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About: Calm is the leading release for meditation and sleep. Join the millions experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, and more restful sleep with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing tools, masterclasses, and relaxing song. Suggested by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. Calm is the great mindfulness release for beginners, but also contains hundreds of tools for intermediate and advanced players. Guided meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 mins so you can pick the great length to fit with your schedule. Subject contain: * Calming Anxiety * Managing Stress * Deep Sleep * Focus and Concentration * Relationships * Breaking Habits * Happiness * Gratitude * Self-Esteem * Body Scan * Loving-Kindness * Forgiveness * Non-judgement * Commuting to work or school * Mindfulness at College * Mindfulness at Work ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Calm.com, Inc.
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Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax Reviews and Comments:

This release is pretty. I am addicted to the sleep stories. It has made such a difference to my life and I am recommending it to everyone. The 30 day passes you can gift are a nice concept too!
~ Kelly Knight
Incredible release. My husband recommended it for my insomnia because of the sleep stories - which have really helped tremendously! I've also started using the meditations to relax during the day. The guidance through the meditations is just right - not too much or too tiny. I like the fact that I can pick different background sounds (or no sounds) while sitting the meditations.
~ Michael & June Dunkelberger
my doctor suggested I install and run using the Calm release 2 years ago. since that time I have lost 4 loved ones including my 29 year old son, Ricky. without the help of Christian dudes and diligently using the Calm release, even when I did not feel like it. I am a different person actually. using the Calm release light a gigantic part in supporting me survive these traumas and overcome past traumas and has inspired me to return to school to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner!
~ Jan Spillman
I'm usind the nonpaid ver but contemplating unlocking the super. The video and audio is a very cool touch. The release is easy to use and navigate. I think it has an elegant and contemporary look. The speakers are clear and simple to listen to. Hold it up, Calm squad!
~ Drew B.
Love this release, Ive used it for sleep stories each night since I downloaded it. I would love to be able to add a playlist were you can have a several stories / sounds that will test one after the another so that I can have it running all night. I have used the meditation a several times. but would love to have a several more meditations that are more spiritual. however that is just personal preference.
~ Kelly knowles-Lane
I love this release, I have anxiety and panic attacks and this really supports sooth me, I love the sleep stories, my favored is the Newest Zealand one, and the Scottish one, please please place more Newest Zealand and Scottish travels on there, I used to use Headspace but actually I use the Calm release more, definetely worth the paid subscription, I upgraded straight away
~ Sarah Perks
Its a very nice idea to reduce anxiety, my anxiety is cute terrible and i can never really calm it, im usually anxious. i went to the anxiety section and just 10 mins reduced my restlessness. i felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, definitely going to be using this a ton.
~ Bri
okay before installing I read a lot of reviews off another territories and then decided hey why not give it one shot? 1. only one storyline is for FREE everything practically is pay to subscribe so you can access it, 59.99$ per year... and to test the nonpaid trial it will still ask for you're credit stats which no cause I don't wish to accidentally be charged since it isn't my card I use and it's stupid they do it like that installed for 3 mins and uninstalling actually✌ there are better nonpaid apps on here
~ Lacey Six
I think it's a life changing release. It works for me! Definitely there is value for the dollars, although I would've appreciated 1) a more complex info and more than that, 2) I think would've been so brilliant if I should have adjusted any meditations at the length of my own accord. I mean I feel 10min it may work for others, but for me I would rather have had it of 20/30 or some times 10 as it is. I hope someone will look into that until the end of my subscription.
~ Ionut Abuz
Classic immediate recurring payment after the nonpaid trial... I fully forgot about it then realised after 2 months that it had taken £40 off me when the trial ended. I advise you to SET AN ALARM TO CANCEL THE TRIAL. I was stupid, don't do a Me. Im stuck with it for a year and I feel very NOT CALM about stupidly losing £40.
~ Grace Kenyon
I was charged for the yearly subscription before the end of the trial period. I had read reviews from recipients claiming this had happened to them, and I'm frustrated that I didnt listen to their warnings. I was certainly not expecting the nearly $60 charge to my bank profile. I emailed them instantly requesting a refund as quickly as possible and will modernization this review to reflect my experience trying to have the charge refunded. I would recommend not starting the trial period.
~ Katie Zrebski
Does what its claims on the tin! Supports you slow down long enough to think when life gets busy. I'm newest to mindfulness and wasn't sure if it would support me learn but I do search myself using it more so it's nice for beginners!
~ Janine harries
I don't see the value you ask for what you're providing. $60 for super subscription is just insane for recipients to buy sounds to meditate upon. No thank you. I'll pass. Spotify is cheaper to me than this.
