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About: IMPORTANT: Please test the nonpaid ver first to create sure that your device helps recording calls. Record any device call you wish and pick which calls you wish to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud as well. Google Drive integration works on Mobile versions 3.0 and above. Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsets and can effects in inferior quality recordings. We therefore recommend that you test the nonpaid ver before buying the paid release. If you encounter any recording troubles or want to improve voice quality, test recording from a different audio source, or use auto-on speaker mode. Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. You can set the size of the inbox. The number of sa ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Appliqato
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Automatic Call Recorder Pro Reviews and Comments:

Not satisfied at all with help. few correspondences have been sent over the course of three weeks and not the courtesy of one single response. Some calls record and some do not. it stopped working after the last modernization. look elsewhere
~ Gina White
Love this release! It has saved me a fortune. Each time I call a company with a trouble, call recorder is my record of what was claimed. It's just nice. When they test to deny what was claimed, boom! I test my recording and they give in.
~ Regina Rush-Hook
No matter what the settings this release does NOT record the another person you have named, after paying for this release. It used to be wonderful, but actually has no use. As I forget things, and rely on going back to important conversations PLEASE support me
~ nichoas rodgers
why am ii paying for "call recorder PRO" that doesn't record the another person when on bluetooth? clearly there is an option to record while using bluetooth... and why you guys lying? pro doesn't let me to share the recording? what am ii paying for? and please do not claim me to modernization release...ooh, why are calls recorded with static noise interference. so disappointing.
~ Ceasar carcus
I purchased the release to this but it will not test the person I'm talking to. I've had the nonpaid ver for a long time until it stop testing the another person too. Actually I purchased the release for $6.99 & I STILL CAN NOT HEAR THE OTHER PERSON! FIX IT!!!
~ Katina Potter
recording Jack zilch zero I wish my dollars back too. it records jack. what purpose is there only recording my voice. just like the others that don't Work.
I really used to like this release but ever since they did a policies change it will not record when I've got my Bluetooth on which is 99% of the time so I'm going to have to search other release that will record anything that comes in no matter what device I'm wearing this is not it. it's very sad because I've used it for like 4 years actually but actually it's just all messed up. used to be a four star release actually it's a one star release
~ will west
Modernization: Recording another party is weak if you use the ear piece. if you use speakerphone it crystal clear. I've tried multiple variable settings. Same troubles as others with CallerID and another side recording. 3*'s cant record BT - Note 9 VZW V9
~ Chris Rea
hi , I am using the app from last 8 years , and it was wonderful.....but actually after soft modernization of my Samsung note 9 the recorder is not working at all . I send the complaint to the developer before 2 months and still they don't solve the trouble . So still I am waiting to solve the trouble.
~ Aravind Peroorkada
Only 4 stars because I don't like that it forces you to pick a contact when saving a recording. If I'm saving a conversation, it's most likely because I need proof of a business trying to obtain over, not a dude or loved one. Nice release though, I've been using it for years.
~ K. Kopez
I am glad to claim that after a several months of this release NOT working properly at all. It is actually back to normal and working properly again. Therefore I have amended my rating from 1* to 5*
~ David Reynard
installed this release but it's not allowing me past the grant permissions feedback. I hold hitting the feedback but nothing happens!!! Has anyone else had this trouble? I do have record calls set under Settings. At this time none of my calls are being recorded.
~ Franklin Geyer
I've had this so for a long time. it has changed since i originally got it, and not for the better. the call quality of the person I'm taking to is trash actually and i can't see who I'm talking to in the list any more. it records and it's ready all the time, but there needs to be some fixes.
~ Chris Julian
Can't view the device numbers nor the contact information of recorded calls. This also stopped recording the caller's voice & only records mine.. Was a nice release till this happened.. Actually just a waste of dollars. Don't buy till they search a fix to this as a lot of reviewers have raised a complaint about this..
~ Tushar Nadkarni
Since from the time I got my newest samsung note 9, this release was very valuable to me as going through messy divorce so wanted to record ex on it and use versus her, then a month a modernization about sharing permissions came in and that buggered up everything, the modernization here changed that as actually you need to pick the contact rather than doing automatically like before, i have a paid ver to which i regret doing, am seriously looking for other tool to use that is easy and works.
