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About: Product Informations * Customers are able to market millions of products on any of Amazon's blogs around the globe from a single release *Use Alexa to support you marketjust use your voice to find for products on Amazon, track your orders, and reorder your favoured equipment. Tap the microphone icon and claim wheres my equipment? to access launch orders. Reorder products by claiming reorder paper towels or buy more batteries. * Take advantage of 1-Click ordering, customer help, Want Lists, make or search a baby or wedding registry, order tracking, and more * Scan product barcodes and photos to compare prices and check availability using Scan It * Check out Gold Box Deals - including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and obtain automatically notified when newest deals become available * Send and share feedback to products via correspondence, SMS, Fb, Twitter, and more * ... Show more
Genre: Shopping Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 43MB Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
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Similar Apps Like My Pet Point  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Mypetpoint is a platform that connects people and opportunities for PET LOVERS. If you are a seller of puppies than you can upload the complete description of your puppies want to sell. The buyers can select from the wide varieties of choices available and get the perfect match of the desired puppies or dogs. PRODUCT FEATURES: -- This application is very user-friendly, free to download and simple to use. #Mypetpoint -- Post an Ad about your dog in 30 seconds, and watch the buyer's respo...

Developer: arvous technology [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Goodmylk  Alternatives
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About: Goodmylk home delivers delicious plant-based dairy products right to your doorstep. Available in Bengaluru. Try our delicious Cashew-oat milk, our Peanut curd, and our butter. All our products are 100% vegan, work like dairy products and easy on the pocket....

Developer: Goodmylk [email protected]

Similar Apps Like QbatesApp  Alternatives
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About: Qbates focuses on products aggregation and recommendation. Search and browse all products on a single location -Qbates mobile apps- without having to sift through hundreds of websites to find what you truly want. Qbates gives you nothing but the best price and best cashback offer. We thrive on our commitment to help you save time and money. Qbates partners with industry leading brands and retailers to offer cash back on every product you buy via Qbates mobile application. Smart shopping expe...

Developer: QbatesApp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dollar Shop  Alternatives
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About: All in One, Cheap Price, Free Shipping...

Developer: Plamen Krushkov [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Mid West Discount Alternatives
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About: Get great deals and discounts on your favorite electronics and more. Don't miss out on upgrading your PC or computer system for a massive discount....

Developer: Colgan Shop [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Swimsuits Superdeal  Alternatives
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About: Discount and sale swimwear including newest bikinis, swimsuits and more online shopping with Swimsuits Superdeal App. With this swimwear app you will get access to many online shops that provide stylish swimwear for women and men.You can browse the styles in the all in one app and buy your favorite item from swimwear online shops like Victorias Secret, Swimsuits For All, Zaful, Cupshe, Speedo, Zoggs, Boohoo, Simply Beach, Banana Moon, Carla-Bikini, Beach Bunny, Simply Swim, Figleaves, Bravissi...

Developer: Zoopple [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Senior Discounts + Coupons Alternatives
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About: Seniors: save money at your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and more with this app! This is the most comprehensive guide to businesses in the United States that offer special discounts to senior citizens. Features: - Fully searchable entire database - Sort by different categories - Filter by age to see which discounts you're eligible for. - Save your favorites. Select a discount to see details and any instructions on how to redeem the discount. You might be su...

Developer: Big Book Apps, LLC [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Charming + Main Alternatives
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About: Hey there gorgeous! Welcome to Charming + Main, where youll find inspired style for your everyday life. Carefully curated and custom-produced on-trend clothing and accessories at your fingertips. New arrivals daily. Features: - Browse all of our most recent arrivals and promotions - Easy ordering and checkout with credit or debit card - Waitlist items and purchase them when they are back in stock - Email notification for order fulfillment and shipping...

Developer: CommentSold [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Gifts Adventure - Perfect Gift Finder Alternatives
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About: Gifts Adventure is a great gift adviser that helps you find gifts by recipient type or by recipient's interest. Initial version captures various recipient categories - Women, Men, Kids, Babies, Grandparents, Pets, and various Interest categories - Cooking, Fitness, Gadgets, Gaming, Music, Reading, Photography, Executive, and Traveling. App also displays some hot deals currently available at various stores. Coming soon - more categories, filtering options, ability to save favorites, share gift...

