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About: Millions use Any.do to stay organized and obtain more done. Its a FREE to-do list, calendar, and reminders release all-in-one. "A MUST HAVE APP" on each Mobile device (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker). Recipients use Any.do to add & track tasks, set reminders, make smart lists, plan their day and collaborate on shared projects, minus the typical hassle & costs. All I really wish in a to-do list release a idea to quickly add tasks, prompts and lists to obtain me through my personal day - USA today To-do list youd now stick to. Add tasks and manage shared projects Label to-dos with colors to set priorities & genres Organize tasks under lists Prioritize tasks on your checklist with a everyday planner Add & review to-dos immediately with a home-screen widget With the ability to tackle recurring tasks, plus timed and territory-based reminders, this everyday manage ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Any.do
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Any.do: To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner Reviews and Comments:

Everything is just 'super, super, super.' NO ONE CARES ABOUT PREMIUM! JUST STOP WITH ALL OF THAT NONSENSE! I can't schedule a easy routine weekly because i need "PrEmIuM". I can't stand this release anymore. 😡
~ A Google user
Utter rubbish. I've been using this release for years. The newest modernization has wiped all my notes. I've lost all my lists made from dude's birthdays, appointments, dollars that I'm owed from different recipients, everything! With no idea of getting it back. Don't download - there's no target in a list release of it wipes your time with an modernization.
~ Jade Smith
Amazingly needed for organization It keeps track of both my work and personal life and can hold them separate if I need, or combine. It also ties my tasks to times and dates so I do not just look at a heavy list every day.
~ Jeffrey Gard
Eye candy to do list without bells and whistles. Workflow based on reminders, as for me, I want to have a "my day" information as in Microsoft to do. Finest of all I love sync - it really takes seconds to syncronise 'done' tasks even with aliases. Also planning a day is a nice information, but it would be brilliant if it cover some tasks with no due date, or tasks that have been aded for a long time ago and not executed. And after all pricing is the most democratic among same apps.
~ Focevil Licoyta
i am a typical guy, I rely on my woman and even my daughters to remind me everything. this release is speedy and simple with all sorts of alarms and reminders to create sure i can obtain things done too. without bothering my lovely, useful ladies. thanks Any.do. my family appreciates you
~ Alejandro Lujan
love this! i've tried others before, but like this one! among another reasons, i love that you can set reminders for your tasks! i alao love that i can access it across tablet AND device. also---your customer service and help respones are nice. 💗
~ Sharon Austin
After trying few different task release's, I came across Any.do for a several years ago. Since then I've have had no reason to switch. This release is simple, intuitive and customizable to fit my needs. From a development and maintenance POV, I have also found Any.do to be thoughtful in their upgrades for both small and desktop versions.
~ Ben Piercy
I love a lot about this release, mainly the idea it absolutely pushes you to now go and do things. I do want it had reminders that can happen more than once per day or on specific days, like for example pill taking or another tasks that repeat within hours, not days.
~ Artsy Minx
I love this release! It has helped me become so much more productive and organized. Any time I think, "I could do ..." I just add it to my Any.do! [Would rate 5 stars, except I hate that the Upcoming list is automatically bumped up to Today after a period of time, and it also continuously logs me, which is not only cumbersome, but renders the widget useless for that time.]
~ Jessica Coronado
Last time when i wrote a review, there was no option to set Info sound in the Anydo release. Some devs from your squad acknowledged my comment and actually that option has been added inside the release. Actually I'm able to set info sound. BUT, the info is not working. Don't know why. No matter what i test info isn't working. With this bug, Anydo release is just an useless junk in my small. Please fix this. Thank you.
~ Jayachandran P
I've used multiple productivity apps that are supposed with a focus on to do lists. And this one is simply THE BEST for me. I now feel like clicking the release and planning out my whole day. I love how easy it is with not too much overwhelming informations which was a large thing for me. I would gladly pick this release, any day and any time over any others.
~ Rosemary U
I don't understand why I am forced to use voice to enter newest equipment and there are no settings to disable it. for me this information nis useless and avoiding it very annoying. Plus, the device makes a beeping sound each time voice entry is activated even on mute.
~ Pasha Pankratov
I don't usually leave reviews for apps but this is absolutely nice. Just what I was looking for, I have ADD, a general procrastination and forgetfulness trouble but with this release I'm on track and more productive than ever! This is an nice release, even the nonpaid ver is miles ahead of many related release's paid ver. It even comes with its own Callender, with important meetings allready on it, ex, mother's day, father’s day ect. Highly suggested for anybody!
One of the finest apps there, recursive, monthly check list to do, even with sub-tasks. Nice job. I'm giving just 4 stars because info are too much, you need to consolidate them in just one expandable and also because "do later" or "done" pop ups are a tiny strange, you can check a do later time for first one or something like that but not everything.
