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About: Welcome to Chronus, a set of flexible and handsome Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets for your Home and Lock** screen. All Chronus widgets share the same highly optimized back-end services, making it the great, single replacement for many of the another stand-alone widgets on your device. This ensures your system will use less CPU, time and battery while still providing you with rich stats. Informations (All versions): Completely functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash, Pixel+, Pixel2+, News, Tasks and Weather Widgets Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, Dark Sky and yr.no weather providers Weather, Calendar and Tasks info News Feed panel with built-in RSS sources and "Read it later" using Pocket Tasks widget helps Google Tasks Calen ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: DvTonder
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Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets Reviews and Comments:

I have recently started using this in zone of my HD widgets. I really like it! The 30 minute weather modernization removal isn't a large deal especially after ready the developers reasons on reddit. If you can help him and obtain the paid ver. Usually love seeing nice apps in the test shop!
~ Shawn Skolout
Has just what you wish and is frequently modernized.
~ Jonathan Shell
Nice release! Nice response time and useful help!
~ Longine
Loses all settings/widgets after almost each modernization. Very annoying!
~ A Google user
did i just see an banner on weather panel?
~ Sindre Johansen
Doesn't seem to have 24 hour clock. Otherwise nice
~ Mayank Maini
Adverts showing up in the paid ver.
~ Mansur Khan
I've been using this release for a number of years and have usually been pleased with its informations.
~ Marissa B
Still is the finest clock and weather release on the supermarket, great job.
~ Petr Cr
The task list is not customisable in compactness. Takes up too much zone. Want I should refund.
~ Rasmus Kræmmer Rendsvig
very nice. use it for clock calender and weather. only want meeting schedule more custonizeable
~ rick belfiore
weather widget has stopped upgrading. have deleted and reinstalled to no avail.
~ Col1n666
whenever an alarm is enabled and shown in a widget the time is off by 5 minutes
~ A Google user
tapping the news reader on my device home menu widget no longer displays the news summary or even the list of news please support.
~ Kasia Brian
when press at news. it not auto load. need refresh at pop up zone. and pick news.
~ Sayed Rahman
Paid for pro. Pro showed up for 2 hours. Actually it's gone. What's up? Support.
~ Marc Novell
I purchased the release but I am seeing banners on my home screen widget.
~ Kevin Gardner
Functioned adequately until wunderground pulled public keys, actually (in the U.K) you can either have an inaccurate provider or one that doesnt work at all. Not much use actually.
~ Richard Hancock
Nice widget release and very customisable. Would only want that the clock + widget would allow you launch the calendar up straight from the date on the widget
~ Jonny Yeardley
Please fix the weather widget. I got the pro ver but the weather does not modernization unless I go to settings. S10+
~ Hooman
I love the release but the next alarm information runs five min speedy and theres no idea to fix it. also would love if google weather was added to the options
~ Sean Dowers-Colon
Purchased this as a better ver of DashClock, but keeps breaking DashClock extensions.
~ Rajat R
Leaves lots of empty zone on home screen. Widget size can't be reduced though.
~ Ben Simpson
I like the release. I paid for the pro ver but the widget doesn't ever refresh the weather. I would like to know if there is a fix for that.
~ bgscribn
Many thanks to the developers for incorporating the newest Weather Underground API for PWS owners. They have proven to be very responsive and accommodating.
~ Jess Frazier
Since some time (I cannot trace since which ver) birthdays from the "contacts" calendar are not shown in the widget, even if picked in the setup. Otherwise, awesome widget.
~ Emilio Radicioni
Love the release but it currently only shows "loading widget" after the newest modernization, and I have the pro ver. Hope it gets fixed quick.
~ Gerald Bauer
When picking time plus weather widget, time dosen't present on screen but it was some trouble with the launcher. Widget was able to use custom font.
~ José Eduardo Álvarez
Works as it could, except for the widget on the home screen sometimes showing the time when you turned your screen _off_ when turning the screen on again. LineageOS 16 on klte here, doesn't happen with the related stock widget.
~ Ray Koopa
one of my favoured weather apps! but it seems the newest modernization includes banners in the pop-ups ☹️ why? I paid for the pro release which specifically stayed no banners 😒???
~ Aaron Dinnison
Horrible waste of dollars after paying for the PRO informations. I cant even use the easy DashClock Countrown extension properly. After initial setup, i am unable to modify every countdown settings.
~ James Woon
I just use this release for your primary equipment, so I honestly don't think it's any better or worse than most clock apps. It looks nice as a widget on my desktop, it's not claiming me it's 4392 hours, the alarm and stopwatch and timers all work ... yeah, it's fine.
~ Corwin McAllister
I love the customization. Just what I was looking for. The ability to change the tap action of the different parts of the widget is awsome. I want it had more clock font choices but that's a minor trouble.
~ Eric Johnson
So far so nice on a LG Stylo 4. One recommendation if I may, I like the slide setting clock screen saver. However, it seems to go idea to speedy with no idea to adjust the speed of it.
~ Derek Claycomb
Hi. I really like this release but the alarm thats shown is usually 5 mins earlier than the actual alarm.. For example, if I set the alarm for 7:40am, it'd present 7:35am. I dont know why but its driving me nuts. Galaxy S10+ on mobile pie here
~ Poom Kreepok
This release *was* working fine. The most newest modernization has fully broken the calendar information. Calendar meetings present up fine in preview but not in the already placed clock widget (Flex 6x5) or any newest widget once they are placed on the desktop. Not having troubles with any another widgets (using Nova Launcher). Edit:Clearing cache/dalvik cache and rebooting seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the recommendation which sorta pushed me in the right direction.
~ Matt B.
you guys are very hard working. nice release. nice interface. everyone gotta test this release.
~ ???
Nice and stable, but not as complete as I had hoped. I cannot add many of the extensions I wanted such as system stats/time/battery as they are not 'globe-readable'. If you can clarify how this can be resolved I would be glad to amend my rating - otherwise I will be forced to look elsewhere at another apps.
~ Jas Sura
Better then any another clock widget, in fact the only one with using. Takes a lineage syle, then leaves it in its dust.
~ Stephen Bell
After using the release for more then 1 year, I can claim this has no rival. I have tried almost each similarapp in Playstore.... and I hold using this one. Not everything is great but is the finest weather/clock/widget release. I have bought the pro ver long time ago and i glad with this. The great balance between simplicity and design. PS. Some newest widgets will be great since we did not obtain newest ones from ...so long time.
~ floo flo