Developer: The Vivid Creators [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sfoody - Shopping List and Pantry Manager  Alternatives
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About: Sfoody is the only App that allows you to easily create a simple grocery list, manage it from the comfort of your smartphone and keep an eye on food expiry dates. Forget the pieces of paper. Now there is Sfoody! Features: Simple and fast (and free!) Sfoody has simple and well known graphic elements, without useless functions that add weight to or slow down your smartphone. For those who are neat and for those who are in hurry Do you have a busy schedule, are you always in a blood... Developer: Kimas App [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rich Worlds Of Fun Alternatives
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About: Shop for the entire family all in one place....

Developer: Maurice Richardson [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Park Place Wines & Liquors Alternatives
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About: A store located at 84 Park Place, East Hampton, NY 11937, USA With the App you can browse for the wines & spirits available in the store, and also order a delivery or pickup....

Developer: City Hive Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rocky Mountain Online Deals Alternatives
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About: Get the best deals on electronics online in the Rocky Mountains. Don't miss out on our laptops, desktops, tablets and more!...

Developer: Rocky Mountain Online Deals [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Allist Alternatives
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About: The ALLIST app is a fun and easy way to buy and sell things around you. The largest marketplace for brings you cool deals near you. ALLIST makes buying and selling is easy when it happens nearby. ALLIST shows you items that are up for sale at great prices around you. Everything sells on ALLIST like cars, two-wheelers, mobiles, furniture, baby products, books, fashion, sports, electronics, musical instruments, pets, toys, anything you want...

Developer: Allist [email protected]


Similar Apps Like sliBuy Alternatives
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About: Slibuy features online daily auctions of various store returned merchandise from major retailers. The auctions are held every week of the month that includes a wide variety of items such as tools, furniture, large & small appliances, electronics, home improvement items, apparel, toys, lighting, apparel, plumbing, seasonal items, and many more. Auction rate starts from a price of US $1 on each item with no minimums or reserves. Once the item is opened for bidding, users can quote their amo...

Developer: sliBuy, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SGNT Alternatives
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About: The G means genuine. The SGNT app scans any SGNT enabled product and digitally proves the item is authentic and unaltered. By simply scanning the "G" with your phone you can rest assured that the product you paid for is real. With the eruption ofcounterfeitgoods, SGNT's patent-pending technology is combatingfake goods by arming consumers and suppliersalike with the world's best anti-counterfeiting technology....

Developer: SGNT, Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ShopTop5 - Top Shopping for Good.  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Save Time and Stress of Guessing what to Buy! Here Recommended & Renowned Goods. And, Make a Conscious and Lasting Impact. ShopTop5: where Quality beats Price. For starters, we know how painful it is to get started with choosing what to buy online among the millions of options available weve been there ourselves and struggled. Were absolutely committed to providing quality, unbiased shopping recommendations, so that you can make the best and conscious decisions for yourself and also pay...

Developer: carteXL [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Melcom Deals  Alternatives
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About: Melcom Limited is Ghana's largest chain of retail department stores. Our Head Office is located at 2nd Palace Link Road, North Industrial Area, Accra, Ghana. The major portion of our business is retail and we are also highly placed in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to the vast range of goods we stock. There are several contributing factors that have made Melcom the household name it is today. The Group is committed to providing: Great service with a smile Unbeatable value...

Developer: Elive Studio Ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Grocery Shopping Lists - Listed  Alternatives
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About: Easily manage your synchronized shopping list with "Grocery shopping list - Listed" No more post-it on the fridge or centralized shopping lists on the dining table in the kitchen (or worse scattered in the house) and that we end up necessarily forget in the car or worse at home , thanks to the application everyone has on their phone the shopping list, and can at any time add, modify, delete items to buy. You can start your tablet running list share it by syncing with a smartphone. ...

Developer: Binsp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like RaiseCare Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: RaiseCare is a one-stop, online shopping destination for both baby and women. Through this android application the user can purchase amazing baby and women products including (but not limited to) baby diapers, tampons, menstrual cup, Sanitary Napkins etc ......

Developer: AIG Technologies [email protected]



Amazon Shopping Reviews and Comments:

