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About: Soft Usage is the easiest to use but potent release/device usage management release. It provides the following key informations: Present release usage history: gather the usage time about apps that you used Check device history: gather counts of you checked the device Present activity history: gather the time that you launch apps Info history: present the time that apps posted info Over-use reminder: remind when you spend on device or apps for a long time Most used apps - present most used apps on widgets or a info Track all installs: hold track of all installs and uninstalled apps Soft install reminder: notify when apps installed and the summary of everyday installed apps Manage apps: 1-tap to uninstall apps, sort apps by different options Due to the restriction of Mobile, the release usage can only be tracked when you are using the release and screen is on. ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Sam Lu
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About: Camera Suite allows you to control GoPro Hero 2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6, 7 cameras over Wifi. It supports video live streaming, media browsing and media management. ++ Features: - Connect GoPro Hero 2 (with Wifi bacpac), 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6, 7, HERO 2018 cameras over Wifi. - Support for GoPro Hero 4/5 Wifi pairing. - Control all important camera settings (including resolution, frame rate, camera mode, Protune, ...). - Live video preview. - View, stream, download, and delete media files directly over ...

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App Usage - Manage/Track Usage Reviews and Comments:

magnificent! not seeing the release calling home! really positive! really nice functions!
~ Rami Lehtinen
Great release..need option like google welbeing chart view...... ...ok..I 'll send it from my correspondence ...Thanks
~ Lak Mx
Finest release on the test shop for monitoring usage, nice functionality with plenty of options.
~ James Bronner
wow..nice release developed! i can track down lots of equipment and activities and even history from my device, everything i need know to be more alert from my device surroundings and usage etc.
~ l p
Excellent. I can track anything, completely detailed. Even banners are not so intruisive.
~ Nebojsa Milic
one of the finest release oit there to know how much you use your device on a everyday basis. Recommendation: add device lock, time usage track.
~ Tanuj Soni
wonderful release very player friendly and informative
~ Fiona Stevens
Everything is nice of the release. It allow us tracker usage of apps but I am facing a trouble. This release is not able to tracker Youtube usage. Please support to resolve the trouble. Thanks
~ Akash Poojari
Nice release. Thank you! I had too look a long time till I've found it. None of the another apps deliever this detailed details. Maybe I'm going too far but it would be nice to be able to configure the slash-off time between the days. I'm often up till 1am and I'd prefer to profile for that hour between midnight and 1 am still in the details of the day before.
~ István Nagy
This is the great release what I'm looking for. It has some bonus needed informations. I like the widgets of my time usage and unblock counter. It is supporting me a lot to give up my device addiction. Thanks the developer squad 💗
~ Al-Amin
NTS do not install this ver, install the Pro ver. This ver is limited and it will charge you again for Pro without verification of prior player payments. Terrible programming.
~ Bob P Wilson
Nice release for keeping details about which apps you use, when and for how long. Also monitors battery history, info and release install history. Battery usage seems really weak (~0.2%).
~ David Logan
it was working very nice...but from newest days it is not recording the activity properly please fix this
~ addy Singh 23444
Want you'd switch to donation model rather than banners. Adverts usually crash an release for me. So far ive enjoyed using this release, but banners are usually a deterrent to nice apps like these. Also, although the release does its job very well, i can see youve been lazy regarding how its designed. It does not look modern in the slightest. You are aiming too weak with quality of UI. once someone else makes an release that does everything this does and has a better UI this release will be redundant.
~ Yehya Awad
unbelievable release. i have been useing it for years, but i think it is time for me to allow go. this release have A LOT of personal time collected (like apps installed and time i use them. it is of course okay since ut is the overall target to hold track if this) a tiny gold mine to sell, and i can see my time isn't so secure anymore as i would like it to be. nice release if you dont mind Fb getting your time
~ Лйли Теоь Дворянство
Does exactly what its suppose to and more.
~ Aurelien Muller
Nice stats, clean interface.
