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About: NEW FOR MEMBERS: Two Audible Original titles with membership each month! LISTENING IS THE NEW READING Welcome to Audible, an Amazon company. Home of the globes huge selection of audiobooks, audio shows, and original series. Hear A-list celebrities narrate their favoured stories, enjoy full-cast performances, search Grammy award-winning audiobooks, and more. Listen to your audiobooks anytime, anywhereat home or on the go with our nonpaid release. Even if you switch devices, you'll never lose your zone. Check Audible nonpaid for 30-days and obtain your first audiobook on us! WHATS TO LOVE - Search newest applications, finest-sellers, mysteries, sci-fi, romance, and memoirs whatever your passion you're sure to search the great listen. - Hold up to date on actual trends, news, and meetings with Audible original audio shows and top stories from The Newest York Times, The Was ... Show more
Genre: Books & Reference Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Audible, Inc
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About: Simple Quran reader with to meet all your needs! Contains Bookmarks Default English Translation for now (More coming soon) Search Capability...

Developer: fawkesthephoenix [email protected]

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About: Enjoy listening mp3 audio bibles freely. Application includes 28 versions in different languages: English Standard Version (ESV), King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), etc. Main features: + Background player: You don't need to open the app every time to listen your favourite bibles. + Schedule verses to listen in specific time. + Download for offline listening. We hope you enjoy the app and give us best rating and feedback....

Developer: BunOc Games [email protected]

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About: Read your Connect eBook anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. Available for more than 30 course disciplines, the ReadAnywhere app allows Connect customers to download their entire eBook or individual chapters and read without an Internet connection. The app also provides the same tools available in the laptop version of the eBook. Notes and highlights automatically sync across devices. Login with your Connect username and password and start reading anywhere!...

Developer: McGraw-Hill Global Education [email protected]

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About: Kodi app for android is one of the widely prefered app. With kodi addons installer you can download a lot of addons very quickly. Everyone can use kodi with addons. There are different kodi addons for android. One of them is kodi exodus addon. There is also kodi video addons. Each kodi builds for android has a different collection of movie addons, tv show addons, and live tv addons. After kodi build installer you can get all of the best kodi addons with one click. You can also find kodi no ...

Developer: StarSystem [email protected]

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About: Romeo y Julieta, la conocida y universal tragedia de William Shakespeare, ahora disponible en espaol en tus dispositivos con sistema operativo android. La historia, que transcurre en Verona, una de las ciudades ms prsperas del norte de Italia, narra el amor imposible de dos jvenes, debido a la oposicin de sus familias, los Montesco y los Capuleto....

Developer: LIBROS REALIDADB SERIE MERCURIO [email protected]

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About: ***UPDATE*** A new, improved version of the IF:Gathering App for Android is now available. This version addresses crashes and includes feedback from you and other users. If you have any issues, please email [email protected] a tool for discipleship A resource to make disciples who make disciples. Deep daily content that will be used for holistic discipleship of women in this generation. Together, well unpack Biblical truths and explore and deepen our beliefs. a space for sharing...

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Developer: Faogimil Que [email protected]

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About: This is the Rev. Clarence Larkin's guide to the Book of Revelation. Unlike more recent authors, however, Larkin does not make any claims to know when or exactly how the prophecies will unfold. Rather he takes us on a grand tour of the Apocalypse of St. John, and guides us through its images, symbols and poetry. Larkin sorts out what could be a reference to an actual event or person, (without attempting any particular association) and what is pure symbolism. Larkin uses bold type extensively ...

Developer: Garden of Serenity [email protected]

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About: - - .. .. ... ! .. . ....... .......

Developer: Mahmed Abd El Rahman [email protected]

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About: RockeTV la app gratuita , esperamos que lo disfrutan ustedes al maximo, tendrais alli lo que ustedes buscais....

