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About: $4.99 -> $1.99 (60% OFF) FOR LIMITED TIME! This product is the Activation Code of CamScanner. Once bought, you can upgrade CamScanner Unpaid ver to CamScanner Full ver. The globes No. 1 small document scanning and sharing today! * Installed on over 60 million devices in over 200 countries and regions around the globe * Over 50,000 newest registrations per day * CamScanner, 50 Finest Tools, 2013 Edition TIME * Top Developer Google Test Market * The app employs its own photo cropping and enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer photos. Makeuseof.com * CamScanner may just be the finest deal for scanning documents on your device. CNET.com About CamScanner Full ver: - Help high-quality scans - PDF files are created with no watermark - Evernote/SkyDrive uploading information will not expire - No banners About CamScanner Unpaid ver: - ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: INTSIG
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CamScanner (License) Reviews and Comments:

I paid for the full ver (License) but it is actually unusable as the quality of the scan suddenly became terrible. The quality is so terrible and unacceptable. You actually ask me to upgrade to an higher ver but what of the full ver I paid for that you suddenly took away without any notice to me.???. I think I am entitled to an explanation as to why the full ver I paid for has suddenly become unusable.
~ Felix Ogungbemi
so if i paid for this (which i did a several years ago) why do i have to still buy these miscellaneous equipment such as collages and batch mode? why do i have to buy "super" equipment if i already purchased the license? nice release but 3 stars for dollars hounding!
~ Darius Reeder
Scam. Clearly consumer expect no further paywall after paying for the super ver as one of the early supporters. Turns out this is not the topic.
~ Jimmy Tham
Very confusing n lack of clarity when someone is paying for a licence. Even after that it seems like its a trial ver. I mean anyone can check that it's not clearly mentioned that a player is having a licensed ver. Each time it's like pay to obtain super benefits.It has not been mentioned clearly that what informations a customer will obtain in lieu of dollars he has spent. It's like a monetary trap.. Don't buy its license.. Just test the nonpaid ver.
~ vijay1975able
Already paid for the licensed ver. Actually the developer has upgraded several options and asks for bonus super. This is not acceptable.
~ Vijay S
Even though it states that it unlocks the full ver - it does not. ID card, passport and another modes are unavailable. but you will know about it only when you have made the effort to snap a multi page document. Feels like bait and switch to me.
~ Evgeny Minkevich
Don't buy the license, it's fake. I purchased it, and it simply didn't work. Edit: Seems like License and Additional are different. License removes Adverts and Watermarks. That'll work for me, but, please do mention it clearly.
~ A Google user
i paid for this release thinking that ill obtain a usable ver of cam scanner. Yes the watermark is gone, but the release again pestered me to buy a super ver as quick as i created the third folder for organising my captures. There are variety of very related nonpaid release like this, still i thought of helping them by buying this license, but im dissapointed.
~ Ajit Vincent
Purchased app and later they upgraded / 'improved' the release to automatically upload all scans to the cloud. I don't wish to upload my scans and am not allowed by my employer. I can only disable this by buying the newest, more expensive Business ver. I would not have purchased this release if I knew they would add this unvoluntary upload of scans. Not a reliable company.
~ Ronald Capel
Just other release that I paid for and will have to extract to an app file and edit to obtain full accass to content that was paid for. DRM being over abused here, want I knew what kind of soft I was getting. Why launch source is usually better.
~ T Hundley
seems like fraud actually. paid license actually they stripped it all and are trying to obtain us to pay a super subscription. going through newest positive reviews looks like a bunch of bots.
~ Lc rh
I paid for this useless upgrade, They remove everything from the paid release so it worthless actually, greedy developer. I wont be helping anything from them anymore. Btw i was recommending this release to everyone around me, actually i have to go claim them to not waste dollars and to not use it.
~ Hoangvu Nguyen
I paid for a license early on and when it was convenient for them they negated the license I bought and are actually requiring that I pay 10x the amount per year. I'm being punished for paying early. I'll improve my rating when this has been resolved. Thanks!!
