anymore. I can't even search the recipe at all.
~ Henni Hastuti
The finest cooking release ever. I have learnt alot since joining cookpad, and the fact that they also interact and train you physically at no bonus cost is what makes this release unbelievable.
~ Esther Ndeanaefo
Very sweet release... It gives me the feeling of being my own master chef. I don't have to go on TV just to showcase my skill, this is a very nice release.
~ Bella Marion
In this aplicarion I learn how to cook many Indonesia and western meal ! WHEN THERE NO THIS APLICATION I CANT COOK BUT NOW I CAN COOK MANY FOOD THANKS COOKPAD
~ Aurelia Queenetta
Nice release! I would love to have a shopping list function and a detailed find option too (maybe a super ver?. But I love this release anyway.
~ Andrea Ispanovics
I usually love meal but I suck at cooking .This release deliever vas tons of recipes that is simple and create sense to me , recipe that comes from daily ordinary recipients that test to creates bonus ordinary meal experience
~ Ovie Arthy
Cookpad is the finest baking / cooking platform. The cookpad squad goes to nice lengths to deliver prizes for contest won, no matter where in SA you live. They are a friendly cookpad squad and so are all the originators. Finest web ever and fully suggest it.
~ Kim govender