~ Croydon Computer Medic
It was an awesome soft. At present recording with this recorder is useless therefore very very terrible. I am looking for a soft better than this. Please test to modify the present working to understand both the sides recordings and number hoder's name who is calling, instead of incoming and outgoing.
~ Rajendran Pillai
Records only my voice. Useless like this. Used to work, what happened? Modernization 31 May 2019 - No change. Only my voice recorded and numbers not assigned. Kindly refund me as your release is not providing what you claimed.
~ Jarus Bosman
Will this release ever obtain fixed? It no longer displays any caller information even when caller is in contacts. Nothing shows, no name, no number, no concept who you talked with. How can you find for a call when they are all identified as only incoming or outgoing? Been broken for about a year actually & no solution from builder.
~ Len Werman
just as i purchased the paid ver the modernized release has stopped naming the conversations as per callers name. it is such a pain listening to each conversation to search which one you wish. this imspite of giving all permissions. also it doesnt ignore the list of not to record and records all the calls. i want i should obtain my dollars back. USELESS APP.
~ Gandotra Panav
I love it its helped me out many many times ,even in court 😁 highly suggest it for anyone needing to record certain conversations ,its also nice for recipients who forget things you can just go back and listen to what was claimed .just each once in a blue moon it dint record a call or 2 ,like it's a glitch another then that I love it
~ Crystal Agin
This release used to record all calls for me, not sure which modernization took out the option or settings, but actually it seems to only randomly or inconsistently record calls. I've emailed help on 4/30 and have not received a response. Why have a help correspondence listed there if it won't be monitored...? Disappointed that I paid for the pro ver of this release.
~ J B
It used to be one of the finest, but in the last year and one half its functionality has become abysmal. Won't record callers voice. Once a caller is identified and saved it looses it for future calls and you have to repeatedly do it over and over. Therefore from 5 stars to 1 star. I am removing it. Also no response from the developer
~ james stone
This use to be a slick release until Samsung/Mobile interfered with its operations. I'm using the S9 plus and you have to use speakerphone during the call to record both sides of the conversation, but your voice is still not at the same volume. You also have to mark each call if you wish to remember the contact in the recording. What a pain in the ass. Are you guys working on these troubles?
~ Eric
I been a customer more than 5 yrs. and was very satisfied with the performance of the automatic call recorder pro ver until it stopped showing the caller I.D. number of incoming calls which was one of the reasons that made this release very player friendly. This change has made the process very labor intensive taking up more of my time of which I don have, I can't share. Change whatever you have to in order create it the idea it used to be. I didn't pay for this. You changed the contract we adopted.
~ gery loftis
This release used to be nice until Google modernized/restart it without my consent so actually it does not save call device numbers nor record the conversation by the speaker on the another end. As nice as useless actually. It is not what I paid for, and it could be reversed to its functions when I purchased it or Google could pay back all customers who had the same experience the full buy price. It is actually NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE under Australian Consumer Laws.
~ B Rabie
Complete total trash tool. this used to be the finest tool ever but actually it doesn't record very well on both sides and no more names thanks to Google. Don't waste your time or your dollars like I did. They didn't even reply to my last complaint.
~ N.W. Ohio HVAC Videos
This is more of a question rather than a review. I've read many at the reviews, and they all seem to indicate that there is a trouble recording the cause automatically and I dentify and who's calling. Time after time there are reviews such of this nature, yet I don't see anything that the developer is Jolene to addressed the concerns. So why in the globe would anybody buy this not getting any type of answers and resolution!
~ Pafields Travel
This release worked fine when I purchased it and downloaded it a couple months ago. Then I realized that it stops recording calls after a while and you have to launch the release up to create it record again. It is AUTOMATIC call recorder pro, is it not? Also it is actually only recording my voice and not the another party. This release is garbage, I wish a refund. Or better yet, how about you create it do what it's supposed to? I have a Galaxy S10+ with Verizon.