~ Peter Jaques
Soft is a scam. Paid for release, but actually not only do you have to pay for the licence you ALSO have to obtain a subscription to use all the informations??? What a scam.
~ Christie Zhang
I paid for the FULL VERSION and actually a couple years later they have options locked behind a super monthly fee. Again, I paid for the Full Release. it is literally named Cam Scanner Full Release.
~ taylor c
I don't like how they charge you dollars and don't even give you the option to remove watermark. Apparently, that option is locked behind a pay wall of $60 per year. Very disappointed with this type of greed. At the very least, they could let you to remove the watermark when you're paying for it. Don't buy it. I already wish a refund.
~ A Google user
I'm very disappointed with your service. First I have to paid very nice amount of dollars for licence. After buying license I found that actually I have subscribed for super service. That's BS I hated your soft. Never gonna suggest anyone to buy or use your product.
~ jay vegad
Release very much usefull. but Actually Asking for a super membership is really ridiculous. because i already payed for the licence. i will never recomand this release to anyone. because its a type of cheating. shame on.
~ Baiju jose
took dollars for full ver and actually asking to pay for super ver. already purchased the soft, hardly a month ago and actually asking to pay up for super. tools and frauds
~ Shilpa Balyan
I've paid for the license a several years ago. Actually they striped all the functionalities and I need to pay again for the “Additional Release”. INTSIG just lose one (more) customer.
~ Ricardo Mota
i am using your other nonpaid release from a long time. Today i have bought this release. but there was a less informations after buy. this release only give you a bonus information is " no banners". please contain in this release a more informations like " id scan " informations that was available in super but please contain in this release. i am giving you a amount of buying this release. please look at this. and add some more informations. thanks in advance...... i am waiting for your respond and action on this .....
~ Vimal Agarwal
I've paid for this release. Why does it has so many limitations? Like restriction of making folder more than 3. It also still present banners. What I've paid just give me access to create infinite scans & e-sigantures. Terrible..
~ Tejo Furqoni
I purchased the License in 2016 because I really liked the release and was willing to pay to remove banners, the watermark, and obtain another informations. I suggest it to everyone. I haven't used the release for a while, but I started using it again recently and am ready to drop it. I can understand a business wanting to expand and change their business model, but to betray their customers who paid for the "permanent" license by removing informations unless we pay more is a terrible business model.
~ Dennis Noakes
Shouldn't have bought the license. It only allows you to export without watermark and to upload all documents to cloud. Can't even make newest folder..the only reason for which I have bought the license.
~ hameed hussain
the newest modernization made it even worse actually more popup I purchased the license ages ago and this monthly subscription service is a very terrible joke when the information was featured when I purchased the license. whats the target of recharging for the same information I could have gotten when I purchased the license?
~ Cha Vang
This is a very gigantic tool and doesn't have the option to transport to external SD Memory. This is a paid ver and I shouldn't be limited in this option. My memory is so full that I'm getting not enough memory to load 3 days worth of correspondence and I have moved all release that have the option to external SD Memory Card.
~ Jason Howell
Do not buy this. Each information in this release requires a Additional monthly subscription. This is useless. it just removes the watermark. You cannot have more than 3 local folders. You cannot scan id card format. Everything requires a monthly subscription.
~ Abdul Rauf
Purchased it a several years ago with full functionality. Then they strip the informations away and have you rent this thing that you had already purchased. Like buying a car. Then they come steal your tires and create you pay monthly to have the tires back on the car.
~ Mark Gutknecht
I paid for the full "super" ver when I first installed CamScanner years ago, with the understanding that I would continue to have super informations. Actually I suddenly search that I have to buy a yearly subscription to obtain the informations I've already paid for. Cute sleazy transport. Looks like I'm shopping for a newest release.
~ Dave Sacerdote
shame on you. i paid for the completely licenced ver. actually i go to use it and you wish me to Pay you more again.... I'm so horribly disappointed as I've referred a lot of recipients to your release. not to mention when i went to see what the 3000 thing meant it charged my card.... i am so very pissed off. fix it I'm done....
