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About: Azar allows you to talk and create dudes with recipients from over 190 countries. Over 100 million downloads worldwide! More than 20 billion matches! Featured in Google Test Market in over 130+ countries! Find & Connect! Azar allows you to meet someone newest at the turn of every swipe. You can easily search newest cultures and recipients from all over the globe. - Meet newest recipients from all over the globe through live video calls (using 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) - Choose the region and gender of your choice and run building newest conversations - Enhance your chat experience with facial recognition stickers and costume results. - Add newest recipients to your dude list and spark conversations - Send and obtain messages/video calls with existing dudes - Dont be scared of foreign languages! Chats are translated in true time. Share Azar with recipients around y ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Hyperconnect inc
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Azar Reviews and Comments:

unfortunately, it should have been a nice release for me but it is a paid release so ultimately leads to an unnecessary expense. A paid social media cannot be a nice source of communication.
~ Manish Sharma
very terrible release. i am going to unistall this release because azar block my id without any reason. i donot use any abusive words and sexual clips but azar blocked me... i contact with azar and submit a form to resume service but azar don't take any action on my trouble thats why i am not glad and Unsatisfied player .. and actually i am going to unistall
~ tauheed mallick
No No No. You dont understand, I hate YOUR banners. The cringey, idiotic banners I see from you guys on Snapchat. Stick to the ones where recipients just smile and theres song testing in the background. None of this stupid bull**** that is trying to be funny but it is really just SO F***ING ANNOYING
~ Connor Golick
Pay to use general filters n preferences for this time pass release. Useless. Not worth at all. Gender and region preferences are general preferences. Keeping it as super proves its a thief release Cheap release. Deleted !!! So thank u for no support. Chao!!!
~ Vijay Adwani
I pay for gems through carrier billing but my limit is 2,000 PKR a month. Can this be exceeded? Because I wish to buy gems more than the 2k per month. Please support me in that regard. Thanks!
~ Hassan Ali
we could not have to pay dollars to buy gems in order to meet someone of the opposite sex. I am in Nigeria, i only wish to meet females in Nigeria not males from all countries in Africa. fix that please.
~ Odolofin David
This is a really nice concept, but i dont like the fact that i have to spend so much jist to video chat.. it wpuod be better if that option was nonpaid or less expensive. that would be a better idea to obtain more players
~ Ogunseye Olumide Gabriel
ok so.. there are just guys, and if you wanna chat with women it will cost you 0.08 cent per woman even when the connection is broken.. if you wanna change login you have to pay 9.99 Euro. thank you but, no thank you
~ Grigor Domitrek
It was a pathetic experience with you guys...I just installed and recharged VIP membership and not even a single day...The profile got suspended for one month...im a newest player...Actually what is the use of my recharge who is accountable for my dollars. There was absolutely no nudity/vulgarity u cAn check the records. Inspite of multioly requests for unsuspending the profile there is no respond at all. Horrible experience would never ever suggest such apps to anyone. ThankYou Azar.
~ hello varun
one of the worst release. where 90% female arw now male. Please use some verification software. I need my 299/- back. I didn't pay my dollars to have a conversation with a male who using fake accounts.
~ Abhishek Daga
$100 was taken from my bank profile for germs, without my approval. I didn't even use the release on the day my card was charged. I've emailed them three times and nothing. Wonderful. They are untrustworthy. Don't believe them.
~ Holographic_Stoner 420
Nice for making dudes.. since you won't ever search a woman and even if you do it's very rare. not worth the time. To obtain woman you must pay and honestly I'm not so useless to pay for chatting with a female.
