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About: "aProfiles" was formerly known as "#1 Profile". Do you wish to switch the device to silent, lower screen brightness and turn off the Internet connection with one tap? Do you wish to automatically switch the device to silent when you are sleeping, but switch to normal at 7 am? aProfiles enables you to automate tasks or many things to happen on your Mobile device based on territory, time triggers, battery lvl, system settings, connected Wi-Fi access target or Bluetooth device, etc. FEATURES change multiple device settings by activating a profile automatically activate a profile by a rule help home screen widgets for quickly activating a profile present info when a profile or rule is running specify your favoured name and icon for a profile/rule disable terms without deleting them reorder the profiles/terms list by dragging backup and restore you created profile ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Sam Lu
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aProfiles - Auto tasks, schedule profiles����20% OFF Reviews and Comments:

Nice for batch changing settings
~ X Lin
It would be nice with a function to turn on and off synchronisation for diffent accounts :)
~ Nichlas Vanggaard
Works well. I required a nice profile manager to switch tasks based on territory and this does the job well with a needed speedy run bar to override where essential, also nice response from dev to bug fixes.
~ Ryan de Silva
Stops working after a several hours of use although no task aggressors installed. I cant handle flash light. The most funny of all is they ask continious paying for professional use. And other funny one. Check find related apps on goggle test and see what you obtain!
Nice release... The finest profile setting release I have used.
~ Garry VanPool
~ abdu rahman
Very terrible
Works nice. I've tried a several another automation apps but they were not reliable. So far 100% reliable. I set this up to silence my device for work, church, sleep, and to lower the volume when I connect my headphones, and to raise the volume when I run Waze, and restore the volume when I exit Waze.
~ A Google user
Very needed automatic release.
~ Paul P
Newest version is chewing up battery like crazy 🤪 Please fix. Sam, I wonder if you have done any analysis on your pricing model? 1000 recipients who buy your release for $5 a pop is going to create you a lot more than100 recipients at $20 a pop. I can't imagine judging by the comments in Google Test Market you've had many takers at $20 or who are willing to pay a subscription? I know, "Thank you for your comment." 😂
~ Joe Sebo
finest ..
~ Sameer Gaikwad
Nice! 😀😃
~ Zena Aries
Test all day :) lol
~ anita beeler
Nice release. True productivity helper. Had a tiny trouble and got an instant fix from Sam! Nice help too
~ Avi Dankner
Nice release, poor use topic for a subscription.
~ Nathaniel Blackburn
This release work very well. But, It is short on profiles.
~ Arizona Cowgill
Why does it requires bonus permissions to view add/edit SD card!!!!!!??
~ Mudathir M
Mind blowing release. I can't trust what I can do with this release. Nice. Thanks a lot for making it. All of your apps are also nice.
~ Naveen Dahiya
I love using this release to manage my device sounds and WiFi. However lately, the territory detection seems to turn off and on randomly. I have to go into the release and disable the rule and re-enable to create it work.
~ Daniel Cornwell
Too complicated, too unpredictive, not intuitive interface. Suggested that developer look a bit what others do and ask customers what do they expect from such an release. Uninstalled.
~ Jeka Sh
Nice product. A bit expensive, but I tried the others, and there is no contest - the another apps are either non-functional or unsupported. And the developer of aProfiles is speedy to reply
~ Stephen Greenspon
finest of this kind of apps
~ Jesse Chan
stop installing this GARBAGE. all it does is policies stealling and spaming, that's abou it.EDIT: slash out the internet access and then i might trust you. Some recipients have traffic trakers installed and some sort of blockers. this release was not even 1 second started nor even configured and it started hitting the firewall like crazy with all sorts of request. From anaysticts to tracking. You might not accumulate pictures. but excuse me full device stats and tracking is a highly policies infrigement.
~ A Google user
Bar-none, this is the finest...
~ Mel W
I have been using aProfiles for many years. This review is based on it. It does what it claims provided you guys follow instructions as it is. If you have any trouble you can usually correspondence and request developer to search root cause. Developer was usually responsive in finding the root trouble. <br> Pros: 1) I have profiles like House, Office, Outdoor, Silent, Marathon, Sleeping. House and Office work based on Territory and WiFi nearby. Others are based on time, battery etc. 2) If you have a rooted device, you can save battery by timing GPS, 2/3/4G, turn off small time etc. 3) It does what is intended to. If not, most likely you are not using it the idea it is. 4) Developer consuming several MBs from my small time/WiFi is fine otherwise please pay for it. 5) I was able to change volumes, vibration, brightness, Screen timeouts, WiFi/App/BT/LocationMode/Network types etc with diff terms and profiles. Cons: 1) It is not about what cost it is. But I am fine to have banners displayed in release. I understand there is no nonpaid lunch anywhere. 2) Expecting beginner/advanced settings. Based on that let players to configure release parameters.
~ Annie Jose
An awesome and reliable release. Well laid out and an release I would suggest to someone else. My complaint...the pro ver is wildly expensive. $20 or some subscription? That's mental. They're likely pricing themselves out of the supermarket and it's a shame. If it was a more sensible amount, I would definitely buy it. But the sale price of $15.99? A large fat "nope" from me.
~ Tom JJ Wood
This release does a entire lot of scheduling based on territory, Wi-Fi, etc. I only use it to schedule sound profiles which it does very well. And finest of all, when I had an trouble I contacted the developer who responded and fixed my trouble in literally mins.
~ Andy Coble
Does release require territory on all the time to work terms even no terms are using territory crieteria?
~ Mahendra Pednekar
nice but idea too expensive IMO
~ Dave Silva
Great customer service. Nice product. Saving me dollars on time by automatically connecting me to my trusted WiFi connections.
~ Grelynn Bradley
The finest release I have used for managing the settings on your device automatically. Nice help and regularly modernized, so usually working on the newest devices and OS.
~ Brian Wood
Very usefull app, everything is fine, but I have one trouble. Condition docking doesnt work on Samsung Galaxy S8. Please can developer deliever me solution?. Thanks Edit: trouble solved, So I am pleased with this app
~ Robert Lacho
I love this release! It is by far the most needed one I have on my device. I first installed it about 3 years or so ago. At that time I paid for the pro banner nonpaid ver. Actually I have banners again. Does this mean I will have to pay a second time for pro? Modernization: My apologies! Thanks for the response Sam. Apparently I did not pay for pro on this release. Apparently the banners are a newest thing... never saw them before. Anyway, I will upgrade actually. Thanks for a nice product!
~ A Google user
alreadly subscription , can you add restart bluetooth / restart release fuction ?
~ Francis Paul
nice release for mobile devices below mobile 7.1 above it only bluetooth connectivity works no affect on wifi time and tethering
Nice release, it takes some time to search out how to create it work the idea you wish it. Loving it!
~ Javier Melendez
I switched from other release related to this one. Simple to use and very useful
~ Clifford Joe
Was nice on Oreo but not working properly on Pie. Sometimes the profiles kicks in but does not apply the profile (vibrate mode for example)
~ Jo King
No longer able to detect connected Wi-Fi. Soft struggles to function with the banners that were added recently (usimg pixel 3). All of them, even the banner banners, are loud and flashing. When the full screen banners kick in the volume is increased to full overriding profile.
~ Niki Matsui
This is a brilliant release. Does it all, and I have tried them all. I have a very complex group of auto-terms that execute at different times of day and under different conditions, and so far this release has not skipped a beat. And developer very responsive to questions and comments (Pro ver)
~ Gregory Wasserman