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About: The first in dictionary Apps! YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary containing Random House Websters College Dictionary The first in Google Play store! Through PLUS update, English-Korean-English dictionary and English-English dictionary are re-born as an App! The dictionary which is constantly growing! The dictionary providing the new features of dictionary App! YBM ALL in ALL English-Korean-English Plus Dictionary! The most revered, legendary free update, YBM ...

Developer: DaolSoft, Co., Ltd. [email protected] ?bo_table=iphone_zone&wr_id=88&sfl=wr_8&stx=android

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About: Easy English Dictionary is the leading android dictionary application for learning English definitions, synonyms, audio pronunciations, example sentences. Get clear, simple definitions from the dictionaries with just one search! Hear pronunciation of the words and improve your spoken in English. The dictionary helps you expand your vocabulary with related words, meanings and synonyms. Learn Aspects of English: informative and entertaining commentaries on the English language, written by di...

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About: The New Jersey REALTORS, New York State Association of REALTORS and Pennsylvania Associations of REALTORS are not-for-profit trade organizations representing 118,000 real estate professionals. The associations provide a variety of benefits including legislative and legal representation, educational programs, publications, and a code of professional standards with the common goal of promoting the extension and preservation of the right to own, transfer and use real property. The Triple Play...

Developer: Core-apps [email protected]


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About: Daily Devotional from Joyce Mayer- Promises for your Everyday Life...

Developer: Christian Applications [email protected]

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About: The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their Lifestyle. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and that through the process of like energy attracting like energy a person can improve their own health, wealth, and personal relationships. This App The Secret : Best Quotes covers the principles of the law of attraction in much more ...

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About: This is the free viewer for Bible Studies for Life. Once downloaded, you will be able to select the volumes available for purchase. Bible Studies for Life is a series of curriculum for all ages, babies through adults, intentionally designed to help connect the unconnected, strengthen families, and disciple people with wisdom. Adults, Young Adults, and Students study the same passage. Kids study the same passage where appropriate, but connector passages when more suitable to their level of bib...

Developer: LifeWay Christian Resources [email protected]

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About: English Stories - Books Offline app contains the best and large collection of Stories for everyone bad craig smith . Through small stories, the idea is to illustrate the greatness of our human culture. Through the stories one can learn the various aspects of our lives. We urge people to read the stories carefully and apply the Moral learnt through the stories in their everyday life. This is also a best kids story App Short stories for kids are adventurous and interesting ways to teach y...

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Audiobooks from Audible Reviews and Comments:

