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About: Over 30 million recipients have signed up for Bumble to run building valuable relationships, finding dudes, and making empowered connections. Creating newest connections has never been easier. Bumble is working to lift the stigma of online dating by employing unprecedented standards for respectful behavior. Because of this relentless dedication, millions of recipients are using Bumble to build valuable relationships each single day. DATE, MEET FRIENDS, NETWORK Bumble is at the forefront of matchmaking technology by providing an release that allows players to foster more than just romantic connections. The industry-leading release empowers players to swipe through potential connections across three different modes: Bumble: On Bumble, girls create the first transport. Weve changed the archaic terms of the dating release so that you can form meaningful relationships in a resp ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 16MB Developer: Bumble Holding Limited
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Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network. Reviews and Comments:

I have internet on my device but it won't load claims no internet connection. I can load apps and YouTube etc but not this release. I have tried uninstalling-reinstalling even restarted my device still claims that. Can I obtain some support lol
~ bob sowles
I've had over 25 matches in 2 weeks and only one has messaged me in time to hold the chat launch, I give them points for the woman messaging first aspect but by timing it it's counterproductive. I'm swiping dating apps girls are incredibly likely to match when they swipe because how picky lads are against girls and so when they have an overabundance of matching to take the time to message them all to hold the chat alive is impossible, that's my theory anyway. this release is not worth the time an effort
~ Matt kantor
I met someone I truly really like, and I was under the impression my bumble subscription had to be renewed every week with my permission. I deleted my profile after meeting this person and uninstalled the release. Turns out, Bumble has been taking $8.99 every week for about two months. So. Be careful. I have to correspondence them actually because I can't obtain into my deleted profile to cancel the subscription. Lowkey pissed tbh.
~ Fal your Pal
Cute sure most of these profiles are inactive. Also, how should I possibly obtain 50+ likes less than an hour after I joined? Scam for dollars. It appeared I matched with someone so I sent a message. It was a false match created by Bumble linking me to someone's long inactive profile. Shame on you Bumble for giving false hope, testing with emotions. If any of Bumble's employees ever had their heart broken in their life, then you know you're doing a wrong thing to harm recipients's hearts like this.
~ E E
Not terrible, I obtain messages from recipients I didn't like and there is a large pile of persons that present as a queue but cannot be accessed. Probably to test to promote the paid ver, understandable but inconvenient
~ Vladimir Ciobanu
After being banned (without breaking any of the terms, apparently if a couple women flag you, you're automatically banned), the "help squad" claimed me that I'm not allowed to know the specific reason of the ban for "policies reason". Talking about policies, my profile is still floating around the release without any possibility to delete it. If was possible, I had given 0 star. Pathetic
~ Antonio Ristuccia
I could have read these ratings before I paid for boost. I was scammed into paying for boost to see who was looking at me in the Beeline. It showed I had multiple recipients to see. After paying it showed none and the blurred bubble disappeared. Also, if you live in a less populated zone, you won't obtain very many matches. It's like a 55 mile radius. Lame!!!
~ Layne Nalder
got a one day subscription, but got charged each single day. Please, if i wanted to i would have just got a week or more, but just wanted to test for a day, then deleted the release and got charged each single day for like two weeks. Absolute scum claiming me its my own fault. As a company with so many downloads, be mindful of recipients who have no concept that after one day it doesnt just stop but keeps on charging you. I hate you with my entire heart, because you took so much of my dollars.have an terrible day
~ Paulius Bagdonas
After a while they throttle the matches. How do I know ? I changed my age restriction to contain older women so from 33 to 34 years because it was out of matches. then all of a sudden I obtain younger women ? hahah
~ Miguel A
lol so I got the 1 day boots so I didnt have to waste my time with swiping and just deal with the ones who already claimed yes to me. Started off fine until I looked at distances of the guys who matched with me. Turns out they weren't in my zone at all. Why the hell would I wish to waste my yes swipe on matches in Lousiana when I live in Oregon? When you're viewing the profiles of the guys who already "yes" it's just their names, jobs, and pictures. No territory. Waste of time.
~ Nisha Lee
i paid yesterday after taking a look at the release. actually i cant launch it. before i paid, i found a number of lads that seemed interesting that i would like to meet. actually that i paid, i cant search them. secondly, i tried to launch the release after i joined and actually today it claims someone is interested but the release wont launch. it keeps bouncing back to the home page. waste of my dollars and time. its been one day since i paid and want I should obtain a refund . not worth the effort trying to figure it out
~ Carol P
I feel sorry for recipients who pay/paid for this. Everything in this release SHOULD be nonpaid. Likes, chat, VISIBILITY, etc. It's not, at least not after the first 24 hours. It's not hard to execute a electronic handshake and it's not hard to add banners if you're so greedy that you insist on profiting off recipients's loneliness and desperation. This (along with related apps) is/are a complete waste. It's sad that easy apps like this have upgrades.
