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About: Share and follow most known anime with AnimeBay - The Fastest Anime Source Soft Informations: 2 - Straight interface - The Simpler, The Better - 4 - Follow Finished and Airing anime. 5 - Use through MX video user. 6 - Tag your favorites for speedy access. 7 - Speedy find. 8 - Information about all the anime available in the release and also promotional videos. 9 - Helps weak internet speed players.
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.5 Size: 11MMB Developer: Softlay
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About: "Watch Free Movies" is also an interesting application where you can watch movies for free that is without paying any money. You just need to download our application Watch Free Movies and start watching movies for free. All types of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Marathi, Tamil and many other types of movies you can watch on our application Watch Free Movies any time and free of cost. You can watch horror, romantic, action and other types of movies on our application Watch Free Mo...

Developer: ZeetoBen [email protected]

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About: Enjoy the amazing features of Universal Box. From games and videos to fun and intersting features. With one app you can enjoy all the below and more: - Customize your device with gifs and images using flash keyboard and flash screen - Translator to help you translate to any language anytime/anywhere - Add stickers and transform images with photo Editor - Get nearby Wifi - Create you own stickers and add them to other chatting apps - 3D hologram with camera and images...

Developer: rb_vid [email protected]

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About: Cyber movies flix is an easiest tool to find top rated & popular movies, you will never waste time by searching for newest trailers from different sources & websites in the cyber flix movies & tv finder can do that for you. APP FEATURES - Top Rated, Popular Movies - Details - Favorites - Trailers & Reviews Cyber Movie free movies finder app will bring you to discover your favorite movies in various categories. fast and with full details with a very small size. -DISCLAIMER: - This...

Developer: Art and Design [email protected]

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About: Welcome to the future of ITC. The WRAITH Spirit box is our 5th Anniversary edition App Featuring some of the most popular features from the past 5 years With some Exciting new features which will make this one of the most Powerful ITC Apps currently listed on Google play to date. The App has 10 linear sweeping channels which connect to online hosted banks for convenience and space saving, Each channel has multiple banks which it can use each session, And dynamically swaps them whilst i...

Developer: AppyDroid [email protected]

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About: The Spechouse// App is your source for all of Spechouse's quality content in one place. Listen to music, watch videos, get news. All current, clean Christ-centered....

Developer: Spechouse Creative// [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Free Coins and free Spins Master Daily links Alternatives
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About: Do you need help by giving you daily free spins and coins links for Coin Master. So ready for the great journey in your gaming experience. How many links you will get daily? You will get 30 Links for spins and coins every day. and we will give more links as more as possible. free spins and coins for coin master, daily links for coin master, spins for coin master, spins and coins for coin master, free spins and coins links, free spin and coin daily links, free link for coin masters coins, ...

Developer: couscous [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ALDB for Apex Legends  Alternatives
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About: ALDB is an All-In-One Apex Legends Battle Royale companion app. It will help you know more about every element in the game so you have a better chance of becoming the champion! With ALDB for Apex Legends you can learn more about Apex Legends Battle Royale Legends, Weapons, Abilities, Ammo types and even more. With ALDB for Apex Legends you can: - Learn more about all Legends life and abilities. - Learn more about all Apex legends Kings Canyon map locations and know the best loot loc...

Developer: YASAN [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Poweramp skin lightning v3  Alternatives
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About: Important! You must have the app "Poweramp Music Player v3" installed, to apply this great skin. - - - -- - -- Follow for more themes: Check all my themes: Instructions:! Download this app. Open the app and click "Apply Skin". Enjoy ---> Note: ...

Developer: Andrew G. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like TVOne – Stream Full Episodes  Alternatives
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About: Get TVOne Anytime. Anywhere. Did you forget to program your DVR? Are you traveling and need to keep up with your favorite shows? Cast your worries aside, the TVOne app is here! Get the latest full episodes, behind the scenes content, movies and even some of our throwback series, when you download the TVOne app. Remember, youll need to log in using your TV Providers username and password. Once you log in, sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Take a look at our orig...

Developer: InteractiveOne [email protected]

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About: Have a lovely experience with this cleaning game and try to make this animal hotel appear as a presentable place for your future customers. A good manager handles any problem that might come across in his building and if you want to be suitable for this job you need to fulfill each challenge that your animals prepared. You could begin with the tiger dress up or in any order you prefer, but know that either one you start with you should complete all of the tasks. Create an innovative look for our...

Developer: rosytales [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Face Swap Live Beta Alternatives
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About: A Free Beta of the upcoming release of Face Swap Live! Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time. Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with a celeb, friend or any fun picture from the internet or your phone. Unlike other apps that only can use static photos, this app switches faces live right from your cameras video feed. The original live face swapping app!...

