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About: With ASUS PixelMaster Camera at your fingertips, there’s no need to worry about fiddly options or settings to capture nice pictures. Our special stage-detection technology analyses your surroundings immediately, suggesting the finest mode for your shot. From dusky evening scenes and weak-light indoor shots to bright, high-contrast environments, ASUS PixelMaster Camera enables effortless mode-switching. So, no matter whether capturing exciting sporting moments, pretty scenery on your travels or beautiful shots of your babes, ASUS PixelMaster Camera turns you into a professional sharp-shooter – all at the touch of a button! Key Informations - Receive down to the basics. Optimize your pictures via Auto mode, which auto-sets the camera settings vis-a-vis the lighting and environment. - Shoot like a pro! With Manual, Super Resolution, HDR, or Depth of field mode, you can capture vivid, pr ... Show more
Genre: Photography Developer: Mobile, ASUSTek Computer Inc.
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ASUS PixelMaster Camera Reviews and Comments:

Tablet works nice another than my camera which started acting up a several months ago. It only opens 10% of the time or it crashes. Makes me furious the device has a nice camera when it works though. FIX THIS!!
~ SEAN Marogen
Great camera 6z. Love the wide angle shots. Like the pro mode for weak light when mounted on a stand. Nice ISO.
~ Terence Marchon
Newest Zenfone 6 owner here. Prior to today's modernization the video mode was really failing with holding exposure. With each transport of the face it would change, with no external light change. Actually, worse. It is focusing each several seconds so actually fully unusable
~ Damian Brown
my camera used to take nice pictures which is why i love asus. but recently it has a hard time focusing especially when i test to shoot close ups. what a disappointment.
~ banana ooh nana
Optical Picture stabilization on the Asus ROG device is not functioning well as most pictures taken are blur with a slight shake even though the shutter is speedy. Please apply a noise filter as most pictures has noise even in the day light condition and gets worst when you zoom. Please implement a flash (LED) touch focus for taking dark/night pictures so that it will decrease time to focus when taking pictures.
~ Terrence S
i would give 5 star for the older ver. the newest ver have some troubles. when i zoom a tiny bit also, the picture quality becomes very weak. i know that zoom can lower the picture quality but aftet this modernization it destroys the picture quality. #ASUS fix it as fas as you can.
~ Iman Raychoudhury
Finest but still needs improvements such like asus zenfone 5z(brand name mark) is only displayed in pictures taken from automode if pictures are taken in super or pro mode,brand name mark isn't displayed on the bottom of the clicked photo...
Hey i'm having troubles! I've installed the last modernization on my zenfone 4 full zc520kl: The camera have troubles: 1. It doesn't switch to selfie camera. 2. Immediate switch for main cameras have been removed. 3. After clicking on the icon (back to front camera) it doesn't work and just restarts wide angle ca.mera
~ A Google user
I love it. but actually, when i launch it, and i test to record, i can't press stop, the pause button is grayed out and when i launch it again, it fully crashes! And actually I'm trying to look for a newest camera and all of the ones i search either require th is one or don't work. LIKE SERIOUSLY
~ Dmitry9000YT
At this target I'm cute upset! When I purchased my Asus Zenphone Zoom i was amazed by the camera, stills and video. A couple months ago on holidays, I received info nuguat modernization was available. I had already used the camera that day, I closed apps, chared device for wireless download. After I discouvered neither the camera or sensor function for Zenfit worked. Ive tried to do upgrades, factory restart and nothing works, another apps don't work either. yet screen shots do. Hoping Oreo will fix.
~ A Google user
initially it was nice, but actually it shows 'Unfortunately camera had stopped ' while viewing the pics taken from camera. Usually after taking picture, I gotta go and check in gallery. Don't know what to do
~ Remya A.K.
after the OS modernization the camera shots randomly territories a timestomp on a picture. i don't like timestamps on my pictures that's why I had it turned off but it still shows up on each so shots. its annoying pls fix it, another than that asus has nice camera.
~ Shezzowicked03
TLDR: It seems the release is too reliant on using laser focus, and forgot to allow phase focus take over when laser focus doesn't work on distant objects. So touch screen doesn't work. Long Release: I used to love this release on my Asus 3 Zoom, since it allows me to completely manually control my ISO, Shutter Speed . But actually this release is bugged. When I opened the release and tried to use touch screen to focus, often times the touch screen no longer works, or only work for a split second and then no longer works. As a effects I can only take pictures with the physical volume button, meaning most pictures would be out of focus/focused on the wrong thing. Common fixes like clearing the cache and time doesn't support at all. I did some playing and I am cute certain that this is similar to the laser auto focus no being able to pick up a return signal. I know this because if I place my hand right in front of the laser focus sensor, the touch screen will work and I can focus on my hand. But right when I remove my hand and the laser focus had to look at distant things, the touch screen instantly stops working. I would gladly give a 5 star rating after fix.
