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About: BIGO LIVE is a hot live video streaming social network. It allows you to live stream your premium moments, live talk with your dudes or create a video call. Accessible in 191 countries. Over 200 million downloads worldwide! Receive Featured in Google Test 172 times. Don't wait Join BIGO, broadcast your life, gain lovers and create newest dudes around the globe right actually! ---------Newest Informations--------- Unpaid Voice Chat Rooms Make or join a group voice chat room for FREE and have fun together. You can sing karaoke together, test Truth or Dare release or just chat with global players about the subject you care about. Video Filters & Stickers Actually you can add different video filters and stickers to your live stream. Pretty kitty face , lovely eyes, crowns, funny rabbit ears , sad tears , etc. are all available. We bet you will enjoy a lot. ------- ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 37MB Developer: BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.
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About: Manyverse is a social network app using the SSB protocol (Secure Scuttlebutt) where you can write posts and share with friends nearby or over the internet. It's different from mainstream social networks because your data is yours, it lives on your phone, not in the cloud. So there is no login, no company holding your data, no ads, no tracking of your activity, it's just you and your friends! The app is free and open source software, and it will always remain free. Features - Write posts (eve...

Developer: Andre Staltz

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Developer: Nog Studio

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Developer: Mirvin Project

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Developer: Synergetica LLC (Synergy.Network)

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Developer: Daily Hot Free Apps

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Developer: Salim mutuja mandal

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Developer: VIBO Live

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Developer: TABE App

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Developer: Boston Book Festival

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Developer: 2Ps Developer


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About: Eypop es la App ideal para los que buscan aventuras, amor, citas, amistad o cualquier relacin entre personas. -- Dispones de Chat privado para todos gratis. -- Crea tu perfil en un solo paso. -- Entra en la lista de usuario y elige el verlos por nuevos o por los ms cercanos. -- Encuentra puntos de encuentro seguros eypop, siempre te mostramos los ms cercanos a tu posicin. -- Infrmate de las fiestas que otros usuarios estn preparando, y apntate a ellas en tu agenda. Y mu...

Developer: Iniciativa J.R

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Developer: Findlikes

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Developer: Free Followers Pro

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Developer: The New Day App

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Developer: Ci Labs

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Developer: ViewGrip



BIGO LIVE - Live Stream Reviews and Comments:

