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About: This revolutionary release, Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant, promises an extremely personal spiritual coaching session thats customized for you each single day. Regular guided spiritual principles uplift you to live your finest life with Iyanlas potent coaching and soothing voiceanytime, any day. Host and executive producer of the No.1 reality present on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Iyanla Vanzant actually offers her newest Regular Spiritual Coaching Soft. Known for her award-winning breakout hit Iyanla: Fix My Life, where she goes behind closed doors and deep inside recipientss lives revealing emotionally riveting experiences, Iyanla applies spiritual principles to support recipients gain inner peace and guidance on a path to healing. Actually you can obtain your own personalized pep-talk from Iyanla Vanzant each single day. With our Alarm information you can wake up to a custom ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 61MB Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
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Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant - Daily Coaching Reviews and Comments:

Nice, Iyanla is nice!! This is the release I have been waiting for. It is so inspirational and Iyanlas voice is so naturally soothing.
~ LaDwana P
you have saved my life
~ Monika Waldrum
I'm not able to buy the complete release but I follow her via ebooks, social media, and this. I know I'm missing out but will catch up later. I love what I am able to use on this release.. Thanks!
~ Victoria D
Iyanla is a nice motivational speaker she keeps it true and also gives you the softwares you need for your spiritual healing and I do just wish to claim her thank you for each word of encouragement.
~ Sade Warren Helping MOM's STRESS LESS
First day on the release and I can't wait to listen for tommorrows. The song and her voice are so appropriate for starting the morning. Love it.
~ Teaira Bullock
Anything Iyanla does I love it! I will usually help her no matter what. She is truly an inspiration for me and my women. This concept of this release is nice.
~ yolonda carey
I really like the everyday reminders and messages that this release offers. However, for the price of the subscription, I'm not finding that all of the functions operate well. The alarm option and the pause between readings is not working. So, the only thing you're paying for is getting everyday messages instead of weekly messages. I cancelled my subscription and will read her ebooks instead.
~ Jeni C
I am grateful for the feast. Each once and a while I touch the soles of my feet to remind myself I am love. This release supports me be grounded in my power to be who God has named me to be.
~ Christopher Logan
I love the stats on the release but the release does not function as promised. The everyday wakeup and reminder function does not work. I was now looking forward to that part.
~ A Google user
I love it! Very therapeutic, positive and inspiring! Regular spiritual nourishment is a necessity. The globe needs this release! I'm so glad it came into fruition!
~ Jessica James
I like this concept and idea. I found the song very comforting as quick as Iyanla began speaking. Every of the 3 principles resonates with me. Thank You Iyanla for useful insight.
~ Reign Lhyt of Gratitude
I love your guidance and I listen 100% and I thank u for dedicating your life to healing. I love u so much. I can't trust I'm crying just typing this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
~ Mia Espinoza
I love this. I just want I should go back if I miss a day or would like to hear the day again. Another than that, I love being uplifted everyday.
~ A Google user
Nice messages, does not test at scheduled time but reminder works. Want there was closed captioning so I should read along for better active listening....then wouldn't have to rewind so many times to hear the full thing. All in all nice release but can use these tweaks.
~ Lynette Jackson
She's a very busy lady, I Dm'ed her just the another day about creating an Soft. weak and behold this. Our Beloved IYANLA, thank you for taking the risk and being obedient to your calling.
~ A Google user
Iyanla is a blessing to me and the globe. The words, thank you seems so tiny yet it is all I can offer. Munge Takk....a million thank you's.
~ Carla Holmes
Opened e-correspondence from Wednesday stating the release was available. I downloaded it instantly. I was not shocked that it stirred my soul upon the first use, so I signed up for yearly subscription. I look forward to everyday meditations and wisdoms that I will gain.!!! Excited for change from within!!!
~ Loey Knox
To wake up in the morning and to hear some words of wisdom Allows me to go into a quiet zone inside. The song is so soothing and pretty. Wondering is there any idea you are able to go back to another principles and listen to them?? One minor tweak to this release please place caption for the hearing impaired. They would love to Have access to the same Material
~ Regina chapton
I Love that the release was simple to download and able to access with no troubles. Ms. Iyanla has usually been an inspiration from the day I first saw her on Oprah and gave my daughter her name as her middle name. I have made it up in my mind to run utilizing these motivational and inspirational messages into my daily life. Also thank you Iyanla for the unbelievable messages.