~ Jennifer L
Things would probably be awesome if not for the screen view when using camera. No matter which idea my ASUS ZENPAD 10 is turned, my screen shows the camera view sideways. Rotate on or off it usually adjusts itself to sideways.
~ Ryan Mohr
Used it be nice befote upgrades , my 5z's main 12mp camera is not focuesing properly , it focueses only 2/3 of the picture without any depth result on , it works nice with macro shots and with wide angle camera and feont camera ...but please fix the partial blurring & weird focus trouble in the main camera
~ Sankalp Singh Sankhala asus camera stopped working and claimed to reboot my device, but after rebooting my device, same case happened😖. It sometimes claimed that other app is using it at the same time and claimed to close something🙏... At all..I love the quality of its front and back camera...but please do something for the happened each time and happening actually also..I can't able to click pictures and selfies😣🙅!!!!
~ Sanjay Agarwal
Cannot turn screen during video recording. I need to give an introduction with the front camera then turn to back camera so I can record equipment in front of me. Please enable switching sides during video recording.
~ Shimmy Weitzhandler
With anti-shake enabled, most picture effects are clean and crisp. Nice quality for cropping. Dissatisfied with daytime skyline pics. IE: The sky is full of purple- red clouds that cause the daylight to appear redish, the resulting picture is of flat, pinkish-orange, clouds. The eye & screen present visible variations in the clouds (density, depth & distance). The picture effects is a flat, boring mess. A babe's finger painting has more depth. Doesn't give many options in the video settings.
~ Ginger Smithers Welch
Can I ask what JPEG quality/compression ratio does this release use? The picture quality is absolutely terrible! And the size... 3 to 5 megabytes on average for a 13-megapixel photo is simply place... indecent! That's such a pity because... the manual controls and the amount of customization are GREAT! Why did you crash this release with such massive JPEG compression? So much highlight-shadow stats is lost along with it. Please, place an option for picking the JPEG quality in a future modernization, or create it 100 by default! Also, maybe you'd be type enough to ask Asus developers to contain RAW help for the Zenfone Zoom. Thank you!
~ A Google user
Need more modernization for video recording, why only use autofocus at video recorder? can it be manual option with no autofocus for getting 30fps+ please? Need modernization in capture speed too, in weak light i have noise so much. I hope will be obtain an modernization for better effects ASAP. Thank you ASUS, review at my Zenfone Full M1 single rear optic release 2.0 :)
~ Akhlakul Kharimah Surajaya
there is some black dot whenever i take pictures and videos. As i see there is no black dot in my camera i think its on the app. Can you support me remove it? it happens whenever i use the back camera
~ Joyce Troyo
i think asus zenfone lite l1 cameras are not really 13 and 5 megapixel.. i had moto g3 turbo edition which also has same megapixel cameras but they were so sharp , grainless pictures both front and rear but here in asus it feels like 5 and 2 megapixel also the portrait mode gives so fake looking bokeh so terrible, one recommendation if you can add manual camera help , like iso, shutter speed, aperture etc can be adjusted manually
~ Chirag Soni
Needs Some work. Informations are nice. But The soft isn't able to take full advantage of the camera hardware. *Zenfone 5Z player* If only the clarity, Contrast and detail was a bit better. I hope the dev squad understands what their customers wish.
~ UghDrian !
the finest one i ever used! then the modernization came.. actually its super grainy. constant focusing. cant even take my device out for a easy picture without focusing it for 3min. i hope this gets fixed because ever since the updatey device has been doing equipment it shouldnt. and i usually use the camera but actually i cant even take out my device for a easy pic.
~ Dither Silvestre
cant turn off sounds. sound volume doesnt affect camera sounds either. modes does not hold theyalways revert back to automode when switching apps. slowmotion is garbage it just does timelapse. the effects is horrible and why it even reduces the resolution for 7fps timelapse ????
~ Duali Asus
after the last modernization, i have lost access to switching between my normal and wide camera. There is also some weird artifacting present in the left half of the video.I have place in a complain with Asus but havent received a response yet.