~ Hrishiraj Paul
type of lame no women only dudes unless you pay not as fun as chat roulette was you hold getting the same recipients and recipients just turn the camera to a wall or ceiling dumb
~ Zachary Fleming
I only use this release for 3 days and cute much what I expected first of its simple to setup which is nice but you can easily meet immature recipients on this release I had about a tiny several trying to insult me or some recipients who are too young to use this release. there no surprised that they are weird recipients using this release or strangely enough recipients using it while they're at work. Most you meet lads than girls and most of the mic on mute the release has some nice recipients a great tiny chat. I don't suggest for use
~ Firerhart Hunter
the only thing why I'm giving 3 stars it's because everyone in here is mostly lads who abuse and the women Which come to chat hide their face and then go
~ Suleman Khan
very terrible apps, so many freaking recipients, too much buy when u wish to use all informations, slow respon from customer care, and sometimes recipients can report u, and u will obtain banned for a long long time, for that fake/false report.. DON'T use this apps, USELESS, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!
~ W.A.M
Azar is a very interesting release and I'm quite glad by using it, but I hope for you to change the fact that the only idea to meet newest recipients is by video chat because some recipients doesn't prefer to be seen in the first time they meet a newest person, instead they search it more suitable to chat first and save the video chat for later
~ mohab khatab
nice experience and I can see it being a lot of fun. I had some nice laughs so far in using the release. it would be great if they gave you some nonpaid gems or allow you test on the release for a month before charging you for anything. overall I have nothing negative to claim. nice job
~ Mr. James
I got False report by someone else, and there is no solution for this. you just have to wait for ac suspended period to over. Azar squad never cared about it if its false or not. even if you're a paid customer, actually I'll not buy gems, because they approve false report and you gems got stuck :( how you confidently claimed us, its false report or real?
~ Lokesh Raut
What the heck! This Soft is crazy. Why everyone wants me to speak Arabic. The Soft was cool tho, meeting newest recipients in different backgrounds are nice. But sometimes the recipients are somehow irritating with all of the swipes. But it's great!
~ Jethro Tucay
i have seen that most pf the recipients not showing their face accordingly . if ask the recipients to present their face , i mean that before talking shown a comment like , present your face to everyone . there is neccesity of gems to do anything please it is a request that , aviod that mechanism. So , it will be more needed . hold you that your giving me a respond back as quick as possible . thanks . nice thing is nice quality of video chat and hyperconnecting quick .thanks for this immensity
~ A Google user
Full of perverts and weak class/labour class recipients! Recipients who come here to think with their d*ck.Claim dirty things to another lads like "bring your sister/daughter to us",ask for like and instantly run away. For sure its not the idea its shown in banners.Tired of reporting profiles.Not to be used by shophesticated class at all!2-3 dudes sitting together and run abusing as quick as they see a guy on another side.Please read the review properly before giving non sense response.I have already reported!
~ Jayganesh Kadam
Fraud! so this is my conversation with the Azar help squad: Azar Squad Thank you for reviewing our release. If you send us your questions or concerns in more detail, we can better support you, so we can create Azar more enjoyable for you. Please allow Azar squad know if you have any bonus inquiries. Finest regards, Hello, First of all I wish refund for the gems because I noticed even if someone else leaves or skips the conversation my gems obtain desucted! Why could o have to pay for someone else decisions
~ iOSBaloch Raees
Hai Admin, I did'nt use the release. I just installed it to comment. I wish to claim you something. Your release will be success, if it is made for lesbians and gays. On what globe you think that a straight lad and a normal girl can be connected through an release???
~ Robu Babu
Actually i have paid for gems in the release but didn't obtain them.. I have sent a request to the release web and no response yet.. Plus i have a very large trouble with recipients hiding themselves from the camera.. What's the target of a video chatting release with players how are facing the camera to the wall u could use a easy facial recognition system to stop them from wasting our time and dollars..
~ احمد مصطفى
Yesterday I have downloaded this release.. I was just trying to learn how dose it works.. I have not made any activity except uploading my profile pic... But Azar suspend my profile on the name of misconduct... what the hell..? I am asking Azar to give me detailed stats or proof of my terrible activity.....But they are not respond... I think it is a fake release which blocks it's player without any reason.... My first impression is very terrible with this release... I never suggest it to any one .