~ Clark Wilson
Very needed for tracking release usage details and especially for finding background apps that can be disabled. But it needs a idea to turn it off from background operation. Uses far too much battery. My device uses around 15% per hour under normal usage. With this running in the background I used 29% per hour and I wasn't doing much during that time. Please add the option for completely disabling the release when desired because it's a massive battery player.
~ Artorius The'Bear
Impressive, liked it instantly. Went to buy the pro ver & got sticker shocked. $20 is a large bite, too large for me, & I can't search any stats on what the Pro offers additionally, so I'll wait & see if it ever goes on sale. But this ver is magnificent, now beyond magnificent, glad I came across it. EDIT: I added 1 more star for 2 reasons, 1) this release is nice, truly a nice release. 2) Developer responded instantly, someone who takes pride in their work.
~ Mr Pink
Use it to track my sleep, works nice!
~ Devin Rhode
nice for seeing what someone has looked at on ur device behind ur back
~ afta wrld
Exactly what I was looking for- customizable usage reminders for individual apps!
~ Paper Bag
Love it! Very well build, especially the over-use reminder fonction.
~ Bobo
Really nice release, want the UI was simpler and more minimalistic though, like Quality Time's UI.
~ Jameel Amir
really liked the release but does not work for dual apps on miui, please do something about it.
~ Shivam Sharma
Simple to use, doesn't drain battery supports reduce your small device usage
~ Venu Madhav
it claims history will appear only after release usage is installed. its already installed and ai subscribed and paid. please urgently support
~ saud02
this is exactly what I need! very specific and functional.
~ Jo Wu
Each time i modernization all my time disappears and it doesnt run tracking again until i launch the release after the modernization. Nice informations but basically uselss because of this.
~ D M
Nice release for nonpaid. Detailed, simple to use and the difference layouts for displaying time are nice!
~ Nathan Dore
Liked at first.......but i upgraded to pro and the release constantly "forgets"that this has been done, so the widget just has "pro only" written in it.
~ Lord Andy Annandale-Johnston
Gotta required release !! This release Claims us about where we are killing time. it is very great and I strongly recommend this.
~ thommas thalari
Nice standalone release. Shame it doesn't have the multi-device sync as I like to track usage over all my mobile devices
~ nathan Shaw
speedy response from developer, had some troubles with realising I had to set the date range manually, but Sam helpfully responded the same day. nice release (:
~ Olle Nordesjö
Just installed on my device and also my mom's--so I'm still learning the release. Will modernization rating down the line. I notice I obtain a lot of "Pro-Only" headings rather than the release names in the everyday activities correspondence. That's not needed as I don't know which apps are being cited. The same thing happens in the Today Usage 4X2 widget. The right panel displays a timeline but each single heading is Pro-Only, again, I can't claim which release is being cited.
~ Trinh Dang
Great Soft. It has a widget that allows me to see the usage of most used apps. I use it to monitor my time on FB. Seeing that I exceed 30 minutes on FB would create me limit my use of it. It also has an over-use reminder where I can enable a bubble all the time. The bubble Claims me the time I have spent on an release for the entire day. Extremely needed. This release is beginning to change my life.
~ Herbert Lo
it is the finest release in the entire globe... it's osm... it's fav...... i can't express my feelings
~ aryan pawan
Was really liking thw informations od this release over another "device usage" kind apps, but suddenly it syarts destroying each tine I test to launch it and it's fully unusable. I have root, so I was able to restore a backup from Titanium Backup (losing a day of details) and it was fine until later in the day, it again atarted destroying each time... actually i can hold restoring my backup from 4/15 but why does it hold getting corrupted time or something??
~ Tony Russell
A really nice (albeit sometimes slightly scary) release; although the UI is unlikely to be winning design awards anytime quick the different menus are fairly easy and quite intuitive. The banners are fairly unintrusive but to my mind this apps largest advantage is that it doesn't test to reduce your device usage - just inform you of it. Nice if you're just curious. The only thing I would add is the ability to change the time a day runs, as anything after midnight counts as the next day.
~ Thomas Gibbs
You recently modernized the release with the information of retrieving the usage time of last 7 days, upon reinstallation, how do I stop that?
~ Sumit Chatterjee