Amazon is okay, but there has been a couple of troubles with delivery as far as damaged goods or not dropped off were I specified I wanted my box to be delivered. Amazon trys to cover up reviews that I leave on products as a verified buy customer so they wont lose dollars. I'm just giving my honest opinion on the products I've bought and dabble with for a while. when I go to c if its posted I see nothing.
~ Marry Poppins
Amazon has a terrible find filter. It puts its sponsored and recommended objects first and makes it near impossible to search something you're look for if it is specific. The different filters they deliever are not usually useful and when you pick to sort by a different requirement then it takes away most of your options. I trust that this should benefit from better filtration system when searching.
~ Kaylem Godinez
Latest modernization really sucks. Took away the drop down want list?!?! Searching for things is harder actually, so if i wish to look at multiple options, I have to go to every individual item that interests me, the add to a want list, then go back to my find effects, which sometimes reloads. Very frustrating
~ Leila Schrotel
Square Trade and Amazon Customer service supervisors are pathetic at finest. Amazon suggested I buy insurance with my device. The suggested insurance was not enough to cover the cost of the device.. Amazon refuses to approve any responsibility for the release and the lack of coverage that was suggested.. Square trade is by far the worst company I have dealt with. They're an alstate company..
~ Daniel Turner
Disappointing transition from the original Souq release. The release is less intuitive compared to souq, find informations are not as simple to use. The design and UI is outdated for 2019. I trust Amazon has the potential to do much better than this.
~ Alhamede Abdelgadir
Well this release has gone from nice to complete $hite. Can't sort properly any more and littered with equipment I simply dont wish to look at. A easy mens t shirt find resulted in more girls's clothing than mens! I hate the newest effects pane, give me the old one back so I can scroll through what I wish to look at. I can see myself spending less with Amazon actually rather than more.
~ Ian Headley
Due to disease, it's almost impossible for me to go out shopping so I Really rely on online opportunities. I think Amazon Is THE BEST For Selection, Prices And Dozens! I mean, allow's face it: ANY Person would have to spend DAYS & $100's ON GAS To Market Around For ALL THE 100's Of 1,000's Of GR8 ITEMS FOUND IN ONE SIMPLE PLACE! AND PRIME IS AN AWESOME MUST~ SO WORTH THE COST TO HAVE YOUR SHOPPING ITEMS LEFT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR DOOR! GOD, I LOVE IT.
Used to love shopping with Amazon but actually it's an absolute hassle. The release actually only displays the lowest price of equipment rather than the fact the listing is for multiple equipment at varying prices. EX you see a shirt listed as 7.99$, click on it then see the price ranges from 7.99$-34.99$, pick a size to search out claimed shirt is actually 24.99$. Also you no longer have the options to set a price range to search products in yourself. To top it off if you filter from weak to high, effects drop from 80000+ to 50.
~ Meagan Travis
so I downloaded it a couple of months ago & I kept getting this message that claimed amazon assistant has stopped (I think part of that information is when you can tap a product, then drop it at the bottom of your screen like a save for later) & that's large for me. so I hope it gets better actually that I modernized it. another than that I love amazon
~ Scarleth Largaespada
This last modernization is HORRIBLE! You removed genres from the Today's Deals. You have destroyed find refinement. Basically you took an release that was functioning and made it harder to use. I was someone who used window market Today's Deals in two specific genres and frequently create purchases. Actually with genres gone, I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to search the the equipment that interest me. That's not going to happen so you'll be losing dollars I would spend weekly.
~ Dawn Grimm
Absolutely Horrible customer service! You call to speak to customer service, and you usually reach some third globe country, you can never speak to an American representative! what are you talkin about 2 day delivery with prime!? My orders don't even come they're usually late there's usually a trouble! I'm officially canceling my Prime profile!!!! AMAZON 🖕 FOR YOU FROM US!
~ luis hernandez
This is the first time I've ever wanted to revert an release to a previous ver. Being able to scroll through my product find without having to constantly click to the next page is what made this release my preferred way of using amazon. With that gone I will most likely use the release less and look elsewhere for products that are easier to browse for.
~ Shannon Berry
I don't understand why Amazon keeps trying to fix things that aren't broken. The newest modernization has caused Today's Deals not to work properly. I can no longer find for deals by department. Furthermore, equipment I have added to my Watchlist are no longer viewable through the release. I will modernization my rating once this trouble has been fixed.
~ Beverly Saberon
Newest changes almost create the release useless. The release modernization cuts off descriptions of equipment rendering the description unusable and also limits the number of equipment you can see per page to 20. If a find turns up 500 you can only see 20 at a time actually, nice luck understanding what you are looking at as the description is 90% gone. I used to be glad to market on Amazon... but actually it's just frustrating. I bet Ebay will have what I al looking for.
~ Kelsey Schissel
