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About: Whether you wish to lose weight, tone up, obtain healthy, change your habits, or run a newest diet MyFitnessPal has you covered. Our members have lost over 200 million pounds and 88% of recipients who track for at least 7 days on MyFitnessPal lose weight. Sign up for FREE and run living a happier and healthier life today! See for yourself why MyFitnessPal is the globes most known health and fitness release. TRACKING FOOD IS FAST AND EASY Largest Meal Engine -- 6+ million foods in our engine including global equipment and cuisines. Barcode Scanner -- Simply scan barcodes to log foods. 4+ million barcodes recognized. Recipe Importer -- Easy import the nutrition stats for the recipes you cook. Restaurant Logging -- Quickly log menu equipment from your favoured restaurants. Meal Insights -- Learn how to create healthier choices about the foods you eat. Personalized Exp ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: MyFitnessPal, Inc.
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Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal Reviews and Comments:

Nice until Recently. It takes a bit of getting used to like any another release and I can see the improvements over the last 4 years. However in the last several of months they have had a syncing trouble with some Mobile devices (mine included) which means the Mobile device doesn't sync with the server and nothing shows on the blog. Therefore dudes aren't able to see my diary and the predicted weight lose is so far out, it's useless. It seems to be taking forever to fix this trouble!!
~ Suzanne Hick
I know tracking meal intake is essential for weight management. This release has provided valuable insight and guidance as well as a fairy simple logging interface. I have not yet upgraded to super and cannot comment on any bonus value. The comment check boxes ask about disruptive banners. I honestly answered no. There are many banners. Some fully useless. I have no trouble accepting them as the price of using this release.
~ Cindy Gastgeb
Overall, this release is a nice software for supporting me create decisions about what to eat that day, or just letting me know about my choices when I create less healthy ones. There are a couple of things I would want to change. 1, it does not seem that I can feedback this release with the LG Health release, even though another company's apps can connect with it. 2, I want it would better Define sugars, since that's now a broad genre and some sugars are considered better than others.
~ Sara Knauz
when this most newest modernization went out, it seemed to cause some troubles...like not being able to finish your day's stats. Until then, I LOVED this release. Right actually with the modernization, it is a bit frustrating. Hope it gets fixed quick.
~ Maureen Lovell
extensive engine of foods and excercises. you also have an option to enter a meal (calories, macros, even vitamins) if for some reason it's not in the engine. set targets for weight, calories, macro focus, weak carb, and many another options! if you enter foods and check throughout the day it will definitely support you to be more conscious of what you're doing right, what you need to eat less of and what you could eat more of to reach your target!
~ Amanda Caifano
The release, when it works, is nice. Usually i test and use the release, however, is an exercise in patience. It often takes few seconds for the UI to become usable on the inital load. Anytime I test and add meal, water, exercise or anything, there is a few second delay and then other two or three second delay when i pick the checkbox to confirm the meal and save it.
~ Joshua Taylor
I only have the release, I dont pay for the super box but it is still really needed. I am just trying to obtain back on a healthier eating lifestyle . (Fell off the wagon a bit )!!! I've been reading up on macros etc. The release will count them for you as you add your everyday foods. It will also scan the barcodes and give you the stats. then you can just adjust quantities if essential. Then you can build up a list for future reference. Works well for my needs. You can also pair it, eg. to a fitbit.
~ Dawn Beaumont
This release in past months would have been 5 stars. I've been using this release for 6 months actually. But the last 6 days ive had to uninstall and reinstall daily just to login everything at the end of the day. Came with the last modernization I did on this release
~ Devin Courter
used to b a nice release, but nothing but troubles lately. 1st it would lag on adding to my diary then when it would catch up there would b multiple entries, 2nd it wouldn't sync to my fitbit, actually finally it won't launch at all when I'm on wifi. plz obtain the kinks out cuz I really do like this release for tracking my diet
~ Tracy Goodsell
When the bugs aren't affecting the release., things run smoothly and easily. I'd definitely test it nonpaid for a nice term before buying the upgrade. It holds me accountable for the meal I place in myself, and scanning UPCs create it easier. The meal bank is already heavy, yet I can create things even easier by creating repeat recipes (even my coffee). Makes adding that much faster. Want they would search a idea to support Androids add pics. That's still a bug.
~ Elizabeth Williamson
Really love this release and use it each day. However, it stopped synching to my Fitbit the last two days. I see that others have the same trouble. it claims it's connected. I don't wish to reinstall after reading comments about how it won't allow you sign in afterward. please fix trouble.
