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About: Soft in the Air - your personal flying assistant that keeps you up-to-date with your flight: true time status, airport tricks and in-airport navigation maps, flight profile with all your flights logged. Even more: release works offline (gate changes and flight status upgrades are delivered via SMS which requires no time roaming). And we also have Mobile Wear release, don't forget to test it! Automatic check-in. Sit back and relax, the rest is on us. Automatic check-in for 2 passengers: you can add the second passenger for automatic check-in and we will check you in together if its possible. Featured in Business Insider's 100 Finest Tools and "Your Verse commercial. Flight tracking bot: you can test our Fb Messenger bot to track flights without installing the release () The largest coverage worldwide that contains: - North American Airlines: American, Delta, United, Southwe ... Show more
Genre: Travel & Local Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: App in the Air, Inc.
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App in the Air - Travel planner & Flight tracker Reviews and Comments:

Nice release, a bit complicated
~ Eiden Pospisil
doesn't work well unless there are many another players around. flight radar, etc. are more accurate
~ Karim Ragab
It's okay. Google has this information actually. I'm deleting this release.
~ Stephanus W. Suriadjaja
Please create it so that navigation bar is forced to be black on dark theme as some devices default to white navbars.
~ A Google user
very limited if you wish to record past flight, few flight schedules not found and no idea to delete a cancelled flight.
~ A Google user
As a frequent traveller, this release combined with TripIt (which this release can sync from) has saved me literal hours of time and made things a lot smoother.
~ Adrian Wilkinson
just actually download it before couple of hours, after one month i have flights then I will give the true review, until actually it's needed release.
~ Osama Alsubhi
I wannt to buy lifetimr upgrade but there is no provision to buy on a credit card. Whenever I test it is not working.
~ A Google user
So far so nice - simple to use.... would have awarded a 5 * review if there was an option to trial super for a lower monthly fee or nonpaid trial without CC information.
~ Michael Dolan
One of the finest travel apps
~ Caleb Leung
Auto check-in doesn't work like the iOS ver. The release itself is a bit ugly with the gigantic fonts. It seems like a fully different release on Mobile.
~ Marcelo Guimarães
It deleted all my flights (from the past 10 years) when I deleted the release. There is no true sync even though I synced so many times before when I was logged in with my Google profile. I also doubt if times, gate changes etc. are accurate.
~ Jaap Kievit
nice release, need to have more engine of flight in every country, such as Asia. However, I am wondering if someone can place flight without really flying just to add his or her leaderboard
~ A Google user
accurate & easy... very nice release
~ Pedro Falcón
First impression is looking very nice..
~ HS Yau
The Finest thing about this release is the Help Staff. I've had troubles with the release before. I Contact Help, and obtain a respond within 24hrs. the Trouble then gets resolved. Nice Soft for frequent fliers and travelers.
~ R M contreras
I like the ability to rate and critique flights. Overall I search the release nice but I am not bought the full license. Not sure if $24.99 per year is justifiable. For individuals who fly weekly across multiple carriers, release supports to organize the itinerary.
~ A Google user
Love the design and details. Still missing some trips though
~ Johan S
I had to redownload the release because it kept crushing and actually I've lost all my flights. I can only see past 24 flights out of nearly 100 flights I've been on. Very disappointing Edit: Soft in the air offered support via correspondence but then stopped responding so I'm still not able to obtain back my lost flights.
~ Vladimir Kudrak
great apps. simple to track down your air time.
~ Chew Boon Khor
great and EZ to use, very nice with up to date stats.
~ Craig Moyle
Useful release for frequent travellers. Some minor bugs but nothing too serious.
~ David Chi
nice enough. do everything expected of it
~ Hanafi Kamyon
Love everything about the release but, it somehow does not sync my flights from beyond 3 years.
~ kayelvili krishnamoorthy
Outstanding. Been traveling for 31 years .. this one nearly does it all.
~ Daniel Bemis
Incredible release to shop all your loyalty tools in one zone, and track you travel history.
~ Steve Ford
Nice release. Lots of options. Auto check in looks nice but not tried it out yet!
~ Mark Wakeling
First use I think it is nice release. What can I claim? Hold it working 🙏
~ Sharon Vaturi
Nice Soft for Flight arrangement, here is one trouble as same code for airport as SAG for Shirdi, India and Sagwon, US...can not add Shirdi in my list.
~ rahul rathour
Does what its suppose to do I was not familiar with the release, but after using the release - Its the finest. i Love the release
~ Lisa Espach
why on world do you need to access and read my correspondences? from a safety and policies target of view this release is poor. anyone using it will be time mined and your time sold. if you value your policies, do not use this.
~ S Mundy
Very nice release but far too expensive for casual flyer. easy to use and a nice idea of keeping records of when you flew.
~ Paul Tapley
All information and upgrades provided are accurate. The release has failed me only once when my son's flight was cancelled and it showed the status as departed with delay.
~ Suparna Pillai
The great release for all the time and travel nerds like me. My fav information has to be the stats about the aircrafts and the fact that I can generate a video of my trips and share it!
~ Antal János Monori
Love using APPintheAir, Installed on both iOS / Mobile. Had some minor troubles with flights syncing, but the help squad is speedy and responsive. Highly suggested for all travellers
~ ZiCott Ameda
1. the iPhone release provides gate information. the mobile ver does not. this is of paramount importance. 2. release crashes and refuses to launch after multiple attempts. had to delete and reinstall for it to work. 3. andriod release does not sync with stats on the iPhone ver where I used to enter newest flights. i had to delete and reinstall the release before the sync is complete and newest flights and old are sync.
~ jeremy cho
i love this release. but for some reason it is not adding to the video report my last twi years of travel. the all flights are downloaded from correspondence, but my 2018-2019 seems empty
~ Nat Bell
Doesn't pick up jetstar flights from my in box, but does work nice with virgin Australia. Would give it 5 stars if it worked with all Aussie carriers.
~ Brad Hong
very disappointed. wanted to love this release as it has nice informations, but unfortunately its not syncing with my gmail. tripcase brings the trip within a second but no luck with your release. once the trip is in, it works perfectly. hope future upgrades will fix the troubles. edit: prompt response received and they actioned the trouble. thanks
~ Shailesh L
Tremendous release! It's wonderful and one of a type allowing me to see all my flight details on one intuitive and modern release. Love seeing the airlines, aircraft and countries I have flown to along with graphs of flight hours. The globe map with all my flights is wonderful to look at, and it is unbelievable to remember all the territories and memories I have. All the newest informations added to the release including boarding pass scanning and note taking are so incredibly needed. Couldn't suggest highly enough!
~ Eden T