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About: Bring! supports already over 5 million recipients around the globe to plan and manage their grocery shopping. Thanks to the player-friendly shopping list and smart sharing functions, all recipients in the household are usually aware of what needs to be purchased. This idea, you save a lot of time and dollars while shopping. Check it out actually - it's fully nonpaid! Bring! is the only shopping list honored with Editor's Choice by Google Test. In addition, Bring! is suggested by Mobile PIT, Mobile Central, TechCrunch, Mobile Police and many more The most important informations of Bring! are: - Make and share your shopping lists with your family, colleagues or dudes - Templates for all shopping lists you need - for your home, office, club or for holidays with dudes - Bring! is optimized for tablets, devices and smartwatches - Add product pictures to the equipment on the shoppi ... Show more
Genre: Shopping Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Bring! Labs AG
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Bring! Grocery Shopping List Reviews and Comments:

Soft is damn nice, been using it everyday in my family for years actually. Functional, neat, great upgrades. Please work on a checklist/list grid view next.
~ Fabio De Pasquale
Soft is really cool, but! I use it with my family and sometimes it is really inconvenient when all the goods are marked with the same color. Want everybody has own color so that the person who comes to the market knows who added the item with one glance at the list. Also - it is simple to "remove" item from the list by arbitrary tap on the screen. I think it would be better to set double tap instead.
~ Nikita Orekhov
The icons on the list are beautiful but I don't think the shopping list itself is as functional as the one on the release "Listonic". Listonic allows for more room for notes under every item and you can write in the price as you're shopping to hold track of your total amount. i downloaded Bring! to see if it can organize my grocery lists better but it didn't come close to the functionality of Listonic. The only benefit Bring had was the fun icons.
~ NickJoanna Vivar
simply a brilliant shopping release.but with 1 minor flaw. Be careful not to accidentally tap a needed item before you buy it as it will disappear from list when tapped
~ Donal Sweeney
Very intuitive and great release. We just started to use it and life already got easier :P. I couldn't figure it out though if I can add something (a several equipment, not all of them) from an inspiration list directly to the shopping list (on Mobile). Is there a idea to do that?
~ mullerbori
i wish to give it 5 stars... but i dont know how I'm checking equipment off the list. its a nice interface, but i have no concept how to view what ive checked off. it just feels like im removing equipment fully off my list, as opposed to checking them off! maybe im just using it wrong, but if that's the topic, then its very unclear to me how to go from editing the list to using the list while shopping
~ Michael Marchand
a nice release for managing a shopping list. great, usee friendly interface. syncing with another devices and players acroas platforms (ios, mobile)
~ P Ka
Amazingly easy, very needed. It's all you need for your grocecy shopping. It makes it so efficient.
~ Hélène Toury
The release is nice. My wife and I use it daily. The design is very practical, abd they add newest icon sets often.
~ Facundo Estevez
Love the release. I think only one information is missing. Budgeting. Make a price field and allow me enter approximate prices for products that I buy so next time I make a shopping list it could approximately claim me how much it'll cost.
~ Yusuf Kocyigit
love this release very simple has everything and all you wish with a list of everything you purchased in the past. it is well written tool and is awsome
~ Tony Kuhnen
Just what i wanted ! Shopping templates ! You can make a template and add them to your actual bag in one go. Overall, a list would be better instead of grid cards, but of course it is a design choice, hope that i will obtain used to it easily :) One of the rare apps that i looked for a donate/pay options. Couldn't search one :))
~ Furkan Arabacı
I usually do large monthy shopping so I need to track a lot of equipment. Spent a significant amount of time customizing all equipment we buy here at home. Went shopping once and actually multiple equipment are lost (shared list)! So, we won't spend more time redoing the list again. It shouldn't be that hard to not delete equipment!! Also, it could be possible to edit genres (names and newest ones) and add quantities, maybe even prices. And the actual description is useless as it only shows a several characters...
~ Vladimiro Sá
Super simple to use release. You can add anything nexessary, create different lists. Would be nice if budget is added.
~ Nada Stefanović
We have tried many apps for collaborative shopping lists, Bring! is by far the finest and easiest to use.
~ Rue Ivy
its not for my family and dudes. So many things this release isnt capable of that few others are. I tried this and two others, total of three! " OurGroceries" Does everything! Too nice. Hopefully you can fix bugs and create player friendly so that I can come back and test again. 5 Stars for the tapping on pictures. However, theyre gone if tapped by accident and no ease of blog. Sorry.
~ Denyce Smith
Pros Soft is nicely designed Cons For being a shopping list release, it has no list view of ingredients. Only grid. Ingredients grid does not categorize equipment by shop section. Offers no option of "crossing off an item." Once an item is removed/"crossed off" it's fully gone. Although nicely designed, this release feels more like a college project than a production ready release.
~ Matthew Cullum
This is an awesome release to organize all of your shopping and meetings needs. Easy add equipment, pictures, etc.