Developer: Laan Labs [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Gluwards - Ganar Dinero Alternatives
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About: Te Imaginas Generar Ingresos Desde Casa? Gluwards Ganaras Ingresos Depende De Cuanto Tiempo Le Dedicas A La Aplicacion. Tiene una Interfaz Muy Comoda Para Usar. Con Gluwards Podras Ganar Dinero Muy Facil Estando Descansando O Sentado. Caracteristicas: Es Muy Facil Y Sencilla De Usar. Gana El Dinero Que Desees. Muchos Premios Para Ganar. Cualquier Duda O Informacion Contactarse a (danieldani2407gmail.com)...

Developer: DN INC. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Video Toca Hair Salon Alternatives
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About: video toca Watch and enjoy New Hd Video hair salon 2019 easily with you. This app contains the latest and most complete collection of Video salon hair 2019 trailers today...

Developer: masyooo [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Guide Free Diamonds for Free Fire Alternatives
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About: Guide tips for Free Fire is an unofficial guide for fans of Garena's game. Free Fire Battlegrounds brings the survival battle royale mayhem to mobile devices! HALLOWEEN CANDY RUSH Bermuda & Purgatory Pumpkin lanterns, scarecrows, and many other Halloween themed elements have been added to both maps. Starting Island Night mode is here! Zombies will continue to pester you while waiting for takeoff. Weapons Updated the models of M249 and M60 Using legendary weapon skins to elim...

Developer: App Tips and Guides Co [email protected]


Similar Apps Like MJR Mobile  Alternatives
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About: Download the FREE MJR Theatres app and wherever and whenever youll be able to effortlessly enjoy all these great features: EARN PREMIER REWARDS * Download the App, Login or Join the Premier Rewards Program * Earn Points on All Purchases Through the App * Keep Track of all Purchases and Rewards VIEW SHOWTIMES & PURCHASE TICKETS * Watch Movie Trailers * Search for Showtimes Share the Movie & Time with Friends! * View Ticket Purchase History...

Developer: MJR [email protected]

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About: Relax Color is a free coloring book for adults for relaxation and stress relief. Relax and focus your mind with this beautiful collection of more than 60 color-by-number images. Each picture in the color book is numbered so that, by following the color key, you can create a beautiful image to be proud of. From pictures inspired by mandala art to themes of people, messages, butterflies, bouquets, lifestyle, and traveling, there is a wealth of imagery to catch...

Developer: Ascella Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Free Music – Online Unlimited Music For Free  Alternatives
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About: It's your music player and it's always about you. Free Music is a FREE online music streaming and music video app. with over 500K High Quality tracks, latest charts and albums, and daily updated playlists. The handy floating popup player make it possible to enjoy the melody while checking out the latest news, interacting with friends through social media, or playing games. So just sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite tracks, discover your daily musical inspiration at any place, at a...

Developer: Free Music For You [email protected] +Policy.html

Similar Apps Like FREE Movies 2019 - HD Movie BOX Alternatives
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About: HD Movie BOX is the most and the best movies apps that you can get for free without registration. With this apps you can get all movies information like box office, movie synopsis, trailer and many more. you can watch movies offline from internal storage and watch movie online from direct url. Features - Support HD movies 720p & 1080p - Support subtitle all language from subscene - Including movies trailer, synopsis, rating & genres - Watch movies online from direct URL - Watch movies of...

Developer: Dimosthenis Michelakis [email protected]

Similar Apps Like HD Movies Pro 2019 Alternatives
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About: HD Movies Pro 2019 have a many popular movies, just install and enjoy the movie. Why you must choose this application: * No registration needed * Easy to use * 720p & 1080p High Definition Blu-ray Quality * Find and search you favorite movie Thank you for using this application, hopefully it will be useful in the future. ===>> Disclaimer ...

Developer: Ayah Sujana [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Assistant For Apex Legends Alternatives
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About: Not affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. This is an UNOFFICIAL companion/assistant/guide App that provides players with all the useful tools and info in Apex Legends! Track player stats (currently limited due to the game) Explore Apex Legends' map and view supply crate locations. View all the in-game weapons and their stats and how they sound. Meet all the Legends and their info. Read the latest news from Apex Intel Features coming soon: Ability to see the item shop Lead...

