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About: Join 80 million busuu players waiting to support you learn a language! Become a member of the busuu Community and have your speaking and writing exercises corrected by native speakers. Plus, you can support others in your native language! ** Awarded Editors Choice Google Test ** ** "EDITOR RATING: EXCELLENT" - PC MAG ** ** Bloomberg Business Innovators 2016 ** ===================== Spanish | German | French | Arabic | Russian | Chinese | Italian | Japanese | Turkish | Portuguese | Polish | English Learn up to 12 major languages using our award-winning courses, with lvls ranging from beginner to fluency download actually and test us for nonpaid. ===================== Transform your travel experience, improve your memory skills, practice with true native speakers, study or live abroad and, even better, meet newest recipients and develop l ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: busuu Limited
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busuu: Learn Languages - Spanish, English & More Reviews and Comments:

I think this release is more for recipients who have some knowledge of Japanese already to improve with as it's very advanced for total beginners...it expects a lot VERY early on!
~ Linda O'Driscoll
Cute upset that the subscription plan is not flexible and tied you down for 12 months as 1. I have tried to cancel my subscription 1 day later but not able to do so as I missed 1-day correspondence. Seriously think the info could be reminded at least for a 3-day continuous prior to expiry or given 14 days of period for cancellation.
~ ying yew
I'm getting sound troubles too. Help is nice & I'm hoping to obtain a permanent solution this time. If not, then sadly I'll have to stop using this nice release. It has a nice layout & a tons of tasks for all learning preferences. The community aspect is nice too, but remember most recipients are NOT lang teachers & will correct to their variant. A comment below claims 'at the weekend' is wrong, but it's common to UK Eng whereas US prefers 'on'. Usually check corrections with a separate grammar source!
~ Michelle Elliott
I like this release a lot and would suggest to everyone wanting to learn a newest language. it's nice and i am learning steadyly. However I'd like to be more consistent with my studies, and the reminders serve a nice purpose if i do forget. I also really appiciate the weekly dashboard letting me know where i am with my efforts.
~ Silka neumann
I don't usually write reviews but the customer service I've received has been particularly terrible from busuu. The release is nice and been a pleasure to use. I'd give it a solid 4/5. However, the customer service when trying to obtain a refund has been a heavy headache. They assume auto renewal and don't deliever any warnings prior to taking the dollars and then create it impossible to obtain a full refund, instead offering two years for the price of one.
~ Lewis
after a couple of days trying the release I noticed a couple of things. First of all I have super and the lessons are nice. I'm learning Russian and recipients are very useful correcting my errors. But its strength is also its weakness. I've seen recipients correcting in Spanish and English and some of the corrections have horrific grammatical errors (especially Spanish speakers who instead of teaching "neutral Spanish" to students, teach their local tons) maybe add "preferred Spanish dialect"?idk
~ Claudio Suarez
It is an okay tool. There is something missing and I can't quite claim what it is. My largest criticism about this release and another language learning apps, is that the French is geared towards France. I live in Quebec and search some of the expressions and words not appropriate for my work experience here. I also search some of the English explanations/transkations awkward and not how we would claim things in English either. I like being able to have native speakers correct me.
~ Karen Colwell
It's a nice release for recipients who are traveling and wish to know some sentences to communicate with others. However, if I really wish to learn a language and be like a native speaker it's not gonna support. You just write the sentence and the pronunciation!? That's it? Where are the letters? Where are the pronouns? Where are the basics? In addition, if you write for me the sentence, how I'm supposed to know what does every word mean? Where is logic?
~ Mayar Zeyad
Disappointing, and full of trap. It was automatically extended (even I don't used for more than 3 months) and should not be canceled even it is just extended for a several mins without my consent. Not a bona-fide company, be careful guys.
~ antok handoko
Nice morning, I am desappointed bacause you don't have tons of languages. I am looking for Korean language. But hold up the nice work
~ INDAMUTSE Angel Minerve
A far more interactive release. The +, you can speak the language and there's a positive feedback in the system.
~ Zorina Raviera
it's wonderful for bignners. I would suggest busuu for arabic learning. This release is nice but sometimes gives tiny trouble like u cannot listen audio to give correct respond of the questions.
~ Mamuna Akram
I seriously love this release! It supports me learn Japanese and when im in Japan, i can use that language and understand more!
~ Jin Yi Tay
I really like the release and i want i should pay to be a super member. I don't have the type payment way they use, that's my trouble. Thanks to the release developers.
~ Rose Mia
Very fun and nice release for learning languages while u have job break,drink coffe alone, sitting in park etc.. Its support me in my learning of 🇩🇪 language and im still using it thanks and nice luck !!!
~ Haris Piralić
Busuu is a very nice app and it is very useful..... thank you😊. l have given busuu four stars out of five because it doesn't let a person to learn other language if they don't have a super membership😭😭
~ chantel chirairo
Nice so far, and a nice community, plus you teach Arabic. Havent yet bought, however will test the freeware for a bit first to see how far i can go
~ Ihtishaam Khan
Wow! I'm delighted with Busuu! It' simply nice! The lessons are shown in an-simple-to-follow pace, which makes learning a piece of cake for beginners. And added to that, it's also possible to search native speakers, friendly recipients to support you boost your learning. I fully suggest it.