~ freshjive855
I have used this release for few years actually never had a trouble until actually. I finally purchased the release last year and as of about last month (April) IT DOES NOT WORK! Only my side of the conversation is recorded making it pointless to even use. I wasnt glad with the contacts not being listed anymore, but that's something I can deal with. Not having the entire conversation to go back to is not ok. What's the target if you dont have what you recorded. They need to fix this speedy or run issuing refunds.
~ Emyko Bailey
The release barely records what the another person is claiming no matter how I change the settings. The release also recently stopped labeling calls by contacts since the last upgrade. So actually I have to listen to every call and the attach it to a contact. Also it stopped automatically saving the contacts I have chosen for auto-save. So frustrating! I'll search a newest release.
~ Dana Ducat
Went from 5 stars to 1 due to modernization. it will no longer log the name and numbers of the calls recorded, and it actually will record all calls. I did have it setup not to record call with dudes and family. I wish my old release back. Back when it work.
~ A Google user
I have been using Call Recorder Pro for about 3 years, and it worked nice. But about 6 months ago, they changed it. Actually it only records some calls, and does not identify the number named or received from. It is actually useless to me - got a call while driving from a Dr. office to confirm an appt while driving so was not able to create the requested selections on my device - as I was driving. There were another instructions provided, so when I got home, I went to the recorder release, and the call was not recorded. Have been looking on line to see if I should resolve this trouble, with no luck. Will run looking for other release that will let me to record ALL device calls which I can clean up periodically. I also obtain calls from recipients I help dealing with pc troubles - I like to refer back to the conversations when I have the time to determine what the exact trouble is, and resolve the trouble as quickly as possible.
~ Cliff Nottingham
i paid for pro ver, but it is not working as expected. i am not able to record 13/05/2019: After taking newest modernization still its not working.not able to record calls. it shows 00 recording time. Squad Are you guys not capable enough to run your release smoothly??if not then return my dollars back asap.
~ Maninder Singh
I am requesting a full refund (i wish my dollars back) due to following: 1-The release can no longer record calls and once you test the saved voice recording you would only hear your voice. 2-The release can no longer display the contact stats of the caller in question. Only the number. It does not matter what permissions you enable for the device. So in another words the release is no longer deliever the thing that we bought it for... So why is it still available for buy..????????????......
~ Mohammed
its works nice if you use the speaker on the device,but who does that on each call.the main trouble is that it only records your voice when you have a Bluetooth headphones connected to your device.so it only records what you claim and not the entire conversation.and the developers of this release need to fix it.it is a major down fall with this release.so for that i don't think it's worth the dollars, unless you usually use the speakerphone option on your device.i hope the developers of this release fix this.
~ David Farmer
[modernized 2019-May-15] THANK YOU for restoring or regaining whatever access is required to pull up contacts from the CALL_LOG once more. I know you took a lot of heat from customers for Google's breakage. I appreciate you, thanks!! [end of modernization] FFS, Google's permission policies terms actually specifically PROHIBIT ("invalid uses") access to CALL_LOG permission to apps used as a "Call Recorder". They broke what was once a nice paid-for Soft.
~ Laurence Lee
I'm paid for the pro to obtain more informations and it's not recording all my calls. I'll go to save a call and realize the stupid thing hasn't been recording calls for days. please fix this. I have been using this release for over 4 years and I used to love it. With all the newest troubles it's definitely making me wish to search a newest release to use.
~ Jessica DeFreitas
since the permission to access call logs has been removed, you can no longer see numbers or the contact that you have named/that named you. This type of defeats the purpose of the app and makes it a target to search the correct recording you are looking for. This needs to be fixed. also the app doesnt record all calls and unless you launch it frequently, stops recording calls all together!
~ Reece Wille
It stopped listing the caller name, which renders the release half useless. What you wish to do, Mr. Developer, is check out how another apps like Drupe and Truecaller are doing it, and bring back the caller names, so we can use the release again. You may need to add a dialer option to your featureset, but that shouldn't be too hard, and no one will use it anyhow. Please don't disappoint your local paying customers.
~ Etai Raz
My Soft is teasing me! I have a pro but this release is not showing me my numbers!! Only showing Outgoing or Incoming!!plz Do it right quick a I need it too much plz!!! I relay on your release as my everyday life routine!!! Soft has got worse condition!! Sometime I think of getting my dollars back!
~ Mushtaq M