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About: Camera FV-5 is a professional camera app for small devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera app you can capture the finest raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and obtain stunning effects. The only limit is your imagination and creativity! Major informations: All photographic parameters are adjustable and usually at hand: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and tool mode. DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings, in true-time! Full fledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames, infinite stops spacing, plus custom EV shifting. Built-in intervalometer: create stunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled picture series. Soft an ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: FGAE
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Camera FV-5 Reviews and Comments:

I can't switch from JPEG to RAW as release claims my P20 Pro doesn't help RAW... Well, it now DOES!!! Anyway to fix this?!?
~ Stefan Babel
worked well on my previous device.. but on my lg v40 it doesnt work.. the functions and settings work but the release isnt able to feedback to the camera hardware itself so viewfinder is blank.. please support.. i love this release.. wud really.appreciate it if u cud search fix for it.. PS: the release freezes often i run the release as well..
~ Nevil Patel
not very nice. in mototo g5 s plus the long exposure works for only 1/4 th sec, this the longest shutter speed. but in samsung j2 it works better. so, in this topic disappointed. another things are very nice.
~ S R
Get camera fv5 for my note 9. cant control the aperture and there's no shutter speed. my preinstalled camera release has more pro informations. can't use this. please modernization.
~ mudathir sungay
The release is nice. But has a couple of flaws considering this is a paid ver. This has a intervals Meyer for time lapses but does not have inbuilt option to make the video. We have to download another apps for creating the time lapses. Also, RAW mode is not working with Poco F1. My Poco F1 can take RAW photos using another apps. There is scope for improvement.
~ Sourav Dhar
Portrait or landscape. This release can't figure it out it takes forever to switch if it even does. Customer modes are not clear. Sort of confusing. Where is this night mode I read about in the manual I can't seem to search it anywhere. I Will modernization after this switching aspects gets fixed. Otherwise release is basically unusable.
~ A Google user
5 runs when i can set my storage. Excellent camera release. Would like to be able to set my custom storage as written in the manual.
~ Hans Zephyr
thank God there was a refund button,the release is abandoned I mostly purchased the release for the shutter speed but it doesnt work and it also crashes all the time...really recomend you not to buy it
~ Νίκος Μάντζιαρης
It keeps destroying all the time... as quick as I go to view the pictures I took... where are the upgrades?
~ Kamran Siddiqui
Tha firs camera release I've purchased and still one of the finest. For the developers, please modernization the photo resolution settings to match any screen like my Samsung Galaxy J4+ which can take pictures with a 2.05 aspect ratio and fix a bug when changing the ISO, Focus mode and Light calculation mode). Today I've changed the settings to ISO 100, Target to focus and Light calculation mode from target to average and the screen went idea darker and not change until I restarted the release no matter what I did.
~ Andreea Enciu
mediocre. While the release is suitable for the average cell device, my factory camera release provided by Sony is better because the Camera FV-5 release doesn't enable my camera's full iso (only going to just under 5000 iso, my device is designed to reach 12,000 iso) or my camera's full resolution. This release needs to be modernized for the actual cell device camera supermarket.
~ Jacob Camarillo
I purchased the full ver for a star gazing trip to Arizona. This release is nice for night sky pictures. Stars I couldn't even see with my own eyes came to life in the pictures. It also takes nice daylight pictures, but for weak light star gazing it is worth having this release.
~ David Wilton
This isn't a complaint, so much as a possible bug report... I have a cat s-41, and the release is showing 4208x3120 as the highest possible resolution in the camera stats section, but when I go to set the actual resolution in the release, it lists 3840x1920(8.3mp} and 3264x2448(8mp) as the highest possible photo resolution. The camera itself is listed as being a 13 mp camera by bullit group (caterpillar - the device maker). The release still takes wonderful pictures with nice lvls of manual control. I love that.
~ K.s. Me
Nice release. I love the manual controls especially. When will help for manual aparture on the S9+ be available?. And also on the S9+ it seems the shutter speed is limited to 1/10 of a second even though the camera can go down to 10 seconds shutter speed
~ A Google user
Edit: It's not only this release but seems like any third party camera release. Original: Not sure why whenever I test to use my back camera the screen is black. But when I switch to the front camera it's fine. So far the only solution is to reboot my device and I don't wish to have to do that each time I use this release
~ Travel NomNoms
Avoid this release. It really looks nice & has histograms, which is the main reason I got it. Problem is, it constantly crashes on my Motorola Z-Test. All apps & device is using the newest upgrades. I've sent the ruin log a couple of times to the developer, & have asked for a refund. Developer is fully unresponsive.
~ A Google user
It Just present out all the informations i have in pro mode camera ( mine is S7e) Nothing more than the default camera in have in my device even app dont have specific number range for its adjustment as device default. I regret to buy this before know all the functions in my device . Only 10'' shutter speed not 30" as advertised.The photo rely much on your device sensor.
~ Ngoc Ngan Nguyen
No manual mode. Can't turn off shutter sound. Limited options. Should have sworn it had more options when I purchased it. Actually it's just mediocre-terrible.
~ Kevan B
Not sure if you could buy it? Check the Lite ver; it has all the informations, but just limit your resolution. Several camera apps are so complete in giving you softwares to take a nice picture. No, it doesn't have filter; the softwares are to TAKE a picture and not to modify it later. And remember that your device hardware gotta give the soft let those too.
~ Felipe Melazzi
Nice release. Takes wonderful pictures in Raw PNG format. Very clear pictures. Nice focusing ability. One tiny niggle is that it is too simple to accidently touch the video camera mode and lose whatever pictures you have just taken that haven't finished their background processing. I've lost a lot of nice shots because of that. It is annoying to claim the least. But nice camera release.