~ Vernice Aure
The St. Patrick's day bonus was the drop for me. 3rd bonus just this week. You guys are waaaay too offensive with your push messages, it's directly abusive. I need an release for keeping track of what I wish to buy, that's all - I certainly I don't need MORE banners in my life. Looking for alternatives.
~ Johannes Olsen
Nice list. Want it took a double tap to take things off the list so things didn't accidently obtain take off.
~ Byron Cook
No love from me. From the run I was unable to obtain info even though push info were enabled for this release and info were turned on. Seems pointless using this release if you cannot communicate with the recipients you have shared a list with. I tried correspondence their help squad but after having no response for a month I have given up.
~ Alex Smith
unusable since the last modernization. Entries just hold duplicating and marking equipment off makes orhers reappear edit: problrm fixed in modernization
~ Richard Walsh
functionality is not really there. It's too simple to delete equipment and I didn't figure out how to add more then one of any item withing a timely manner (bumped around for a bit and never did search it) so I gave up. Also, part of the reason I wanted an release was so that it should sort the products by dairy, meat etc. and it doesnt do that. looks cute. doesnt really function properly.
~ Alyssa Aguayo
Simple to use, intuitive UI , nice repertoire of pictures and corresponding meal equipment. Overall, bring is easy to use and not too clustered. Everything you need to obtain going is in front of you ahen you launch the release. Would reccomend making it easier to sign up without having a Fb profile.
~ Clifford Peddle
Really nice release. I have been using this for a month. Two newest informations I would like to request that would create this a great release. One, an option for an usually on screen so when in market looking for products on my list my device does not go to sleep so that I don't hold on having to unblock it to see what's next on my list. Two, an option for a long press ( 2 seconds ) on equipment in your list so that you don't accidently remove something from the list which you haven't purchased yet.
~ A Google user
Nice release.I enjoyed the inferface and it was fun putting together my grocery list and marking off the equipment, it was also a treat to be able to add in the proper names of the particular products that I use under the labels provided.
~ Shermel Thomas
Use Evernote, instead. This release is not very needed at all. Crowded UI; awkward navigation; list view/sorting can't be changed; adding quantities, prices, another stats to equipment is awkward and unituitive; equipment are too easily deleted by accident; the unappealing colours and layout can't be changed; Recommendations and Newest drop down menus can't be removed and so crowd the screen. The entire this is a misfire, too much focus on trying to create it look slick and not enough on function, and fails at both.
~ Devin Cassidy
Nice so far. I want they'd have more in the inspiration tab, and regularly modernized it. It should be a seriously cool information if they utilized it to its full potential. They could connect it with All Recipes or other online crowd-sourced recipe bank.
~ Jamie Davis
Cute nice but should do with a couple more player defined lists and a really key omission is that the equipment do not sort into order on the wear release. This cute much makes the wear release useless unfortunately. Hopefully this can be added. Devs?
~ Stuart Marden
Nice release! The sync option is so needed. I would like an option to sort by recipe though, or to add in recipes and then be able to mass add ingrediants from there.
~ Ashna Dhillon
I used to be able to modify product icons/genres. ("Change icon" and "change genre" in product settings). Can't do this anymore. Tried to reinstall the release, but no luck. I've reported this back in 2018, but got no respond and the bug is still there. Disappointing.
~ Gosha Shtasel
I've tried many! Bring is the simplest, friendliest most effective of them all. I don't market without it and my wife upgrades the list, online, all the time! LOVE IT!
~ Kai Dr. Dor-El
The release is nice, but its missing a couple of key informations. Price management (i wish to see what my list is going to cost), shop management or the ability to see all equipment in a single list are really the only 2 things that would create this release great.
~ Manuel Veloso
What an nice release experience! This release it has made my grocery shopping so convenient, no more using a notebook to generate a list of things that I end up misplaced. It's great! I love it!
~ Robin Hwarat
Great item icons. Grid view is now more compact than the list. But, a lot of distractions in the release. You can't transport item to another list, and you can't edit the item name.
~ Artem Vinnikov
i like it. however i would like to be able to switch to other language within the release. my device is set to English for reasons although i am German. and in bring! i would like to find for German equipment.
~ theOnlyWalli
Although we're still glad with the release, we noticed a decline in quality over the last couple of months... we're using it on an Mobile 4.4 and an Mobile 7.1 and both present related troubles: sometimes the release takes eons to run, then it looks like equipment are disappearing from the list, sometimes when I add an item that item shows up twice but other one "disappears". after restarting the release the list will be shown correctly. would be very glad if this gets fixed 😄
~ Maria Schneller
I would rate a 5 if you should Add bonus function - Recipes. It would be nice if a person should add pictures of recipes to the release, so that you have the quantities required with you as well aa the entire recipe when shopping.
~ Rushannah Job
Some troubles with the newest modernization. Long pressing a card does not seem to bring me to the information anymore. If I find for something that is already in the list and I tap it the find box is emptied but the find effects remain.
~ John Cserkuti
I love this ap. we can split up and cover more ground in less time. I also quit losing or forgetting the list. I use it for home, work, meetings, xmas shopping concepts. love it love it love it.
~ Teresa Daw