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About: USE INVITE CODE 'CFA' FOR BONUS POINTS TO START!!!! ************************************************** FREE Gift Cards! FREE In-Soft Purchases! FREE Gift Cards! FREE In-Soft Purchases! ************************************************** Check out cool newest apps, accumulate points, and redeem those points for nonpaid gift cards! Featuring rewards from: Google Test iTunes Amazon GameStop Starbucks Rixty Skype Finest Purchase CVS Walmart Goal eBay Trion Old Navy Gap Columbia ... and many more!! How Do I Receive Points?? It's simple, just download newest apps from Dollars for Tools and BOOM! obtain points for these downloads within mins. After you obtain the points you can delete the release from your device. FREE Dollars You Claim?? Once you've saved up enough points (300 points = $1) redeem them for a gift card ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Mobvantage
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About: CONNECT TO PLAYERS AND GAMES Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store. With PlayStation App, you can: See which of your friends are online and what they're playing. Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations. Customize your profile. View progress and compare trophies. Keep up with the latest activities from you...

Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.

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About: Dance Emotes Battle Challenge from Fort Nite is the app with all Fort nite Emotes dances: With Dance Emotes Battle Challenge you can watch emotes video dances of Fort Nite and share with your friends Enjoy playing best mates, dance moves, breakin, disco fever, electro shuffle, flapper, floss, fresh, hootenAnny, make it rain, reanimated... Pick a dance, every dance is a video dance, we have picked the most funny and famous. The floss, best mates, jubilation, orange justice , fresh, tak...


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About: Broken screen Prank is just a prank/simulated app used for fun, it simulates the broken screen effect to play with your friends. It will not harm your phone. broken screen Prank is a classic funny app used to fool your friends. When you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone. It looks like you use your finger to break and crack your phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all your friends will believe that your phone was brok...

Developer: Recorder & Music (recorder, weather, forecast)

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Developer: Turner Entertainment Networks

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About: **Now in our mobile app Disc to Digital! Convert discs to digital movies from your phone with a click!** Get the free Vudu app and instantly watch movies and TV wherever and whenever you want. Join us freely - no subscriptions and no contracts. Watch the newest releases weeks before DVD and subscription streaming services. Stream with stunning clarity and sound in up to 4K UHD, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on select devices. Or watch thousands of titles free with limited comm...

Developer: VUDU

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Developer: ABC Digital

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About: DisneyNOW has replaced the Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Channel apps bringing you your favorite Disney shows and games! Parents you can set your profile to Disney Junior mode for younger kids to enjoy! - DISNEY JUNIOR MODE: Set your DisneyNOW profile and create an experience for preschoolers to get ONLY Disney Junior shows, games and more. - SUMMER FUN: Tap, tap, tap to discover summer surprises in DisneyNOW (hint: try a triple-tap on the SHOWS icon.) - WATCH FULL EPISODES: Watch y...

Developer: Disney


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About: Crackle is the destination to watch Hollywood movies, hit TV shows and exclusive Crackle Originals. Always free. On all devices. So escape the daily grind and recharge with great comedy, drama and action entertainment. - Stream premium shows and movies with a library full of all-star hits completely free. - Watch Crackles fresh and unique Original programming, including buzzworthy TV shows and movies such as Snatch, StartUp, SuperMansion, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and mor...

Developer: Crackle

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About: Lie Detector Test is a funny game which simulates to detect whether you are telling the truth or lying. You can preset the result to prank your friends! Press the volume key when scanning. (volume+ for truth, volume- for lie). Let your friends press his finger on the fingerprint scanner and then the Lie detector app will simulate to scan and calculate the result, true or false. Of course it is a simulated app used to prank your friends. It is so interesting. How to use: Allow you to preset t...

Developer: Eijoy Entertainment

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About: All Battle Royale Weapons Battle Royale, is the best-known game currently and in which many Youtubers invest as much time as possible in playing to attract the majority of the public that has been hooked on the creation of Epic Games. The weapons of Battle Royale play a fundamental role in this game, because depending on the weapon that is achieved it will be able to do more or less damage to the enemy that we find on the way to the VICTORY ROYALE, that's why we created this App so...