~ Rebecca Erb
i like the release but there are some serious bugs. i will walk over 20000 steps in a day and sometimes it registers it and another times it doesn't. often it doesn't give me bonus calories for all those steps. actually its double recording my one exercise. its doubling the one meal item im trying to place in and sometimes i will click to add an item few times and it wont add it. edit: once again giving problem with syncing to my fit bit
~ Marsha N
I tried creating an profile and it repeatedly claimed my correspondence was invalid. I checked it plenty, it wasn't wrong. It's aggravating when apps repeatedly claim me my stats is incorrect when it isn't because what do you do from there? Not use the services ....
~ Alexandra Root
what happened? i used to rave about this release, but recently i have not been able to obtain my Fitbit exercise calories to sync with this release anymore; i can still obtain my meal intake on fitbit but not on MFP. also when trying to sync my steps, i hold getting "Error Occurred: We were unable to connect to the server to synchronize."
~ Tyrisha W
The idea of the release is great it simply doesn't work well for me. Trying to add foods that then don't appear, the release will refresh a minute later with 10 entries of a random different meal. Quite frustrating trying to use the release this idea. If fixed would be great
~ Ruben Dessalegne
The release is very slow and uses a ton of resources (on a top-line 2017 device). On top of that, it uses a HUGE amount of background time. During the 1st week of use, it uses 250 mb foreground time, and *270 mb* background time! What the heck!?!? NO release needs that much background time! Clearly they're obtaining player- and device-specific time they have no right to view. FOR SHAME! Even "restricting background time" ONLY works on small time, not Wi-Fi. You need to root to fully stop it :-( PLZ STOP!
~ Wesley Herrin
I have been having troubles with it syncing with Fitbit versa release. I've tried everything, even contacting customer help and they have no responded. I'm about to just obtain rid of the release. I'm sure if I was paying for it, it would work properly or maybe I would obtain a response from correspondence help. not impressed
~ Melanie Moncrief
I used to Love love love this release.. it synced with my fitbit and made tracking my meal and exercise so simple and kept me accountable.. then the last 2 weeks my Fitbit stopped syncing and then i modernized the release and then logged out and actually i haven't been able to log back in and i have been trying for 2 days actually.. this release feel apart.. ughh so frustrating!!!!
~ Charly Grijalva
I liked this a lot, even paid for subscription. Then it stopped logging my effects each day I got an error message. I reinstalled and it didn't recognize my password, began process to changing it and it claimed correspondence wasn't recognized either. Tried again and it recognized correspondence, allow me restart password, and then when trying to log in again, it didn't recognize anything. Again. Poor interface. I'm using Carb Manager actually. Much happier. Canceling my subscription. Dollary lost. Lesson learned.
~ G R
Very laggy lately. Not syncing with Google fit since 5-26-19. Doesn't launch as quickly as it used to launch. Doesn't notice newest food item combinations, so multi adding equipment is hard. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't support. Not sure why it's so terrible actually when it used to be so nice.
~ Leslie Tremayne
Does not correctly sync with Google Fit. If you do any exercise except walking, especially if you add it manually to the release, your Google Fit step count calories go to zero. This bug has existed for two years at least and they're doing nothing about it. The release is fully useless if it can't count calories accurately.
~ Tanya Branagan
brilliant release... but the info have stopped working for me. it used to remind me too input my meals but no longer does. ive uninstalled the release and reinstalled. gone through the settings and manually set the info and checked the release permissions through my device for this but it still won't send me info. please support
~ Christian Smith
It won't connect to my facebook to add dudes. Actually the release won't allow me log in. I can log on on the blog but not the release. I was using the release all and actually it doesn't work for me at all. Edit: The release crashes a several times a day. smh Edit: Actually that it stopped destroying, it stop syncing to my Fitbit. I think I'm done with this release
~ ShaRhonda Siler
I have found this release makes counting calories simple. With it you not only have access to thousands of different foods but recipes and blogs where you can access useful dieting tricks. Although I was unable to attach my Fitbit steps counter, there is still a zone where I can log them by hand.
~ MARY Rogers-Gillespie
Usually this release works very well, but for the last several days, it won't seem to sync with my Fitbit, giving me credit for my excercise there. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have unlinked the two from one other and waited 15-20 mins before relinking them back together. It gave me credit for my excercise but only for the 8k steps I had walked that morning, not the total 13.5k steps that I had. Zero excercise is what it claimed. Logged my oatmeal 10x this morning. Modernization available?
