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About: The globes No. 1 small document scanning and sharing release! * Installed on over 350 million devices in over 200 countries around the globe * Over 100,000 newest registrations per day * CamScanner, 50 Finest Tools, 2013 Edition TIME * Top Developer Google Test Market * The app employs its own photo cropping and enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer photos. Makeuseof.com * CamScanner may just be the finest deal for scanning documents on your device. CNET.com CamScanner supports you scan, shop, sync and collaborate on different contents across tablets, iPads, devices and computers. Informations: *Quickly Digitize Document Just use your device camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. *Optimize Scan Quality Smart cropping and auto enhancing ensures the texts a ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: INTSIG Information Co.,Ltd
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CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator Reviews and Comments:

they just implemented some incredibly intrusive banners. when you send a file, it takes up your entire screen, cannot be closed, and makes annoying sounds. I can deal with banners and I understand that's how you create any dollars off a "nonpaid" release like this but these banners crossed a line. Instant uninstall and I've been using this release for awhile actually.
~ Vinnie Wray
I've used the nonpaid release for years and loved it. Want I had never modernized it. Actually it is absolutely unusable due to obnoxious, intrusive sound results accompanying the banners. The noise even overrules my sound settings and comes on even if I have sound turned off fully. I understand the need for adds with a nonpaid release but this is ridiculous. I'll be backing up my files and deleting the release as quick as I obtain the time. I wouldn't give the release even one star, but my review won't obtain posted unless I do.
~ erhardm
Used this release for four years and uninstalling it today. Scan quality is awesome, auto color is nice, and so are the another informations. However, with the newest modernization, the camscanner watermark exists in the photos too. Thus, I can no longer use it for official scans. This alone has made the release obsolete for me. Please retract the information in the next modernization. I'm sure there are a lot others feeling the same. Bye, Camscanner. Until you obtain rid of the watermark.
~ Aravind B
Suddenly can't save or share a pdf at all, the release claims its uploading to drive, etc, but it's just lying.
~ JJ du Plessis
this release is nice but i paid for this release from my service provider concept actually each month you pepole are charging me 394 bugs this is not done.need your helpline number or need to speak with someone regarding this.
~ amiet kashyap
We can scan the documents easily and we can crop the photos based on our requirement. We can attach either pdf or photo files based on choice. Scanner in hands.
~ raghupati rao
sometimes the ocr detects bonus zone in between the characters. If the player were given the access to edit the effects which can be fixed basically. That would come handy in topics like translating the text or sth. Otherwise very nice release.Appreciated ♥
Hi. Please reinstate option of PDF editor choice when opening a scan as PDF. Without this option the soft becomes useless. I have used many years, but actually consider to drop the soft.
~ C H
I've recently modernized the release & found that u've disabled the information to transport it to external storage as it was needed just because internal storage have some less storage capacity. Actually I've to uninstall it unnecessarily.
~ Raj Esh
I can't unsubscribe my super profile at all . I've tried contacting them through correspondence for months but no replies . 309 rupees is being debited each month with me not even using the release
~ praveen subbiah
I need this release for work. There newest updat broken the PDF viewing to there viewer. So actually i have to correspondence me a copy just to obtain a pdf on my device. there online support is no support at all. want i should downgrade. 😠
~ Luis Ontiveros
nice release, but the banners have become so obnoxious it is actually useless. maybe super would solve that, but why would I do that when I don't need the bonus informations? uninstalling.
~ terry Plocher
I love cam scanner! I paid for super actually I have to pay once again for super informations! As you kidding me! What a complete joke! Sort it out! Not glad at all. (Insane face)
~ Gareth Round
Paid for the license. Actually years later they are asking for a subscription for the informations I already paid for. I would give a 0 if I should.
~ Dénes Pócsik
This is a 5 Star release with 1 Star pricing. Fax cost $1.00 Every which is ridiculous. you wish to create some dollars? change the fax price. obtain it down$ 0.25 per page. I am a super member for this release.
~ Shawn F
All their tall claims are nothing but just humbug. First of, I'm not able to use my super ver. Secondly, I wasn't able to shop my scanned pdf documents in a single folder for simple retrieval later. And actually, it has fully stopped scanning. What're these greedy Americans upto? Can you jokers explain below? I don't think you can, because I can see that you haven't replied to any of your players' reviews as far back as I can go. Customers, please recommend a nice scanner, here. I'll do likewise.
~ Mahesh Khanna
newest ver is most worst veraion becouse in previous ver we can also see a document in pdf format using adobe reader. we should edit documents too. But actually the most important information has been vanished. So i strongly dislike this newest ver.
~ Abhishek kumar
please fix the camera sound results. each time you launch the camera you have to physically turn off the camera sound. this was never a trouble before but with the last modernization it has become a newest trouble. thanks
~ Roddlee Watson
such a rascal app, I click pictures after then ask form me to sign after I sign, then they my all time loss.such large.... rascal your group members just add advertisment..
~ Ideas art and craft
i am regular player of this soft, it is the finest one out there, however i feel the charges quoted for subscription is too high for indians and it is not fair to convert dollar rate to rupees. please create it more affordable so that we can subscribe regularly or bring out a Lite ver with affordable charges
~ Abhishek K
This release isn't what it used to be. Making us pay again through a subscription for informations we already paid for in the past.... Sad. Time to transport on.
