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Cache Cleaner   
About: An banner-nonpaid launch source software for cache cleaning which does not require rooted device. You do not need this release anymore if you are on Mobile 6.0 or newer. Just go to Settings -> Storage & USB-> Internal/External storage and click on Cached time in order to clear all the cache. Due to limitations in Mobile 6.0 and newer, Cache Cleaner is not able to clean internal cache on Mobile 6.0 and newer. However, cleaning of external cache could work properly on all versions of Mobile.
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 1MB Developer: Frozen Developers [email protected]
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Cache Cleaner Reviews and Comments:

usually shows my cache to be empty while there's almost 2gb cache in my apps! not sure how to go about using this release.
~ CA Tanmay Bhavar
Doesn't work on Oreo. It claims cache is empty but it definitely isn't.
~ Y4kuzi
Claims my cache is empty when it isn't. Sooooo...... deleted.
~ Deep Sandhu
Self Note ;– Cache Cleaner, com.frozendevs.cache.cleaner, Version 2.2.3, 1★
~ A Google user
claims theres no cache when there is. saw someone had a related trouble. trashy release.
~ Chance Hastings
I've never in my life downloaded an release without an icon until actually. I mean really??
~ A Google user
It usually claimed that there wasn't any cache to clean when there was plenty of it, terrible release
~ Useless Alpaca
Claims I have zero cache when I have over 100MB. Basically, the release is useless.
~ J. Hunter
Fully support me alot guys all that thing poping out in my history is just fake test this appp guys i love it:)
~ Matthew Lumabas
Bot sure about any1 else who have installed this release. but this cleaner took over 5 minutes to clean 10 MBS. of cache files from my mobile😨 im uninstalling & dwnlding other release.👍
~ A Google user
Installed, opened and it should no cache to clear. AppMgr showed 256 MB to be cleared. Doesn't work on Oreo I guess.
~ Steve Sutton
it is my 1st time usin' this release. hope it will support me out to clean all my cache clean out auto 👍😎🆗
~ Christopher Gurganus
Claimed me there was no cache, however I should check the actual apps and see that I had over 500 mb of cache. I'm running Mobile 8.1 Oreo.
~ Mateus Rodrigues
doesn't work, but it gives U a message that it cleaned all, i checked and ny apps were still cached. my device is cheap so maybe why
~ Nat Coo
works nice. actually finally i found an release that really works. thank you.
~ sunny
Sometimes some residual caches of some apps are left uncleaned. But otherwise works very nice. Hold it up. Very easy & simple to use.
~ A Google user
it doesn't work. i have 17,55 mb cache on google go, but this release can't detect it.
~ Muhammad Rizky
finaly my find is end , love this app, its really work and dont present the fake cache report , its present only the original cache report that matched by the release cache report and also geniunly clean the cache , sorry for terrible english.
~ Muhammad Khan
I dont know what he does but after cleaning my device is speed up! I know all cache is not cleared by this release.
~ SB Shahrukh
Finest Cache Cleaner release. It does what it claims. Straight release, no gimmicks, light and needed. If you clear cache frequently, this release is highly suggested.
~ Peeyush Malik
Discovered it on F-Droid. I've been using it for Mobile 4.4, actually found it on Google Market and using it on my BB Aurora. Cleans your device cache in a couple of clicks without banners. Tiny footprint, too.
~ Sigit Prasetyo
Straight, tiny and clean.. very effective! I found release what i wish nice job devs.. This release deserves 5 stars. 😘 Tip: Don't add another informations like clean master add and destroying their app day by day..
~ Hassan Khan
Somehow this release is surprisingly speedy, simply just tap then all the cache cleaned, nice release so far, also with no banners. (Btw, I'm using GOME K1)
~ A Google user
what am i missing ? After install i hit the install button and it opened and claimed dollars cleaned. what? all apps, not possible. Then it froze on myV 20.
~ tim depies
-Policies friendly (Permissions) -Lightweight,launch source -No bs booster/optimiser. Does exactly what it could,no complain
~ Emaenul Islam
Didn't clear anything on my Galaxy s7 running Oreo 8.0. Maybe it worked on older systems, but not on the above.
~ Thomas Kirk
Use SD Maid, it won't miss the Cache, and it won't miss anything, its simply the finest.
~ Phil Silvers
its weak size software release,and its simple to use thanks Cache Cleaner, i'd just cleared 400mb cache in just a second haha ,i realy love your release💖
Froze the first time it deleted the cache and actually lies when I scan, claiming I have "no cache detected" when I definitely do..
~ Rachel X.
After running this release I checked and it did NOT clear any cache, still have to clear every item one at a time. Not only am I uninstalling I am also recommending that no one wastes their time with This.
~ Del Gann
Top Dawg in the shop, hood rich informations, it's nonpaid too. Seriously don't waste time with boosts in others, terrible reviews need education and or glasses.
~ Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails
this release is garbage, don't waste your time. I thought the terrible reviews were from players who are not using the release properly, unfortunately like many others with the same complaint , it claims cache is empty and it is not.
~ Phillip Fernandez
Tini release doing marvellous job simply. Check yourself. Don't follow the spam reviews. I've checked and proved, so using from a long time.
~ Dr G K Gyan
NOT WORKING 😠 It scanned my 152 release and pick some release that has some cache file, ok well. but after cleaning cache by this release and checking a release then..... it has no changes. It doesn't work. Waste my time 😑
~ Maruf Mahady
Works nice on my zmax 2 5.1 lollipop. Some recipients don't read and post terrible reviews with a lack of understanding about the release. In the about section on here Google Test it states the following. Due to limitations in Mobile 6.0 and newer, Cache Cleaner is not able to clean internal cache on Mobile 6.0 and newer. However, cleaning of external cache could work properly on all versions of Mobile.
~ Marlene Bell
It really doesnt recognizes the cache. After the install it claimed there is no cache to clean, but when I checked an release it showed me it had 18mb of cach. Dont bother installing it!
~ Roland Ritli
claims no cache when I know there is. Please fix for google pixel xl. I tested on my fire hdx 4th gen device and it works perfectly. I am guessing the idea the newest devices are with no cache partition is reason this release fails to work. I wonder if it forced obsoletion.
~ Thomas Maher
When I seen the no banners, and size of the release, I was really glad. But this release kept claiming after I scanned that I have no cache. I went into apps individually and found I had variety of cache to be cleaned. Deleted release, and have gone back to cleaning individual apps until I search something worthwhile.
~ A Google user
Usually claims there's nothing in my cache when i know there is. Even gave it a several days to see if it would notice my junk. Still nothing. Can't even really use it as long as it keeps claiming that. Uninstalled.
~ Todd P.
I really loved the simplicity of the release and gave it a 5-star rating after the first cleanup. Then I saw the rest of the comments and I have to claim that it didn't clean the cache after all (went via Storage to check for every individually). It's great if you wish an overview of how much an release is storing, but that's about it.
~ A Google user