Nice release if you like to see recipients banned. I think one person I was watching got banned for just breathing as that was all they were doing was sitting in a chair waiting for questions to respond. Also, I really don't need messages claiming me I haven't spent any dollars recharging or "You are not on the release, what are you doing!" Probably a nice release for shallow recipients. Would also be g{od if recipients looked like their profile picture. Passes time if you're really, really bored.
~ Barry Smith
I enjoy watching the programming , especially those with singing talent. There is some things I don't understand about the release. but I enjoy watching recipients from around the globe
~ Scott Dykstra
only if i should stream a small release, I would rate 5 stars, but still a tremendous release of joy. btw: all I did was stream myself EATING FOOD and I got banned! I obtain that there is a age restriction, but do you all really think I am doing something wrong. Plus, I am 15 to claim the truth.
~ Dark_NightShift
Please dont act like you really2 care at here , i just give a variety of question on correspondence non of them been respond , i dont know what is going on with your company correspondence machine was they broken or your correspondence response gang are broken.
~ Yakuza Lordz
Boring and racist release where Russians and UK recipients are dancing on revealing outfits like thongs etc showing their body parts partially and others are not allowed to do so why??? Can developers and admis respond!!!
~ Zubin Gamir
this release has moderators that are dudes and favoritism. this release turn to a cam woman release without getting naked .they allow them girks obtain away bouncing boobsss and a $$ cheeks are shown hey don't obtain ban but I do the same thing I obtain banned y a moderator who stalks me and waits too screen shot it so I can obtain banned .for example I'm wearing shorts and my a $$ cheeks are covered and wearing a shirt .and I obtain banned for it .but the another women on this release who the moderators favor obtain away withit
~ ThePrincess7575
zero star suggested.. as women allowed everything..showing large cleavage and erotic dance..lads getting block without showing personal parts.. this type of release is only for females. i will claim..will do something for this..youtube video n all as i am blogger too..
~ Dr.PRasad Ubarhande
I am a first timer player of bigo, I am not fully familiar of what's inside and how to manage everything, so I need to learn more. I wish diamonds😂😂and beads😂😂
~ Costin Cagasan
This Soft might be needed and somehow i like it. But there is only one thing that bothers me, it's about "fake" Adverts, like trying to create someone known and invite recipients by "fake" words info and invitations (pop up). The rest are ok.
~ Hendrik Rahardja
Im only going to reply to female's who dont have anything to lose but maybe something to gain cause I don't care if they take it for granted. One asked Me To come have a cup o coffee with her, I'll just claim that I think that I'm Better than the women that run a conversation with me and I like to joke around because I wouldn't have time to have relations with them, i have to many FINE proyblems to be honest Ya'll don't take something that idea better looking women than her drink coumoff an pour
It's almost a week and It's really a nice release, you can be a star on your own, create dudes, chitchat and even test song with them. I really love it, great release. 😘
~ Dhezae Justine Correa
Spams you with fake clickbait message info shamelessly when you don't launch the release which is absolutely pathetic. This exact approach which this release also has is infecting the internet. They also removed my previous review.
~ J I
I just wanted to claim thank you again for your time and consideration and help I have been with your release for multiple reasons not to mention the years I have been with your release.!!! thakz again.😎😈😘💋💖~ RayNail~70
~ A Google user
I did not like ths fact that I should not delete my profile. I realised that a lot of recipients on here are thirsty, and I don't wish any part of it. So i actually want to delete it, but you still have no profile deletion settings!? Why version an release that doesn't have this for those who changed their minds?
~ Delilah Durning
I trust you could add the 'delete my profile' button in this release because a lot of recipients complain they can't delete their profile when they don't wish to use it anymore. You could give us freedom to pick to delete our profile and not trapping us in this release forever. I hope you'll take some serious action about this trouble. Thank you for your attention.
~ M Hadif
This release is a hoarding cell for predators. I have tried to delete the amount and it stated they have no idea of deleting the profile. My 12 year old son accessed this on my device and I was beyond embarrassed and appauled at the things I saw on their web. Never again.
~ melneishia allen
I like watching Bigo Live very interesting recipients to Watch recipients across the Nation World I have wondered who I like to Follow you have to Respect the broadcast be careful for you claim Hold true Hold it easy but Hold it a exciting or you will be mute from the Commissioners.
~ A Google user
It's not my cup of tea and thats fine, however, I sent an correspondence to them to close my profile and they go around asking for my ID, picture, screenshot of the device I used, and a couple of another things. These are very personal things they are asking for, I've never had a company ask for that stats in order to simply close an profile. It's wrong.
~ J M
I obtain messages from Bigo when you feel you've been wronged, but to address how I've been wronged I don't obtain anything about this. I've written few times and one last one recently about the 42 diamonds I didn't obtain on my first order, Then you came and took 42 more from the 310 diiamonds I bought after that one on my second order acusing me of fraud. Am I going to be ignored is my trouble not important to you? Is my trouble with some importance. Is it worth losing a lifelong purchaser?
~ Tangela Bellard
Fully and absolutely love this release, very friendly and nice recipients. Made a ton of dudes, and explored parts of the globe I haven't seen. Also very inspired to learn a newest language. definitely suggest.
~ Luke Daniels
Nice...........Thanks to BIGO for giveing us the idea to spend time....noyhing is nonpaid, though it's a unusual intertaintment for all....Somebody are using it wrong idea.....But that also BIGO handling carefully............ Thanks again To BIGO T. P. Ltd.
~ Masudur Rahman
I've been using this release for three years. I've noticed a lot of changes these past several months. Brodcasters are actually just wearing their underwear while on live and doing sexy dances. It was stated in the restrictions that sexual content are not allowed and will be based for banning of the profile. I saw a lot of broadcasters especially in the Philippines that present their underwear on live stream to obtain presents from their viewers. Please give more attention on the content of the players.