~ Rajiv LochanPanda
I have PTSD, high anxiety, and moderate depression. Calm has been supporting me so much with better sleep and feeling less stressed. My babes even listen to sleep stories at night, and overall have been sleeping better. I absolutely suggest this release if you are depressed, stressed, down, need better sleep, or have anxiety. Worth the year subscription.
~ Vanessa Ackermann
before trying calm i should barely think and I believed that there was not much to look forward to in life, but actually that I'm using calm I can finally obtain some mental clarity,hope and peace, I would especially suggest this if you've hit a rough spot in life or if life has gotten to chaotic to handle and you need an escape.
~ Chesley Chartier
Nice meditation release that is soothing and has helped me more then anything else. Not only has it helped me meditate for longer periods, but it has also helped me gain control over stress and my chronic tension headaches. I only want there were more nonpaid options within the release, as I would love to go pro but simply cannot afford it. Still worth giving it a test for a calmer life though.
~ Riley Jarrells
This release is unbelievable. The walkthrough is quietness herself. Every session focuses on on an important aspect in your everyday life. These contain dealing with distraction, factors contributing to anxiety and ideas to strengthen your self-esteem and your ability to approve external validation but not depend on it. All you need is 10 mins a day and a protected comfortable zone.
~ Minna Rose Ahlers
Finest Soft Ever I would give Calm 10 stars if I should. After just the second session, I should feel a change in myself--definitely for the better. I am learning how to relax, and I love it! The session narrator has the most soothing voice and I really enjoy my everyday meditation. Calm really supports me throughout the day, and to unwind and fall into a deep, restful sleep at night. Can't claim enough nice things about this release. You need this in your life!
~ Melissa Walker
Has helped me very much with the meditation. Guiding me how to do it. Also everything else in the release can support you if you struggle with anxiety like my topic. I highly suggest. There's a 7 day trial if you're skeptical about it.
~ César Siqueiros
Straight and few options. whether it's breathing techniques, meditation, or support getting you to sleep this is a useful release. you can set a reminder as well if you wish to do it at a specific time every day. has been very useful self guided meditation. still on my 7 day nonpaid trial, not sure I wish to spend the dollars for a subscription but it has been useful and relaxing so far.
~ Casandra Koistinen
I don't wish or have many apps on my device. I'm am so very glad with this one! I highly suggest this to EVERYONE! I supports with dealing with my anxeity and insomnia. The stories are nice, but for me the breathing/calming sessions are wonderful. They support my mind settle so I can obtain to sleep. Thank you Calm squad! Much gratitude to you all!
~ cynth34
I am so grateful I heard about the calm teachers tool. I've had the nonpaid ver forever, and I love the soundscapes, but having access to all the meditations offered is really cool. I got my membership towards the end of the school year so I only got to use it a tiny bit. really enjoyed testing lavar Burton's sleep storyline for a relaxing period. Can't wait to test out the another tools, especially the ones created for babes.
~ Stephanie Nichols
I received a paid subscription as a gift from my cousin/sister/dude. We have weekly conversations that run the gamut of life's experiences. Recently, I have struggled more than usual emotionally, physically and spiritually. All forms of readings for inner peace, medications for anxiety and moderate alcohol was of tiny or no avail. Calm is my respond to more manageable anxiety/stress and restful sleep. Thus far I am on my ninetieth (90) day streak. I should continue go on, but it's Calm time.
~ Pamela Tynes-Morgan
I love this release...from the soft song, to the calm, sleepy, lulling to sleep stories with nice voices, to the sounds and results used to make the mood...I love listening! Whether it's at night, when I am winding down, or whether it's beginning the hustle and bustle of my day, or in the middle of the day when I wish to sit for a half hour, place my feet up, and either listen to some soft soothing song or hear a relaxing storyline. Judi Hanks, El Cajon, CA
~ Judith Hanks
I've been w/Calm for a several years &it's beyond heart breaking I even have to claim this but each another modernization seems to be worse than the last & talking to CS is pointless nothing changes it's all generic responses you used to be able to adjust the speaker's volume separately from the background so you should focus and really obtain into a deep peaceful state w/o someone shouting in your ear after minutes of silence rendering the release useless sadly I will not be renewing unless those controls return
~ Brittney F
It looks like an nice release, and I would definitly use it. But it's too expensive, and they wanted credit card stats upon signing up for the nonpaid trail. I'm unsubscribing ASAP. Maybe in the future when I'm rich I will use this to lift my depressed heart.
~ Silver leone
I just got started with Calm. I'm in love! I suffer from poor insomnia & I'm starting with the meditation zone. I have been searching for an release that provided Calms informations. Theres more to learn about, I highly suggest it.Oh! PS It has a childrens section too. It will be well worth the annual fee.