All sorts of troubles with this release. The bookmark option keeps freezing up. Also, the release gets stuck and cannot rewind or speedy-forward. Chapters are not visible on the drop down menu. These troubles are persistant, bothersome, risky while driving, and time consuming. Playback skips in and out. PLUS, I AM QUITE IRRITATED YOU FORCE ME TO USE MY CREDITS! Apparently, this is a lawsuit in the works! Hire recipients who can fix these bugs, and quit being so greedy! Unacceptable. Monoploly! 😡
~ Pickie Loo
I have used Audible everyday to listen to delicious audiobooks with no trouble. In the evening of April 12, I opened my release and was was forced to upgrade before I should use the release. Since then, my playback stops unpredictably and for no reason. Both Customer Service and Technical Services have so far been unable to resolve my trouble, which is so ironic. My Audible release worked beautifully until the mandated modernization, after which it no longer works. Please fix this, and quick!
~ Lyn Marshall
Previously had left a 5 star review, but decided to change after the forced modernization. The release just straight up doesn't work anymore. I was near the end of a ebook when all of a sudden the user decided I would rather listen to a chapter from somewhere around halfway. I tried to go to the chapter pick screen, but it would not display, and the skip chapter button would only skip to the next chapter, after which each time i hit it that same chapter would just restart. Absolutely unacceptable.
~ Dean Krueger
I love audible. But there is a reason you are getting 1 star and losing my membership. You are expensive. A lot of time I have a stockpile of credits. I either pause my profile for a short time or you will delete my #@-$&@ PURCHASED CREDITS if I wish to quit for a several months while I catch up. Seriously? Those are credits I paid for. Your cancelation privacy are slimy and I expect a lot better of a company that deals in literature. I am switching to one of the newest audiobook companies.
~ Dan Wilkie
The last modernization is buggy as hell. Books randomly stop, the sleep timer doesn't work, the progress timer is fully busted and gets frozen mid ebook. Trying to skip forward or back yields unpredictable effects. I've been using this release for years and have NEVER had so many troubles as I've had the last couple weeks. On top of which, the release drains the heck out of my battery even while simply running in the background. I may need to stop buying audiobooks until this is fixed, it's THAT terrible.
~ Dionne Obeso
i love audible I listen to ebooks everyday. Content on the release is nice it is the operation that is horrible. I have a Razer Tablet 2 i spend more time trying to reboot the release then i do listening to ebooks. the release crashes each time i launch it, when i pause and attempt to test again. the release crashes when trying to replay. The release crashes when i test to view my library. i have had nothing but problem from this release. please fix it. i have payed a substantial amount of dollars to have so many troubles.
~ Jarel E
Life is better with Audible! It's been a life saver when I'm trapped in Dallas traffic jams. I listen at work when I'm doing loads of time entry during month end. I love listening on a Sunday morning as I'm cleaning and cooking for food prep. There's literally nothing that I CAN'T search on Audible. Whatever whim pops in my head, I know there's a ebook out there to satisfy me. I buy ebooks and I take advantage of the Audible originals that are nonpaid. I've been a fan for many years!
~ Africa McDaniel
Never have I found myself now paying for such an terrible, glitchy piece of rubbish release. Not even a one off fee but a subscription no less! It regularly freezes so as to become useless, or can't manage to load the chapter list or refuses to skip forwards or backwards. It is regularly the topic that it's impossible to listen to a ebook that has now been paid for! This release is a disgrace. I'm resorting to uninstalling & reinstalling weekly or more frequently. Customer service non existent.
~ mim
Audible has worked in the past but is currently unusable. The release freezes and crashes constantly, and when I am able to run listening to a ebook, it does not save where I am and I can't speedy forward to the spot because it crashes. I'm not sure if this is currently a known trouble but I would appreciate some feedback. Edit : The trouble was eventually solved with a factory restart of my device. Edit 2: After the most newest modernization the release is unusable again. So frustrating.
~ Enrique Petraitis
I've been using Audible for years and have amassed a decent collection of ebooks. Syncing works well across devices and the release functions well. However, I like the older versions of the release over the actual. The ebook cover pictures on a testing title used to be bigger and actually they're tiny and unreadable. No idea to obtain a nice look at the covers of ebooks you own. Also, upon opening the release, it no longer displays your library/ebooks. You have to navigate to your ebooks each time you launch the release.
~ Eric C
