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About: Mobile Auto is your smart driving companion that supports you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant. With a simplified interface, gigantic buttons, and potent voice actions, Mobile Auto is designed to create it easier to use apps that you love from your device while youre on the way. Just claim Ok Google to... Route to your next destination using Google Maps or Waze with true-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts. Receive upgrades on your route, ETA, and hazards in true-time. Have the Google Assistant check your calendar for you so you know where you need to be. Set reminders, obtain upgrades on the news, and check last nights score. Avoid distractions while driving by setting a custom do not disturb message while driving. Create calls using Google Assistant and respond incoming calls with just a tap. Access your contacts folder and send ... Show more
Genre: Auto & Vehicles Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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About: If this does not connect or work with your car or adapter, do not come here to give one star rating and throw "junk" comments, instead tell me what is happening so I can get real testing data to work with. Attention! The program requires an ELM 327 adapter or a compatible Bluetooth OBD-II adapter. Without an adapter, you can use GPS data such as speed, distance, travel time, etc. Display bluetooth obd2 car parameters in English. Main functions of the program: - The ability to make your...

Developer: AFC Group OBD ELM327 [email protected]



Android Auto - Google Maps, Media & Messaging Reviews and Comments:

I've gone from Ford sync to mobile auto and I think it's nice. Google maps and waze in my opinion are superior to the Ford ver and switching to the song user is easy and speedy. Much better than the in car user EDIT: reducing the rating after a couple of terrible experiences. I still like it, but testing song is cute dodgy. When I ask Google assistant to test an artist, it claims it's testing, and looking on the user, it looks like it's testing, but there's no sound
~ Aaron Pugh
I like the release however it continually shuts down. 2018 Honda CR-V, pixel 2xl. I have to unplug the USB cable and reinsert it. then it boots back up. very annoying when using Waze as it shuts down at inopportune moments. it can shut down 3 times during my 20 mile commute. modernization 5/30 things have deteriorated to the target that I am going to uninstall the release. it shuts down multiple times on my 20 mile, 35 minute commute. I have to connect to the x car with Bluetooth and use navigation that idea.
~ Dave Grafmuller
Nice! But can be better. Google are definitely doing well with improvements to this release/service regularly, it's very easy to use and well laid out but can occasionally bug out and sometimes just not test the release all together, but! honestly its nice and getting better all the time. I'd suggest to anyone with Mobile and Mobile auto compatible car audio system. Even the stand alone release works well but if using in this manner, I'd definitely suggest a device with a larger screen.
~ Jacob Scott
Used to be Ok. Actually it's poor. Won't test songs stored on my device using Google Test Sound though it used to. instead it Claims you the song is only available to subscribers and puts you on a Google test song channel. Won't allow you initiate Hangouts SMS messages. Won't allow you initiate Google Voice SMS messages. Makes driving much more risky because you have to unplug your device and do these things manually. All the apps are from Google but they don't work together. Horrible.
~ Mitch Hobby
On the surface, this release sounds like a nice concept. Create it easier for recipients to avoid using their device while driving. Only trouble is it fails miserably. The release crashes often, locking up your device making you reboot. It pushes popups on top of driving directions at the worst times. They frequently test to create changes that fixes one thing but breaks two others. Example: night mode - goes on with headlights and inverts colors - can't override and makes text illegible. Just doesn't work well
~ Jason Nguyen
love the simplicity of this release. It has 5 main functions: device, maps, song, assistant, and dashboard. The dashboard does a cute nice job of guessing what you might need, but it will obtain smarter with time. Love the first-class help for YouTube song. The song user stays running after Mobile Auto closes which I don't care for. I'd prefer this release to close the apps it opened.