~ Axell Padilla
A soft expert. Just bought this release. It's generally OK, but I am not very impressed. The most glaring trouble is that you are confined to the release's predetermined reminder intervals. you have NO option to make your own time intervals (i.e. 12 hours before, 18 hours before, 4 days,5 days before, etc.). They claim this release is customizable, as long as it's the developers choice of customizations. look elsewhere if you wish total customization. I'll look for more deficiencies and report back.
~ Juan Perez
I don't usually write reviews but I had to because this release is nice. I absolutely love how i can place tasks into calendars. i struggle to complete my tasks when my to do list is away from my calendar and this will support me to focus on what task gotta be finished on that day. Even tasks had subtask and beautiful reminder icons. Love how edits are synced to my device calendar since I was not expecting that. I can even place it on my widget!! Also, did I mention that nice grocery list? loving this!
~ Sherlyn Heng Shu Ying
The release continues to improve, but it lacks one information for me... the ability to turn off the pop- up I obtain on my screen each morning to claim me it's ready to "plan my day". Allow me create this clear...I don't wish you to plan my day so stop claiming me to do it. I've tried turning off all info, but no luck. And everywhere I go on the release it tries to sell me the super upgrade.... just annoying.
~ Bob Hatton
I've been registered with Any.do for quite a while actually. After the last modernization, when I test to log in and pick "Already use Any.do? Sign in", I enter my correspondence and password it wants me to make an profile. I have many reminders in my Any.do Soft which I don't wish to loose. I've never had a trouble before logging into my Any.do profile on my Mobile device. I hope there's an modernization quick to correct this. ***Trouble solved. I was using the wrong correspondence....DUH!!!
~ Ace H
Used to think it was a 5 star release but they hold making it worse (and worse). Specifically it wrongly interprets touch screen movements putting tasks in random territories rather than where you drop them, often the very end of all your tasks, so you have to waste time dragging it back, sometimes for variety of equipment. Reminders bug me the moment I wake up & won't switch off. You only allow me transport a reminder 15m, 1hr, 3 hrs. So with a list of 20 things I obtain 20 reminders 3 hrs later. Annoying as hell.
~ Nathan Deen
i just downloaded this release. after reading reviews, i dont understand the release taking dollars as there is nothing that i found anywhere before downlading about any monies. infact i read its nonpaid. UPDATE:well that lasted about 4 minutes. claims nonpaid but wants you to pay banner each click you do.so nonpaid has a price.. buh bye modernization 2: went back to the truly nonpaid one i had before. Yours might be nonpaid but the price one now gotta pay is too many times asking to pay. its not worth it when there are true nonpaid
~ Robyn Banks
This was my favoured To Do release, so much so that I bought the Additional subscription and then info stopped working on my device and desktop. I tried double checking all the info settings on my device, where I wish it to work most and everything looks fine. So I tried to cancel my Additional subscription and it seems impossible. The instructions to "manage your subscription settings" doesn't exist, so I can't obtain out of the super subscription. Their FAQs don't deliever accurate instructions. The desktop release refers you to the manage the subscription setting on your device which doesn't exist. I was impressed with this release initially, so my so that I bought the super subscription but all the info stopped working and I forgot I even had the release at some target until they charged me $26 for the annual subscription, so actually I wish out but can't obtain out.
~ Joey Garcia
I like the ease of creating different to do lists, ability to make subtasks, and that i can create my grocery shopping list according to what shop I market at. It's nice that the grocery list are automatically sorted by aisle for you. However, i noticed that if i add a price to the beginning or end of the grocery item, that it gets place in the 'another' aisle genre. I also like how you can switch something in one list to a different one just by tapping on it. Great work 👍
~ Lisa Zielbauer
Any.do how come i have a Additional profile when i never signed up for it? How can i obtain rid of it? I tried to follow the instructions on your support page to "unsubscribe" [from something i never subscribed to!!!] but the menu equipment you mentioned weren't there. I tried to make a bug on your support page but i haven't had any correspondences confirming it has created so I feel like it might not have. I dont remember giving you any bank information so i don't know how you're planning to take any dollars from me for Additional, but can you just obtain rid of it? I don't even wish to use this release anymore anyway, its no better than than the in built apps on my device.
~ Gillian Dickinson
DO NOT SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL! IT IS A SCAM. YOU WILL GET CHARGED ANYWAY, AND YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY BACK!! Once again, after numerous attempts to blame Google, this developer has still not refunded my $38. Once again, I cancelled 3 full days before nonpaid trial ended, but was still charged. Once again, contacted developer, who claimed me that I would obtain a full refund within 7 to 10 days, and still nothing. I have saved correspondence, pricing this to be real. DO NOT TRUST THIS DEVELOPER. SCAM!!!!
~ A Google user
Forces me to login with a personal profile and doesn't allow me use the release without it. That is intrusive and unnecessary given the purpose of this release. I just wish an offline release where I can enter whatever stats I wish manually without having the release access and accumulate personal unformation without my control. Useless, intrusive and actually uninstalled.
~ stupor mundi
I am a 43yo M. I also have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. This task list has helped me become idea more productive around the house. I love the widget and the cross platform compatibility. I modernization my list on my Chromebook and it gets modernized on my device automatically. It's a keeper!