I love Audible. I'm an avid reader, but life often leaves me tiny time for that pleasure, and the older I become the more sleepless nights of reading take their toll. I still enjoy reading hard copy ebooks, but Audible allows me to listen to nice novels, histories, and etc. while driving, keeping house, or taking breaks at work. It affords me more time to enjoy my passion for fiction and sate my curious mind, while making mundane tasks infinitely more enjoyable.
~ UnseelieRose
Audible is a gotta release in the actual times however the reason for two stars is the performance of release on my Mobile device. Two major troubles which I have not been able to solve for months - 1. The release stops responding few times a day, sometimes each 5 mins. 2. The audio doesn't work when the device goes to sleep mode. Have tried few online solutions and also written to customer service but without any luck.
~ Anshum Jain
Nice release, and nice subscription. i would suggest this release to anyone who is looking for audiobooks. The only thing I would suggest is create it like a library where you can take 2 to 3 audio ebooks at a time to listen to. Then, when your done; return them back to be able to listen another audiobooks. That idea at least recipients have something to do in the meantime till their next credit is up to use to own other audiobook that they don't have to their collection.
~ William Crosby
It's almost unusable after the last modernization. (Which was forced by the idea.) I'm having the same troubles everyone else had been having (random stops, ebook progress being restart, etc.). What's the target of having credits if I can't listen to anything? I sent an correspondence to the correspondence address that was mentioned in the 'Top Critical' review, but still have no response....
~ Miguel Madriz
this release used to be nonpaid, and after such troubles today, i will no longer wish anything to do witj Amazon digital services. I hate what Amazon has become- greedy, with horrible service! i tried to download an e-ebook and i had a nonpaid trial offer. got an error when i tried that, but at least i had one credit. i tried to obtain the e-ebook, but it never came through. my nonpaid trial is gone, as well as my credits, and i do not have any e-ebooks. i used to have one, which was sent to me as a gift.
~ Kathleen Lippencott
The troubles with the Audible Mobile app are becoming too annoying. I have been using Audible on Mobile for 6 years. For all that time barring the last several months I had nothing to complain about; I probably gave a 5 run review in the past. So what has changed in the last several months? The most important troubles, from my target of view, are: 1 - the timeline bar stops moving while audio is testing. 2 - The chapter supermarket doesn't change when the chapter moves forward 3 - The chapter list no longer appears on the "chapter list" page 4 - the bookmark function refers to the timeline bar and chapter values. As these aren't moving the bookmark is usually the same 5 - although whilst loaded the "actual" position will be remembered, even though the timeline doesn't reflect it, once the app is shut down and reopened the timeline reverts to wherever the timeline bar was left. Which means that to return to the "actual" position requires stepping forwards 30 seconds repeatedly. This is time-consuming if the previous listening session was lengthy. This happened two applications ago; went away on the previous version; and is back in full on the actual version
~ Ian Upton
Soft frequently stops mid-test since newest modernization, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. The newest banner focus sucks. Stop shoving my actual listen into the background each time the release isn't the main focus for a second. I don't care for recommended next purchases. I just wish to listen to the audio ebooks I've already bought. I miss how this release used to be. Functional. Noninvasive. I no longer have an audible subscription and regret that there are no alternatives to listen to my purchases.
~ Jennifer Lescher
Gradually becoming more annoying. When I come out of the actual ebook, I wish to see a list of my ebooks, not some suggestions of equipment to buy - if I wish a newest ebook I will go to the full market not this limited list. When I do reach my list of ebooks, I expect them to be sorted in the order that I used last time I looked at the list - stop resetting to newest first. And finally, when are you going to stop adding useless informations and create it possible to meaningfully sort ebooks, eg into folders??
~ M H
Stops testing regularly since forced modernization. I've read the reviews about how crappy this modernization was. Decided to wait until the next modernization, but today release displayed message that I had to modernization to continue to use it. Installed and it instantly started with the freezes. Thanks loads Audible. I'm going to go listen to MP3s from the library. 4/16 modernization: Still not fixed. Stops testing at least once each couple of hours. Sometimes 5-6 times in 30 mins. Very frustrating!
~ Miki S