~ Devon McCauley
Soft has troubles ALL THE TIME! I'm so sick of it, but I haven't found other release yet that has the same set up & I hate that I'm gonna lose all my progress switching to a different release. if you wanna hold all your progress don't use this one. they can't hold up with it. it's very frustrating to use when it's messing up all the time. I kind something into my meal diary & it logs in the meal about 30 times so I have to go through it & delete the another 29 entries. you scan something & it goes nuts.😡
~ Nicole Jenkins
Enjoyed this release so much I bought the full informations! But literally a day after going super, I hold getting an modernization error when I click complete diary at the end of the day. It's been going on for like 3 days actually very frustrating, I'm on wifi, so if can't be a connection trouble on my end. And I've already verified my correspondence address, please fix! Otherwise I'd like a refund
~ Tony Roongs
The reminders are sporatic at finest, and don't lead you to where you need to go if they do manage to pop up. For instance, if it reminds you to input your breakfast, it doesn't take you to the breakfast line anymore if you tap the reminder. It used to. It also gives reminders for tasks that are already done, but, again, sporadically. Very needed when it works properly though, but at the moment it's falling short.
~ Jeff Stanton
Went to the feedback and sent an correspondence. Still doesn't recognize my fitbit and the release doesn't work at all anymore. Added an exercise yesterday and instead of one line of claimed exercise, it added 30. Check few times to add equipment to meals and it never adds them. Same thing today. Uninstalling as it's become a frustrating waste of time.
~ Kevin Eby
It's been working well but recently there have been what appears to be server side troubles. Following this few of my meals need to be resaved since the calorie count have been changed to -1 and I can't edit them. Amending to 2 stars, too many times I can't even log into the release which makes it type of pointless. I could just go back to pencil and paper, at least that's reliable. Very glad that I'm not paying for super.
~ Nathaniel Jakinovich
I really like this release. Unfortunately, Only the first several days of keeping track of meals was able to sync my Samsung Health steps. I have a Samsung Note 9. Forget about my Samsung Gear smart watch. It doesn't even appear in the list of devices you can connect. very disappointing.
~ Maria Escandon
it would be very great if you would figure out and fix the bug causing the inability to close the meal diary. I'm tired of having to install and reinstall this release. Extremely aggravating!!! 😠 6/17/19: Still having the same troubles with not being able to complete/submit meal diary. Tired of having to install, reinstall the release multiple times a week. Tired of having to go to the blog for what the release could be doing. 😠
~ Jeri Noneman
This release has had sync troubles for years. No another release consistently stops syncing with Google Fit. The developers are leaving this release to die. They haven't even modernized the icon for Google Fit in over a year! If they only fixed their sync troubles it would be worth paying super for. As it is, it's not even worth using for nonpaid.
~ Matt G
I just scanned a can of Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, which was clearly labeled 13g of carbs per 1 cup serving, and when I scanned it in with this release it claimed 46! I am diabetic and depend on accuracy for insulin shots! This is not the first time your release has misreported, but it will be the last for me.
~ Lanny Stoner
Cannot complete day! I'm so irritated, I had to delete and reinstall the release to fix this trouble originally... I do not wish to have to hold doing this, I lose foods I commonly eat from the history when I have to delete and reinstall.
~ Katherine Anderson
I loved this release and have been using it off and on for almost 2 years, no troubles until recently. The release has almost constant troubles uploading the stats to the server. I would switch to other release, but I dont wish to lose all of my progress.
~ Leslie Rief
This release was nice for awhile, but actually for some reason since the modernization yesterday it won't allow me complete my diary. Just tried to sign out and back in to see if that would support, and actually it claims it can't reach the server to sign me in! Please fix this, I'm paying for an release that works. EDIT: I had to uninstall/reinstall to obtain the release to contact servers again. Actually it won't sync with my Samsung step counter anymore, and I can't deselect/reselect to restart.
~ Megan Peti
what have they done to the release?! a newest modernization? - it freezes and crashes whenever I launch it up and either test and find in meal or tey and entry in the diary. it takes me a couple of goes actually to submit the diary. before that, I was quite enjoying using it for meal tracking (though some of the some of the methodology is a bit hinky).
~ Jeni Crawley
Lately, I've been having some extreme difficulties with this release. It is frequently extremely slow and today when I tried to log one of my meals, it wouldn't enter the meal at all. when I entered other entry, it entered the first meal few times. This needs to be fixed. Recently, I can't obtain the release to close off the diary entries after I have logged my meals for the day. I have had to go to the main blog to even log my meals. Please fix this trouble. Thank you.
~ Lisa Cox
My release hasn't synced with my Fitbit for 2 weeks. I've done everything the troubleshooting page recommended: force-stopped, cleared cache, restarted my device, and uninstalled. I sent them a message a several days after it stopped working, and all I received was an auto-respond suggesting these same walkthroughs and assuring me that the trouble was being fixed. Well, when exactly? I rely on MFP to support control my eating habits, and I'm getting tired of its unreliability and terrible customer service.
~ D S