Developer: DB Applications [email protected]



AnimeBay Fastest source Reviews and Comments:

It works really well with my wife...
~ desmond sebolawe
It's fun to watch
~ •Norren Qistina•
Great i can wacth anime simple. Thank you
~ Limuel Imaya
The finest anime release in the globe ever
~ Raomya Chaudhury
This is nice release👍👍👍😄😄
~ Godfrey Ndoro
It doesn't present what anime I searched
~ ᜐᜃᜇᜒ ᜄᜓᜈ᜔ᜐᜄ
Finest release ever made for anime
~ The Devil
~ CHX_ LaNdReiMaE
Nice work guys love the lad who developed this release btw nice work all of you👍👍👍👍
~ ashu dubey
I love the release but its not working anymore? Pls fix it its my favored release😭
~ Idk fam
For anime lovers it is the finest release
~ Anand Bisht
I don't know how to download episodes for offline. Can you support me please?
~ Reneilwe Ngobe
Soft has not download option
~ Saad Siddiqui
I will give this a 5 star if u add the anime im finding, its named highschool dxd, i was about to finish it, thanks Edit:no, i meant i cant see them when i find them, where the hell is it?
~ coolplayerwith
great release.. highly recomended for anime lover
~ camelo baranda
This is the finest anime release I have ever used.
~ Subendu Tuladhar
Alright I have been searching for anime app for couple of years and finally my find has ended I am so thankfull to the originators its so much nice literally the finest finest release I have ever seen/used.I personally had to download an mobile emulator on my notebook just so I can watch anime with this release on my.No lag no buffering what else do someone need ?Again Thank you so much for this <3
~ dsa dasda
Finest anime release I've ever downloaded I'm glad it's back on test shop. I should like to help you guys is there anyway i can?
~ Gender Equality Believer • 4 years ago
Konnichiwa, So here i am again. Well you are going non stop. Working hard, keeping us entertained and nonpaid from being getting bored. So ladies and germs, allow us appreciate the efforts they are making to hold us completely loaded. Shinshi take nice care of yourself and hold coming back, usually waiting. Okyakusama! You are a real lad of culture. 😇 😜 🤗
The finest release for anime lovers. I love it so much!
~ ꧁Cøøkîë_ÑîghtWølfy꧂
i like the release but it has no descriptions in the animes and when i rewind and skip a several times it doesnt test the videos and i required to restart the release 😒🤦
~ Patrick Cage
Yes I love this release!! But what do we do with the blog one?
~ Taleen Adrianna
I really appreciate this release! Hold up the nice work 👌 💯!!!
~ MøcHi •
To many adds,this is click bait💢💢💢💢
~ Nini Felder
finest release ever❤ please never delete it. my only source of happiness rn. also got afraid bc the old ver stopped working but thank God theres an modernization . thanks for creating this release , have a nice day.
~ chahd jabnoun
Its a nice apps to watch animes but theres no any synopsis popped up eventhough i already click 'anime information'
~ Al Chiiro
This is the finest release for anime Especially for countries like India where anime steaming is limited
~ Pratyush Naigaonkar
Why give lot's of banners please do something. Reduce some banners.
~ UNICmilan
Nothing much to claim...... it's a nice release......the only thing I want it should had have is downloadings of animes . . .
~ Nagato Uzumaki
I've trying all kinds of apps for anime but this is the one I think weeb gotta be finding you can pick quality and no buffering
~ Gitika's Kitchen
Phew thanks a bunch, they weren't popping up at all, freaking me out...thought you got copyright.
~ Travis Rehder
I love the release. It's grate if you love anime. I suggest this if you love watching anime.
~ Jc Del Rosario
There is a gigantic banner that keeps on popping up and its freaking annoying
~ Bonekichi
this is a nice release for watching anime . i give it 5 stars because it simple to use and i can watch all the old anime .
~ Crystal Jade Vergara
Why I can't see any anime in the menu nor find botton. Please support, I love this release so much actually its not working on me.
~ patrick fernandez
Can't browse animes since the list is not pulling up. News information can be viewed
~ Yeng Alquiza
Nice release for recipients who don't like watching sub anime sometimes and there is so much anime even some of the newest ones. I would suggest this release 🔥🔥🔥
~ Identical King
All/Some of the anime literally have no information about it. I think it's a bug or something and it really annoys me. If i can only present a example picture here:) Btw: i know where the information zone but the writings are gone that's the topic. Thx
~ Doxber_ 008
I really love this release it's simple to use, but the thing stopping me from giving five stars is because I cant enjoy the anime completely, whenever I test to watch haikyuu or other anime the home options hold popping up and its irritating me, but nice release overall please fix this.
~ heyits haruu
Easy a 5-star for a nonpaid release it doesn't have any adds at all, although my only concern is that when streaming an anime the home buttons and equipment are showing for mobile players, which can distract them I hope u can fix it🤍 all in all, I suggest this release for weebs like me!🙈
~ Little Dwarf