Started having troubles since last modernization. I have been using Audible for a couple of years, almost on a everyday basis, and I have never had so many troubles as I have in the last several days. Book will stop (playback not working); ebook will resart from the beginning; section/chapter will stop, restart, stop, and freeze; and and the release will suddenly close. Not sure what's going on. In the last 24 hours, it happens more frequently. 2 stars only because of the nice history I have of listening.
~ troy braun
Poor release! Getting worse! I've been with audible since they started and I have over a hundred ebooks in my library but each modernization gets worse and worse. it won't even save my zone anymore. it never really paused and restarted without skipping words but I should live with that. actually when I'm driving I have to pull over to test to obtain the ebook to go back and it's almost becoming risky. it's ridiculous and I don't know why they can't fix this!!!! modernization: no fix. this is the single worst release
~ indigo wendigo
Seriously, seriously needs a queue information! With so many of their Audible only shows actually in episodes that are very short, you can't listen to them like a ebook and have to manually test every one. This requires you to use your device so no nice for driving, cycling, running, listening when going to bed. This release really needs this information. Absolutely no reason why this can't be implemented.
~ Stuart Vickers
Nice release, professionally done, over all its nice, the membership is a tad pricey but its still a nice service, the only thing that i really see that should use a tiny improvement would be the chapter separations, i think it would be cool if it showed the title of every chapter without having to click on it, but thats just me being nitpicky, this release is nice, i love it
~ Joshua Mitchell
I had 14.95 electronically deducted from my pay profile without my approval. I never recieved any e-correspondence confirmation or about a nonpaid membership. Anyhow, I went on and canceled my profile with in 5 mins and pick and pick my fights, so didn't create a fuss. I still had credits for the 14.95 and 30 day membership, I just chose not to renew every month. Its been 5 - 7 days, I signed in and it actually claims 0 credit, or sign up for 14.95, yet I never was refunded. I personally don't recommend using it.
The audiobooks are nice. The release is nice. The service.... not so nice. You pay £7.99/mo. or your regional equivalent. You obtain one credit to spend each month. If you cancel you lose any unused credits!!! You hold the ebooks. You're then in a rush to search a ebook you like, or you forget about it and overpay like I did. You can not manage the subscription within the release, which is terrible consumer practice too. I do not suggest this service to anyone, I expected better from an Amazon company.
~ Nacho / Carlos Sauras
There are so many nice ebooks to pick from, and in a tons of category! Most of the time, the readers do a unbelievable job as storyline tellers, but sometimes they mispronounced words or ugh! couldn't pronounce the local names, be it cities or personal! Otherwise, Audible is a nice addition to my life! Listening to stories that take me away from the dirty dishes in my sink....!
~ mittie harris
after the newest modernization, it randomly stops if I have it testing in the background with my lock screen on. it's really disheartening as I use this to support me obtain to sleep at night each single night. I love the newest custom sleep timer, but the constant shutting off is waking me up. and having to hold the release launch on my device with the screen on drains my batteries like no one's business. and even then, it still pauses. and I've reinstalled it a number of times. nothing works.
~ Shea McCallister
I'll probably never buy other audible ebook because of such unethical and shady business practices. They act just like they're cutting your a deal by having gigantic "sales" (like they are actually with mothers day) that are really just the normal prices with "50% off!" next to every title... even though it's the exact same price it was last week and is the same price it was last week or is currently NOT ON SALE on another blogs like AMAZON, the parent company.
~ brendan cooney
older device. modernization shut down the release. can't use it any longer on my device. emailed and named customer service... was hung up on lastnight. nothing yet on a respond correspondence (over 24hrs)... what a waste of my subscription. I have had this for years. AMAZON is the worst company. so sad that they have destroyed this service. all these years, I haven't had an trouble... until my device auto modernized without my permission and I am unable to download the previous modernization. wonderful.
~ Ginger B
Irritating. The release defaults to the shop rather than my library often I launch it. please fix this. I spend a lot more time in my library. Modernization: Reached out to them as per their request below. So far all I've received is an automated message claiming my trouble will be passed along. Down to two stars. Still waiting May 31, 2019.
~ Joe Simms