~ Paul Syfrett
this screws up everything on your device once used it will not stop turning on no matter how many times you exit. have to restart your device often you wish it to stop. thoufht it was going to be cool bur i was wrong. sad face
~ michael aldridge
I think Mobile Auto is a nice alternative to high end machine stats-tainment systems. The release screen sometimes goes blank and I don't know if it's mobile auto, the release I'm using, or the machine's glitch. It uses apps from my device, but it doesn't seem to port some of my settings like favoured tune-in radio stations or podcasts. I think I may need to set them while in mobile auto. And since I'm typically in my car to go someplace, I don't have the time to mess around with my settings.
~ Joseph Attanaseo
Mobile Auto is okay. it's basically functional, assuming your device can handle it. my LG G6 struggled. the G8 is responsive. but the screens have a mediocre to poor UX and using anything but maps takes your eyes away from the way for far longer than reasonable. the voice recognition works about 60% of the time. 100% failure on a "yes" to a "do you wish to reply to this text?" question. i hope the next ver is better, but it's entirely unclear if my 2019 Hyundai Kona will obtain it.
~ Kip Silverman
I really like the integration of picked device apps into my car's display. My only quibbles are: 1.) a several times all audio fully droppped after hanging up on a device call. The only idea I've found to resolve this trouble is to unplug and then replug device to USB cable. 2.) on a several occasions, the car has been unable to detect the mobile auto release. when this happens, my only resolution is to reboot the device. Despite the aforementioned glitches, the benefits far outweigh the quirks.
~ Steve Anderson
This is just a preliminary rating as I am still playing out this release, but so far I have been quite satisfied. For one, I've been able to send and obtain, including respond, to text messages entirely hands-nonpaid. Previous attempts to do so by directly using the Google Assistant proved glitchy and unreliable. But the Mobile Auto release seems to manage the troubles so that everything works smoothly. The release also automatically runs and disengages whenever I'm getting in and out of my car. Very great!
~ Eric Feistel
"Searching for GPS" -- no one is going to use this if it's usually "Searching for GPS". Despite googling for solutions, it thinks GPS is lost when my device screen goes dark. I'm not going to take it out of power-saving mode. That would be inefficient. So the finest solution I guess is to uninstall Mobile Auto and go back to Bluetooth and navigation on my device (which I thought was happening with the usb connecting my device to my car). Seems like this should be an simple fix.
~ Charis Peters
sometimes works nice, but not with all apps. Waze finally works but you cannot find for an address on your device. it needs to be done via voice command only. have fun claiming an address over and over and over... another trouble is with Amazon song. whenever I obtain a device call, after hanging up my playlist runs over from the first song. when you shuffle your whole library this is extremely frustrating. otherwise it's fairly great. if I should, I'd still just use an aux cable and enjoy life.
~ Jovani Banuelos
This release is nice, in theory. But it fails on a regular basis. It is extremely problematic when driving somewhere and relying on Maps to obtain me there, the release stops working. Or when my 2yo is having a meltdown and I can't test her favoured song, because the release stops in the middle. Haven't touched the device or the cord, and didn't hit a bump, but still just stops (no device connected). Fix the bugs please.
~ Kristina Kintziger
Used to work nice with my Samsung S7. Last modernization caused it to be very unreliable. Had to install older ver and block upgrades to hold it working properly. At least it works actually... Modernization :Mobile auto will no longer allow me use an older ver. Apparently my time has run out. Being forced to modernization it with a newest ver that won't work with my Samsung S7. THIS SUCKS! It was great while it lasted... Crashes after 20 mins of use each time.
~ A Google user
Nice but not up to the lvl I come to expect from Google. The verbal UI is not nice and doesn't understand about 40% of the time. Very frustrating. As well, the screen changes to ohone mode during call (while ringing and again at pick-up). split screen would be super useful. Otherwise, the screen setup is convenient and fairly player-friendly.
~ Matt
Edited to 5 stars - After getting an S10 it works nice. No lag, no crashes. I think I had a terrible S7 to launch with. It was remanufactured. Old review : Nice when it works. I use it in a 2018 Kia Optima. Ties in nicely. But, it's often slow and lags. And it crashes frequently. Sometimes just quicker to disconnect and use the device. I know it's the device because my wife's iPhone X works nice in the car display. I'm using an S7. Maybe a newer, faster, device would work better.