Developer: CCL Apps

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About: A soundboard for streamer Daequan's best and funniest moments!...

Developer: Splice Studios

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About: Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? ...

Developer: iFunny Inc.

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About: Discover upcoming events near you and get personalized recommendations. Stay up on the latest for popular events like concerts, festivals, yoga classes, holiday events on New Years Eve or Halloween and networking events. Find something fun to hit up by date, time and location. Buy tix and keep em handy on your mobile device to make check-in nice and easy. Ready to explore? With the Eventbrite app you can: Find whats new and hot nearby at a wide variety of venues Stay in the know on...

Developer: Eventbrite

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About: Believe the Buzz! You can now add some cute and fierce flavor to your messages with stickers of your favorite L.O.L. Surprise characters, lil sisters and pets! Excited yet?! Join Diva, Queen Bee, M.C. Swag and more to show your unique style with messaging stickers and photo stamps! Emoji L.O.L. Surprise combines the functions of a sticker app, keyboard app, and photo app all in one. Best of all, the app is available as a FREE download! Learn more about L.O.L. Surprise here: L.O.L. Su...

Developer: MGA Entertainment


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About: The School and Neighborhood map for Minecraft includes a small dormitory district, a school, a theater, and many other interesting buildings. It is truly a very beautiful MCPE creation which can be used for role plays. You also may try to expand the neighborhood by constructing additional houses to turn the district into a big modern city. The School and Neighborhood map is suitable to play catch-up and hide-and-seek or arrange epic tank battles (you will need to install a special mod for tha...

Developer: Miner Block Chain

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About: Listen to live audio from over 7,000 fire and police scanners, weather radios, amateur radio repeaters, air traffic and marine radios from around the world. Turn on notifications to receive alerts anytime a scanner has more than 3500 listeners (find out about major events as they're breaking). FEATURES View scanners located nearest you. View the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners. View list of scanners added most recently (new scanners are being added all the time). A...

Developer: GordonEdwards.net LLC

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Developer: Knowledge Quiz Games

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About: Having a hair salon is not that easy and if you want to have happy clients you will need to use your own skills to perform different tasks that might come along the way. In this hairstyle game you are about to help a little girl to find a new look and a fresh style of her hair which will include the braided type. There are certain things you need to know before you will start your hairy adventure. First, you will have to arrange and take care of the hair in order to be healthy and ready to be br...

Developer: winkypinky

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About: DIRECTV NOW now with True Cloud DVRBETA, is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. Quickly find your recently watched movies & shows, right at your fingertips. Enjoy news, sports, events and shows as they happen, or binge your favorite TV series and movies anytime, anywhere. Looking for instant access to top entertainment with no annual contract, no satellite and no hassle? Youre one click away from rules free tv. Simply install the DIRECTV NOW ap...

Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.

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About: The next generation best in class oof ooof death sound piano for Roblox Corporation's hit kid's game: Roblox. Roblox meme on your friends, Roblox Meme on your family, Roblox Meme on the world! Oof ooof oof ooof Roblox Corporation death sounds piano! WARNING! professional use only!...

Developer: kiffer industries



Cash for Apps - Free Gift Cards Reviews and Comments:

I am getting a log in trouble with this release. I am not being able to register my profile in this release. Hope you will look after my trouble asap.
~ A Google user
Each time I test to login it claims 'error' and I am ged up of this release.even though I uninstalled and reinstalled itbsays the same thing.
~ Akaash S
Can't log in, usually shows error. Restart my password then also i can't log in. What the hell. I think its fake, just to obtain correspondence and passwords of recipients.
~ Siddharth Mishra
dollars for apps cool yeah, whatever the release did what it claimed it would do, i downloaded apps and followed the terms, redeemed 2 cards, and got 10 bucks worth of amazon credit/dollars, whatever you wish to call it. ...but actually the release wont even allow me sign in, or sign up is somethin wrong with yall release?
~ Scooby Got Waves
Don't download this release. I completed 5 task after that i didn't obtain any task. There is 0 task available. If we don't obtain task how can we earn more target.
~ sworga ko raza
I love your release! I got a google test card with this and it worked! But actually I ran out of offers, and its not giving newest ones, so please fix this
~ A Google user
logged me out and actually I can't log in. claims to check connection and I've got a nice connection. I can obtain on the internet just fine. Don't believe this release
~ cassi quaid
I earned 2000+ points for nothing. When I test to redeem a $5 giftcard it does nothing. complete waste of time.
~ Immortal king
This hold me claims me. you need to log out to see more apps. But im doiing it how many times and still no appps. this.fvkd up dont download this apps. Its fvkng useless
~ LemmeNelle Secret
the worst. I downloaded this release and tried to register. each time that I enters an correspondence address, it claims that there was an error, and when I test the same correspondence address once more, they claims that there is already an profile in the same address. tried a several correspondence id's. the effects was the same
~ Ajish V K
I thought it nice at first but after collecting points from the first several offers, there weren't any newest offers or tasks for weeks. And actually that there are, I finished them but I never got any more points, I have over 2000 points on 'still redeeming' even though most of those offers have disappeared, I never got my points
~ Ali Matloob
keeps claiming log in error......when I clearly know my stats but yet even after changing my password.....it won't log me in.....so this release deserves 1 star rating....maybe none just 0.
~ BLACKツβear Pubg Gaming
worst release...gives u 300 or so points in first 3 appsand after installing it reduces the prices to as weak as 10-12 only...and on top of that it logged me off after that and not letting me to restart my password...waste of tym
~ Deepak Narayan
Once i did all the offers, that was all. They didn't refresh, i have been logging out and in few times and still i have no offers.... so is prety much hard to obtain points if i have nothing to do
~ Ruben2 Maduro2
Disguised by this release. doesn't even work. there is no target on installing this release. You can't even login if you click on forgot password it will give you a temporary password but you cannot login with the temporary password also. 😠
~ Koushik .b
OMG!! I am trying to sign up and it claims that my correspondence address is already in use!! How is this possible when i am using my actual correspondence profile?!?! It is a waste of time. Sorry
~ Sandy Dandy
Initial apps got me up to 850 points which made me very enthusiastic but then they stopped sending any more apps/offers, the last offer was an UBU registration which does not have a valid feedback and the help button literally does nothing when you click it.
~ Peter Ivanov
Although it did take a lot of time, it was still worth it at the end when you obtain that 10 dollar gift card. i would claim this is only worth it if you are too young to obtain a job because it is idea easier to just work for an hour and obtain it. but for me, it was idea worth it.
~ Remi Lokhandwala
this release has lots of bugs and login errors claiming that I don't have Wi-Fi when I have full bar Wi-Fi and each another release works they also cancelled 2 of my cards that suposuably I was signing into multiple accounts when I only have one which was the one I was using all my hard work and time wasted and I didn't obtain my points back what a scam!
~ Snipe fest
This release is nice except i'll sometimes download a release and do what is asked, and i wont obtain the reward. another times iam part idea done with a release, and then the tasks dissapears comepletely from tasks. please fix. i have lost about 500 points from this!
it my terrible luck.i can give u one star .but the true trouble is that your release doing error again and again i cannot ragister . i can fill all stats which he wish for register but sir this is real your release don't register any correspondence adress .so i request u plz build this erorr
I am unable to register for the release. It claims that the correspondence is already in use( i installed the release for the first time). They could fix this bug. From this experience i will recommend you not to download this release.
~ A Google user
I am not getting points even after scoring 100% in quiz.....i even clicked finish quiz and waited several mins...but no points are being added...and still claims in progress...