~ Gyanendra Awasthi
You are suspending profile based on a single perspn's feedback. I neither behaved in any appropriate manner. But dont know who reported and how my profile was suspended. You better to consider some reasonable group of recipients's report/complaint before suspending. I was bought coins and later came to know that I was blocked for 5 days. Whats the use of being a sincere player of this release? develop technology to search truth in reporting. warn before suspending. Soft is nice but improvement required
~ Bhaskar Bakka
😠 Worst Fricking release ever!!! Waste of time. These recipients are holding my dollars hostage. I requested a refund the same night I upgraded to the VIP box and up to this target no Refund. They hold claiming me stats had been modernized. I don't think this is an honest and ethical company or release!!! 🤬😠
~ Akeem Donegan
i have been using this release a long time snd its a bit of a rip off, i usually buy gems and i never obtain what i wish, if i cant obtain the country i wish, it needs to be more random. all i obtain is aisan and none from uk or Europe. it would be great if i didnt see the same recipients each several mins and still obtain charged for seeing them. its robbery. fix it speedy
~ oliver stone
Guys beware of this release , they are just making recipients fool. especially dont take their subscription, they can block you any moment of time without any proper reason. in my topic I have just created this profile. After that recharged with 299 rupees. And not even done the first swipe it's claims my profile is blocked and under review. post that when i escalated take down their respond - Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some reasons for being suspended from Azar, such as hateful and discriminator
~ subhkriti anand
Over priced, and seems greedy. £10 for 1200 gems, and they quick run out once you obtain through the connections to time wasters. Ive gone VIP for how ever much it was, then realised it doesnt even let you to pick a gender.... its not a information that you could be charging on a per connection system. Thats just pure greed. I wont be paying any more, as you can pay a flat fee per month for another apps and unblock primary informations like this.
~ Jay Turner
1.United States Region option does not work. 2. Around 7/10 are males and 1/10 are legit and 2/10 are weird females that dont even talk to you.3. If connection loses while talking to someone and you wish to dude them to chat again you have to pay dollars.4. Just a bunch of creeps for the most part. I am gonna most likely delete this release. Actually I don't wish to hear the excuse (its how we create dollars) there are plenty of another ideas to do so on a release. Sadly I'd claim more but 500 zone limit.
~ Jacob Minor
Nice release idea and communication software. You have to clean up having to pay for every swipe and targeted towards girls, and countries. I understand your rationale but this can be done better for players to continue to engage. Also, you need to filter age find as a lot of teens are using it and this should be a trouble, and a gigantic threat for teenage woman's or lad's can experience weirdos on the prawl. But the Soft is definitely a nice idea.
~ Joseph Segarra
i really like this is interesting release to meet foreign recipients but why usually eastearn middle and turkey? :( Please divide equally for non-super members to obtain more opportunities to meet from another countries such as America, Australia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, etc.. I never found them :( So we don't just meet the same country again and again..
~ sad girl
I`m in IRAN and I used to use this release but it has been about 2 months that I cant log in via my correspondence nor fb. I appreciate if you solve the trouble for Iran. thanx
~ Arash Zohoorian
tooo costly.... and many time pases r their... no real profiles.. most of them r fake... they even domt bother to talk.. 500 gems r over in just searching and no one found... waste release dont test dudes time and dollars waste...
~ Krishna Kanth
I live in Lebanon so I am being matched with recipients that speak arabic. The trouble is that my arabic is really terrible and the several basics I have are not the same as the one recipients in another arabic countries. My first language is french and my second is english and I would like to communicate with recipients i can understand so can you let us to pick the language we wish to talk to another recipients with. And the respond is not vip because I am 16 and my dad doesn't like me putting dollars in apps on my device.
~ Fays Z
This is nice release I ever have fun with this aap but one trouble is there When we are newest if lad come some lads talk so terrible things so we wish to change gender when we touch it they present that take thumbs up and change gender this is thing I didn't like in this aap. nothing negative to claim about this aap . but please change your mistake
~ jastaj walia channel
it's Nice app like I used before Melon, Holla! I found a lot of recipients from different country. but most of them are lads! It is so hard for me to search women so create it balance dude!
~ Erik David
~ moncy david