~ Mike Tan
Functionality is fine. Paid for this license couple of years ago. actually is hounding me to pay AGAIN for a monthly fee super license. Going to look for alternative. Lame!
~ I CY
tried to transport a doc I've scanned inside the release (180 pages) and it claims "photo has been moved or deleted". for all of them. I've lost 3 hrs of my life.
~ snusmumr
The release was nice until last month. Actually it asks for device permission and when I click deny, it just doesn't run. Why on world would you absolutely NEED permissions to my device.
~ Yana Mouse
Very player friendly and simple to use... Nice for scanning docs on the go... Has helped me alot with its ability to send docs instantly after scanning, either in PDF or Picture... Nice Job!!! Will definitely suggest this release to dudes and family... esp. colleagues. 👍😊👍
~ Kevin Simon
I'm sure the paid informations are great, but there is barely any functionality available as a nonpaid ver. incessant pestering to upgrade as well as a bait and switch awaits you after attempting to use a format for scanning that is not included for nonpaid players.
~ Stephen Sharp
Is there any possibility of having a receipt scan mode where at the end of the year I can print multiple receipts on a page versus 1 gigantic receipt on a 8.5 x 11? I sure hope that's in the works! I scan a lot of receipts for tax purposes. Thank you. The release itself is nice!
~ Frownieta Randolph
I scan all my certificates, educational documents and another important documents and save it as pdf and can be printed easily. and again my family used to sent me important documents from far away that takes 1 week or above for correspondence to reach, they sent me the printable document by the support of the release. 5 stars
~ Lennox The Mastermind GaMeR
Paid for a perpetual license, actually the release has gone subscription and i can't use my perpetual license any longer. This release is great to have when you need it, but I'm not building a business around it and I'm not interested in having this developer reaching into my wallet regularly.
~ Chad Baker
Is this really a paid release, charging 3000 rupees yearly once the trial period gets over? how many days is the trial period for? Will the release automatically obtain modernized to super once the trial period gets over? It claims in the read more that the nonpaid ver includes banners. so what nonpaid ver? Plz clarify. only then I can give the right ratings.
~ Shruti Joshi
I paid for the super ver a several years ago and actually they have changed it to a yearly subscription model. I essentially paid for a trial ver. Give me back the super informations I already paid for!!!!
~ Casper Jarvis
DECEPTIVE MARKETING - the intended functionality of this release is now fabulous; HOWEVER, the dollars-gouging practices of the developer are outrageous! A tiny research into how to stop the extensive/intrusive banners reveals that buying the "CamScanner (License)" really only allows the developer to charge you an bonus one-time fee--before also requiring you to pay an ongoing subscription fee--to use the super informations. And, unless you use the release extensively, the subscription is excessive!
~ Troy Deitrick
In previous versions we had option to transport this release on memory card or external memory. Actually i found upgrades for the soft so i did, after upgrading i am not able to transport this on external memory. I am not having high ram device. I am using device wd weak ram, so i am suffering from memory troubles. NOW have last option is to uninstall this release. Not a gud modernization. I am not satisfy with this option.
~ maryada saini
y u've made the release not transferable to sd card it occupies lot much zone it was nice then before.... plz bring it back my device doesn't have zone to place it in internal memory also the .. options r too less results were more i jst miss.. that automatic editing of previous modernization which is not there any more plz create it as previous one no need to change it..
~ Jenish Gandhi
I now used to think this release was nice. Then I realized that it only presents the illusion of maintaining documents. If you archive, delete, or otherwise lose track of the original pictures you took, cam scanner will present you a thumbnail as if that document is there, but you obtain a super fun and convenient surprise when you need the documents, because they aren't there. Seriously a frustrating lack of functionality.
~ Sam O'Neil
One of the top 5 most nice and gotta have apps on my device. Its so simple to obtain super clear scans that I have got into the habit of scanning all the important documents (warranties, medical prescriptions etc) right as I obtain it in my hands.
~ Fuzz
Nice release, but I already paid for the full ver and after not using it for a while actually there's primary ass informations behind a monthly pay wall and I'm cute sure they weren't back in like 2016. Why did I pay for the full ver then? This screams of something actionable.
~ Matt Schanz
it sucks that i paid for super and actually i dont obtain the super informations. Yet you idiots are still taking the payment out of my profile. Stop !!!!! or create contact with me. And that is other thing, technical help is non existant. I cant contact anyone to obtain it fixed, there is no feedback for complaints!!!!
~ er ha
This is one of the most important release for college recipients. Thank you for developing such an efficient release. You recipients could be proud, that you have helped in saving variety of paper. Till actually, I have saved approx 500 pages, just by scanning and reading on my device.
~ Apoorva Mandavgane
Camscanner is a flawless, gotta-have release for me. I'm a mediator and I write agreements between recipients on the fly. As quick as I am completed, I scan all the pages of the written agreement, it looks nice, and then I send it to my clients as a PDF. Job done! 5 stars.
~ Anthony Matthews