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About: The first pocket calculator for the Mobile Wear operation system. Perform calculations quickly without using your cell device. It is easy and simple to use, a nice helper for on the go. Switch between primary and scientific functions. Use also your voice to input calculations. Download actually for nonpaid. To run the release. Just claim: OK Google...Run calculator. Receive more apps, releases & news with "Mobile Wear Center": Primary functions: division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, decimal target, effects Scientific functions: trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, modulo operation, constants pi and e, square root function Select from two themes: - Classic theme - Flat theme You have to own an Mobile Wear device to use this release Currently compatible devices: HUAWEI Watch Moto 360 Gen 2 (2015) Moto 360 Ge ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Wearable Software
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Calculator For Wear OS (Android Wear) Reviews and Comments:

Works as intended. Haven't used the voice piece yet, but will modernization if I do. Seems nice enough for doing "maths".
~ Chad Niemi
It works nicely and looks and feels great on my moto 360 however I'd like the / to be changed to ÷ and * to X and I tried the voice input but it mucked up and would not calculate. Then it was forever trying to calculate it And I couldn't do anything else on it or stop it so I uninstalled and re installed. Another than that it is nice.
~ Brandon
Great needed release. Works like a dream. Usually wanted a calculator watch since the '80s. This is a gotta have on watch. Seemed to use existing mobile calculator on device when no another icons were evident but newest modernization has actually fixed all another troubles. Overall a great job (Moto 360).
~ Mike Cutmore
Interface should be improved slightly... Just made to look a tiny more handsome. I am nit picking though as it does everything it needs to do.
~ Alex Burns
I appreciate the work that went into this smartwatch release. I use it on a Moto 360 2nd gen. The trouble I experience is the 'C' button does not clear the entry. Can this be fixed?
~ A Google user
"22/7+14" effects in a spinner and then accepts no input. Can we have an option to turn off voice input (hide the microphone) until this is a tiny less alpha?
~ Pete Graybash
Works very well on my Moto 360. The only thing I would change is that I would prefer my wear apps to not leave an entry in my device release drawer unless it has settings or something attached. A stub that is just full of feedback to the test shop is kinda pointless.
~ A Google user
A bit fiddly at first and will take time to work out the input order but already after 5 min's I have a several in the bag. The voice input is nice but again will take time to master.
~ Michael Hawthorne
Just will not launch on Samsung Gear Live with my Galaxy Note Edge. Opens it on device which is useless. Need tech help to explain please.
~ Richard Harrison
Very needed tiny release to have on your watch, especially when Google's voice recognition is a bit hit and miss (or you just don't wish to talk to your watch). Looks nice too and works well on my G Watch R. If I had one *minor* quibble it's that I'd prefer the size of the numbers of the readout to match the keys (i.e. a tiny bit bigger) but no drama. Thanks for making this available.
~ Nick C.
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Watch: Asus ZenWatch. Each attempt to launch the release from my ZenWatch, the release claims "Calculator has stopped working". Hoping to see this fixed and I will change my rating. :-)
~ Jonathon Keefer
Nice release to do some speedy easy calculations on your watch, but you can also do more 'advanced' calculations by swiping to the right. Besides that there is a possibility for voice input.
~ Jeroen Debois
This calculator has a strange player experience. For example, after pressing = the next digit will *append* to the previous effects rather than clearing and starting a newest input. Thus the button sequence 5 * 35 = 4 * 17 = does not effects in 175 then 68. Instead it effects in 175 then 29818 (that is, 175 then 1754 * 17 = 29818.) So if you are used to another calculators, you need to learn to use clear after every = effects with this calculator when you wish to run a newest calculation. This behavior may be OK once you obtain used to it, but again it is different from just about any calculator I've ever used. This is why I only rated this a 3 - I think it degrades from usability. I discovered that a long press on the 'C' (clear) button will clear the whole display, and a speedy click on 'C' will only remove one digit. It's also a tiny strange (to me) that pressing 'C' once will also remove a digit from a *effects*, so be careful - you can alter a effects without realizing it. Unlike another calculators for Mobile Wear, 1/3*3 effects in 1, not 0.999999. I would prefer to see multiplication represented with the standard 'X' button label, not '*'.
~ David Biesack
I use a calculator some time on my job it is a pain trying to pull my device out to use it so I got this release very handy for moto 360. The plus and minus buttons etc are a tiny tiny another than that nice release
~ Baba Dy Israel -
Works well and the voice control is a neat concept. My only gripe is the interface colour, it's not the same as in the photos.... more brown... it would be great if there was a choice... I'd go with black.
~ Matthew Clark
What more do you wish? It does what a calculator is meant to do. I can never understand why Mobile Wear recipients complain about the watches & the apps because they don't let you to time travel or search the cure for cancer. Jeesh, it's early tech & they are just primary extensions of your smart device. Receive over it recipients!
~ Michael Wilson
Just about as nice as a car with a blind driver, or taking a picture with the lens cap on... you obtain the concept. Turns out I had other release with a hidden button that overlapped the = button on this release, so I was retarded and thought the calculator's = button was broken. Each time I hit the = button nothing happened, but its because the hidden button was blocking it. I changed the size of the hidden button and actually we're nice to go. No hard feelings? ;-)
~ Niel H
Nice release. Simple to use and speedy. Voice recognition information is a tiny funky, but then again it relies on external API, so this is not the release's fault. One thing that the release can really benefit from - adding a % on the front page, to calculate/add/subtract the percentage, as in regular calculators. Other 'great to have' information would be to have a memory add/view/clear buttons (on the next page, if essential).
~ A Google user
I tried the gesture calculator and hated it. You had to go on two screens for each operation. This was much simpler and I love the voice commands. I was going to create a request to have you push and keep the clear button to clear the respond but then I tested it and that now worked. All very well done. I like being able to claim go Google run calculator but I am going to forget that word run. It would be great if just the word calculator worked.
~ Jeff N
~ sant gupta
~ Putchala Satyanarayana
Thanks for the revolution
~ Elmar Karimov
Nice app I had to download through my watch to obtain it to present in my app drawer
~ Barry Borden
Tablet claims it is installed but it didnt present up on my watch.
~ Valerie R. Coffman
Nice release, but no need as Google has an official ver.
~ A Google user
IT Is a support when device is not in usw.
~ Festus Aniteye
Straight and functional, no buggy advertising. Suggest.
~ Zurkster
Only shows instruction and not the calculator. Irritating
~ A Google user
A decent calculator for day do day use. My one request would be to add degrees mode, as trig functions only help radian mode.
~ Eric Yooniverse
Ithink is nice
~ A Google user
does but its needs to
~ Jayesh Srivastava
Yo lad this release is gucci
~ King Daniel
randomly opens on its own
~ Chad Siedsma
~ Gaurav Kapoor
Didn't work, it didn't even present up on my Samsung watch
~ Hrishikesh
this release is poop it does not work I do not suggest you gettin it
~ A Google user
Works better than any others on smartwatch.
~ Jan Heriban
This is a nice release simple to use. definitely suggest
~ Alexander Chan
"run calculator" "sorry, i couldnt do that". doesnt appear in wearable release menu either.
~ Thomas Wade