~ Tony Hailey
Broken release, as I test to take a picture a circular loading object appears in the middle of the screen and the release freezes. Even after restarting the release, the trouble persists and I'm unable to take any pictures. No support from the developer as well, no respond back from my correspondence asking for a refund.
~ Jonah Murillo
i brought this release last week to use on the northern lights in iceland as itvwas recomended by the travel walkthrough.So was looking forward to useing it but when i got there the so claimed camera release did not work eould not pick up anything in the dark, actually i do know about devices and apps as i used to repair and set up devices for a very well know device company.I tryed all the setting but with still no affect. So recipients STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP IT GOES NOT WORK. NOT WORTH THE MONEY AT ALL
~ Simon Higgs
not working on note 9. I never buy apps and figured I'd be protected with this buy... nope! do not download!!!! once you turn setting to raw, itll ruin and not let you back in the release.
~ August Heisler
I have a Samsung Note 9 and wanted to take advantage of the raw mode of the canera. Once I turned on the raw format, the release constantly destroyed. I was unable to use the release, so I uninstalled it.
~ Michael Davis
It hold on ruin after one or two picture snap. Really frustrating as this is a paid apps, it could be usable without any trouble. Please fix it.
~ Yusof Yaakob
Samsung Note 9 / Samsung 9+... unfortunately FV-5 only lets you use the f1.5 aperture and not pick it's f2.4. This is a true shame on what is otherwise a nice release with an awesome manual controls interface. I've uninstalled, and switched back to the stock camera release :-(
~ Paul Leith
I really like the informations of the camera and video. I have been using this release for a several years actually. maybe it's my device (custom rom) but it usually rotates the pictures upside down no matter how it have the device.
~ Bryan Walton
Sir launch shutter for specific time doesn't have any result on pictures. I tried pictures at night and increased shutter to 10Sec , it took 10 sec to capture but no result on picture. Pictures in normal mode and increased shutter time are same. Is this known trouble. Any fix available or not?? Please Respond
~ Tinu Kaushik
since I purchased it long time ago it usually crashes after 2 pics, usually getting dark pictures even after configuring all functions or even after restore all the setting to defaults. I don't suggest it.
~ fady amin
The camera release works well, very granular controls, but the video forces you to press an bonus button to save the video, the button is not very prominent, and you can't change the settings to auto-save vids. I've lost a couple of really nice vids because of this, never used any another release that makes you do this.
~ John Kulowiec
The selfie camera goes black on switching to it - you have to place the release in background and then bring her back again to obtain rid of the black screen. The Exposure Compensation appears twice on viewfinder - once as menu and once directly as a slider. The Modes menu is confusing and hard to manage. Not all the sounds are great - while saving the foto it makes a funny noise. This release looks more like a beta.
~ Adian Bukz
love all the options but each picture I take in portrait position turns to be landscape when I test to view picture & release won't let for any editing even rotate. I've emailed for support & obtain no response & when you go to web web to find questions nothing works. Really too terrible cause it has some nice informations. I also paid for pro ver but didn't support.
~ Jim Burleson
Well, I have P20 and this release claims that I'm not able to take nice quality long exposure pictures. Huawei gives standard camera with 1 minute long exposure and full quality. This release is fully waste of time.
~ Kęstutis Akmanavičius
I have used this release for a number years...on previous Nexus device model the shutter mode gave you 3 options - short - long - long+ On my LG5 it only gives me the option of choosing a shutter speed priority. which does not work. I have tried to obtain an respond but they have been unresponsive.
~ leona isaak
It's outdated and buggy. It doesn't use your hardware at its fullest. My favoured photography release right actually it's the GoogleCam Port (not the one in the playstore) as it takes HDR+ pictures with more detail and better colors than any another release right actually, it also saves the HDR+ file in raw so you obtain a raw file thats considerably more clear and detailed than the ones FV-5 produces at half the size. I purchased this release like almost two years ago and it never got modernized, so I gotta leave it behind.
~ A Google user
This release is wonderful, the GUI is nice and the ability to manually control all the main camera functions is exactly what i was looking for and exactly what i got. The photo quality is far superior to the standard Mobile release. Unfortunately the view searcher photo is upside down when shooting. I'm aware this is due to sensor orientation in different devices but i have emailed the developer and had no response. Can you modernization the release for compatibility with the Alcatel 3V or recommend a workaround?
~ A Google user
Auto focus doesn't work. Tapping on the screen to change the focus zone doesn't work. Customer help is pathetic. I mailed them to rectify the trouble but they just don't even care to reply. They deserve negative ratings
~ Avinash Kumar
Still having troubles on the Note 9 with the app destroying and will not run. Ironically the lite ver does not ruin...I would expect since I paid for this app that it would work better than the nonpaid ver. Will this app be modernized or has it been abandoned?
~ Tim Moore
it is a nice camera release in terms of photo quality. but it is not bug nonpaid. unfortunateltly the release crashes often i test to go back from the captured photo preview back to the camera release proper. this IS annoying. however 4 stars for the photo quality and great informative interface, and no useless filters, stickers, and such...
~ Mikhail Lylov
I love this release but for some reason it's saving pictures with the date 12/31/1969. I can't figure out how to fix this and it kinda bugs me when I'm trying to post them territories and have to scroll all the idea down just to search them, in my album release i have to manually change the date when i didnt have to before. this is the only release that does this as the video release doesn't do it. just because of this I can't and wont give 5 stars till its fixed.
~ Sita Rawr