~ robin glasgow
Ridiculous. They allow you sign up for a nonpaid trial, but once the nonpaid trial ends they don't remind you of it coming up. They just charge you an absolute fortune. I wouldn't claim the release is worth the dollars at all. Once you cancel it they don't refund you like another companies. It's just there for other year to use. I'm disappointed that there was no reminder of the nonpaid trial ending, like another apps/companies.
~ Georgia Ismay
Save your dollars. The concept is fantastc but the execution is terrible. I liked the nonpaid trial enough, so I paid the gigantic fee so I should have access to everything. Yeah...not so speedy. Not only do you pay up front, but you still don't obtain access to all that you paid for unless you give up all your personal stats as well. You gotta make a "profile" so they can accumulate time on you. Why not just give recipients the access they paid for?
~ Janet Zimmerman
This release is far too expensive for some stories and ASMR, something that you can obtain on YouTube for nonpaid. All but a single storyline are fully gated off unless you cough up a hefty chunk of dollars into this release. Just look up guided meditation and all that on YouTube, save yourself some dollars.
~ The MacGuffin
This release is so useful. It supports me deal with anxiety, supports me sleep, supports me build self-esteem, supports me to use breathing techniques in stressful cases... it's been a lifesaver, almost literally. They constantly add newest content, including celebrity voices and interesting subject from another cultures. Well worth the cost of the subscription.
~ Christine Magnuson
I can't afford to pay for this release. I've been trying to cancel my nonpaid trial before I obtain charged! I am VERY FRUSTRATED ☹️ I've gone to Google test where the release instructed me to go to cancel. It's not showing up on my profile! But the release claims that I'm still subscribed! Can someone please support me figure this out 🙏
~ Steffenie Ferguson
I was looking for lullabies for my babes. happen to download this. expect everything nonpaid. after launch . see it wish to charge 60$. even though nonpaid 7 days. I wanted to delete right away. before I forget to unsubscribe and obtain charge. I havent click anything to continue. but still worries me. dont scare ppl off with the 60$ . like someone claimed test 5$ a month. might obtain several will test 1 month. and will obtain less terrible ratings. pay me for this comment. pay me 5$ for every comment to support ur release create dollars.
~ Julie La
Downloaded the release thinking Rs. 2200 isn't a large amount to shell out when I am suffering from depression and anxiety. Turns out the release isn't accepting literally any form of payment. No net banking, no debit card, nothing! Re-installed the release and the charge increased to Rs. 3650 for one year. Cant access the 7 day nonpaid trial. Actually I am even more depressed and anxious. Thanks Calm release!
~ Vaishnavi Narvekar
I think they need to work on the price-target for their release overall, even if it's worth the dollars... I got a six month trial of the super through Samsung health, so I will be upgrading this review as time goes on. so far, it has been worth using, to the target that I'm consistently meditating. lots of positives, but that one BIG negative keeps it from being a truely known and well known resource. I'd strongly consider revising the pricing and the content of the nonpaid ver.
~ Brandon Bevill
This release is so expensive!! Its ridiculous! Some recipients can't afford this! Its not worth paying that much dollars! There is nonpaid content but it sucks and almost all the informations are for the super ver. I guess I'll just continue to struggle with my anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
~ Malia Kennedy
Be careful. I signed up for a trial with the assurance that I'd be emailed when the trail was ending -- BUT the info about the end of the trial period went to my secondary correspondence address. So, I'm stuck with it for an whole year -- although I'm only a day late in trying to cancel the trial. Grrr! Not a nice introduction to the release. Yes, I know that I could have read the fine print. That's why I'm warning others.
~ Lynn Appleton
It does a work.... such a shame its £38 a year and you have to pay yearly. If it were monthly I should afford it and almost everything is locked behind a pay wall in the nonpaid ver. Unless you have a spare £38 to spend all at once on this release it's not worth it. When they run offering monthly payments I'll change it to 5 stars.
~ Arian Mattravers
I have been using this release for over 2 months actually and It's nice. Finest guided meditation and mindfulness release I have tried and have tried many in the last several years. I have seen positive effects in my mindfulness practice, increased concentration throughout the day, improvement in my quality of sleep, increase of energy throughout the day, reduced worry and anxiety and overall mental health. Give it a test.
~ Franli Guzman
Expensive for what it is...there are another ideas of accessing related content for nonpaid or less dollars. Tricky idea of getting my paid subscription after signing up for trial... there was no idea to cancel it in the release. Not cool. And why do I have to continually force close release to obtain the background sound to shut off? Again...not impressed and a bit irked.
~ Tammy Valdez