~ Kamran Mughal
Love It.Enter 4b3229 So far so nice. Fun idea to obtain dollars. Won't create you rich but the bonus dollars is useful. It's also the finest exchange rate on points. 4000 points equals $10 instead of like some of the others where it takes 3300 points to reach $3 etc....Also, very reliable in paying you when you redeem to Paypal. You can pick assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to Paypal for dollars. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for adding some fun to my day.
~ Александр Иванов
Hello Developers! I cannot complete any offers because there are no more offers and its been 3 days. i have 1000 points and i don't wish it to be removed.
~ [CNZ]CʀᴀᴢʏNɪᴛʀᴏZ
This release is a scam ! Once your cross 1000 points they don't give you any offer or task whatsoever. Don't fall for it. This release is a waste of time and efforts.
~ A Google user
Save your time. Most of the downloaded apps don't credit. It took 4 times as long to earn 1800 points to dollars out for a $5.00 gift card. They then rejected it claiming I have multiple accounts which I do not. Satisfied to obtain this garbage off my device.
~ Brandi King
Won't even allow me login in after it took me out of my profile. Keeps making excuses that I'm not online even though I'm connected to WiFi. The Login system is the only thing that's broken. Everything else is nice.
~ KellogsCereal
Ok, what happened to the offers?! The apps were worth 300 points, but actually all of the sudden they are worth less for no apparent reason! Please fix this! Otherwise, it's not possible to obtain some or any of the rewards!
~ Leon Li apple30
There is nothing to rate you guys about it. Because there is really nothing in your release thare is no offers at all for along time, and lastly it stars to not even earn anything from the tow offers that you hold waiting for them all the month
~ Mariam Salah El-Din
this release is trash. i cant even sign up eventhough i place my correspondence and password but it keeps claiming that the username is already use then claiming that im not connected to the internet. i tried so many times but hold getting the same response. fix this plss
~ Noel Nelson
Really not nice. I got 4500 points and it didn't give me an Xbox gift card. Then I went to obtain 4500 points again and I wasted it all on the gift card for Xbox and it still didn't work. I wasted hours on this and I'm claiming it needs improvement, and if you should give me the 30$ gift card for Xbox one that would be nice!
~ Subic s
It is showing an error while sign-up and login. the error is as below. "There is a trouble while logging you in.Please create sure you are online and test again." i think these are recipients are cheating for getting players stats. i have no idea to post screen shots about the error it showed or i would have posted those pictures. i have tried so many times but still it is showing same error.
~ Narendra Babu
tried to log in to my profile and I hold getting errors... I know my stats is correct. but no matter what I do it keeps claiming me I'm not connected to the internet (which clearly I am) or some another weird error. it wont log me back in. so I guess I'm just going to uninstall and search a better release that works... only left 1 star because I couldn't leave anything less....
~ elizabeth kemper
guys don't use this release...they will give you nothing...all your time and time will go into waste ..they will present you adds and no gift card can be generated in this release ... i am claiming again... don't download this release
I have finished multiple offers but only received my points for some. I really wish my points and I've waited on every release and interacted with claimed apps for up to 10 mins and waited hours in topic the points came in slowly. I got points for some but for the majority I did not. I'd really like my points, please.
~ Monique Steed
This release is a scam do not obtain this release I just wanted a card and all it did was scam me, I played a release so I can obtain credits and they didn't give me my credit I was supposed to obtain 100 credits but then they never gave it to me and I just warning you that read the reviews before download or else you'll be scammed just like all the another reviews and read this before downloading that release I'm warning you beware
~ DeklareXeBolls
horrible. I attempted to obtain a $10 gift card and they sent me an correspondence claiming that my profile didn't have the points. they sent me an correspondence claiming that if it was a mistake I should reply and when I did reply, it was all automatic correspondences. none were from humans. I wasted a month trying to obtain these points this release is a fraud and the worst. not to mention each time you obtain points from apps they lower the value so you do not obtain the points u need as easily
~ Akio
what a rip off. scam! i also obtain that stupid online error. i contacted them and no response. i force stopped the release and it worked. then i downloaded a release and in the task section it claimed had two checked but didnt obtain the points. actually this online thing is back.
~ Aaron Fisher
Ok, so, i was doing my tasks. And after i did all of my tasks, it happened. All tasks ended. But i was like "Ok, it claims if i logout and login i can obtain more tasks"... Nope. I logged out, and logged in for over than 23 times. I still have no tasks. What do i do then?
~ Asriel Niggamurr