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Big Font (change font size/display size)����40% OFF   
About: Does the default system font look too tiny or too gigantic? Do you wish to globally change the text size? This release allows you to scale system font size from 20% (smaller) to 1000% (bigger). *** Over 3,000,000 Downloads! *** FEATURES change display zoom ratio on Mobile 7.0 or greater devices turns your device into a magnifying glass by using camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash working for Mobile 2.3 and greater devices scale system font size from 20% to 1000% preview the scaled text before applying present a info icon describing the actual font size. An option is also provided to hide it switch system font size via tapping the info customized the font size scale value Mobile 4+ only provides 3 scaling values, we deliever more for Mobile 2.3~3.x players. You can add "not working" apps into the ignored apps list PERMISSIONS CAMERA: used for the magni ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: Sam Lu
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Big Font (change font size/display size)����40% OFF Reviews and Comments:

dandy release works nice for me.
~ Manoah M S Martin
Helped me scale my text smaller.
~ Jex Jatto
it's asking payment for font change. Waste of time
~ முளங்குழி பா. இலாசர்
I can't buy this release don't know why
~ innocent smile
very great release
~ Durga Prasad
Simple to use
~ A Google user
Great release, simple to use, worth each penny.
~ Lara B. Imamovic
nice release for fonts
~ rahul modak
I never knew this type of release existed, but it's nice???
~ 12lyssa12
very needed app
~ Thaung Myo Tun
Nice ap. It does work like a charm. No troubles found. Congratulattions to th5e developers. If you need bigger font you gotta test this release.
~ Pedro Paulo
This release changes everything excluding the display bar and even after trying to go back to initial settings you can not. Only idea is a factory restart. This next large thing is a POS, really, horrible!
~ Larry
Great release & works well with all my apps so far! Nice for reading newspapers on device. Purchased pro ver for tiny one off fee!
~ M Kenneally
Great release. Thanks
~ Mirza A Redha
Search it irritating that most text headings are so tiny I strain my eyes. No more! With Large Font I adjusted the font for my eyes with no stress.
~ Crystal Light
im having a poor time I enlarge my font then when I wish to turn it down it won't allow me it keeps claiming unfortunately settings stops and actually my windows don't correctly display and I can't fix it I tried uninstalling the release and it's still set on gigantic font and I can't bring it down somebody support me
~ Maria Jackson
it will be super nice if this app should resize the icon label sizes. it does not works on the home screen and drawer icon labels. Please fix ?
~ Jennifer Lynne Pretorius
It is works very well
~ Waleed Boureki
hold it up
~ Vinu Solanki
Very needed. Thanks. *****
~ Mr.RP.SHARMA Mr Sharma
mantap. gotta have release
~ Agus Santosa
fully useless conflicting settings. either too gigantic or too small
~ denver sky
Very nice really helpfull
~ Dwi Presidiani
have you fixed the trouble of your release interupting/shutting down another apps?
~ Vere Absolutum
been using for years.simple to use. large support for me.
~ A Google user
I have weak vision and I cannot do without this release! Literally - dev pls make a coffee fund so we can thank you.
~ Debbie Pomerance
extremely useful for recipients with very weak vision, like me.
~ A Google user
a very easy and reliable release that allows me to read everything on my device without having to search reading glasses. my mum has terrible eye sight and relies on it all the time. awesome
~ Nigel Bartholomew
brillant release coz im 70% blind
~ Adrian Patrick
wonderful applicarion in todays mobiles even if we pick huge font size a person having trouble of vision should not read in my one eye vision is 70℅ due to some accident i am using 230℅ font size some rimes the text is not sccomodate i sbift to 130℅ and as quick as the work is over i immedistly go on 230℅ font size very simple to hsndle
~ A Google user
should it be possible to create tasker profiles for specific release launches
~ Rilind PG
wonderful nice simple to use makes a globe of difference highly suggested AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ Jay
~ jason scott
A true boon! i am visoally impapaired and cannot use text etc with out it. .love the magnifier glass information
~ Arnold Macmillan
for a person with limited vision it has been nice not to have to use a magnifing glass
~ A Google user
ladies and gentlemen this is the finest release of its type by far. Download it you won't regret it😀👍👌
~ Giddion McCloud
As an octogenarian this release really supports me see everything clearly, thanx guys.
~ Jan Botha
The system font scalling reffer only to dialer, messaging and contacts, so this is for the rest of it.
~ Ciprian Capilnean
This release has been nice for me I have a detached retina a d after operations I hardly can see out of my right eye seeing gigantic font makes me able to see everything
~ Mary Perowitz
Large Font is a large hit with me! I often switch between using my device up close and at a distance, and Large Font's included widget (in-release buy needed, which I was more than glad to buy) makes switching text sizes on-the-fly easier than on iPhone! I absolutely would buy again! (Actually if only the widget looked a tiny nicer and the release's interface had some careful, Material Design thought given to it, it would earn that fifth star. . . .)
~ Russ Johnson
Really useful release which enables me to use my device with larger font. Think it makes it more available on my Samsung Note than using the accessibility informations on the IPhone.
~ Aileen McGlynn