So many annoying informations!!! It takes out products when sorted by anything but "Featured". The price ranges won't present unless you click on them 1st. And a lot of times the pictures won't load!!! I'll just stick to browsing online.
~ Renavee Silva
Souq has more choices of goods. Since it was changed to amazon, It seems that Im using a different online shopping platform. The things I used to see on Souq cannot search it anymore in Amazon. One more thing, it displays equipment which when you wish to buy it claims delivery unavailable in your country???. I started using their contest which has actually more choices or equipment than before.
~ Erwin J
Newest system for the find effects is annoying, actually instead of continuously scrolling down with the effects loading as you scroll, its a page based system that is clearly just an excuse for Amazon to fit in those bonus sponsored effects at the bottom of every page. Because of this, it actually takes much longer to find through effects to search what I now wish, just pathetic for a company that makes so much dollars to be so greedy that they impact their own customers like that.
~ Kanoa. M
Ive been a Prime member for years actually. Origanally from San Diego Ca. where resources are multiple in choice for anything and everything, I am actually living in a rural county of central Oklahoma. Resources are anything but multiple. They are scarce. I am so grateful for Amazon. No more having to drive 50+ miles across state line for anything. Everything is at my fingertips. One click, 2 days and its at my door step. Ive been and will continue to be a grateful Prime Member. GO WITH AMAZON THEIR BEST!
~ Aubbie Doo
The newest modernization (may 2019) has caused a number of troubles with using the release. we use amazon a lot, have had prime for many years and its become a pain. i search myself going to the "desktop web" more often than not. one trouble example is that when i test to click something from my cart to save for later, it will come back claiming my cart is empty and when i click out and back into the release the item i wanted to transport is still in there. very glad with this release for few years before this modernization
~ Maria B
I purchased one pc part and it keeps popping up with info of deals on the same kind of pc part. Like, guys I already got it, that's not how shopping interests work. Actually info are off. Is my equipment at my front door? I'll have to check like it like I've time travelled into the distant passed of before the smart device. Another than that the apps works just like the blog. I prefer to market on a pc anyway though because it's much easier to look at multiple things.
~ Devin Christensen
1-you can't change how you see the equipment you find for: it's predetermined to place it in squares and two per line. 2- when i tried to change the display mode (witch there is nothing to customize in the settings option ) I got on the most annoying menu bar ever created: each time i required to go back to pick other option i took you back not to the previous menu, but to the main menu. 3- It's scrolling is very sensitive, it takes you to an item that you obviously didn't wish to pick
~ Francisco Marte
My son is a nice buyer and believer in Amazon. He has sent me two devices as a gift to me. I loved my devices and am very sad as they didn't last a year for me.Iam seventy five and I loved testing releases and communication with others on it. The plug in on the devices burned out. I didn't know that my son place insurance on this last one which ran out before I claimed him. Can you give me an concept where to obtain it fixed? My son name is Richard J. Brubaker. Florida
~ Nancy Mitchell
if you dont have amazon prime it defaults to the standard delivery in the release (which costs and takes one day less than the nonpaid delivery), if however, you test to change it to nonpaid delivery - available on orders over £20, the release freezes and wont allow you continue, so if youre ordering in the release only you will probably have to pay for delivery. or launch the browser and continue from there. it also vibrates when you add something to the basket, which can obtain annoying.
~ Jack Lloyd
As an introverted independent thinker, I prefer to buy loads of raw materials/ingredients for my different recipes and projects, away from crowds as often as possible. Amazon is a nice source for such a thing. I can't express how much I appreciate the A to Z dollars back guarantee, especially when certain retailers won't let me to return their goods, whether it's no longer required, accidental purchases, or the product was no nice.
~ Barbara Joann Slover
2 Bugs and a Recommendation/Request Using Samsung Galaxy S10 (Snapdragon) Bugs: •I'm expirencing an trouble with the app remembering the previously used "Want List" to display in the bottom tray. •The release has also duplicated equipment from one want list into another lists at seemingly random times. Request: •Please add a dark mode. It would enable a more cohesive experience when using with the S10's native dark mode.
~ Conner Hammond
Please souq release is easier and better than this ....on souq release i can easily see the total cost of my order and i can as well buy from same seller and so much convinence shopping experience but since it changed to amazon its been tough to see the cost in your cart and to also manage the amount u aim to spend ......pls change back to souq or do proper modernization to create it as nice as it was before.
~ God is Love
the gift card experience was absolutely horrible. and I never got to spend the dollars. because I hold cancelling my orders like 20 times claiming I need to verify my address and I can stats on a gift card that I never registered. purchased it and test to spend it. and I purchased the gift card with a prepaid Visa.. I sent receipts, and each stats and all stats and I still can't spend it just depends on orders.. they turning the piece of s***, used to be a nice system,