~ Benoni Sousa
it's the finest because you can work on your progress and you can rate someone on how they did when they are trying to learn your language. And someone can rate you on how you did on trying to learn their language. all I have to claim it's the finest release I've used!
~ clarissa baldus
absolutely love this release, has connected me with native chinese speakers to support improve my learning. And as linked me with others to support them - all for FREE! So far, so nice.
~ Sarah Fitch Mathers
Very upset that the company charge you without warning on a subscription fee and dont respond enquiries. Very underhand behaviour and clearly designed to obtain dollars off you. The release itself does not usually work offline. it jumps sharply in difficulty lvl. cant suggest this release due to companies underhand, sneaky charging policies.
~ Donna Green
I am kinda mad cause I wanna do quiz but I have to pay for it I will never know how far I am I can't do the quiz cause I don't have dollars.i have an feeling like you guys(busuu) are just trying to obtain dollars.
~ Leah Ossi
This release is very great and fun to practise english for me , I have an encouragement to practise second language continue. I give five star for everyone developer suggested for practise another language release.
~ Modern Smile
Nice release, I haven't been able to now hold going with another apps, yet somehow this one seems to work for me. 10 out of a possible 10 Goldblums.
~ Robert Sleeboom
I really like this release! I'm using it to practice my Spanish. My main trouble with it is in reviewing low words. Sometimes I'll obtain a word wrong just for leaving out "el" or "la" even though the example word it was asking me to translate didn't claim "the." For example, it asked me to translate "honeymoon." I was marked incorrect for typing "luna de miel" (but this is correct, I just didn't claim "la".) If this would obtain fixed I would consider buying super!
~ Nicole Amstutz
Going from lesson to lesson is not fluid. The release freezes, then didn't know where you've left off. May 15, newest trouble, voice recognition doesn't work anymore. Google voice is enabled.
~ Tomas Kuli
it is not cheap but it supports a lot to learn languages. there is an offline option as well (if you pay for super) when u forget to deactivate the payment, they will charge you again after a year.
~ Cornelia Hohensinner
The Soft is very nice. However, from lesson 17 (+ -) it loses its configuration and the proposal to be all in English is not answered. And it should have the advanced modules. It's very nice because we can learn others languages.
~ Daniele Piva
This release is nice not only for its content but busuu squad is also very useful.❤️ highly suggested for those who wish to learn languages. (i want i should give 10 🌟 )😁
~ Disha
I would like to complete all my lessons please. Like you know, without being pressured into getting super just to complete a several lessons. It is very troublesome
~ cathy cheater696
Audio doesnt usually test, despite having nice internet and volume turned up. This causes me to frequently have to leave and run a lesson over and hope it fixes itself, which sometimes it doesnt. I'd love for this to be fixed as I love the release otherwise
~ Zak Price
my favoured part is how the community supports you! you either write or speak the translation, and recipients who are native to the language you are learning, will support you improve! it's nice!
~ John Zambrano
I have tried so many Langugae teaching apps but in my target of view busuu is the finest one in many aspects really. The pace is so appropriate. The community is so diverse and active. The technical help is very responsive. Thank you Busuu for being there. Hold the nice job.
~ Mahmoud Amin
Don't obtain me wrong, it's a unbelievable release, has a lot of resources to learn a newest language. However, when I test (keyword, test) to complete a lesson, it runs to lag. and it's okay, I can wait, but not when it lags each single time. In each single lesson. The release then crashes and my progress is lost. And I wonder, how am I supposed to learn something newest if it won't allow me? Did I waste my dollars on the suscription then? I beg you, please fix performance. Please.
~ Auraly
I can't claim you this is the finest release to learn English. IMO there is too many bugs and I don't even remember how many times I had to contact the help squad to report a bug. It's nice if you wish to learn A1-A2 english but B1-B2 lessons are not accurate. Aba English release is better for all lvls.
~ Kamil Borkwoski
I love the release, I think it offers you a wide and simple idea to learn other language and takes you step by step by doing tiny amounts of learning every day. Only downside is the super equipment but another than that it's nice!
~ Kyle Si Fletcher
Hello dear, This app is my favored one, but there are some troubles in it: 1. in some records no have voices, need to fix it up. 2. we cannot add our true dudes, there is no any idea to search my brother for example, or anyone I would like to add as a dude, so we hope that you add this information in this APP. 3.I feel it's slow alittle bit. Thanks for reading finest regards Bader Almamari
~ Bader Rashid
I am learning Spanish but in the world icon there is a genre you are learning in top of the page. which only has beginner to intermediate, Lvl A1 to B2. And not has LEVEL C ( 1 and 2 ). How should I obtain LEVEL C. I like, you are giving it in lvls. 😍😊👍👍
~ Jatin Madaan
Wonderful!!! I can spend much more time to learn here. It's quite nice to know my language lvl which I can't search from another apps.😉 After learn German language here for 6 months, found that it's the nice Soft I have ever used. the lesson will be added naturally which it's not create stress.
Nice for beginners with zero knowledge. Otherwise, no comparison to Duolingo. Settings need more work around. Just one language to test with. Interestingly, the release just assumed that English is my native which should not be corrected. Obviously, the release is still far from perfection. Deleted after 10 mins of using it.
~ Ivan Boryagin