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About: The official, redesigned California's Nice America release! Receive more out of each day at the park with ride wait times for your favoured rides, an interactive walkthrough map that will support you search the fastest route to any zone in the park, simple access to your FunPix pictures, a complete listing of all the entertaining shows and meetings, including present times, so you wont miss a minute of the action. Purchase tickets or shop your Season Pass on your device and obtain premium offers and discounts only available to release players. Everything you need to create your day at California's Nice America the finest day ever!
Genre: Travel & Local Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
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California's Great America Reviews and Comments:

Picture upload for season pass not working fix please! !!
~ Ivan Vargas
~ Howie Doyle
I would've given it 5 if it worked!!!!
~ Steven Jordan
I"ve tried & tried but it never works. What a letdown!
~ John Mohr
Needs live upgrades. Wait times. Written 10 years ago? Kind of a joke especially in Silicon Valley.
~ Clyde Lerner
This ap is not up to date. It doesn't even present the newest winter fest dates. It doesn't present the newest 3D and lists it as still being the Mumbles Wild Ride
~ Christine Bell
What type of theme park release doesn't list what the actual wait times are?!? If you wish to buy paperless tickets or parking passes its ok but even the park map is too flooded with pins and is hard to read. No bueno.
~ Stephanie Srok
Doesn't have accurate territory and it lags A LOT!!! Doesn't present hours and sometimes kicks me out. Not worth downloading
~ Luis Diaz
This park is nuch nuch much better than six flags in vallejo your meal is nice clean and fulfilling at six flags there meal is horrible and its VERY DIRTY AND NASTY but not GREAT AMERICA i appreciate this theme park thanks .!
~ donnetta blunt
Why only one short picture per attraction, useless in generating interest and frustrating that the release should be better. contain a tiny gallery and video for every attraction.. should rate a 5 but had to give it a 1
~ Jim Davies
just gonna buy tix using laptop bcuz release DOES NOT WORK. CRAP. cant even SEE the prices. the developers Failed to make a decent release. IF this is the effort Nice America puts in ensuring ride security, im not so sure i wanna go :(
~ Sublimely Seth
Not up to date. Doesn't present actual calendar date. Very slow. Like someone else claimed, very disappointing since we live in Silicon Valley. The dude searcher doesn't work at all. The only thing this release did successfully was drain my battery
~ T K
Very nice
~ Beatriz Villanueva
The owners are in Ohio. Ohio, need I claim more?
~ Derek Chesley
Map locks up and doesn't work
~ Tony Koinov
Big battery drain. Terrible coding seems to leave territory services running constantly, including background territory scans when you aren't even using the release's map. Hasn't been fixed since at least mid 2017.
~ Matthew Bright
I'll edit as I search...1. I'm able to save my season and dining pass but claims nothing of my drink pass. All or claims about Red, White, & Brews are the dated. No hours, prices, entertainment schedule, participants.
~ Pamela Howell
It's a really useful release
~ Itzel Fernandez
TURN OFF LOCATION PERMISSIONS ON THIS APP! This release drains my battery extremely speedy because it is CONSTANTLY using my device's GPS. Just last night it spent over 6 and a half hours (according to the battery details) since my last charge about 8 hours ago using my GPS while I was at home doing nothing. It would be fine if the release pinged the territory for a several seconds a couple times every hour, but when I am seeing the territory icon on the top of my screen all the time because of this release, that's a trouble. I didn't launch the release once since last full charge, and it is the huge player of battery life on my device behind Mobile OS, Mobile System, and Screen. Please modernization the release to stop constantly reading my territory because it murders battery life. Until then, I will leave territory permissions turned off for this release. I'm giving it two stars instead of one because being able to place my season pass into the release and scan it from the device while entering the park is very convenient.
~ Douglas Wagner
Too hard needs powerful network
Installed 3 times force closes within seconds of launching the release.
~ No PerfectSense
Love it
~ Ervin Livingston
It destroyed instantly after I downloaded!!!
~ Elium Sanchez
Only got it for the ride wait times, it's soo wrong..
~ Jacob Steely
Serious battery drain
~ Jeroen Dhollander
Inaccurate wait times, not able to scan gold pass bought from Costco
~ Artak Galstyan
Nexus 5X release doesn't work it just shows me the Winterfest logo.
~ Reece Ram
The reason for getting this release, was to support beat wait lines for deciding on what rides to go on with lesser wait. Yes it does give wait times, but they are soooooo unbelievably wrong (were talking 2 to 3 times longer than posted and this is not an exaggeration by all means). Psycho Mouse claimed 15 min, got in line at 4:07, is actually 4:57 and we are not on the ride yet. All of the ride times have been idea off, the only nice thing on the release is the map n even that is not all that.­čśĄ
~ Scott G
Wait times aren't even close release claims 10 min wait and line is an hour long Claims you what meal territories approve the food plan but wont claim you what the choices are
~ david haag
Inaccurate wait times, claims rides are closed and they aren't.
~ Mariah McDermott
Wait times do not work. The only icon showing is how far the walk is to the ride
~ Jeff Temoin
Inaccurate wait times, when I'm in the park, it claims that wait times will display when I'm in the park. Just spend the several dollars and go to Disneyland where the release is relatively accurate.
~ Jia Jun Luo
The largest reason to obtain any theme park release is to check wait times and this release does not deliever them, and when they do, they are extremely inaccurate. No reason to download this.
~ Michael Ferrario
Needs a lot of work. Wait times for rides are inaccurate. The release claims that a ride is closed, but when you walk by it is launch...even if you refresh it that minute. A large disconnect with true time. Sad...we're even in Silicon Valley. Quite disapointed! Would give a negative if possible.
~ Catherine Alcorin-Ellacer
Avoid this zone,its run by a bunch of babes without adult supervision.Also the release is a joke.Rides are ok but if no stats to plan your day it's useless without their speedy pass upsell.
~ Aakash dave
Doesn't let you to filter rides by genre, or by distance. Makes it very hard to navigate. Also, not all rides present whether the have speedy pass or not
~ Pranit Arora
I think it is VERY HELPFUL
~ A Google user
Makes you sign in to check queue times.
~ A Google user
why aren't operating hours for 2019 on the release?
~ Dori Estrella
The old ver with monthly operating hours is much more needed than the newest weekly format. Please change it back.
~ Duc Nguyen