~ Todd Steif
Straight, Options has it's own sub option. The UI is nice it great and elegant simple to use and everything in zone especially the sync calendar information.
~ Joshua Fontanilla
This is a very easy yet very well laid out and thought about release, you won't miss anything, set reminders, plan your day, set your grocery list too, its great, I have it set for a work list and a personal list and the two are kept separate unless I wish something from at home brought to work I can place them in both
~ Declan French
That might be a stupid question, but I can't seem to search an option to pick the colour of the calendar meetings. By default it is light green, but i wish to edit that colour. Is there an option for this that I couldn't search? Edit: Would like to see that information to change the color of meeting within your release in future.
~ Nihad Guluzade
Soms of the most primary informations like recurring tasks are behind a pay wall. EDIT: The response does not deal with the stated reason for a terrible rating. Some of the most primary functions of any todo release are not possible until i pay. I have no idea of knowing how many informations are or arent paid for, but to not be able to set up recurring tasks, just seems ridiculous.
~ Tarik Vann
Any release that requires a subscription is and instant red flag and this on threw up a gigantic red flag. I don't mind paying a one time fee to remove but I will never subscribe to an annual or monthly service. There are another apps that will perform as well as this one that are either nonpaid or a one time fee. Y'all need to obtain over yourselves and be reasonable on price.
~ Jerry Wallace
I've been using this release for nonpaid, forever and and I'm still pleased. That never happens. Usually, something you really wish an release to perform is behind a paywall, but most of the needed (imo) "todo task" functions are available with the nonpaid ver of Any.do. Any.do (interesting name), is cute handy.
~ Taz Khandwani
I had this release quite a while back and wrote to Anydo that it was imperative for them to create it re-orderable... Meaning if it is re-orderable, you can simply transport the tasks easily up and down in their order. When I discovered Google Hold... It had that component, so I started using it and I have been glad with it.. But I took a look at Anydo again, and was amazed that aspect had not changed. Anydo is a nice release, and I would give it five stars if not for that glaring trouble
~ Lee Joscelyn
This is exactly what I wanted and it worked flawlessly for the past several years. I even went for the subscription and don't regret it. Only trouble right actually is, that it keeps logging me out so each morning Any.do Moment comes up with "you've got 5 tasks" and if I wish to view them it Claims me I've got no tasks because I'm no longer logged in. Gotta have been the last modernization that introduced that behaviour.. Modernization: Even though I changed nothing it's working as intended. I hold being logged in.
~ Simon Karl
Modernization. The recipients at any do wanted me to reply if I was having troubles apparently they can't comprehend English cuz I solved my troubles as I stated in my last review by deleting each day any/all, finished task plus before that I deleted my profile, everything off of it, rebuilt it and started deleting the tasks off daily and actually it works fine. These guys have no clue how to fix it, but test it as it works awesome and I've had not one trouble since I've done it. They can't solve troubles!
~ Dale Wickum
This release is nice! I'm using the bare bones ver (not the super) and signed in on all my devices, laptop, device and device. I create/modernization my lists on the PC at home, I then reach into my pocket at the pharmacy, supermarket or while running errands and don't arrive back home kicking myself because I forgot something and actually have to waste precious time and energy on other trip. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
~ Papi Chulo
So far, so nice! I've been eyeing this release for quite a long time and I'm cute pleased so far! I'd just recommend two informations: being able to see finished tasks on the calendar, without them showing up all the time unless you clear all of them! And I'd love to see more informations with the tags, like being able to sort tasks by them and putting different "lvls" on them. For instance, this mark has more priority than the others. Thanks for the hard work!
~ Katarine Leal
I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the bugs in this release. I paid for a super profile in order to obtain custom repeating reminders, and yet when I create changes to the reminders via the release, they changes are only ever applied to the next occurrence, not all occurrences. Dealing with the tech help squad is an exercise in frustration as they have closed tickets that are not solved, merged tickets together that refer to separate troubles, and claimed me: "Note that there's no option to proper edit the reminder. You gotta delete it and make a newest one, this rule is applied to all of our newest UI." COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Upate: I still have not had any response from the Any.do squad about any of the bug reports I submitted. What is the target of paying for super if the super help is not honoured?! UPDATE: To be clear, all of my help tickets were merged into a single ticket, which was then closed. Not a single one of my help requests has now been addressed.
~ Sarah Adams
Can't change font sizes (old guy) and even with super trial, can not change recurring task to monthly day of month from monthly day of week. Or, I could claim you can create the change, but next time viewing task it shows - repeat each third Monday of the month - rather than - each month on the 20th. Also, I don't see a idea to force sync profile, . . . if that matters.
~ Richard Hicks
Just one thing and I will definitely change to 5 stars. Create the 'Speedy add bar' easier to use! Just expand the letter 'ADD A TASK' in the info bar. Or at least create it easier to reach when using one hand. I'm right handed but the 'add a task' is located on the bottom left of the bar so it's hard to reach with a thumb. Please, I trust it's not too much to ask for.
~ Taya