~ Nick Goldberg
This release no longer fills the entire screen. The top of the release is a half inch below the top of my screen. In addition the Google Maps screen has a half inch of emptiness between the ETA and the large buttons
~ David Struff.
Since i buy NOTE 9 i am unable to use mobile auto at my car's screen. When i connect through chord it comes on infotainment system of my car and then after 10 seconds disappears and this happens again and again each 10 seconds. All what i can do i have done and actually using apple car test. Not pleased with this soft.
~ Uzair Ahmed
Nice release, but missing one important information. From what i can see there is no idea (within mobile auto) to shut down the google song release, (no release shutdown information). For example, google song being launch when I am trying to use other prepared release for song causes interference. in example, google song will take control over, not letting the another song release function. This is my only reason for a 4 star instead of 5 rating. Fix, and I will rate 5 stars.
~ Jeffrey Bradley
worked fine for the past 3 months and actually it the release disconnects and reconnects spontaneously, it's not the USB connection cause I've replaced two. everything up to date and permissions allowed. started before the mobile system newest modernization. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and made sure my cars soft is up to date .
~ Lora Krutz
A very needed release. I just want I knew how to scroll through my spotify playlists without the security information interrupting me while I'm driving. This will let passengers to be my DJ without having access to my device. Edit. Largest missing information is some firm of speedy forward and rewind. Only thing I see is being able to skip songs entirely or run them over.
~ Clipp45
This has never worked properly for me for the last three years ok all sorts of cars and devices. "Ok google" is okay, but subsequent voice command has never been taken by the release. My posts in the commumity forum had no respond at all. There has been zero help from Google. LOL look at their respond here!! They still wish me to go to the "community" that no one would support solving my troubles. If you really care, go check my posts out!!
~ Clay Zhang
I wrote a 2 star review a while ago but it has since gotten worse. You wish to create a call? Assistant will ignore you. Need to send a text? Too terrible, it wont remember what you claimed it just keeps asking you whats the message. Need to listen to something? Hope you like listening to half a second of audio before it pauses itself and wont run again. Need to obtain somewhere? Better hope you dont need to know which exits to take or which lanes to drive in because it doesnt claim you anymore.
~ Nick Kudatzky
Everything seems to work nice and is enjoyable experience ... except Assistant. somehow Google Assistant on a LG G6 is different from Assistant in Mobile Auto. It's like two different Assistants. Also, when I claim "send a message" she wants to send an correspondence rather than using "messages" i don't obtain it.
~ Tim McCormick
Overall I love using Mobile Auto, it really does create staying connected while driving much easier and safer. My only complaint is the voice to text information: I search the voice to text microphone within the Google keyboard is much more receptive and accurate to my commands than the voice to text microphone through Mobile Auto. If they fix this "bug" I will be a player for life.
~ Daryl Blaskovich
No matter how many times I turn it off whenever I test song through AA it shuffles the album/playlist. I have uninstalled GPM and AA and have turned off shuffle but it defaults to being on again. Is this by design, defult behaviour (it didnt use to be) if so can you implement an option to switch it off. If not can you fix, as its very frustrating and not protected trying to adjust whilst driving.
~ Tom Streeter
Google, instead of claiming recipients visit your web to post a review each time they give a terrible review, because we know you really don't care, why don't you read the FIVE YEARS of complaints that recipients been posting about your soft that are driving hazards and irritations: How about the constant destroying where no matter what cable you use, stereo you have or device the system crashes. other troubles is the amount of restrictions the thing has even while driving.
~ Anthony Clark
It just gives you a bleep on your car screen that there's a text message it doesn't claim text message from so and so and then ask if you wish to hear it. Before I purchased my actual car that is equipped with Mobile auto I just used the release Drive Mode. it was a lot more player-friendly it would notify me with audio voice that I had a message and then ask me if I wanted to listen to it. This is only nice for navigation.