~ sarah potts
I had bought once for lifetime in 2015, and actually I, just like another dissapointed buyers, just had been downgraded to be a BASIC buyer and forced to buy the license again for a modern monetizing - subscription. Now, I don't mind to subscribe, & I know that an Soft needs to be developed and modernized/upgraded, but giving no notif about newest subsription way to and leaving old buyers behind is cruel and impolite, even in modern business era. So I keep to subscribce and think about a switching.
~ Henry Lee
Well.. This is an odd case. I really like CamScanner. It's a go-to release for me. That's why I'd paid for the license to upgrade from the nonpaid primary ver. But it turns out that somewhere along the line someone thought it would be a nice concept to create paying customers pay again for a super ver that we thought I had already paid for. Why? Satisfied to transport this up to a 5 star rating, but would need to be treated like a paying customer before I do.
~ Mahmood Mirza
Wanted to use the signature functionlity and claims I have to have a super pass for it. Whats the use of a "full license" if you charge for specific informations seperately. It sucks becaue I use this release occasionally and it works well but I dont use it enough to pay 60$ a year. Giving 2 stars because I search the paywall a bit scammy.
~ Nick Cote
On 7/14/16 I bought the license for the full ver. Actually I no longer have any of the benefits of the license on which I paid for. Nor have I been reimbursed for my payment. Why wouldn't you grandfather licensed memebers into your newest system? Especially players who spent dollars on the release an supported it for a long time. actually i have unbelievable water marks on my pictures. Horrible idea to treat paying customers.
~ Michael
I bought this years ago and was promised "permanent" updates for life. Actually informations have been drop and I am claimed I have to pay for super. You need to honor your agreement with your loyal customers. I understand business grow I run my own. I hold my word with my customers. If I give them a price that is "permanent". I honor those agreements, the newest customer agreements can go to your newest clients, your name depends on honoring your agreements permanent updates for life was the agreement.
~ Diana J Maire
very sleezy transport to create us pay again. i paid for the full ver, or license, and been using the release since the early days. actually, you decide its wise to milk more dollars..from customers who paid for the FULL VERSION license..FULL VERSION !! turned out to be not so full due to greed. i suggest everyone stick to nonpaid ver or search other release, which is what im going to do...tsk tsk what a shame camscanner..🤮
~ Shadi Eideh
Well.. This is an odd case. I really like CamScanner. It's a really nice release for me. That's why I'd paid for the license to upgrade from the nonpaid primary ver. But it turns out that somewhere along the line someone thought it would be a nice concept to create paying customers pay again for a super ver that we thought I had already paid for. Why? Satisfied to transport this up to a 5 star rating, but would need to be treated like a paying customer before I do.
~ Filipe Moraes Mendes
paid for the license about a year back, using with super informations and no watermark. Recently, I noticed that I am back to the primary ver with watermark on my scans. Very disappointed. Dollary is not everything. used to suggest many recipients to use this release. Not going to do it anymore. Reputation and believe in you is already gone.
~ Victor Lee
Paid for licensed ver but actually they wish more dollars. This release was last modernized in 2014 but they changed the subscription from a single payment to monthly, without even upgrading their description. This release needs to be removed from the PlayStore for violating terms of service. I wish my initial payment back as their promise of lifetime subscription turned out to be a lie. REPORTED FOR FRAUD! Also, I am contacting my state Attorney General, as the developers may be criminally liable.
~ Jason Gibbs
It's been awhile since I've used this release, and so much has changed, i can't figure it out. it looks like i paid for the license and actually they wish me to obtain a monthly subscription, too? because i obtain an upgrade option for everything i wish to do. Doesn't create sense, but the message i obtain is that i have to upgrade (again) to NOT have my equipment saved in "the cloud". couldn't obtain clarification on that, but if that is the topic, why? uninstalling and going to look for something that just works.
~ Kris