~ Bobby Planb
love ordering from amazon, you obtain your equipment on time,, I just order some equipment recently that was supposed to be in Saturdays, well nothing was in my P..O. box June 1st,, why? I'm thinking its a trouble with the Post office here.. another than that. my orders usually came when it was supposed to.
~ Cthunder bean
Annoying back button. I spent some time narrowing down my find, by idea of the filters. I set up 5 to 6 filters, and press the back button on my device to close the filter window (this used to work on earlier versions of this release), instead of closing the filter window it fully clears the entire find, such that I have to run all over again. It is not obvious that I have to press outside the gigantic filter window to close it, as on my device there is only a tiny zone to press. Fix needed.
~ Colin Roser
Usually runs SLOW, and is continuously freezing up. I've cleaned the release cache, restarted the release, and restarted my device, to no avail. I do a lot of shopping from Amazon, and the constant troubles with this release are annoying. I've found that even the blog has troubles! Get a better server, Amazon!
~ Melissa Flatwear & Fire
Reverted to v18.8.0.100 since I can't transport v18.9.0.100, partially to my SD card anymore. EDIT 5/18/2019: Actually the option to filter by Prime products is gone, so the release became useless for me. EDIT 5/22: v18.11.0.100 can be partially stored to my SD card again, but I STILL cannot filter by Prime (I live in PR and pay for Prime). This was simple to do before. 1 star until that's fixed. I'll be using the browser ver only until then.
~ Edwin Astacio
Why is there no ability to filter by price? Why does the number of products change when sorted by Featured or another (e.g. price)? Do companies pay Amazon to be on the featured list? With tiny ability to now filter, why does the product list stop scrolling past a number much smaller than the products in the genre? It's 2019 and Amazon makes billions. Create a functional shopping release
~ Beau-Luke Colton
Please go back to the old setup for filtering searches! This newest modernization or whatever is super ANNOYING especially since I have to go back to into the filter tab for every individual thing. Also not having all the effects on one page anymore is other irritating thing!!! I swear I just the release last night & it was not like this nor do I see newest upgrades...odd.
~ Brittlyn Dixon
Very simple to buy things/spend dollars but can't do something as easy as responding to a Seller's message. Submit is pressed after typing in message and it does nothing. Had to go through desktop browser as using a small browser web didn't work either. Please fix asap! Thanks
~ My Android
The newest ver of the release is type of dumb. It functions and works just fine but I hate the newest layout of products, when searched. it only shows like 10 equipment and then you constantly are having to click next to see more. Basically its going to present you random equipment that are similar to what you searched but it just makes trying to search exactly what you wish, really annoying. Its also constantly suggesting featured products. I'll probably cancel prime if they continue filtering another products out.
~ Sideshow Bob
I'm super annoyed regarding Amazon delivery. Amazon has NEVER had an trouble finding my address in the past and suddenly they cannot search my zone over the holidays weekend and held my box again today for NO REASON when the correspondence I received claimed they would attempt to deliver it again! Which they didn't! Actually it's late, and who knows if they'll ever attempt to deliver it again. Stupid correspondences they send for your orders don't have any stats on who to contact. No device numbers or return correspondences.
~ Autumn Randazzo
Wow they downgraded their release. Searching for an item and now needing to go page by page makes it impossible to market. Why would it be essential to go back to what their release was a several years back? The worst thing to happen was removing the ability to drag equipment to lists anymore. Can we also talk about how the find effects are nowhere near the key words that one inputs in the find. The filtering option needs so much work its ridiculous. Amazon customers are asking for change please listen.
~ Flor Cruz
Ive been using this release for years and its slowly got worse. Adding an item to your want list, you can drag it down into your want list bar. But your wishlist bar only appears randomly! Deleting an item from your want list, forget a speedy response. It will WAIT, and sometimes FORGET to delete it. The release find doesnt find ALL equipment in shop. I was after a watch. I only found it, because Bing found it first. Giving it 2 stars due to speedy buying. I have a nokia 6, withupdated os and release.
~ DJ forGuv'nor
I have Prime, and that's the finest thing about Amazon. However, this release is type of poor. If you like to browse, add equipment to lists for future buying, it crashes after a several mins. The floating default list adds equipment from another lists to itself, and most of my time is spent removing those equipment bc they don't belong in that list. Then the list disappears, won't let newest things to be added, then the release crashes.
~ Melyssa M
Horrible find capabilities. I pay for prime, and the "find and sort" capability doesn't work. They purposely remove find equipment when you sort your find from weak to high price. And it is getting worse each day. And there is no longer the option to "present all find effects". Today my prime find had over 600 effects. When I sorted that find from weak to high price, the effects went down to 3! FROM 600 to THREE!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, ANYONE?
~ S S