~ Adam Brown
BUYER BEWARE!!! I deleted my profile and release from the device 4 months prior and got no confirmation, just as there is no confirmation of the run of the subscription. I had no subscriptions in google test.... please read the following before signing up for this shady company. I contacted them the day the renewal and they claimed they don't care. Hello, Bumble Boost is a recurring subscription. When you bought the service, the service conditions were listed on the payment page, which explains how the subscription works. Unfortunately I'm not able to see any attempts to cancel your subscription prior to today. Deleting the release from your device, or deleting your profile, does not cancel your subscription, which is managed separately by your release shop. You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your release shop profile and unsubscribing from Bumble Boost! We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and please allow us know if you have any another questions. Teri Bumble Feedback Squad
~ Chris Pickett
I tried the date ver. Two words - Horrible experience. This release has so many fake profiles. Even when you match with someone, the lady just sends a 'hi', which is fine. But then when you respond back with a proper response, she ghosts on you. Multiple occasions. There are much better ideas to meet recipients and so many apps another than Bumble that are not so one dimensional. Bumble wants you to pay for their subpar service, while providing zero value. Save your time and dollars. Avoid.
~ Razor
Was much better. It's gone downhill drastically. First lets run with the fact that most of these profiles you awipe on here are not true. They are simply hacked accounts of models so you think to yourself, "oh, wow! look at all these pretty recipients using the same release.". Yes there are some true peoplenon here, but that is several and far between. Actually I seem to be cycling through the same exact profiles that I either approved of swiped away months ago. What a waste of time.
~ Jay Dempsey
I've met great girls IRL thanks to this release, I won't deny that! Another reviews mention fake profiles--not sure this is accurate, maybe they're just abandoned. Would suggest check-ups on profiles. I got the confirmation request to run but never again. Should be needed to "time out" inactive and unpaid players with this information or something related. I'm not sure there is a check like this presently. It doesn't feel like it. Just something to auto hide a player until he or she complies maybe.
~ Mike Walsh
Compared to Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, this is the inferior dating release. I think there is potential in the format (girls message first), however the algorithm that determines who you appear to is poorly designed. I know my profile doesn't suck, I obtain variety of matches (and dates) using another apps. I've had this for two weeks and only recieved one match. Maybe this is a gimmick to obtain you to pay for super informations, who knows. Whatever the topic, there are vastly better options available.
~ J N
Really hate that the pictures i place as my first clearly present my face and hold getting rejected and moved because it claims otherwise. And then to add to it the picture that gets place first really doesnt clearly present my face at all. It makes no sense. Automatic equipment like this shouldnt be released with such large flaws.
~ Andrew Scelzi
release is ok. the need a rewind information in topic you swiped wrong on one person or other. it would be nice if all dating apps should somehow give you a mile radius but let you to block certain zip codes. that idea you don't obtain anyone that's for example in Brooklyn when you're living in Morristown because you might as well be living in Mordor to the hipster schmucks.
~ evan planas
The territory is wrong, puts me in a different state. Then I tried deleting my profile and trying again, then it claimed couldn't connect to time test again later. smh it's a true shame bc this release was decent before I moved.
~ K C
I dont like that you HAVE to pay in order to obtain your matches or likes. and you also have to pay to super like or heart someone. I paid for one week and it still didnt let me to see my likes or matches for the first 2 days!
~ melissa burnias
Promoted as usually nonpaid, but constantly trying to sell you "super" informations for a cost. nonpaid ver seems cute worthless. Claims multiple recipients have shown interest, but won't present them unless you upgrade to "super"...feels scammy
~ dave hall
To launch with, I think Bumble is a nice release. And up until recently, I've been getting matches on it. However, that nice streak has since stopped, and I no longer obtain any matches, irrespective of the times I swipe right. There was a time when I'd gladly suggest Bumble over its contest. But actually...
~ Suraj Viswanathan
Absolute waste of time. Even if you obtain notified you have few in your "hive" you're just in an infinite boredom of swiping because the release doesn't bring those queue forward - sloppy programming. Swiping gets so old and repetitive... I want dating apps would just abolish that stupid swiping nonsense.
~ Kyo Mocho
Well so far it has been pointless just like any another dating release i've used. The shallow experience of swiping has not been improved upon, but the overall layout is clean and simple to use. I do like how girls are given a protected zone to message first to avoid the constant shitmail that lads are so often accused of, but so far this has been negative for me, out of 4 matches ive had in 3 months not a single message. I feel some girls dont realise they have to message first from what their bio claims.
~ Adam C. Ekblom
So the release would be nice if it didnt have so many damn bugs. The idea is nice, the UI is nice, but the actual functionality of the release is very sub-par. any time I check a info the release refuses to load the chat messages. I end up having to manually slay the release and restart it each time just to see what someone wrote me. I've now run into this same trouble on three separate Mobile devices over the past several years so I don't think the trouble is with my device.