I absolutely loved audible, would have given it 15 stars, prior to the latest modernization. Actually, it randomly freezes up each several mins, and the test, pause and skip buttons do absolutely nothing. I cant obtain it to test again until i force stop and reopen multiple times, and when it finally does, it has fully lost my zone. And the only idea to obtain back to it is the skip button, the progress bar wont let me to transport it and the chapters present up empty. Please, please PLEASE fix these troubles asap!!
~ Brittany Smith
I'm a product person myself, and I'm using the release almost each day. I usually use it on the go or while driving (in car mode). There are basically two things that I'm badly missing: 1) instead of 30sec back I need only 10 sec back (to save time) in the car mode, because many times I need to go back only a couple of centences in order to zone a bookmark exactly where I need; 2) I would like to have a list of chapters with their names (not just numbers) for better orientation and referencing.
~ Vadim Pilipenko
I love it, sleep timer is nice, car interface is nice. lots of deals every month, like 2 for 1 credit. £7.99 subscription fee every month which gives you 1 credit, which you may think is not a lot, but 1 ebook a month plus the nonpaid content they offer is enough to hold me going. I have so many another things to listen to and watch, this stops me from watching\listening to too many sound bites.
~ Chris McBride
the release is buggy. sometimes it goes back to where I started reading a day earlier, and will not do anything except test from that target forward. it won't skip to the next chapter or transport anywhere within the chapter i had already listened to the day before. if I do, it runs back from the beginning. i slay the release, reboot my device, and have removed and redownloaded ebooks, but the trouble often persits. really ruins the experience and sucks to have to use up my time on downloading a ebook twice.
~ amacmel
Be careful using the trial. The release itself is great and there's a lot to like about audible, however after my nonpaid trial Audible went through my subscription to Amazon and billed me without my knowledge. I'm sure this was in the terms that I didn't read but that doesn't create it right. When you go to unsubscribe, there's an option to pay 10$ per year for the same service minus the "nonpaid" credit every month. I opted into that since most ebooks are less than that anyway. Nice product sneaky practice
~ Joey Ackley
Actual Modernization Breaks Playback Just as the title reads, Audible's newest modernization breaks playback. Titles will pause randomly, fail to reload sections, or just go back to the beginning. The sleep timer function is very hit or miss. It works about 2/3 of the time. Additionally the release runs very slowly, and drains battery life. The "fix" suggested by their tech help maybe works for 30 mins. The most galling aspect is that the modernization was forced and Audible refuses to let recipients to roll back to a previous, nice ver. A gigantic number of recipients are experiencing this trouble but the response from Audible is underwhelming to non-existent. I expect that a company backed with Amazon's resources would be able to deliever a hotfix or at least a timeline for the next modernization, but that isn't the topic. I've been an Audible customer for years but I recently cancelled my membership due to these troubles. If they are able to fix the troubles created with the modernization I will consider joining again. Until then, I refuse to pay a cent more for this buggy release.
~ Sean Irwin
Possibly the most annoying release and worst customer service ever. If I hadn't already purchased so much content from Audible I would uninstall. My last review, which somehow has been deleted, listed multiple troubles, and after asking me to write an correspondence to them “ as they wanted to launch a conversation ” which I did, I am still waiting for a respond 3 months later. Not the finest!
~ Jonathan Thorburn
Frustrating, very frustrating. The release is constantly destroying, pausing, resetting my progress of my actual ebook. I've tried everything I should think of, uninstalling/reinstalling the release, deleting a bunch of my newest apps I downloaded, I even tried turning off all info. Some things seem to work, only to ruin later. It usually claims "playback failed". I am very frustrated that I am paying for a service as buggy as this. I guess I expected more. I'll be cancelling my subscription.
~ nostalgicfiend
I've used Audible for years. Its gotten better but I feel like the UI designers emphasize "your next listen" over "what you're listening to actually". For instance, when I launch the release to resume a ebook, I'm shown with a view of related ebooks and another things in my library. My actual ebook is represented by this small tiny bar at the bottom. Shouldn't my actual ebook be prominently displayed when I reopen the release?
~ Derek Johnson
very glad enjoying with the quality of the audiobooks, yet i came across a bit of a glitch where it went silent for about a several mins and it was still counting down. i had to restart the chapter.
~ Erikonal