~ David Lall
If Zero rating is there I will give... My camera is not opening....whenever I launch my camera it shows one info "Camera failed to run please reboot your device" After rebooting also same trouble is comming. I can't use video call or others informations which is linked to camera....Hoping some nice response nd solution from ASUS squad... Allow's see they support or not
~ Animesh Sarkar
The Pie modernization messed up audio recording on my Asus Zenfone 5 2018. Each time I test to take a video with my asus earphones attached, it will automatically present an error and stop recording. but it works fine if there are no audio attachments. I tried taking videos with Gcam and it works fine. I hope asus will fix this bug.
~ Nicole Iturralde
its nice and all we used this device for 3 years actually and camera is nice but actually it's not that nice anymore it keeps claiming me that 'camera is not working' or 'camera failed to run please reboot your device' i hold doing this for like 30 times actually since yesterday i tried uninstalling it and in babes mode but still it doesn't work anymore even on another apps like snapchat and ig it claims 'camera has failed' something like that how should i fix the trouble? please kindly response.
~ Allyza
I modernized my Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG, to newest lollipop ver and actually with a potatoe I can take better pics. Camera not focusing at all, pity it was such a nice camera before modernization, but Asus seem to wish to do no further fixes, so nice bye Asus, I'll be buying a better tablet from other brand quick....
~ Alan Buttigieg
Since the newest modernization my camera is starting with a black screen then closes the release after awhile not responding. This is really frustrating. I see others commenting on here, its about time you fixed it.
~ JJT Channel
The camera release on my newest Zenfone 4 Pro worked fine before the Oreo upgrade. After Oreo upgrade the release refused to run 99% of the time, giving a black screen instead. Took it to ASUS service depot in Markham, Ontario and the service guy claimed he never heard of such trouble, but I can claim you that I found loads of complaints on different smart device forums about this particular upgrade-similar trouble, so it is something that ASUS could have got wind a long time ago.
~ Alan Li
my camera is not doing well... i cant use it anymore bcs it getting dark... it just state "the camera need run or reboot your device".... after i reboot, it still in same idea... can you support me in this case... im really required to use this camera... plisss
~ Nabihah Razali
The "Time stamp" isn''t a time stamp; it's a Date Stamp. It just prints the date, and that in an terrible idea. On a bright background it needs a dark font, and vica verca. So, would you have to do: (1) Set the font-colour according to the background on the picture of lower right corner. (2) Enable a date-time stamp, for example: 2019.04.04-16:45, that is,
~ Catherine n/a
Camera goes blurry after modernization and after that 2-3 modernization had come but they didn't fix this. Pathetic service. Why you are not hearing us. Many of us are complaining about this but thats all going wasted.
~ Sunil Singh Baghel
After most newest modernization (firmware/system) the camera on my device stopped working. I factory restart twice. First time, it didn't work. 2nd, the camera did work but sometime after I restored the backup from my gdrive it started destroying and giving a persistent black screen once more. I'm convinced it's a soft trouble since I had no another troubles prior to the modernization and the hardware did perform momentarily after the 2nd factory restart. Fix por favor.
~ Camar Eubanks
Hi! After the Pie modernization, my main camera has been blurring the sides of my pictures even though the depth result was already turned off, how can I fix this? I already tried clearing cache, restoring camera settings, opening using protected mode. Please support, my device is over a year actually so if I ever bring it to our service station, it will no longer be covered by warranty
~ Camille Regala
Dear asus, Im zenfone 5z player, and my camera have trouble after modernization. When use the normal camera, the picture that present at my actual will blur like using depth result. While use wide camera have a normal effects. Please support me for this trouble. I've attached the effects for your comparison Hope to hear from you quick Thank you Warm regards, Andrian
~ andrian iskandar
It's an nice camera...before the modernization. I used to obtain apple player dudes jealous because of the quality of the camera on my zenfone 5 but actually the modernization messed up it's focusing ability. It can still focus on objects close to the lens but if i test to focus on something more than like a foot away from me it fails and pictures come up blurry. Please fix this bug i love my device camera so much
~ Allysa Nicole Flores
still no screen only , not working at all ! poor customer service ! what a waste of zone ! really disappointed in Asus ! don't waste your time with it and customer service is least allow recipients uninstall it ! what garbage! it's actually -2000 for me ! It's been awhile actually and still no fix ...this is ridiculous! -10000000000 for me know ! don't waste your time !
~ David B