~ Chris Gahn
Doesn't notify you when the clock is running out, even with info on. It loses network connectivity randomly, on WiFi, on Time, no rhyme or reason. Matches are nice, they usually don't reply but it's probably because they don't obtain a warning info like me. I asked an apple player and she has the same troubles.
~ Olivia Smith
As far as I'm concerned, this is a broken release. Bumble is a ghost city where you can be a nice looking guy with a decent profile, and you won't obtain one single response even if you swipe right 5000 times. Bumble isn't a dating release, it's a scam where they profit off of guys looking to date. They claim they crack down on fake accounts, but Fb claims the same thing and heavy fake accounts still flourish. The MGTOW community could report the Bumble release as fraudlent and test to obtain it removed.
~ Jon Falk
It's a very well place together release with plenty of nonpaid messaging, swiping, and another necesarry factors to getting to know someone that are all nonpaid; this to me is the largest plus. You have the option to buy ideas to boost your profile's exposure to others, but it's not essential. The only trouble I have is that I'm an unattractive guy who can't search anyone who wants to even have a conversation with me, but that's not something Bumble can fix, so 5 stars.
~ Achilles Heel
6/17/2019 UPDATE--- STILL A WASTE OF TIME. when you finally search those to match with, you profile resets and you loose your connections. no wonder so many recipients think they are ghosted.Dont bother contacting customer service. They ignore your questions and pretend you dont exsist.This release is currently unusable and full of fake profiles when it does work. Waste of time.Definitely FAKE PROFILES. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP OR YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE HACKED BY THE LITTER OF PSYCHOS INHABITING THIS APP.
~ adam cooke
Lots of fake profiles in this release. The crazy part is the pics are the first giveaway that its a fake profile. I can't blame them. All dating apps do it. Not worth the price of admission. I'm not surprised by the reviews at all. Why do you need my territory all the time?? So recipients pay for the service and the company then sells territory stats for advertising purposes for bonus income. No thanks.
~ Jeff Day
doesn't ever work. usually comes up claiming no network connection. I've checked everything on my end but it's definitely the release. I've been on once and matched with someone and then couldn't obtain back on to speak to him within the allotted time. I've just given up trying to obtain on actually
~ Elysia-Rose Barksby
Its a dating release. I feel like 90 percent of the profiles are fake, but what do you expect from a nonpaid dating service? I also feel like the filters should be improved. If I enable a filter for "never smokes" this release shows me recipients who also picked "never smokes", but it doesnt present me recipients who didn't respond at all. I think it would be great to set filters to specifically NOT present me recipients who answered in certain ideas.
~ Pete Lauridsen
Single again. The UX from a technical standpoint is ok, the trouble with this release comes from the culture of its player base. I should probably swipe for years and never obtain a date. The couple matches I did obtain were clearly talking to few lads at once as they were barely even present in the conversation. I had to unmatch. The guys I know that like the release are all normal-looking, decently pretty, white guys, over 6 feet tall. It's as if that's all girls wish. I'm 5'11" and fairly alternative.
~ Shaun Pena
I would give this release negative stars if I should. I have been on this release for months swipping and not a single match. And Im now a nice looking dude. This release is total b#llshit. To all the lads out there don't download this release. You have a better chance of going to the bar and meeting a girls.
~ Ryan Bishop
this release will steal your dollars even if you don't wish boost. edit: I applied for the one day boost aka like $2 to see who liked your profile out of curiosity thinking itd take the $2 for that one day and I'd be done but of course it takes it out daily for the next week which makes sense right? if I wanted for a week I would have clicked WEEK SUBSCRIPTION, not ONE DAY. This release just tries it's finest to seal your dollars. clearly.
~ lakisha
I haven't been able to obtain on the release in over a month. The fundraising page won't go away. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the release few times. Furthermore once I create a connection with someone it rarely gets past the initial questions, seems like the lads only wish to hook up(ONS). Guess I'll go at it alone for the Summer.
~ Nakita Brown
I don't appreciate the random ads that pop up on my device, regardless of whether the release is launch or not. because of this, I'm deleting the release from my device, and only having it on a device that's not with me when I leave the house. Of course, I hate pop-up banners, so if that continues on my device, I'll delete this release there, too.
~ Erik Online
if you wish to talk to the recipients who like you you have to pay. Actually this could be a nonpaid information since the target of this release is to support hook recipients up, but they would rather test and milk your wallet. If I should rate 0 stars I would since the download page deceives you into thinking yes there are in release purchases, but this doesn't claim you that in order to search love, friendship, or hangouts you must pay look into the release before you decide to pay for the subscriptions they are overpriced.
~ The Good Koosh Gaming
Do not waste your time on this release. If you're a Male, it's sexist versus you and will not allow upload pictures that are "blurry", you at the beach, or doing any activities they consider unacceptable. Yet women be half nude, present guns and have fake pics of themselves. Also, if you buy 1 coin, they rob you can create you pay for other, then claim that they sent you it and will not refund you. So do not believe this release. If I should give it rating, I'd rate it 100 to be uninstalled and never made again.
~ Adolfo Godoy