~ Paul Antonio
it's nice video, keeps you wanting to come back. meet newest recipients. Just dont like that I am not getting recipients that speak English coming into my room. But, it's not like that for everyone. seems like it's just happening to me. Otherwise, it's a really nice release.
~ Twin Gemini
its a full waste of time or u can its full waste of dollars its your choice what u will claim i have spend more than 3 years on bigo since the date it has been released i have started bigo and upto actually i have some stats for u day by day this release is trying to create more dollars and how to create dollars from peoples there is release named greedy alot of peoples buy diamonds from there true dollars secondly there are alot of women which create your thoughts terrible for eg sex no more words are allowed upto500
~ Mamoon Rashid
I am really upset because there are recipients doing flirt with women and on the next they are reciting Holy Quran. please stop this. if it is for terrible purpose then don't allow them disrespect anyones religion. I hope you understand what I mean
~ Adil Khan
Its a really Nice & more funny Live broadcast release. Thanks BIGO Live release squad & thanks a lot for my trouble solve. please support for give us a simple recharge idea on Bangladeshi any online payment system. thanks a lot. bye.
~ Ramjanul Haque
This release is nice and takes the social media lndustery to the next lvl of joy. An opportunity for artists who wish to be a Star and earnings. And of course bigo live creates this giant app for earning dollars. Bigo like another apps is nonpaid to test and in release purchases.
~ Hu Miirr
I will give this release 5* only when they will reduce the prices of in release buying. I would like to recommend the operations that please reduce the price of diamonds so everyone can buy and enjoy otherwise it will become rich recipients release. I would like to claim something that you need to reduce the price of diamonds as well e. g. ₹50 = 100, ₹500=1000 diamonds so everyone can buy and enjoy. If you do that I bet recipients will be addicted to Bigo Live. Create Bigo Live common recipients release.
~ Vishal Thapa
I literally just started broadcasting and 20 seconds in I was banned for no reason. I'm 20 years old bruh... I'm a senior in college... What the hell? This is so annoying! And why would I send my ID? So this release can steal my identity? No thank you
~ Annisa Nowicki
this release is a tiny Biased when it comes to lads. I'm not o hater but you all these females making dollars. How lads are doing that? you have half naked or mostly naked girls. they dont obtain blocked. I had my T shirt off for maybe 3mins, then I was blocked. it's an ok release.
~ Nelson Family Transfer LLC
bigo is a over 18s release and shouldn't be listed as pg, under age babes don't obtain banned if not showing there face or using the filters, also won't be banned for using audio chat. bigo need to be support accountable for not putting babes security first.
~ jay edwards
Horrible....i was banned for pornagraphic content..are you freaking kidding me. I'm constantly adjusting and keeping everything covered as much as possible, constantly denying requests to expose myself..while having a conversation. Yet recipients are on here dancing, twerking in outfits that ride up in between their legs while they dance!! I had random strangers ask to be an admin of my page(whatever that means) because i was constantly rejecting the pervs and wanted to support yet you didn't block perv
~ Clarissa Ensley
Hope bigo live is just and even. They could not banned accounts specially VIP'S who are spenders! Others are very out going showing off to the camera but they don't banned them because they are bigo hosts! That's not fair! Hope you guys are reasonable enough to others specially those tiny ones. Just claiming. God bless you all.
~ Lady Mardelou Orbita
nearly great. May have even met my future wife here. the only downside this release you definitely need headphones most of the time. That being claimed if they should create it bluetooth friendly then it would be great
~ A Google user
it's a nice software for making dudes, not such a nice software for dating. also Im giving 2 stars because, everyone wants a share all button and share to all bigo family button we're tired of going through spam, inactive players, or bigo bots to share to our actual dudes.
~ JustJason Bossert
I have had alot of fun met some really great recipients along the idea. would suggest this to anyone that wants to have fun and that like to enjoy meeting newest recipients. there are alot of talented recipients on here and alot of nice dancers. anyone that wants to have fun could join bigo live. and enjoy it as much as I do its alot of fun. I have cheated with alot of different recipients in just a tiny over a week. the entertainment is nice the song is nice and again the dancing is nice. the girl are all
~ Doug Mack
This is the finest live streaming release. It is so much fun. Live.me used to be my favoured, but it started going down hill before I knew it. This release has so many more recipients and especially females. Finally a zone that doesn't have many guys and there are even some fun tiny releases to test as well. I love that! This is just the finest live stream release and I highly suggest it to recipients who used to be a fan of Live.me, just like me. This is like a large upgrade to that release. You will love it.
~ ᴊɪɢᴢʏ-ᴄʜᴀɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴛᴀᴋᴜ ʜɪᴍᴇ
I live stream gaming and art and this is so cool! this release allows me to share my screen and it's nice! I just started yesterday and I already obtain more than 95.5% of another streamers when it comes to viewers in my stream! Tonight i got 514 recipients view my stream and it is INSANE! Definitely a 5/5 star rating from me!
~ Kenzie Tay
A phenomenal social media and vlogging platform!! Addictive, fun, versatile and we'll developed!! This release is the finest cure for boredom!!! Nice job, developers!! Although, you should present a lot more appreciation, to the "Gifters" on your release!! After all, if we aren't buying those diamonds, with our hard earned dollars, and sending the broadcasters presents and donations, to convert into beans, then where would all those exceptional paychecks come from??? I still love the release, and the nice effects!!
~ Danny Combs
And yet again I need to edit my review. As an release this is nice nice fun time...but you have to come up with better and convenient payment ways and create it fun for all at affordable prices. Like me some of us can afford it easily but others are deprived due to funding troubles and payments. Kindly asses the economic case of a country and then goal optimal payments. Another wise its nice. Everyone could have a right to be on Bigo.
~ Farhan Q