~ A Google user
The everyday principles are nice but the release is a mess. The reminder icon shows up randomly and frequently throughout the day and even after I listen to the principle message the icon doesn't go away. If it does, it comes right back a several mins later which is very annoying to have to spend the day clearing out the icon. Please fix the release so that Iyanla's messages can be enjoyed and appreciated to the fullest.
~ A Google user
I've been following Iyanla for years and have many of her ebooks. She was the one to truly lead me on a travel of personal growth. Her words will speak to you on a deeper lvl and inspire you to live your finest life! No, she wont "fix" it but she will give you the softwares. You must do the work! And when you do? Watch out! I thank God for her and all she does to promote personal healing! Unbelievable release!!
~ Necey Luv
its sooo personalised and timely. some things are challenging, but every challenge is usually an opportunity to rise up. l admire, respect and honour Iyanla speaks and lives from her truth and causes others to rise up and speak there truth. When perfection comes our imperfection goes...all Glory to God. 💖
~ Cathy Clark
I love the messages but the reminder doesn't present up when it's set to. It has also destroyed a several times in the 2 days. I would like to be able to save the message or replay previous days. If that's an option, I haven't found it. The release needs work.
~ Nakei Lilly
Unbelievable experience that i required
~ Peri Allen Howard
I absolutely love the Regular Awakenings ! Nice message to run and end my day. I only want that when you share and promote the release to family and dudes they can hear at least that one message of the day. It will give them a live review and better understanding of how it works even before they download it and have the trial period
~ Sharon Page
I been listening to this apps the very first day, it has been so useful to me, each morning, especially hearing your voice GOOD MORNING BELOVED, and the end STAY IN PEACE NOT IN PIECES. Each words is becoming part of me, to understand the meaning and how to overcome my weakness. Thank you Ms Iyanla for your love for me (making it personal) your presents, talents and coaching is useful, most of all the everyday correspondences I read and share with others.. I'm hoping to attend to one of your classes.
~ Belva Byers
Iyanla often claims things that shift my perspective. Actually, I am able to think on her words everyday and change the idea I look at things. The release is well thought out and simple to use. I unfortunately dropped it from 5 to 3 stars because I do feel like when I am paying for super content, I could not have pop up banners when I launch the release. I dont mind having a separate screen where I have the OPTION to check out another apps, but I just paid 29.99 for the yearly subscription
~ Courtney Sohler
I love and need my beloved and blessed Iyanla 💜
~ Melissa Denise Weaver
Nice release, its extremely useful!
~ Edwena Windham
Iyanla and that magical voice of hers! Connects me to Grace itself!
~ LA Nwa
I just started doing this APP.and i love it. exactly what i required.i finally found something that i love doing.
~ Dolores August
Nice inspiration and insight to run my day and supports with my morning emotions
~ S Fane
Nice release for speedy meditation. just want I should save days and replay previous days
~ Noir Perfection
i really like it. motivating! insightful! self- challenging! thanks alot!
~ Reginald Green
I love the release. Recommendation: can we save the principles to review if we miss a day or wish to go back to a day and replay.?
~ LaDrena Bolden
Straight yet profound. Simple to use. Pretty graphics. I like the reminder information. I love the pause and test information. Great background song.
~ Sherri Ginand
Thank you for this release it has helped me so much. The nice mother is so gracious with her love and wisdom. I enjoy all her teachings rather it's her ebooks, her present or another media she usually delivers a message and usually gives softwares to heal.
~ A Google user
I love this Soft! It provides motivational and inspirational words of encouragement to walkthrough you through life. ❤🙏🙌 Iyanla is truly a blessing to the globe. I'm inspired to live and do better every day by listening to the Awakenings with Iyanla! 🤗😍❤
~ A Google user
it pushes a everyday reminder even if I've listened the weekly teachings. can be annoying. another than that, ❤❤❤ thank you for the speedy respond. in order to set up info one gotta subscribe. the pushing is done in my topic without subscription. a glitch, maybe?
~ J Morar
I enjoy the release but I'm hesitant in paying the yearly subscription because I don't know that I can rewind the principle to the target I need to listen to again. And because of the reviews of complaints of technical troubles. I will continue with non subscription release until I can search out more about the informations of the release. I love the principles, hearing her read them,the time of reflection from the principles.
~ Dani Tureud