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About: This Soft is a Card Maker for Pokemon is an unofficial card originator for Pokemon. Have you ever wanted to build your very own cards ? and design and create your own card for Pokemon trading cards quickly and easily, using easy popup and menu, and share your card with dudes or social network. Card Maker for Pokemon is made for Pokemon card originators. It is a gotta have release for Pokemon lovers, trading card release (TCG) lovers or comic lovers of the series. Challenge yourself and make your own card deck. Whether it is taking a picture of your dude to turn into a Pokemon or just creating that great card, Card Builder is your gotta have release! After you build your card to perfection you can share it with your dudes to present that your card is truly the finest. Why capture them all when you can use card originator pokemon ? FEATURES: - card originator for pokemon - Help m ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 18MB Developer: Palmnet
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Card Maker For Pokemon Reviews and Comments:

dident work
~ Angel Perez
its stuped
~ CharmanderSteve !
too many banners
~ Samuel Paternoster
I hate it super
~ Raphael Pangilinan
it dont work
~ hunter/Ryger welsh
it is very nice
~ Poh Kim Par Nee Lee Kok Beng
it's stupid
~ LunaTik B0y
soooooooo Dumb Do not suggested
~ Luppy2000
worst release ever seen !!! darn it!!!!!!!!!😡🤬👿👽👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
~ ephilo mihu
boring I hate it
~ Isaiah Spinks
it keeps closing and closing
~ A Google user
~ Dat Magicarp
Lucas small Super Star Fights on GTA V
~ Lele Lala
It's the worst!!!
~ Gabriel Tso
It doesn't allow u use fnaf pitches.
~ strike golden fredbear
It is nice but it sometimes wont save i give 5 star
~ Courtney Williamson
Lovely Product Just Cann't Think What Picture To Use
~ Andrew Ward
Destroyed everytimr u took a picture to add on the card
~ MrNice Is Evil
banners each 1 second. this sucks.
~ EeveePichu07
whenever I test to touch a picture it kicks me out
~ pee pee pookie
it keeps closing the release and keeps sending me back.
~ Real steel Boyyy
I hate it because when I chi to go and obtain a picture
~ Teagen Urich
this gggggggggaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee sucks when you go to pick picture this shows card maker hold stoping
~ Jessica Cochlin
Whenever You Check To Add A Picture It Stops!!!!!👿
~ Julie Laes
it wouldn't allow me save I hate it.
~ gaming with Lily
if I should i would give it a zero and why is because it stops after you pick a picture
~ patty mac
each time i test to upload a picture IT WONT WORK if there is a 0 star i would rate this that
~ ɾaŋɖɷm ʏɷųtųbҽ cɧaŋŋҽɭ
Cute terrible , it just claims its stopped working and when it is working its full of banners
~ Dakotah Saulsbury
I type don't know how the release works but it's cool
~ kale h
It doesn't even print or anything.Even,if i do it on PC.It sucks,and so do you,for using it
~ Sammy_ Vlogs//LegoGuyAnimators
This is the WORST card maker release ever , when I tried to transport my text , I can't!!! :(
~ Denise Caruana
this is a terrible release because often I test to place an photo om the crd it keeps on claiming to launch it again! fix it or else its gonna be a one star!
~ the depreshed bean
This release is did work .It only do text when I go to gallery it release stops IT IS THE WORST GAME
~ Naman Lalwani
issjsiw was a very nice idea adds sdreswww redeeeeeeereeeeeree eeeepwlw l3pwlslls, el4le 4 lr.d...4.d,d,lele.4..
~ Wanda Fridhi
this release makes me furious just just furious. And I cant download the fliping picture!!!!!!! Please create this release better. It will support me a lot.😡😠😡😢😭😠😡
~ A Google user
Needs to be able to upload pictures. Crashes instantly each time an attempt to upload is made.
~ Sean Partee
it's really nice! But whenever I test to place the first text and then transport it, it just removes the white box around it, not allowing me to transport it.. if that is a bug, you could probably fix it. Three stars from me.
~ AugustTheEeveeGirlLovesGS InDokiDokiLiteratureClub
ugh this suck and it won't allow me obtain my picture and each thing I'm so disappointed to this and my cool pictures are so boring and do not download this release enymore because it just DOESN'T WORK!! for pictures at all like kinda cool but when you STARTED you NOW what it mean DON'T WORK so I DELETED THIS ANNOYING (CARD MAKER FOR POKEMON) and this copy the same name kinda not cool to be unused this was a cheap release and cheater
~ aden 826372
It stops running after you pick your pitcher! Not worth it!! Taking it out of my device! two thumbs DOWN! 😠😠😠😠
~ Tracy Otis
each time I place in an photo it zooms it into the corner! this release is a ripoff! it shows up on the tiny preview photos actual nice equipment, but this? NO.
~ Ķįț_Ķäţžż ÝŢ