I understand the desire to obtain devices out of recipients's hands while driving, and it's the right thing to do, but I hate that Auto cripples my display with the assumption it has solved all of my small needs. I would love an option that allow's Auto work in the background while also allowing my device screen to be available for another tasks. I'm nearly at the target where I have to dedicate a 2nd device for Auto so I can still do another tasks on my main device, safely of course.
~ Jason - ProTip
worked nice for a day actually not at all. I cannot obtain it to connect to my car (2019 Subaru, LG device). It will launch on the device but is not recognized by the car any longer. Has potential to be nice but until the connectivity is corrected it is junk - Google find found lots of troubles just like mibe for different autos and device brands. Seems to be an release trouble.
~ Donna B
Have to restart my device each time I obtain into the car if I wish the song apps to work...and sometimes 2 or 3 restarts are needed and there is not guarantee that will even obtain the song apps to work properly. Also, car screen used to obtain dim when head lights turned on, but that only worked for a couple weeks. Actually there is no discernable difference in the car screen brightness when the head lights turn on.
~ Lisa Galbavi
Newest modernization 5/24/2019 actually won't connect to either of my machines that were working previously. Performed all of the suggested troubleshooting steps to no avail. Works perfectly on both devices, but again will not connect to machine. Tried force connecting from car. Connects initially then force stops back to charging only mode.
~ Robert Meredith
When it works, it's nice. The trouble is that it isn't consistent and will disconnect from time to time - which is extremely frustrating when you are using navigation. Also, there are (seemingly) random spots where song or podcasts mute for a period of time. I have a suspicion the mutes occur when your device gets an alert for different apps
~ Justin Arnett
Mobile Auto is very great to have with a decent radio. But the soft is harm by a several bugs that they don't seem to care about to fix. Had troubles with an modernization. And was constantly unplugging and plugging but would claim device is not compatible. I was using a Samsung cable plugged directly into the back. After about 3 tries finally it would read. Please fix. Thank you
~ Adam Chambless
The idea of the soft is nice. i like what it can do and the options. The soft it interfaces with is cute cool. It is not without its troubles. I have a '17 Mazda 6 and I use a Pixel 3 XL. There are times I cannot obtain the Ok Google to work to hear me with a request for stats or to send a text. Another times it disconnects and then reconnects for no nice reason. Newest trouble is that i lose sound when the transfer from voice to song fails to complete smoothly. Please fix these troubles.
~ Lou DAmico
Occasionally, I can't send texts or set reminders when normally I can and if a Messenger info pops up and it asks if I want to reply, it doesn't send it. I then hear device info as if the device disconnects. All these cases just appears to think about the request before nothing happens. It would definitely be 5 stars when fixed. Edit: This appears to have improved a lot lately but the disconnection is causing it to lock up after 10 mins when testing song.
~ Gary Wade
Would be a nice release if it didn't ruin and act buggy each time im using it. Had to disconnect my device from my car today to stop wasting battery because the release was repeatedly restarting. Edit: This release is still a train wreck. Now, its a car wreck waiting to happen...then Google will be in a class action lawsuit. Look at the poor reviews here claiming the same thing. It constantly messes up or wont connect while driving. Thx for the useless copy and paste parroted response to everyone
~ Teresa Watson
Screen gotta remain on at all times to obtain any info which drains the battery. I have tried different settings (for example turning off the lock device when driving setting). I posted a previous rating and was claimed to post my information on the forum. I posted my troubles on the forum a month ago with no response. There have been 2 upgrades to release since then with no resolution of my trouble. UPDATE: obviously you are not reading these reviews. I already claimed I posted with no response.
~ Scott Smith
I use this each day during my everyday commutes and all my another driving. It works nice with my spotify. Only 2 complaints 1. I have to run my podcasts in spotify outside of this release for it to test. 2. I cannot send a message, I can only obtain and respond, so it still forces me to have to use my hands to run a text instead of just letting me use my voice.
~ Asriel Aquino