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About: Cardiograph is an app which measures your heart rate. You can save your effects for future reference and hold track of multiple recipients with individual profiles. Cardiograph uses your device's built-in camera or prepared sensor to calculate your heart's rhythm - the same approach used by professional medical equipment! Measure your heart rate It's never been easier to know what your heart rate is! Without any external hardware, just using the built-in camera/sensor of your tablet or device, you can obtain accurate readings almost immediately. Know how speedy your heart is beating It can be very needed while exercising, if you're under stress, if you have a heart-similar medical condition, or even just out of curiosity. Track your effects Each measurement you take is saved to your personal history, so you can hold track over time. Multiple profiles Card ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: MacroPinch
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Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter Reviews and Comments:

All the time here can't be synced with google fit.
~ Barun Santra
Doesn't work at all on NVIDIA SHIELD device K1.
~ EdgAntoniii RA RGG
Just installed and is working very well.
~ Blaine Stowasser
1) sensor does not work (galaxy note 4) 2) no ant+ help. 3) only rear camera works.
~ Piergiorgio Zambrini
Great release, makes heart rate check simple. No need to count for 60 seconds
~ Walter Animdife
Very terrible at getting heary rate. BURNED MY FINGER as well!
~ John Doe
It claimed my HR was 90 while at the same time my manual HR was 47. WAY OFF!
~ Melissa Mason
Pleased and gives sources to take care in emergency conditions
~ Liyaqat HussainKhan
Some more stats about the heart like irregular beats etc., may be included
~ ksbalaji balaji
Would like a setting for a longer time, and landscape to see entire run of strip
~ J.E. DeArmond II
it is idea too sensative for me. press too hard. my device has a cover and i need to hold cover away from the back camera even tho the front camera is used for my finger
~ Sandra GREG
I used this release with a sausage... Apparently the sausage had a heartbeat 😂
~ Sarin Man Shrestha
Either my camera is not working or this release is useless.
~ A Google user
Accurate heart rate I'm very impressed better than another heart rate apps i installed and had no luck thank you I'm glad😊
~ A Google user
JUST measures heart rate with no analysis, then tries to track my territory for NO REASON. Why does almost each release test to steal all my time??? Uninstalled.
~ Robduino Ash
this is a fake release don't obtain it. i place my finger on my camera and nothing happened
~ A Google user
Fully fake. Heart rate doesn’t without sensor and this one uses camera only that even works with red light.
~ Anupom Ghose
It's nice except banners actually showing over release controls makes a very unpleasant experience.
~ A Google user
a really nice release with a great UI but it lacks synchronization with Google Health.. would be nice if you can add that to the release - also auto checking the heart rate for smart watches would create the release great 👌
~ Mostafa M. Hamouda
Rubbish! Checked with a piece of wood. Apparently it had a pulse!
~ A Google user
Fake, I mean litarly fake release, do not zone your finger on the camera and still it will give you a random effects :/ Hahahahahaha,,,, shame on you guys!
~ ameer tamour
i tried this release on brick wall by covering the lens by wall and still it shows normal heart beat of a brick wall, please stop testing with recipients
~ Pranay Sawant
Straight, pointless as there is no stats or pear time to walkthrough you how you fare.... Have a look at Cardiio on an iPhone - That is a needed release
~ Maki
have used for my heart condition and search it quite accurate. like that u can save the effects thanks.
~ Lional D. Linde
Thought it was great til i noticed it was showing beats even when my hands were no where near it. Disappointed.
~ annmarie lindon
Despite what the developer claims, this does not help smart watches, which makes this a waste of time.
~ Robert King
Not really sure if it's now drawing a graph of my hearts pulse. Looks like the pulse rate is cute accurate though.
~ Christopher Garofalo
Great Soft.. Accurate in most of the times when tested for pulse in rest, exercise state.
~ MaheshKumar K
Very great release but the reason i voted 3 stars is i don't like when the release trigger territory on each time i need to measure my heart b rate, please fix this trouble and remove territory permission,thanks
~ MrZee2014
Claim Accurate Heart ♥ Pulse on my Huawei Nova 3i Great Soft Thanks God Bless You In Future Create this more finest and finest. More Work on this app. Great and great 👌
~ King Khan
Is there away you can make the from turning on camera light? It burned my finger after holding it on the lens a several seconds.
~ ChiomaKaye
As per this release, my table has a heart rate of 85bpm. I don't know whether this release is a scam or my table has a heart🤔🤔🤔
~ Sourav Hazra
I can't trust this kind of release also exist. It may not work for all recipients because the territory of the flashlight and camera is very important for this release to measure BPM. My device's both camera and flashlight are at very right postion. So it worked for me. And yes, this release doesn't measure correct all the times but mostly it does. I have calculated my heart beat manually and this release measures correct heart beat approxiately.
~ Naveen Dahiya
It is very fine, but there's a glitch. The heart rate shows "0 bpm" even if there is no flatline shown. Please fix it.
~ A Google user
I have troubles with bonus beats and palpatation I can check my heart rate and now see what is going on during the time I am feeling terrible. I am a nurse and know how to read the rhythms.
~ Melinda Tyrone
total pile of ****, 4 times I tried to obtain it to read my heart rate and each time it kept claiming me to place my fingertip over the camera. it couldn't read my HR even though I have used another apps that can. I wouldn't suggest this release even if they paid me to.
~ Leo Hartley
I measured my heart rate same time with this release and and taking reading in a traditional idea. Soft gave me somewhat correct reading once. Another readings were incorrect, example 60/89. This release is not giving proper readings. But I know that camera can be used for this purpose, if it is nice enough. Way is that camera registers rhythm from small blood vessels on skin. So without proper light and nice camera this is not suggested. Maybe nice concept is to use clean finger too.
~ Mika
To those who place 1*. This is not release trouble, but too tiny fingure versus. too gigantic camera. So fingure does not cover camera full enough (or you squash fingure too much to obtain camera covered). I mean I help u guys. This release never works for my wife as her fingure is tiny. However I insist it is 5* release. I have this release for over 5 years (3 device changed since). Usually accurate for me while NEVER works for my wife.
~ Michael Moxnach
I have an irregular heartbeat. Most apps stop their playing when they pick up my irregular pattern. I required an release that would not only claim me what my heart rate was, but now present me the historical cardiographs so I should present my doctor. This release does it all. It lets me monitor as long as I wish and saves an actual picture of what it monitors. Thank you!
~ Carolyn Robert
I have an arrythmia. Some apps don't know what to do with pauses between beats and quit. Most apps only remember the heart's rate; this one's better. I can run it as long as I wish and it saves a chart of the heart's beats for that time. I also like the profiles; I give myself a newest one every month; that makes reviewing easier. An improvement concept: it would be great if the player should create a short note (up to 10 words) with every use. The activity icons are great, but a note would enhance the record.
~ Susan Smith